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What has unfolded since Starlines came through and created the Unified Light Matrix as they made a full circuit through the Earth and Greater Greater, Greater, Greater Central Suns for the June Solstice 2017

Then we have been having the amazing unfoldments for the Unified Light Matrix with the Planetary Link-Ups since the Eclipse August 22nd, the last two coming up at the Aries Full Moon and then the Libra New Moon.
I was guided to have a group at Avebury for the Pisces Full Moon in early September and link up as the Starlines came through the stones and multi-verses and then the new Creation Matrix was anchored. Then at Callanish in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland for the Virgo New Moon and Equinox and at Glen Lyon in the highlands of Scotland. Then after the group work had finished at Iona and now the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. Please read about  what has happened in the Planetary Link-Ups.

I have been able to put up a lot with photos on Facebook but it’s not so easy for me to get it written up and send out a newsletter so if you wish to be kept up to date please see

See below for what is happened for all of us, for some consciously but for all heart centred people it’s happening and we are shifting so fast now in the one heart.


Prior to meeting the group on 4th September myself and Sara who lives at Avebury, we went to Park Wood near Glastonbury which is one of the 13 major dragon vortexes on Earth and in the Yew trees we both had our roles as so much toxic energy from the lower astral planes of Earth was purged and transmuted.

Then back at Avebury we went to the church in Avebury. I had been guided to connect to the crystal skull from there, and there is always a crystal skull when the starlines come through and it is said there are 13 skulls at Avebury.

The Knights Templar had put a protective net over the sacred energies in the church. They welcomed us and then showed me this ball of golden light in a base of what looked flower petals drooped over. At the link-up I got it was called a Cellinet and thought no more of it.
With the group I facilitated everyone into their levels of Light Body in the morning then we went to the Sun Temple aware of the golden solar discs within us and the temple and opened to the New Sun light codes. Then went to one other rock that connected to the umbilical cord of the Earth that Avebury is and we moved into the long grass away from the stone as lots of people were around. We linked with the umbilical cord of the New Earth at East Cape, New Zealand as the old and the new worlds merged in a torus flow. The energy being really on.

The next day I facilitated everyone to be in their divine blueprint open to the 13 rays of the rainbow and the new light codes and we had done a soul travel the night before through the mothership in the landscape here. We were required to go to the bottom of the processional way, aware of the stones in their true formation and the cosmic egg from Silbury Hill which was resonating with double helix spirals in it. As we walked with full awareness up the processional way on the stars and earth all one to the doorway rocks into the Sun (temple). It was raining the whole time (cosmic rain) and then we stood in the doorway as the starlines came though and multi-d doorways of light opened on the inner. 

compterrockThen it was necessary to go to the central computer rock and I handed everyone a envelope with many different cosmic roles as each of us took one to know our role, and then bringing in the coordinates of the starlines as they filtered through the  cosmic egg glowing ready for the major work to come. Aligned from the multiverse’s balancing and aligning through us, our light body, the light grids as we are unifying more fully with the Inner Earth Sun, Suns, the stars, planets, multi-verses in balance and harmony with the unified light matrix.

That night it was the full moon as we watched it rise from Silbury Hill, the moon in Pisces the sun in Virgo opening the doorway more fully through the higher dimensional Earth. We connected to ourselves in the higher dimensional earth with the tiny part of us here in the third dimensional earth, merged all one and embodied the cosmic egg.

The next morning local time at 8.03am the exact time of the full moon, we went at 7.15am into the Moon Temple through the doorway rocks which are right at the crossover point of the leylines. The energy was so on and in this link-up the joy in life felt so strong.
The moon illuminates the depths of the soul, allow it to shine through the layers of illusion. As you rejoice in the freedom to be, the joy of new life, surrendering fully into the cosmic ocean (moon in Pisces) relaxed and at peace the moonlight shines through the cells of our body, the dancing light through your whole being.
In the one heart the group of us here at Avebury connected with you all and through the grids, as we sat on the grass near a great stone in the moon temple, with sheep grazing nearby and the sun out, shining warmth on us.
As I went into the link up I kept seeing the Cellinet from the church.
Then Inner Earth Beings came out of the earth as the earth opened up and they offered the Cellinet to us all in the link-up. It exploded in a cloud of stardust and moved out to those of pure heart, not only those of us who are in the linkup but all who have a pure heart. To us as the creator goddess gods, I was told it will take 10 years before it can be fully activated into the world.
The link up has brought a peaceful field of creation energy into the fabric of the lower astral planes.

At the venue in Avebury opposite the church I facilitated everyone to more inner unification and out of the loop of the old paradigm illusion and lower astral planes. In our iridescent light body and integrating our dimensional selves, open to the serpent wisdom the life force energy, to the doorway of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer, kundalini flowing, light body glowing. Then to walk to Windmill Hill where the Star councils come through and beings of multiverse realms, the centre of the mothership as the Light Template that was anchored last year is recalibrated and there is a changeover of guardians, with old ones leaving, new ones in with a whole new matrix of creation, the scene was set for the actualisation two days later.
As the next morning at West Kennett Burrow we connected to the Sirian light ships and the living library of Light through the greater central sun as the circuit of the unified light matrix through the inner earth sun, grids, elementals now became a multi-dimensional spiral of figure 8’s looping through, rather than simply one circular link. It was figured 8’s of multi-dimensional flows of pure light codes from the greater central suns and living library of light. 

hackpen hill6Dgrid point.walkingto8sept17 tessThe cosmic egg was vibrating and spinning, exhilarating. As the old systems collapse and there is a time of stress and agitation for many as the transition takes place. Before we started I had facilitated everyone to receive the essence of the sacred Yarrow flowers growing on the burrow to assist with the transition taking place in their own bodies and life. Meanwhile of course huge hurricanes in the old Atlantean places of the Caribbean, earthquake in Mexico, wild fires in the North America, flooding in other places.

 Friday 8th September we went the Hackpen Hill the head of the serpent to the woods in the pouring (cosmic) rain and connected to the 12 crystal tablets there, each within us the 13th crystal tablet as the 6D New Earth grid point anchored.

Then to the church to connect with the skull as I was aware of them being placed on the earth and now it’s time for them to activate!!
As it hummed in readiness as they all hummed through the earth and we walked back to Windmill Hill. I was aware that the Inner Earth Sun had shifted again (that means all of us as well) through our starlight body with the stars and planets through us and the higher dimensional stars from the higher dimensional solar systems shining through us the new creation matrix was anchored!!!!


This is so huge and as we see how the old is being stirred up and shifting, if we come from love it’s beautiful, if still in fear not so easy. But there was more to come in order to help humanity to be able to move beyond the limitations, fears, traumas that have been so difficult to unify, unless like those of us reading this we have come here to facilitate the great shift through our love, dedication and inner unification we hold the BeAm.

So on the 9th September Sara took me to Salisbury Cathedral, she had experienced and knew how dark it was there for over a year but now was the time. On the drive there it was so intense and I worked with the high light councils to clear the darkest, most strongly rooted in energy I had even come across. Light ships came in as well to help shift it which was all done on the drive there.

As Sara made the observation of a hybrid breeding program as I was nursing a baby in my arms. They had all been given the opportunity to move into the love but had chosen to cease to exist rather than do it even though I explained the light would not burn them, there is no judgement only love. So at the cathedral the dark energies had been cleared already on the drive there, but I knew there was something else, so after connecting and making light sounds codes to facilitate I was told the program was closed down!

I knew it was big but had no idea how big until the next morning I was told it was a hybrid program for the mutation of the DNA and genetic makeup of humanity to keep the trauma and fear locked in so they could not move beyond it unless they did as we have, which is years/all this life of breathing through it and being on the ball all the time in awareness to love accept and breathe into it any fear or negative thought, emotion until clear. This was only possible for those of us who had come in as Light beings without distortions, even though we thought we had truckloads of course we didn’t and were imprinted as our service to humanity. Now that’s not necessary anymore and that level of work and responsibility has gone with this….wow…

So it means now all of humanity if they choose can easily and with grace love and accept their duality aspects to come from divine love. 


stornoway cosmic egg link p13sept17

I was at Stornoway Isle of Lewis staying looking out into a beautiful Bay with Light Ships and Cosmic Egg in the sea.
After linking with everyone I was aware of the Unified Light Matrix sparkling and since the Sirian (Greater Central Sun) Living Library of Light came through (see third link up) and the grid was sparkling.
A Shiva Lingam comes up from the Earth then the Sun’s rays shine through and I was told the Solar Winds are changing (I had seen the Inner Earth Sun change while at Avebury and of course the Sun is totally shifted as well).
The Cosmic Egg in the bay is glowing and the Light Ships are very active. A doorway in the sea opens and a great mothership comes up from the Earth, is the earth she is humming and shows the different dimensions of the earth, which are all Earths.
Now that the new creative matrix (see third link-up) is anchored the Earth looks like the layers of a cake as we all choose which Earth we are in.
If you wish to look at this as dimensions, which are worlds in their own right the 7th dimension is in full unified matrix. The 6th dimensions of loving selfless service. The 5th dimension your multi-d selves in harmony and union and your heart wisdom guiding you. The 4th dimension transiting for the fear and trauma, and the third dimensional Earth limited by fear and separation consciousness. Heaven and Hell run together for the soul to experience.

The Mothership Earth then merges all in one, the Unified Light Matrix sparkles and flows, now not just in multi-figure 8’s as with the last link-up but through the Diamond Light, multi-prismed filaments of light, the Unified Light Matrix has intensified.


stones glowing

This mission was all about the new DNA coming through for humanity now that the new creation matrix came through at the vast site of Avebury.

The reason for being here is this vast site which has always operated through all cycles; it is a birthing place.

On September 17th we first went to Callanish III, the stone circle holds the seed essence of the new light codes; DNA and a capsule placed here in the first cycle as this is a fertility site, not just the main stones, but through the landscape there are many stone circles. Also a place where we came out of the cosmic ocean and the primordial waters onto the land. We return now, surrender into the cosmic ocean and light through the water of the cells sparkling so bright. In the greater reality we have always been here, and all of us hold the seed essence of creation and the Living Library of Light.
In the landscape also a beautiful clear sparkling diamond that glows through the diamond light matrix. Then to Callanish II stone circle and the union of the male and female, goddess and god union as the DNA can flow clearly through us and the grids.
Then to Callanish I and the amazing pearl sun through the Inner Earth doorway here from the heart of our mother earth that I have been aware of in my last two times here. See story from 2011 with the new DNA patterning.

From the purity of not only our hearts but thoughts and clear mind, the pearl opened up and the energy so intense and powerful we had to go lie down on the grass. Of course it opened up for us as it’s so important for the work for humanity, you could go other times and not feel it at all.
The doorway opens into the Inner Earth and the radiant pearl sun glows and hums. Our selves as multi-dimensional beings, guardians of the pearl as it merges with us in our earth body’s and we sound the key codes as it illuminates out through us and the grids and through the unified light matrix as the creation matrix brings forth new forms of life, we sing the song of new life.

compassion stone
The next day 18th September to the Truiseil Stone (it told me its name is IN AK) where I came a few days before the group. As I drove closer to it, it told me it was opening up and an Andromedan antenna receiver transmitter. The Andromedan Galaxy is merging with ours and has always been in divine will and plan and unity consciousness.

 So as we arrived with all of us in the group Bernard the man who lives next to it filled me in on the history of the area in more recent times and even gave me a photo of a rainbow coming down through it he had taken. It was called by the locals the stone of compassion and I could see why as it had transmuted all the battles and killing that had taken place 1500/1600’s clan wars.

We weren’t in that zone of course but spoke in light language about it. It cleared all the old dark fear based energies and was still doing so from the lower astral planes and out through the grids as well as bringing in the codes from Andromeda all in preparation for the equinox.

We then drove not far to the Steinacliet stones, sun circle, the stones are linked to Callanish and other stone circles it’s like they are generators of energy and great vortexes that allow for inter dimensional travel and for bringing in dimensional beings and also plants and light codes to build a new earth. They were the building blocks of the new earth at that time, this is when earth first was colonised by ET’s. The land is merged one with the cosmic ocean everything has a lot of light and moves in a more fluid liquid light way. The stones are beacons of light and they are fully connected to the earth with the minerals and energies flowing from the inner earth through them. Like they are channels of fluid energies and not hard stone like now. The stones sing and glow and move in a swaying fashion but still rooted to one place.

The beings there are tall and many are still in fluid light forms. The stones are aligned to stars and the centre of the stones are like doorways through the universe are through all time and space and earth cycles. The light cites of each cycle are there all unified and part of the birthing taking place.


The last place we needed to be at was the Butt of Lewis which is the top point. The cliffs are amazing the sea crashing below and I had seen the most amazing cosmic egg when here before. Now as we connect in I realise it only comes in at times of birthing and is so multi-dimensional, then I realise it created the pearl inner earth sun and the capsule seed essence that is through all creation, is creation. The love is so incredible our hearts expand and it radiates through us glowing. This is so huge, so vast it’s beyond our mind and we simply Be with it. Then it withdraws as any more would be too much for us in our bodies.


The flowing day 19th we go to the beautiful while sand beach of Uig and connect into the Sirian Star base one through the greater central sun in our iridescent bodies of light all one. The light ships all in formation with our star brothers and sisters always in the eternal now holding the beam as the new light codes unfold.


It started energetically at 6am in the womb inner earth doorway at Callanish and the pearl opulence inner earth sun, heart of the earth essence of the new creation and DNA codes hummed. As we connected to you all in the link-up and to all with open hearts on earth through all the grids and the unified matrix.
The beautiful essence of new life and the new DNA codes went out through each of you and through the grids and earth for all who choose to receive at a soul level if not consciously.
It was so beautiful and a great explosion of light happened and the earth was birthing new life and symbolically beautiful flowers were coming up all over her. The open hearted love and the feeling of pure compassion for all on Earth, no matter what is happening in their lives; encompassed and embraced everyone in the creation cosmic egg of pure love that is creation.


Then later in the day to Achmore circle to open to the higher dimensional stars in the higher dimensional solar system but also beyond that the star light illuminating through us. I was downloaded with the first new solar systems and stars of the higher dimensional Universe.


At the equinox we connected at sunrise at Callanish III stone circle to the seed essences codes and at the diamond as the sun rose they went out to all who choose to receive them.
Then at noon at the womb of creation the inner earth doorway and the inner earth sun pearl glowing pure love we connected once more and then surrendered in the cosmic ocean as the DNA unwound of the stress of being in matter and letting go of it as the DNA cleared we travelled through the Stargate we came thorough now on a higher dimension or a new Stargate completely as the DNA rebooted and we open up to ourselves as Earth Star walkers.
The Return of Light mandala here that I painted after my 2011 trip at Callanish. As the new DNA codes one with the Inner Earth Sun and through the earth glowed through.

callanish sunset 2
Back to Callanish I for the sunset and then to Callanish II for the actualisation through the Goddess God DNA spirals through the earth and us.
   The new DNA no longer in helix spirals but complete in the diamond light matrix of the unified field. Means for humanity a change in our whole body’s molecular structure so we can fully be our body of light all one.

I will be writing up a book and making MP3s on the new DNA.



Myself and the group were now in Glen Lyon, 24th to 26th September and visited first the ancient Yew tree that was between 9000 and 5000 years old. We connected to the Council of Elders who are beings from the stars, ET’s, inner earth you name it who are working in some way with humanity and the Earth. Then it was to the Dragon Rock up the glen where last time I was there the dragons had been freed and my Scottish friend said Scotland was also free. This time the dragons said they would come back for us, but obviously they were in another dimension now.

dragonrock assurahq
Everyone else in the group except for myself and my friend I was sharing the holiday house with didn’t arrive for an hour or so later and as we were happily waiting in such a divine space. These Star beings came out and it was all about to happen when the group arrived, and told me they would come back to connect that night.
For now I guided everyone into any cosmic karma with dragons and imprints left and then they wished to take everyone into the heart of the New Earth with the new creation story. We opened up to a new mudra and name,  mine and others was from the star beings who had been with me/us all my/our life but now it was time to be more fully consciousness of them.

So that night I had one of those nights when it’s all on and had to get up and write things down. The star beings were from beyond the beyond in our understanding and were called (to us on earth anyway) the Assura, they came through Sirius to Earth. I could feel myself as one of them and I realised I had shifted frequency and had something’s going on with some people who weren’t from integrity. Before I would work around their egos for the good of the whole, but now no more, so cut off dealing with them completely which felt great.

The Assuras exist in no time and space, the earth is a beautiful speak of dust sparkling in a sea of tiny particles floating in the cosmic ocean. In the scheme of things it is nothing, but also everything, as what happens here affects all other specks of dust and eventually will pollute the cosmic ocean if not addressed with love. That is why we are here.

We were off to Schellion the crystal mountain that morning and that the Assura has been incubating what we might term star beings in the mountain, but in actual fact when we climbed up the mountain to the place of entry it was their essence of love and new life that could now stream out to humanity and those who were able to receive it. I also realised the reason apart from the fact it was so beautiful physically but energetically so on, Glen Lyon was their headquarters on earth and the whole of Scotland their doorway.

acharnfalls17After the mountain we went to Acharn Falls, magical elven realms and the liquid light flow in the water withaharn falls watercodes25.9.17 the water codes that went out through all the waters of Earth.

Then last we went to the Stargate at Loch Insh the first one I had worked with in the project back in 2013 now that the unified light matrix through the greater, greater, greater, greater, greater central suns, the new creation matrix and the DNA had all anchored through us if we choose. The stars from the higher dimensional universe I had received on Lewis came through and the Stargate recalibrated and unfolding within and without the joy of union of the realms of matter and Light into such beauty. The Stargate has now shifted frequency into the hyper dimensional doorways of multi-versal alignment with the shift attainable for those of pure heart.


stargate group


In 1994 I had been on a western beach and looked down on my body as it interfaced in and out with a mandala I painted of physical immortality, in 2013 new light codes were anchored through the portal there and now I went there again, with my friend Sara to connect to the Assura and get about the Stellar Crystal Earth and body.
iona29 2

I link with everyone and then aware of the earth and each of us so light. I get taken right out from the Earth then go right in to middle earth and the beings there are chipping away, it feels that imagine more symbolic than anything else. Then what they had been doing was complete, they have been working with the star being Assuras and get Stellar Crystal Earth, she’s in her Stellar Crystal Body.
iona29 3

I stay with the link up it feels so beautiful but don’t get anything else, as if what I see isn’t enough but then it comes to me about these corrupted computer systems, won’t mention any names but everyone knows especially who deal with PC’s and it’s really not appropriate for any of us to have to put up with the ongoing hassles. I see the archons who are linked into it causing all the problems. I tell them they are exposed and that they have the opportunity to move into the love of the creator, there is no punishment, only love and the light will not burn them. The alternative is that they will cease to exist as regardless of what anyone thinks or does we are shifting cycle into the higher light octaves, it’s just a fact. I quickly say that is all cleared through al time and space to zero point as I can see they are mucking around with that also and being aware of who I truly am and even in my ET multi-d self coming from the beyond through Sirius and in pure love they can’t harm myself or anyone else. Who whether they know it consciously or not comes from the love of the creator of all that is, then I see the Earth so light again. 
I feel it’s probably going to take a bit more than that to sort that lot out fully and it has to be in divine will and plan and non-interference but the more we hold the love and feel the love for our computers, no matter what form i.e. pc, laptop, tablets, phone regardless what make, we can transcend all this interference and all the frustration that occurs at times. I must admit I haven’t personally felt any charge of emotion or negative thought if something has gone wrong just accept love and action it to fix. But I know it’s not easy at times for everyone on Earth who uses them so it’s a good feed for our archon friends who have set it up purely for this purpose. As bottom line is with all the amazing IT people around, things should work really well, not all these games and also all the hook-ins etc. So it’s up to us to not buy into it.

For myself and Sara it was wonderful, I experienced the end of needing my kundalini, my chakras had fully dissolved in 2014, now no kundalini instead 4 wormholes were what linked me to the cosmic life force at a new level of Being.
For some this may seem weird but it’s totally natural and normal, the more we come from universal consciousness and know who we are and experience it right through to the densest levels of our beautiful body’s that are CLEAR LIGHT.


I am not taking any more groups on mission now as it’s not possible but once I get home and organised I will be facilitating trainings for those who feel too and are ready to be at these levels of themselves. No one can train anyone to do this work, but the clearer and higher frequency we become we know it from within.
This is now here for all of us who choose, and of course this only if it resonates as there are many paths that open us to the divine self within.
I am so blessed to have you in my life and to share with you as you with me, we are all such incredible BeAms, thank you for all your love and your presence as without it none of this is possible. We are ONE and do this together from our love.

All photos are mine except the one of us walking to the 6D point at Hackpen Hill at Avebury, thank you Tess Woo and the one of me in Iona by Sara O’Dowd, thank you xxxx








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