by Soluntra King 

     The Goddess calls us back into our essence as we open up to her and so become whole again, merging spirit and matter in the sacredness of all things. She had called myself and those who came on the journey back to India, eight of us meet in Dehli for the start of our 33 day journey into the Himalayas. We had come to work on many Dimensions and with the Earth, and were journeying to some incredible places and to the very source of the Ganges, the Holy Mother River at Gangotri in the Himalayas. For it was time for the Pleaidian Goddess codings in the water to be activated. Normally we are working with the Earth and Grid points, but now it was time for the water to release its codings of higher vibrational energy. I travelled with other co-workers as we made our way up the winding mountain road to Gangotri. Pan and Shiva were also very present, with the Goddess they dance the new creation. 

     Gangotri is a Hindu pilgrimage place so there was the usual Temples and Ashrams, Daramsalas and places for pilgrims to stay in amongst the majestic and powerful vista of towering mountains and the raging Ganges, with its melted snow, great waterfalls and water caverns. We spent time connecting, the Dragon and Snake people, whom normally reside within the Earth were working with us also. The Dragon people created the Dragon Lines or Ley Lines, Crystalline Lines around the Earth, making life possible on the surface, and harmony with the Earth and Stellar realms. The Snake people are the pathways from the Stellar to the Earth and the keepers of Wisdom they are merged spirit and matter in Oneness. Having had quite some contact with them especially in the Malaysian forests, or what's left of them, they are now surfacing to redeem the Earth. 

We walked through the forest of ancient trees and wild flowers to a great cave, where we journeyed to the centre of the Earth in Golden Light to greet and honour the Snake Goddess there. She will put you in a luminous egg that reflects back to you lovingly all you still need to surrender and love in yourself, that is still in duality. Then when it is merged in luminous divine light and love the egg hatches, and out comes your true self, new birth. Within the cave itself in the rock were all the codings of all the cycles and we are at the vertex point at present of the death of the old, and the new beginning. The seed of the new being planted as the old dies around us. 
     Then it was two days trekking up to the very source of the river to the Glacier itself. We soon climbed up past the pines and beautiful mountain flowers, and into the tundra and high altitude desert of rock and earth. We followed the Ganges as she raged on her journey to the sea. The noise and energy so intense that one can hardly think, demanding us to be truly present with the energy. 

     We reached the very end of the Glacier and the beginning of the river some time before Noon on the Summer Solstice (northern Hemisphere) June 21st. This is were the Goddess Ganga had come down and sourced the river. The Glacier was huge, towering above us, groaning and creaking, every now and then a large chunk falling off into the beginnings of the river, with floating icebergs. The energy was so strong that one had to be careful of each step on the rocks. We cleansed and bathed in the ice cold water and aligned ourselves through the Greater Central Sun and Earth, my Earth Healing Crystals releasing many codings from power points around the Earth into her waters as we became the Goddess energy, a Golden Lingam emanating from within. Divine Love activating the water like Diamonds of radiate Light from the source of the Holy Mother river through all the waterways of the Earth.

      When we arrived back in Dehli the Monsoon started, not surprising seeing as we were working with water. Then we flew to Kashmir, the land was flooded and we were lucky to get from the airport to our houseboats on quiet Nagin Lake, we had to arrive by water in Shikaras as the roads were blocked. My friends father at 75 had never seen a flood like it in his life. 
KhouseBoats      We established conscious connection with the Stargate in the lake where the houseboats are moored. The Stargate is linked in a Diamond shape with Venus, the Moon and Vega, bringing this Diamond into our hearts we journeyed through to Venus, and the Divine Beings there as the energy was channelled to Earth. We are the gateway through our heart as the Diamond merges all dimensions in Divine Love that if we allow, can radiate out to all creation.

KjesusS     We next went to Jesus's tomb in the old city of Srinagar. This is where the body of the Christ being in the physical expression of Jesus lay down and stepped out of the body at the age of 125 year old. There are many stories of Christ and what happened, but nowhere is there so much proof of his physical existence in Kashmir, after he was taken off the cross and healed. He journeyed with the two Mary's to Kashmir, the promised land of the Bible. All the biblical names of the promised land are in Kashmir and Moses tomb is also there. The lost tribe of Israel having gone there. In appearance and culture, clothing, language, boating the similarities with the Hebrews is still evident today. With many recorded stories of the Christs' life there as well. We entered the tomb which is in a well kept little Shrine, his footprint also there with scares from the crucifixation. The energy and Light was so powerful and Divine, all one could do was surrender to the energy, as the White Light Body was glowing and activated. 
      Feeling eternal gratitude, and humbled by such Blessings we were ready for our work that night with the Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer. The Moon has been used by beings for along time who are coming from duality, fear and control, it is like a relay station to Earth. The Moon is also used by the Solar Beings to radiate Light from the Sun, but the negatives had been exerting quiet an influence there. Some of you may be aware how disturbed some people get on the full Moon, especially people with psychiatric disorders. It was now time for that energy to be transmuted in Love, the power that was brought forth to do this through the White Flame, and Solar Golden Beings of the Greater Central Sun, as we linked through the Star Gate at the lake was awesome. This was also working with cleansing the waterways of Earth.

      Then the next mission was to go to Moses Tomb to return the Staff to the Sirians. The staff had been taken by Moses from the Pharaoh in the Age of Aries, and since then we have experienced war, control, greed, abuse of the feminine etc. For the Hebrew Priests had only chosen to align with the planet Nibiru that comes into contact with Earth on a 3,600 year cycle. The Nibiruans needing much from Earth to sustain themselves, but having got out of control with the control and fear factor were now waking up to the fact that they were destroying themselves as well.
      The tomb was way up the valley on the way to Aru where we had anchored Oneness last year with a worldwide activation. The area was blocked by the Army to tourists but I was determined to go as I knew how important this was to complete. Our Kashmiri hosts were horrified at our going, only one from the group was guided to come with me, as the Army have perpetrated so many abuses on the Kashmiris that the fear to go beyond any limits was not conceived of as it surely brought a beating at the least, but much more that I will not mention here so there is no retribution. They thought we would be killed and said don't take your passport, money or camera. 
      We were taken down to the main taxi stand in town and my Kashmiri friends who were so scared said you must tell the Police. They did not know what to do so I told them that we were going on our own responsibility. Being anchored in Love and Oneness we had no fear and so were operating at a higher frequency, where we become invisible to the lower vibrational energies, in other words we were being from the higher dimensions. After much inquiring to get a taxi and countless stops by the army we finally got to the little village some hours later. 
     We walked up a step hill to the shrine, being stopped by the army again. Higher Self saying no attunements necessary, this moment had been engineered on the higher levels for a long time, it merely required our physical presence there to complete the cycle. We entered the shrine, which is a cave and walked deep into the earth and into the actual tomb. Being hassled all the way by men wanting money, and because we were tourists they demanded more than 10 rupees at a time, wanting a 100, this happened at least seven times before we got to the tomb. As we got inside the tomb to do our work a Policeman and another man were yelling at us in their language and pulling at me to get me out. I was dressed in traditional clothes with headscarf so could not see the problem except for the resistance by those who did not want this to happen. I communicated to the Nibiruians asking their permission to return the staff, they agreed as now was the time, and attuning and seeing Moses and the staff, it was then lifted up to a waiting Sirian Light Ship. This did not take long in amongst all the yelling and pulling, then myself and my friend walked out only to find the army had locked us in. I knew to stay calm and we waited an hour before they came and unlocked the gates. We arrived back at the houseboat that evening still in one piece much to the relief of our hosts.
     How long it will take for this to fully anchor in the earth plane is in Divine Will. But with all our work for Peace in '95 at Aru and this latest return in '96 of the staff to its rightful owners, who held peace, love and abundance with its stellar/earth alignment, we were seeing the effects already. There were elections in Kashmir in September 96, the first in 9 years, and they were peaceful. The situation is rapidly reverting to balance and harmony.

     We next had to trek way up to the beginnings of the Himalayas and to some Glacier Lakes. We drove up to Sonmarg where we were to meet our horsemen for the trek. The next morning our small group started to walk up the mountain, the horses for all our gear were getting packed, when suddenly one of our horsemen came running after us to say the army had taken our horses, as well as our men. We found out that the army had been trying to get horses for sometime, but all the horsemen knowing this had taken them up and hidden them in the mountains. 
      Where we were going was also where the army were going, which was near the border with Pakistan.

I was determined to get up there to do our mission. So with a Kashmiri friend, and one of the ladies from the group, who was good at holding the beam, we matched off down the valley to where the army were stationed to get our horses back. Of course they were not expecting us to come and confront them. I demanded to see the Commanding Officer, Divine Intervention was with us as the power of authority in my being spoke, condemning their abuses and demanding our horses back. Telling them I would report them to Delhi.
They were so angry and pointing their M16s at us, and could of killed us and blamed it on the militants easily.

They screamed and argued in Hindu to each other and then unbelievable they said we could have the horses, and we walked away from there with our horses and horsemen, and effectively neutralized the Army for seven days while we went and did our thing without their interference.
A male friend told me many eyars alter that it was the Goddess speaking out of me that got our horses and saved our lives.

       The trek up the mountains was not without incident though, as we had to get up through a high pass, where we encountered rain, hail and snow, some of the group found this difficult but they were going through their own private initiations. When we reached our destination in this beautiful high mountain valley we were blessed with good weather. 
      There were two lakes the lower was starting to melt but the high one was still frozen and covered with snow. At the bottom lake I saw the Goddess rise out of the water, and I knew that much was going on but told just to Be, the information from the Living Library of Earth was getting activated through the water. I find increasingly now that it is often only necessary to simply Be, and allow the energies to flow through, to do the work. Just being in this incredible, beautiful, and high energy place was such a blessing.

KsonmargMT      After we got back down from the mountains, we then went water trekking along the lakes, canals and waterways in Shikaras. Through the old city then out through the Jelum River, until we got to Manasbul Lake, where we camped for the night. We went for a swim in the lake and as we moved in certain directions the activation of the codings in the water took place, we felt so alive and blessed to be in the middle of this divine lake. We continued our journey for two days through more rivers and lakes. This was a delightful mission, just lying back in the Shikara, getting rowed along with cups of tea, cake and meals handed to us through the day. We could feel and see the energies and codings getting worked within the water, as went up a mountain river, and then cut through waterways and into another Kwatergarlake. Then back up through canals, and into the back of Nagin Lake and back eventually to our houseboats. The scenery and ambience of the place is so peaceful and divine, and we all felt that we had not only succeeded in our mission, but grown and opened up to the Goddess and Divine energies so much more in this beautiful place of the Goddess. 
      On my return to Australia I stopped off in Malaysia to see my friends. Some of them live up in the forest with the Orang Asli people. Their forest and life is at present getting destroyed with logging, and their rivers all mud. My Higher Self directed me to go to the mouth of their river, way down river where it comes out at the sea in the mangroves. Attuning to the Goddess and Devas to work together to help the situation in Divine Will, I was told just allow. Be completely at Peace with the whole situation, they showed me a vision of how powerful this is. Then they said things are changing very fast, and showed me a beam of Light moving in. 
I was also told a date for two weeks time and thought when I got back to Australia I would organise and network a global meditation to help. That did not happen but on that day the logging actually stopped!



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