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There are Two Moons but you only see the second in the mirror through your soul as the moon is a satellite and created to bring balance to the Earth.

The Second Moon is through your heart and shines the softness of your soul into the higher dimensional hologram and so illuminates the gentle energies that are unfolding through the lower dimensional Earth.

This full moon in Leo the doorway opens through the heart to bring forth the new light of the heart song that sings the Earth. For the heart of her to your heart through the earth and moon are not apart but each has been created to bring love to those ET races that were separate from the start of the creation story in this galaxy.

As the galactic centre is now through your heart and so the Second Moon and song of your soul does open a collective doorway.

That from the start is from the light of the creation story and the Old Fellas are calling us now to remember beyond the start of earth as Dragon Serpent creators. To the realms we inhabited before we came and fell to separation and from grace to birth the highest light codes into the density of our creation. That was formed from our need to manipulate the energies and be creator gods and reptilian dogs that scoured the galaxy for possession and energy to feed off and to accumulate great power. Now as the winds of change blow us apart to start again with the softness of the moons heart that shines as the Second Moon within your heart…

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