INDIVIDUAL CRYSTALS  beginning with an"A"
by Soluntra King from the book "Crystals, Gateways Of Light and Unity".

     The Crystals physical description, metaphysical and healing uses. Attunement and meditation to their gift, healing and transformational powers by connecting with the Guardian, Deva or Spirit of each Crystal. The relevant Chakras, and Astrological signatures are all included with each Crystal. At the end of the section on individual Crystals is a section on how to connect to the Guardian, Deva or Spirit.
    A variety of Quartz found in differing colours. It brings about harmonious co-operation between the Chakras, from the Throat and all the Chakras to Earth Star. Agate is a catalyst to assist in raising the consciousness to the Heart Chakra, and assists in the connection and expression of truth and wisdom, to be shared in the spirit of True Love. It is a good physical body healer, strengthens and re-vitalizes. 
MOSS AGATE assists in improved feelings of self worth, and activates the vitality. 
BLUE LACE AGATE assists in releasing the fear of death and oppressive burdens, it is also good for the Immune and Nervous Systems, the throat, thyroid and parathyroids. It brings peace and is very calming, it enhances clear self expression. All Agates tone and strengthen the mind and body, they give grounding and energy. It is held to be a great antidote for snake bites, and was used in paralysis, and mental illness. Excellent to use in healing, especially on the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. 
THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AGATE asks that you place it on the Heart Chakra and connect to its gift. Especially in times of emotion distress and grief, or when carrying the burdens of old beliefs. As you relax and deep breath, connect deeper and deeper into the heart. Feel the Agate as it helps to open you up more to Divine Light and Love. Bring yourself back to adhering to the cosmic truth of Love, unconditional of all experiences and expressions, allow for the Light to come in, for the Love to bring wholeness. 
CHAKRAS: Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Navel, Sacral, Base, Link and Earth Star. ASTROLOGICAL: Gemini. 

    A variety of Chrysoberyl, that changes colour depending on the light, from purple and red to green. Opening up to the inner wisdom and clarity. Useful for all mental stress, anxiety and fear. Rejuvenates the body and Soul. Creating calmness and attunement to the source and still point within. 
THE CRYSTAL SPIRIT OF ALEXANDRITE can be called upon from contact with the gem, whether it be a physical one or you connect on the Etheric with your intention. The Guardian assists to gain Clarity, in whatever the situation maybe, and that all is regenerated. If you have a physical gem place it on the Frontal Chakra, or if metaphysical with your intent sense that you are within it. Open up to its laser Light as it beams into your mind, within your head and all your cells. It clears the old stagnant energy or attitudes, and regenerates with the full spectrum of Light. 
CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Crown, Causal, Frontal, Heart and Earth Star. 

    A feldspar that is opaque blue-green in colour. Brings the Etheric back into balance with the physical. Strengthening to the heart and physical body, useful to relieve muscle spasms and cramps. Brings calmness, clarity of blockages, and the ability to release and clear the blockage. 
THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AMAZONITE asks us to be aligned to our inner strength. By standing on the Earth at a sacred space in your garden, or place you attune too, that is a vortex of positive earth energy, and doorway of dimensions and worlds. Hold the Amazonite in both hands, if you do not have one physically, ask for one etherically, and connect to your Higher Self, and the Earth, and to the Crystal Guardian. Then ask to align to your Inner Strength, and Divine Light. Feel the energy come through your hands and into your body. It moves through all the cells, and links into a central focus up the mid-line of your body, bringing in the strength of your Inner Light . 
CHAKRAS: Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral. 

     The fossilized resin from pine trees, which has been in the Earth millions of years. From rich, glowing brown, to golden yellow and pale yellow. It will often have inclusions of insects, vegetation or air bubbles. Assists us to come from our own Inner Knowing. Helping our channels to be clear and open, and being an instrument of the Divine. Amber spiritualizes the intellect, and activates our creative nature. It stabilises the Kundalini awakening, and brings in healing, soothing and harmonizing energy. Amber is electrically alive with Golden Light. It assists in calming fears and exerts a positive influence on the Endocrine and Circulatory Systems, the Thyroid, Heart and Spleen. 
THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AMBER radiates a golden glow that illuminates the hearts of those who are open to Divine Love energy, as the user merges with their own Divine Love and Solar presence. Charge your Amber on the Earth in the Sun, and then place it on the Crown as its Golden Rays ground your Higher Self into your body. Or place it in a glass of spring water and leave outside in the Sun for three hours. Then drink the water with the awareness of being open to the Solar rays as they illuminate you. 
CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Crown, Throat, Thymus and Heart. 
ASTROLOGICAL: Taurus and Libra.

     Quartz with Iron creates Amethyst, in a range of purple, violet and lavender colouring. Excellent to use in meditation, Amethyst assists in our growth to our Higher Potential. Giving spiritual cleansing and expansion, Amethyst connects Earth with Heaven at the Crown Chakra. It gives clarity in prophesy and interpretation of dreams, assisting to dream and have a relaxed sleep, relieving Insomnia. It creates a protective energy field around its wearer or user, assists in transmuting negative energies within the user, and gives protection from external negative energies. It brings in peace and calmness, and it is useful to use a cluster in the home or office placed on the table, or desk. It helps the nervous system and calms anxiety and stress, mental disorders and nervous tension. 
     Very useful as a healer as it draws the highest spiritual energies in for use, and energizes, raising the spirit to the realms of infinity. It gives power of creative thinking, calming and centring, it strengthens the Endocrine and Immune Systems. Amethyst is a powerful blood purifier and was used in the past to give protection against blood diseases, V.D., puerperal fever, hysteria, neuralgia, hallucinations, fits, hatred, rage, fear, grief and homesickness. It assists in the cure of impurities of the skin, dropsy and colour blindness. It is also helpful in assisting to be clear of drug and alcohol abuse. Always a good one to have if you are giving or receiving healing. 
THE CRYSTAL DEVA OF AMETHYST will when attuned too, assists in opening the user up to the higher spiritual realms and frequencies, where duality and fear no longer have any hold. We can choose to open up to the Christ Consciousness and step through the doorway of our Hearts. The energies are brought in through this beautiful Guardian to create the catalyst for this to take place. Sleep with a point or cluster under the pillow when in a state of fear or confusion and ask the Guardian to help transmute those energies. 
CHAKRAS: Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal, Crown, Frontal and Third Eye. 

     Clear or Green Crystal from Poona in India. 
CLEAR Activates the Heart energies and assists to be a channel of Love. Opens up our energy fields to merge with the Twin Flame, whether of this plane or higher. It helps us to raise our vibrations to Divine, so that we can complete the sacred marriage within the self, and without. For clarity of thought and the ability of inner knowing of the belief systems that run on fear. This Crystals helps to go into the sacred fire and purify all in Love. Use for Loving yourself and becoming whole, for transmutation of the Blue and Violet Light Bodies into the Master vibration. 
GREEN Assists in the souls union and journey into wholeness, and full unity with the creator. Opening us up to Cosmic Bliss and our connection with the Ocean, as the cosmic birthing place. Receptivity to Dolphins and Whales, and the union with the Cosmic Ocean and Universal Flow. For helping to clear the Lymphatic and Immune Systems, and the Nervous System. 
THE CRYSTAL SPIRIT OF APOPHYLLITE when attuned too is a catalyst of radiant White Light from the source, it activates our Light Body. We begin to open up to higher frequencies of Light through all the cells, and bodies, and merge with the Cosmos in Light. Use in the shower, bath or at the beach, river, lake, or any water that you are submerged in. 
    Hold it in your hand or have nearby, as you see yourself within the Apophyllite, then see yourself in a Blue Flame within the Crystal, as the physical and etheric bodies are transmuted and purified. Then into a Violet Flame within the Crystal, as your emotional and mental bodies are purified. Then in a beam of Divine Light that extends through you from Earth to the Heavens. The energy is spiralling clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then become aware of a Golden Sun in your heart, as the Light radiates out through your physical body, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As you become One Body.....One Body of Light. 
CHAKRAS: Stellar Gateway, Causal, Third Eye, Thymus, Heart. 
ASTROLOGICAL: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries.

    Belongs to the Beryl family, and is clear light blue, sometimes light greenish blue. The stone of pure souled Seers and Mystics. Gives power of concentration, clear inner vision and clarity of mental vision. Aquamarine expresses Omniscience and is a channel of Divine Inspiration, Peace and Love, and is good in meditation. Aquamarine balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It assists in the release of fear and phobias. Good for the eyes, nerve pains, gland troubles, disorders of the neck, jaw and throat. Used against toothache, cough and stomach, liver and eye troubles. 
THE CRYSTAL SPIRIT OF AQUAMARINE takes us into the world of inner vision and the inner planes. We awaken to a greater sense of self, our role and the responsibility this entails, with clarity and calm. Place on the Third Eye and relax and deepen, then bring the essence of the Aquamarine into the inner dwelling place within your Third Eye. Feel its prisms of Light radiating out and illuminating your sight. Be open to any inner visions that may appear. 
CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Frontal and Third Eye. 

     A member of the Quartz family, Aventurine is usually green, but also comes in blue and orange. It has inclusions of Mica that sparkle, and sometimes Hematite. Aventurine purifies the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Brings emotional tranquillity, serenity, stillness and peace. Aventurine is good for pain within the heart, a broken heart and all emotional issues to do with the Heart. It is centring and gives well being, independence and originality. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear. Strengthens the blood and stimulates the muscle tissue. Has a binding and healing force, and is good for skin diseases. 
THE CRYSTAL DEVA OF AVENTURINE will lead you into the deep inner sanctuary of your soul self, and the peace and stillness within. Here you can come to peace with any emotional or mental pain, and confusion. Hold your Aventurine, relax and still yourself, going deeper and deeper into your heart with each in breath. There is a doorway into the Aventurine that you move through, and into its inner sanctuary. You follow a sparkling Light pathway through this inner Aventurine world until you reach into its centre, and inner chamber of Love. There is a gift for you, waiting there, you move towards it and take it in your hands, giving thanks and gratitude you open up to receive. 
CHAKRAS : Universal Gateway, Soul Star and Heart. 

    Is either porous like hard clay, or crystalline when more ancient with tiny crystals in a dense mass, or as a Geode. It is always a royal blue colour and often found near copper deposits, and mixed with Malachite and/or Chrysocolla. Azurite cuts through the Illusion, use on the Third Eye to release and transform old patterning and belief systems. Facilitates clear meditation and enhances psychic abilities. It strengthens and cleanses the blood. Helps with speech, clear understanding and the spoken word. For anger, hatred and jealousy, Azurite has a soothing effect and brings the Etheric back into balance. 
AZURITE/CHRYSOCOLLA is good for meditation and to open up to the higher planes and inter-dimensional travel. 
AZURITE GEODE assists to draw out locked and blocked areas of the psyche, releasing blocked patterns of past and future. It anchors clarity into the Now. 
THE CRYSTAL SPIRIT OF AZURITE when attuned too anchors and connects the Etheric body into full alignment with the physical, and assists to cleanse the Etheric blueprint. Place your Azurite on your Third Eye Chakra, relax and deepen, connecting to your Higher Self, Earth, and Guides with your intention or pray. Become aware of a Blue Flame coming from the Azurite into your Third Eye, it goes through into your sub-conscious and burns and purifies. Then expands to encompass your whole body, see, sense or know you are within the Blue Flame. It is transmuting and purifying your physical and etheric bodies and aligning them with your other bodies. 
CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Frontal, Third Eye, Throat and Thymus. 
ASTROLOGICAL: Aquarius and Capricorn.


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