by Soluntra King from the book "Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity". 

     The cause of a negative area can be from many different imbalances. For example it can be a Negative Leyline or crossing of lines. There are many different levels and expressions of these lines, some can be made by collective negative thought patterns of the people in the environment, or from along the line. They can be from geopathic stress from the Earths movement, or they can be from a blockage in the Earths energy grid, which is like the Meridians of the human body. They can be disharmonious radiations from underground streams, and there are also the manmade radiations of microwaves and electricity. Not forgetting that on the more subtle levels there are also grids that cross around the earth. The main focus at present for the Healing of the Earth is to get all these energy grids and vortexes flowing freely and in harmony. This creates a harmonious environment that encourages those who occupy it to become more in harmony, peaceful and balanced in themselves. So apart from the activation work, if you feel that a particular area, suburb or house feels negative, or low in energy in some way the following can be helpful. 

by Soluntra King from the book "Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity"

     Either on your own or with friends use a Quartz Crystal, bigger ones are very useful for this purpose. Put this in the centre and you can make a wheel, or stand in a circle with your friends. First connect to your Higher Self and the Earth, and ask only of the Highest in the One Heart, that your I Am presence is with you, and that of the Ascended Masters, Light Beings and Guides. That what you are doing is done in Divine Love and Light. If you are doing this with others connect with everyone in the Circle. 
     See yourselves standing in the Golden Octahedron as described in the creating a Gateways of Light section. Become aware of the Golden Light as it comes through the top Apex, and into your heart. It is Golden, warm and glowing.....Now feel it moving through your body and into the Earth.......Connecting with the centre of the earth.....Then the earth energy coming back up and through your body via your feet and into your heart.....Out the top of your head and around your energy field...Now bring your focus back to your heart, and the beautiful Golden Ball of Golden Love there, as it becomes more and more radiant....It moves out through all your bodies......this beautiful Golden Light is also linking you all in the circle.....It flows into your left hand and arm, through your heart and out your right arm and hand around the circle, allowing the energy to build up. Feeling the flow around the circle through your heart and to the heart of everyone there, connecting you all in the One Heart. Then send all that Love into the Crystal in the centre of the the crystal acts as a amplifier and transformer of all that Divine Love and Light.....Then as the Crystal activates more with all the Love that is flowing into it.......Now send all this Love energy down into the it goes into the earth it links into a beautiful crystal, in the centre of the circle beneath you. 
      This is activated with the Divine Love and Light and radiates it throughout the Earth along the Crystalline grid. As the energy radiates out through the grid underneath the area, it activates lots of other crystals. They are conductors of this energy through the grid, until the whole area is pulsating with radiant Divine Light. With your intention and words you ask that the crystals hold this energy, and keep the grid flowing freely. The energy vibrates under the earth, and this flows up to the surface and above, encompassing the whole area in Divine Light and Love. 
      You can make sounds, sing, drum or do any other attunements that feel relevant to you as well. You may feel guided to walk or dance around the circle anti-clockwise and clockwise three times each to anchor the energies. And/or put your hands to the earth too send in healing energy with the physical connection. If you are alone then after you have made your connection to Higher Self and Earth, the Divine Beings and asked through the Greater Central Sun. 
     Then feel your connection in Love to all the beautiful Beings on the other levels whom are present with you. Sending Love into the Crystal and following the same guidelines as above. You may feel too leave the Crystal there as a Guardian, or cleanse it and take it home. Every now and again check and see how the place feels to you. You may have the inner knowing that what you have done is enough, or that you need to do it several more times. 

                                                                                                    TRANSMUTING LEYLINES 
     On Leylines you can simply place some Quartz, Rose Quartz or other Quartz on the area of negativity. The Crystal has been activated with Love, and the intention or programme that they be used to free up the energy and allow for a positive, loving flow again. 
    Place the one or more Crystals along the Leyline, or if it is a crossing on that, and the lines running out from it. To determine where the Leyline or crossing is, use a pendulum to dowse, muscle testing or your intuition. Leave the Crystals there until they have done their work, and the place feels great again.

                                                                                   TRANSMUTING NEGATIVE ENERGIES IN THE HOME 
      Using a Quartz Crystal or one of its family, ie. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Citrine or Green or Blue Quartz. If the area in question is your home, inside or in an office etc you can use the Crystal as a Transmuter of Energy. 
     Begin with connecting to your I Am presence and Grounding then ask that you be surrounded in Divine Light, and that all Beings of Divine Love and Oneness be with you. Connect to your Crystal sending it Unconditional Love, and then speaking from your I Am, your truth and your Heart. State that in the Love of the One all negative energies, and/or entities and Beings who are stuck on the Astral plane be released with Love and Acceptance. That they go in Peace to where they belong, transmuted with Divine Love into Wholeness. 
      Then see, imagine, visualise or with your intent know that spirals of pink love energy are spiralling down into the crystal, and out from the Crystal. Through the room, cupboards, attic, and through all of the rooms in the house, including the bathroom, hall, porches, sheds, garages. 
     Focus on the Crystal in the centre and send Unconditional Love into it, as it amplifies it out all around the property as well. Stay with this asking only of the Highest, in Divine Light that this is done until you feel the energy is clear. 
    Then thank all involved. Amen. 
    Cleanse the Crystal after you have finished using it. You may want to programme it, or any other crystal to keep bringing in Divine Light and Love. Into your place, building up the energy field, or do the Octahedron over your place as a Gateway of Light as described previously. In all Light Working that you do, Quartz or members of its family, are the most helpful for this work. The reason for this is that Quartz is Crystallised Light just waiting to be activated. It also reflects back to us the Light Beings we truly are. So that it not only heightens the energy for this work, but by working with it we listen more closely to it, as to where it wants us to put it for the activation, or at home, or to charge outside or whatever. So it helps us to be more intune with the subtle energies and their power, and to listen to our own Inner Voice, or the Teacher from within. 


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