by Soluntra King

     The 4 3 4 Solar Arc day, 4th April 2002, I got woken at 3am and went downstairs and waited in the foyer until the minibus with the other passengers arrived at my hotel to collect me, I had been given a packed breakfast by the hotel, the usual food which was thoughtful of them as we had a three hour drive across the desert to get there, look around the site and drive back again, with no where or time to find food. We drove through the quiet streets of Aswan as everyone was still asleep and out onto the road through the desert, eventually the sun rose and I greeted it feeling a sense of excitement. Most of the other passengers were sleeping, but I did not want to miss any of the scenery or the sunrise. The road ran along Lake Nasser for most of the way but it was too far in the distance to see except on occasion as we flashed by. There were some irrigation projects set up along the way and a couple of places that had put in date palms. Our convey was really big, to my shock and horror, I could not believe it, there were so many great big tourist buses with people off the cruises as well as masses of mini buses and taxis. I may of got the timing right for the cosmic day but on the physical plane this was apparently one of the days in the week that all the boats came in and they brought the tourists to Abu Simbel.
     We finally arrived at Abu Simbel after three hours and I was hoping to go to the toilet but gave up on the idea as there were hundreds of people all massing into the site at the same time and only one small men's and ladies toilet, unreal. I looked to see if there were any bushes to go behind but no, and there were tourist police with guns everywhere around the site watching. To my advantage it was getting hot and so a lot of my body fluids were evaporating rather than having to come out as urine so I forgot about the idea. Then there was the crowd to contend with, wow, hundreds lined up, but most were in tours so their guides were getting their tickets. We were only given two hours to be there so I wanted to get in as soon as possible, like all the other sites I had to hand my bag over for an x-ray and walked through the metal detector and then I was in.
     I was amazed at all the places I had visited, how poorly the provision of toilets were; at Giza there was just a portable wagon with a few cubicles and the same everywhere, here there were three cubicles, all the money they make from the entrance fees which are not cheap and they cannot even provide enough toilets to cope for the crowds, especially now we all have to arrive at the same time due to the convey. I did wonder what they did with all the vast sums they took at the sites as it appeared hardly any was put back into maintaining them. Even the guards were always hassling for baksheesh and had their little scams to get it; by unlocking a door to show something, or a prayer on the part of the wall supposed to be powerful. Pity they could not give them a decent wage and cut out all the crap and everyone would be a lot happier, but then I am coming from western mentality and like India and many other poorer countries everything runs on corruption at all levels and to change that system will take quiet some time. It was not a problem, or judgement just an observation and just as well we are all so different, if it was in the west we would have the toilets but probably not be allowed to go into the temples, like at Stonehenge, so I was grateful for the way they operated as I could see the silver lining.

EabuHATHo     I decided to walk around the back of the temples first, around this huge hump of dirt that must of all been carted there to house the temples that are inside it, originally of course they were built into cliffs in the side of the hills lining the Nile. It was amazing how they managed to move the temples to this place, but thankfully so, there were tourist police with machine guns standing everywhere watching and a great wire fence around the enclosure. The lake was not far away and I walked right around and then to the front to be greeted by the site of those incredible temples with their huge statues of the Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses carved at the front. From the side I had come from the Hathor Temple was the first one and I walked up and asked a lady if she could please take my photo under the huge carving of Hathor. There are other statues along the front of the temple also and I walked along them all then entered inside. As I did so I became aware that I was dancing with Hathor on the inner planes, my electrons were being activated and my cells wereEabuHathi feeling light, part of the process of physical immortality was happening, I could feel it physically in my body and hair. I wandered around looking at the incredible columns and chambers, paintings and hieroglyphics and then knew I had completed and walked back out into the bright sunshine. 


Eabu4C  I then walked along to the Ramses 11 Temple and wandered around in amongst the crowd, it was very beautiful inside and then I went into the inner chamber, into the RA Temple and four Sun Gods who were sitting there all in Council. I stood there for some time just being and connecting while the crowds poured in and out. When it was time to leave I walked to the left and there with the Horus statues were the 'Doorways' again, the ones carved into the wall that were at Karnak and the Tombs of the Nobles at Luxor, another dimensional doorway. I then slowly walked outside taking in the amazing energy and sights and went and sat in a seating area by the lake and wrote;
     “You are in the Council not the Council you are used to, this is the Council of Four of the Greater Central Sun, you have accelerated your molecular structure to cope with this energy, the real you is us. The doorway of the Sun is your home to rest as you work in the Central Sun and are guided by the Greater Central Sun. The work you have been doing with the jump in the loop and the New Solar System is completed. You are now in the New Solar System and New Earth, others will see you who still operate in the third dimensional Earth and think you are there also, but you are in the New Earth. You dance in the heightened frequencies of the Greater Central Sun, the Council of Four have called you to now work at this level, you are new now. Your throat (which I had still had the cough and was slightly sore) is just a re-adjustment of your voice and breathing. You are blessed."
     I gave my thanks and sat for some time in the sun looking at the temples and just allowing myself to be in the resonance as all the energies illuminated through me. Then I felt to put pen to paper again and wrote,
   "As a being of the Greater Central Sun you do nothing and all is done, this is what you came to Egypt for, to activate this and shift your frequency. You can go home now and be with your loved ones, as you are not attached, they come and go, you stay always centred; they will centre and stay also if you let them BE. Your work will be in New Zealand this is the most important country on Earth as it is the New Earth, your man is of the New Earth together you will achieve much. Soon he will come to realise what is happening, be kind to him, do not let him feel unloved, do not let him think he has blown it, let him BE, love and nurture him and you will be surprised by how he gives back to that.
The Council of Four welcomes you beloved, blessed you are, new frequency you are, tomorrow you will Birth".
     (When I did get back to Australia I let go of taking workshops and had no way of earning money, I lived for a year by the grace of God, trusting without doing any outer world work to earn an income. Eighteen months later I have just started to do workshops again but in a different way of being for me, and I have not moved to New Zealand yet although that is on the cards, but I have spent a lot of time there since. My father even passed over there and all I felt was joy and still communicate to him, and I am doing a lot of work with the New Earth in New Zealand already but I surrender all into divine will, I do not know if I will move there full time or not. It was the place I made my star essence of the Sun, and it is the first place to get the light).
     I then walked back out of the site as everyone was starting to leave, I really did need to go to the toilet now so joined this long queue into the ladies, eventually as I got closer they started to let woman into the men's as well, and as usual there was the guy with the scarp of toilet paper expecting money. One lady said we did not have to pay but I noticed he did not give toilet paper to those that do not pay, like all places with high energy the polarity still seems to be there and this is certainly evident in the way the sites are run. Eventually I got to the end of the queue, got to the toilet and then had to literally run to my mini bus, they were almost ready to take off without me, I just made it in time. We drove through the desert again for three hours and got taken to the high dam for a view of both sides then some of the passengers were going to Philea but I was just going back to my hotel, so another bus came to take those going to Philea separately. After getting dropped off outside my hotel I went up to my room to rest for a short while and integrate and was so glad I was not going to any other sites, I had had enough of a blast for the day.
     I decided to go back to my favourite restaurant to have an early dinner and see Hossam, when I got there he wanted me to sit at a particular table for the energy and I felt the Guardian, a great Nubian with a loving energy that I felt in my heart, I asked for permission to be there and got yes. Then I was aware of travelling on the inner planes through a tunnel that lead into the Earth where I was taken was a place filled with gold and I was told 'Soluntra this is all yours', I said thank you and was blown away that I was still being blessed.
    Hossam then showed me his Charka Ankh cards and a spot on the wall that he said was special and asked me to touch it then myself, this had happened at the Luxor Temple as well, so I guessed it was a way of blessing that was more common in Egypt. I then wrote down ways to connect, how to go to sleep, relax and activations for him and then left having enjoyed our exchange.
    I went back to Egypt Air and they told me the plane from Cairo to Athens would be half an hour late, I had originally thought I would go straight to Kalambaka in western Greece by bus but now it would be too late when I arrived so I thought I would just stay in Athens. It was getting close to sunset time now and this was my second to last night in Aswan and by the Nile, so I walked up to the park that was on the cliff over the Nile at the gap opposite the Nilometer and Temple of Khumn. Typically I got hassled by lots of guys but it was not bad and I managed to get enough peace and quiet to enjoy the sunset. Then I went back through the market and decided to buy a few things and got a statue of Anibus and Horus and a vase, but had to stop there as it would all weigh too much, as it was I now had another bag of my papyrus, shoes and scarves I had brought as well as postcards and tourist books. I then walked up past the rest of the market and local restaurants and saw George sitting at one. I asked him if he had got the bus to Abu Simbel which he had, but the hotel was really expensive, I had seen in the guide book there were only two hotels, I said goodbye and wished him well on his journey then went back to my room to rest after my big day.


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