kingschambersmalljpeg     In Ancient Egypt the Goddess and God, their union and their roles were the expression of the story of Creation that was horussekmetusejpegunderstand by all. In the beginning was the word, the sound and light of Source that illuminated and is creation, this brought with it the beginnings of duality, when we leave Source energy we start to fragment, of course at the level of the Founder Gods there is still no duality dramas but as we fragment further into Creator Gods and Goddesses we start to have dramas, which is all about our journey from Source and back again. Depending on the culture and myths some Goddesses and Gods have fallen into duality more than others, the Egyptian ones hold a high frequency of energy and not all that 'tit for tat' stuff that the Gods and Goddesses of lots of other culture got up too, but of course we had really fallen into duality and matter even further so was the archetype of where we were at. The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were from a time beyond this last cycle, when we were still more unified, a Golden Cycle and where the Gods and Goddesses walked the Earth plane in peace and love. Earth was their home also and they loved being here, this all changed after the shift in cycle 13,000 years ago, being the last one when Atlantis went down and we forgot who we were, even the Goddesses and Gods only reincarnated through the Pharaoh and immortality was lost as were the codes of divinity that we held in us as Creator Gods and Goddesses. This is only now being remembered, but through time there were cultures that maintained some of that awareness and memory and in the times of the pyramids and temples they were still honoured, but now worshipped as outside of us. Now finally we are learning and awakening through our unification process that we are the Goddess and the God within, we create our own reality and Heaven on Earth.

    In the story of my journey to Egypt I have mentioned several Goddesses and Gods so I will explain about each of them here so you understand what they are about. Each holds a certain energy and also has a myth or Creation Story, they are Archetypes of all our aspects and in the Greater Reality we are them. I actually find the Egyptian as well and Indian Goddesses and Gods to be very clear and beautiful, they hold high frequency energy and I must say I think of them as my friends as well as the fact that I am/we are them. When you clear and unify yourself enough to Be your divine codings you are no longer in separation and all this 'us and them' duality stuff, or putting them on pedestals and yourself as lower is no longer happening, that is only illusion and separation.

     When you first start on your journey you have guides and guardians but as you go deeper into your heart and connect to the Source within you, you realise they are higher dimensional aspects of you as well as everyone else. You now start to listen to your guidance from within and own your divinity, becoming the Creator Goddess /God you truly are. For in-depth work with this please see my "Handbook of RA" I have a chapter on working with and unifying the different aspects of our God and Goddess aspects within. For a full understanding on Oneness please read my book "Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing" I have a chapter on unifying the inner male and female which you may find useful.





     The Creator God of all, the Sun, the Giver of Life. Anum Ra (Anom Ra) or Ra is depicted in the hieroglyphs with an erect penis, this not sexual in the human term it is to show the seed and source of life, so the person looking at the Hieroglyphic knows who it is.

     In the Cosmology of Heliopolis before creation the absolute spirit RA became aware of himself "seeing" his own image Amun, then in the great silence he called his double "come to me", RA light and conscience of the universe calls Amun Spirit of the Universe to itself. With this call that is the word - creative power - Space-Air Shu and movement - Fire Tefnut became manifest and in turn they generated and separated the Earth Geb from the Sky Nut ending chaos and therefore giving the universe equilibrium and life. Everything at this point was ready to receive the creative forces of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial life, that is the fertilising force of Osiris - seed and tree of life, water which gives nourishment and the generating force of Isis, love of creatures. Later after the end of Eden the destroying couple made their appearance as Seth and Nephthys the forces of evil, which continuously lose to the life bearing couple, but are also the collaborators since they provoke the eternal becoming of universal life.

    Out of the Cosmos the Cosmic Egg issued forth in a pyramidal form, like an inconsummerable Lotus Flower to let the Sun-RA (Toth or Ptah) source of every form of life come out. Tears, which generate all human creatures, fall from the eyes of RA that is from the Light of the Universe. From his mouth, source of the generating word are born by all divine creatures the forces that generate every vital form.

      Over the centuries the Creation Story took on more myths and its religious essence became increasingly occult and revealed to only a few initiates. The royal organization of mankind imitated Amun-Ra as the Pharaoh. The Creator God then consisted of four pairs of Goddesses and Gods; Shu god of Air and Tefnut goddess of Fire, Geb; Earth god and Nut; Sky goddess, Osiris; god of the Afterworld and Isis; goddess of Love, Seth god of Destruction and Nephthys; sister goddess and aid to Isis. There were also eight other gods of four joint couples Nedu and Nenet gods of the occult world. Nun and Nunet; gods of the primordial waters, Heh and Nunet; gods of spatial infinity, Kek and Keket; gods of darkness.



       The myth of Osiris is the expression of what happens to us as we descend and experience fragmentation on the earth plane to be reunited with our self in love - Isis, and so hold the energy of wholeness and become the doorway. Osiris is Orion in the heavens and it is this star system that when we came out of the Prism of Lyra those choosing to experience duality in its extremes did so in Orion with the Dark Lord/Light Lord drama. The never ending 'tit for tat' cycle of birth and death and rebirth, as the dark lord who did not acknowledge the light within him tried to get it from outside himself and the light lord never acknowledging the dark within was always trying to make every one light and save and rescue, but was actually drawing up their own darkness and pain and that of the dark lords which made the dark lords even more desirous of attacking, killing and getting the light from the light lord. Eventually the realisation came of peace and unity, this opened the doorway of the 11:11 the Doorway of Orion as we unify we become our own doorway and allow others to be theirs without rescuing and having to teach, or save, or make it better anymore (a major lesson for healers and the new age movement to get).

     In the myth Osiris is married to his sister Isis, and their brother Seth is plotting against them. Seth had a chest built in Osiris's measurements and held a banquet stating that whoever could fit into it would claim it as a prize. When Osiris stepped into it, Seths collaborators slammed the lid shut and threw it into the Nile, it was washed up on he shores of Lebanon (Byblos) where it was eventually found by Isis and returned to Egypt, but it was intercepted by Seth and he cut Osiris's body into fourteen parts that he scattered throughout the Nile Valley. Isis sought out each part and had a ceremony at each place, the reason why all the temples are along the Nile. Osiris was considered the God of the Dead and in the New Kingdom the God of the Living, and has always been considered in the Heavens as Orion where he went after his earth experience. The Pharaoh was regarded as the living Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis and credited with avenging his father. When the Pharaoh died his name was prefaced with Osiris, the implication being that he would take his place on Osiris's throne from where he would give the orders to the living.

   In Cheops, the great pyramid at Giza the Osiris/Orion energy comes into the Kings Chamber, as does Sirius, which is Isis, right at the penis of the Pharaoh that creates new life, the primordial cosmic egg in the pyramidal geometric shape, the energy of the Arc of the Covenant and the Giver of Life. In the sarcophagus the initiate who passes the initiation now holds the Ankh, the Giver of Life, which is them as their divine self fully present in their body of light on Earth. The unification complete as the new doorway in Cheops opens to Ophiuchus the 'Serpent Bearer', which means that the human holds the serpent, the life force energy, the kundalini. For more on this please see the chapter on the Stars and Cycles.

     The reason this all happened to Osiris, the god who had the human experience and death is that after three divine kingdoms in which the gods Shu, Ra and Geb in turn watched over humanity in the paradise Eden the time came for Osiris and his mission. The Absolute became man so that he might reach mankind lost outside of 'Eden" and as a man he suffered and died as other humans so that he might lead his fellow humans onto the hard-won road to self awareness and make them creators in their own life. For him to die like the lowest of humanity, victim of the worst injustices, dismembered by his own brother, he provides the certainty of rebirth to eternal life thanks to the boundless love that joins creator to creation. Testimony of love and resurrection as the essential meaning of all creation, testimony that is given by creation itself as the Sun disappears and rises again each day. By the seed that dies in the dark of the land and is reborn flourishing to light of the Sun that gives new life. In Christianity it is the Christ, the son (sun) of the creator who is also a man and dies on the cross of matter and spirit to be resurrected.



   Isis in her love for her brother and consort had a powerful place in the hearts of the Ancient Egyptians and so she has many temples built to her as well as in Ancient Greece and Rome. Osiris represents the resurrection, where as Isis is the symbol of rebirth and victory over evil and death. It is the primitive concept of the Mother Earth Goddess in whose bosom the seed god dies to provide his creation with nutrition and eternal life in a universal synthesis of love and sacrifice where the mystery of resurrection is perennially renewed.


    Son of Osiris and Isis, Horus appears as the Falcon or human with a Falcon head. He holds the Golden Solar Disc which is within each of us, the creation codes of divine life, he is the son (sun) in the trinity and is symbolically the divine aspect within us all that awakens from within, like the Christ within. He is also symbolised as the Right and Left Eyes of Horus that hold the living library of Light, the wisdom and occult knowledge of the Left Eye and worldly knowledge of the Right Eye.

    Horus's consort is Hathor and she comes down the Nile from her Dendara Temple to Edfu, his temple and the Sacral Chakra Temple where they merge in sacred marriage.


   Daughter of RA, goddess of joy and love, nurturing and healing, often represented as a Cow, or as a woman with Cow's ears or horns between which sits a Sun Disc. Hathor was one of the most popular goddesses for her love and healing energy and she was portrayed on the temples and columns with very ET looking eyes and face. There are not many of her statues or columns with her left that have not been defaced by fear-based religions that invaded after the time of Ancient Egypt. She was also known to protect woman and travellers, presiding over all things to do with beauty and the comforts of life, as well as the art of astrology. She is also the warrior goddess Sekhmet so has the energy to nourish and heal or the opposite side is to destroy, both aspects being needed in the unifying process.


   Daughter of RA, Sekhmet means 'powerful' and she represents the burning heat of the Sun, she has the head of a lioness with a sun disk. According to legend, the Sun-God RA sent Sekhmet (his eye) to punish irreverent humankind. She is also another aspect of Hathor but cuts through the illusion and drama. As the warrior goddess unlike male warriors she only fought to protect and defend, or to right a wrong, she was more benign and just and came from wisdom rather than force. Being the other aspect of Hathor she is the destroyer of the illusion and fear so that the healing, loving, nurturing energy can bring in the harmony and create the new.



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