Read about ‘Your Goddess God Self” in Chapter Three of this book.

Painting of Goddess and God sitting on a cloud having a cup of tea while whole worlds and birthed and super nova by Soluntra

We also witness the change overs taking place. For example, the Dragons; some are leaving the one at Mt Taranaki NZ showed me that back in 2001. Others are just being freed and stirring. Others need healing, others are off to higher realms as they finish their guardian jobs here and we take over.

One of my mission years ago was anchoring the Second Sun, I had to go to the Mother Temple in Bali and it was full of hocus pocus with the priests and the lower astral carry-ons and I didn’t want to go into the temple. The Goddesses and Gods appeared on the inner I also saw them standing over the temples and they asked to have the Second Sun anchored. I aligned to Divine Will and Plan, and if meant to it would happen, which it did and they all left. They were moving on and we now had to be the guardians and are the Goddesses and Gods. But often when they do leave and there is a transition time for the new guardian to step up which is us lot in human bodies and it takes time. The Bali bombings happened not long after.

The same thing in Nepal back in May 2000 I was there for the big planetary alignment and after a mission anchoring the Maitreya energy into the almost physical realms at 4D I asked on the inner to go to the old royal place from where I was in Mukinath.
When I got there and climbed way up to the palace and the temple I didn’t want to go inside but sat on a rock nearby, Kali showed herself to me right on her day when at her temple in the royal palace, with all the blood and guts of slaughtered animals killed so called for her. But she is a deity not a demon, and then she left. I asked her if any would realise she had gone, she said ‘no the place would get darker’. Sure enough it did, there were a lot of deaths from communist rebels and a lot of the royal family were murdered a year later. Then a great earthquake as the demons had to be pulled out. Because of the blood sacrifice there were a lot of heavy demons there, not anymore.

In the past some of my missions have been to really heavy places and war zones or where rebels are, but I only went if guided from my heart. And afterwards sometimes all hell would break lose or a volcano would explode, earthquake happen. Such was the need to clear the energies and bring back balance, it had to come through on the physical plane as well.
Nothing was ever controlled, all in Divine Will and Plan and as an observer. But required to be there physically to make that full connection of spirit and matter.


Read about Star Linages in Chapter Three of this book….  under Star Union.

See also in my shop the mp3 pdf on Contracts and Star Alliances  and in Chapter One in Inner Awareness.
Painting by Soluntra, my ‘Andromedan Self’.

We learn a lot from our Star Family and we all have Star Linages, so often we will connect to some of our star family and they will come in at different times when you require a step up for example.

I often get my step up from my Andromedan linage and beings from there.
They told me a couple of years back I was stepping up when I had a full-on sledgehammer experience through my body. That assisted me to step it from all the clearing I did to get healed again. Thanks guys.

I get more understanding from my Pleiadean linage and connection.
For example, they came to me when I was a Palenque in 1995 and told me ‘we are joyously awaiting the Second Sun’. I was guided to do a new mandala of the Central Sun that has two Suns in it and worked with the Second Sun since then writing a book ‘Handbook of Ra’.
 At the June Solstice 2019 I realised my work with the Second Sun had also affected my body as I held it in place so that the dark forces who were trying to push it in too soon wouldn’t succeed, as it would of meant comets to Earth and destruction. But I had a big tumour in my body on the physical for all that work on the inner. Finally, the Second Sun at the June 2019 Solstice could be free to come in and my tumour could go.

If I had known about that one I would not of signed on, hence the reason why we don’t get to know too much at times or we would bail.

A lot of bigger picture work with my Sirian Light Family and travelling in the Sirian Light Ships. Also traveling into the Sirian Star Base under oceans or in land that was  once ancient oceans now lakes.

A lot of deep healing from my Orion linage of the old duality dramas and dark lord, light lord game.

From Lyran linage a lot of inspiration and also from Cygnus creation story.
We have unlimited multi-d aspects but the relevant ones come into us to utilise now.

Please read about what unfolded with the Second Sun at the June Solstice 2019 
and the Solar Doorway Within.
See my Stargate essences as they open up a lot of beautiful doorways as well as the being the Stargate within, unifying heaven and earth within.


I also get called by Beings for example the Old Fellas in Aboriginal Lore.
I may not be in an Aboriginal body in this life but I have had a few holographic experiences as an Aboriginal through time and space in a body in different time lines.
I was also there at their creation star seeding 800 000 years ago in the Councils of Light overseeing. When a mothership came from the Pleiades with also some Sirian and Arcturians to bring love to Earth and to seed the ape people here at the time, as the some of the Draco’s and Reptilians ruled the Earth with fear. That mission is still ongoing.
At the time the Draco’s and Reptilians lied in the Council of Light meeting and destroyed the mothership as it came into land in east coast Australia. It crashed killing most, but a few survived and managed to do the genetic engineering, creating a new race with Love, before they too perished. So, love was brought in here, but as you know this mission is still ongoing. We did have a loving planet way back but then it got taken over by fear based Beings.

Read about working with the Old Fellas in the recent cosmic event of Pluto Saturn Conjunction and the umbilical cord reconnection at Uluru Jan 12/13 2020.


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