by Soluntra King from 
"Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural" 

       The Astral Plane is on the third dimension and the fourth dimension, and this is the planes of energy that are caught up in the illusion of separation and fear. The third dimension which is the physical world, is the dimension where we experience individual consciousness, and where we feel separate from Prime Creator. This is where we have all the learning in the school of life, and where we start to integrate ourself back into wholeness. In the third dimension we get into destruction full on, to the point where we can actually destroy ourself, or the planet. We experience duality consciousness and fear. 
       The fourth dimension is where we start to open up to the dream state and the illusion of separation, where we reintegrate with group identity, but without loss of our ego identity. We start to remember who we are and become responsible. This has been the last density of the physical body, but as the light octaves heighten as we move into the photon belt and into alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. We are becoming fifth dimensional in a physical body as we become our Light Body. 
      The fourth dimension is also where the Astral Lords live, who have propagated the belief through religion and history that we are separate from Source, and must continually re-incarnate. They control the lower worlds through fear, and as long as we live in fear and not love we are hooked into this illusion. The fourth dimension is not all negative, it just happens to be the level where the Astral Lords hang out. But there are also positive Beings in the fourth dimension, these are Fairies, Devas and Nature Spirits. They are non physical but closely aligned to the Earth plane, and if we look with our inner eye and are open to them, we will see them. The Fairies bring Love and Joy into our life. So the forth Dimension is still in duality as it holds negative and positive beings. It is not until the seventh dimension where we get full integration and unity. 
       The Astral Plane is also where we get caught up in dreams and La La Land, and we can be living in all sorts of fantasies in that world. Especially when we are younger, and have not had so much experience in life and want to romanticise everything. It can be the world of illusion, and we can live out a lot of our life on the Astral Plane in worlds we have created with our dreams and desires. It is not until we accept and love ourselves as we are, get in the body, and dispel the illusions that we are able to move out of the astral and work on the Soul Plane. 
      As we are now moving into the Golden cycle and the higher octaves of Divine Light energy coming to the planet is causing a shattering of the Astral Realm, which is overloaded with thought forms of fear that are creating chaos on the physical plane. All the wars, greed, materialism, fear from TV, radio, newspapers is forcing people to shift and grow. Because it gets to the point where people can no longer tolerate all the negativity, the woe and worry that the material world brings. So they are now shifting back to source and opening up their hearts to love, compassion and trust as this is the only solution. This is the higher aspect of the forth dimension and astral plane, as we move out of the illusion of separation and open up to ourself and those aspects that are fifth dimensional and beyond, as we become true to ourself and our divinity. 
     The Astral Body is also our Emotion Body, and is where we hold our Desire body and all our emotional stuff that often runs us out of control. The lower emotions that are held here are fear and trauma from all our experiences, and until these are embraced, loved and accepted they can control our life. Often without us being conscious that we are doing it. For example our low self esteem issues from childhood and parallel lives maybe held in the emotion body as fear, unworthiness, trauma, anger, hatred, guilt and so influence us through our life until we love these parts of us. As long as we have these fears we are easily controlled by the Astral Lords and their puppets on Earth. Who rule with fear and control, as we stay un-empowered we supply them with the energy they need to survive. As they choose not to honour their own inner light and connection to source. 
      Our Desire Body is also in the Astral body and the negative desires are controlled by the Astral Lords on the Astral Plane who encourage us through media, and the thought patterns of society to stay locked into the negative desires so they can feed. This is where we still operate from Ego consciousness with greed and lust, or the desire for fame and fortune which is all driven by fear and insecurity. It is not until we surrender into Divine Will and allow ourselves to be in our God consciousness that we can be free. The negative desires keep us trapped into the third and fourth dimension, and to continually being re-born, life time after life time to fulfil our desires. Because the universal law is that what ever we put out comes back to us. But when? We may want to possess that man or woman now, or have that new car now, or be famous now. But it may come when we do not want to know about it. We could possibly have to have another life time to fulfil the desire, and when we finally get what we desire from lust, greed or possession do we really want it? 
     This is only the negative desires and emotions held in the Astral body, that keep us trapped in the illusion. But we can heal them by the positive emotions of love and acceptance, and allowing which is a neutral emotion. Positive emotions like love, joy, peace, enthusiasm, compassion are from our God consciousness and uplift us. The same with positive desires, we have the desire to heal and unify, the desire to eat if we are hungry, the desire to be of service, the desire to be more loving or at peace. These desires drive us out of the illusion. 
      Like everything there is the negative and positive side. The negative aspects of emotions and desires are not bad. In the reality of love and Divine consciousness there is no bad or good, that concept is from separation, all just is. The negative desires and emotions are our great gift, for through them we learn to unify and come from acceptance. If we did not have negative emotions or desires we would not even be in a body. As to be here we accepted the challenge of forgetting our divinity, and experiencing the illusion in order to spiritualise it. 
      We could not do that as a Light Being or Angel in the Higher Realms of the non physical, but had to descend into matter to accomplish this great mission. We are experiencing for God Creator, and completing the out breath, we are now in the pause ready to go into the in breath. The whole idea is not to be attached to it, but play. We play in the negative for as long as we need too, until we finish that game. The game of Duality, Light and Dark has been going for aeons of time here, now it is merging we will play a new game, Oneness as we create new worlds to move into. 
      As we move out of the illusion of fear and separation we connect to what we may call the Higher Realms, the realms of Angels, Guides, Light Beings, Light Ships, Councils of Light and where the Christ and Buddha and the Masters operate from. This is the fifth dimension and beyond, we also operate in the Higher Realms right now in our multi-dimensional self. We all come from the Source, the One and have never separated, just thought we did as we entered the forth and third dimensions. As we become more conscious this energy becomes integrated into all our bodies as well as the physical, so that we become our Light Body and our multi-dimensional self. We are going back now on the in breath, and unifying all our fragments through love, which is the doorway to our multi-dimensional self. 
      So there comes a time in our growth when we open up to more Light, and manifest Divine essence in our physical body. As we start along this path we clear our physical, emotional and mental bodies, so the lower desires of lust, greed, guilt from the fear of separation gets less and less. As this happens we move out of the Lower Astral plane, and so out of chaos and horror. This is the illusion and we open up to the greater reality of Love and Oneness. When we are still too hooked into duality and fear the lower Astral can affect us, as we are one with those energies. If we live like this, then life is often painful, full of dramas and fear rules. For obvious reasons we also have those who choose to play the control Earth with fear game, propagating this experience through media, chemicals, drugs, legal and illegal, vaccinations, schooling, politics, welfare, police, military. The more we choose to Love and Accept them and ourselves, the victim and victimiser are one, we move out of the game. There are now more and more people moving out of this game. So we open up to the Higher Realms, and communicate with the Masters, Guides, Angels, Light Beings, Beings humanoid and otherwise from other Worlds and Dimensions. These beings assist us to connect more deeply with our own Higher Self, Soul Self and we become Lighter as does our world. Love and joy replace fear and pain. These Beings are in the greater reality actually us and parts of our Over Soul that is in Divine Consciousness.

     On the Astral Plane which is also the forth Dimension the Astral Lords operate their creation of fear, death, illusion, sacrifice, victim/victimiser, and control. From the astral plane they can control humanity through the fear that is created, and that they propagate through war, famine, big brother, drug companies and all the abuse of humanity and mother earth. They have manipulated the truth of our divinity through religion, state control, their edited version of history, education, welfare...the list goes on. As we clear ourself of our fear we have no fear of these things, and so literally rise above it to the fifth and beyond dimensions. It is the inner darkness within ourself that feeds them, and so their job is to propagate that so they can keep feeding. This is where the negative ET's, Illuminati and secret government operate from. The fear, horror and blood created by war is the biggest feeder, but on a more personal sense if we are not involved in war, it is still our inner war that may create abuse, violence, fear and trauma and drama in our immediate life that still feeds this energy. 
       The Astral Lords have mastered the energies of the third and forth dimensions and they easily hold the power over us, and all our actions as long as we are deceived by duality and the concept of birth and death, and being eternally on the wheel of incarnation. The energies where they operate have been sealed by the Time Lords or Lords of Karma and we cannot get beyond until we have formed our Light Body, and fulfilled our service to Earth's conscious evolvement. The Astral Lords have managed to deceive most of humanity into believing that their Ego consciousness is greater than their God consciousness. This has lead to destructive actions to others and ourself, and bound us to the third and forth dimension, requiring continual return until we awaken to our true self and divinity. They have deceived humanity into believing we have to return to evolve our Light Body. To end this we only need to want too, and our Over Soul, Higher Self and higher dimensional aspects of self can then communicate and assist in freeing us, through awareness of our true self and coming from that energy within us to heal and unify. 
      So by healing and clearing ourself through all forms of inner and natural healing we become free of fear, and so these influences. As the saying goes we become in the world, but not of it. We live in other dimensions of our choice and clarity, worlds of love and unity consciousness. 
      To assist in not only our own inner healing, which heals the world, but also in areas of the planet where the Astral Lords are feeding with their puppets on this plane. Being the dictators or military leaders, and all those involved in abuse, then the only solution to heal is to see all the players as their I Am. Do not buy into the fear and judgement, as this feeds the energy, but see the Divinity within each of the players, victimiser and victim. You may see them in the paper or TV, or just know that you are doing this. 
       Also see or know the Golden Rays from Source and the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun and Sun as a rod of Golden Light through the area where the great trauma is taking place and into the Earth to its core. Know that it is aligned in Divine consciousness. By doing these two things then you are coming from your own God I Am and seeing that in the situation, this means the Astral Lords cannot feed. They fear the higher octave energy of the Golden rays of Love and God consciousness, and so cannot remain there. Eventually they will have no where to go or feed, and will return to source also in their journey. At this time on Earth as we go into the Photon Belt and the Golden Cycle and align through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun back to Source, this energy can no longer exist in the heightened frequencies. So either has to surrender to Gods Will, or go to another world with lower dimensions still experiencing Duality. 

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