by Soluntra King

from the book "Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing"


     Being in the Body means being here, one hundred percent present, and being in life. Some of us are not really all here, all of the time. Often we don't want to be here at all, the world seems too cruel, or difficult for us, and so we try and escape it. We usually do this by abusing our body, whether it be through drugs, cigarettes, food, alcohol, holding on to illness, lust, working hard, worrying, driving too fast. We have this death urge which is generally sub-conscious, but it controls us. We can actually be in a state of not really being aware of ourself, others, or our environment, it is possible to lose touch of reality in our denial. Certain things maybe too fearful, even though we are not so conscious that we are fearful. Sometimes what is required of us is too much too cope with, if we allow social conditioning, peer pressure, and other pressures through work or family to stress us out. Those parts of us not present are in Fear. 
     Ever observed how you are when you are in shock, pain, stressed out, or in an accident. We leave our body, it is our escape mechanism. The pain and fear keep us disconnected from our source, our God I Am and from being in our body. When we move through the fear we no longer need to attract to us accidents and traumas that stress us, or if we do, we handle them calmly. This pattern is often set up as we are conceived or through the birthing process. It may all seem too hard and cruel, especially considering the peace and bliss we have just come from. By going back and healing this using the breath and Love and Acceptance, we can change the negative concepts we had, and feel and be in the joy of life. 
      Be aware of your fears, fear stops us being here one hundred percent, choose awareness of how you really feel about yourself, about your body and appearance, about your age, about dying, family, work. All these fears and anxieties are just parts of us still in separation. By Loving and Accepting them as described in the 'Healing Within' Chapter we can transmute them and learn to experience peace, and joy about our life. 
     There is a feeling often of 'its not safe here', or 'I got sent to the wrong planet, beam me up Scotty'. What we have to remember is that whether we have just come from another universe or not, there are no mistakes. We choose to be here, in this particular body. All the faults and things we do not like about it are the result of our attitudes, and the energies of other experiences and life times, that we are still clinging onto and have not resolved. So it is up to us and no one else to do something about this. The secret to healing all this is too simply Love yourself, unconditionally, exactly as you are. Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes, your eyes shine back to you from your soul. Heal the soul, feel the Love Within, the Beauty Within and you will put out such an energy that everyone will pick up on that energy, and see the beauty that you are. Your physical body will respond to the loving, uplifting messages you are giving it and rejuvenate and heal. Try it and see.    


     If you feel really ugly, fat, dumb or whatever it is, have you noticed that people treat you like that. The choice is yours to change this, remember everything is energy, and if through your emotions or mental attitudes you feel negative, you create blocks in the flow of energy. By using the breath and Loving and Accepting whatever block we have in regards to our health or appearance, the energy frees up and flows again. This will create a physical shift and brings the body back into a state of harmony. Remember also that we are what we think, and what we speak. So our thoughts and words create how we are. 
     One day I spent the whole day breathing in and telling myself how beautiful I am. I directed the energy especially to my pot tummy as I didn't like having it, and was tired of all the other things I had been doing to get it flat. For example looking at issues with my parents, and the male, female energy, as it is over the sacral chakra, past life issues as well as doing physical exercises and being aware of my diet. It still stayed fat no matter what I did, so I had to let go and just accept. By breathing into it and telling it how beautiful it was, I discovered that it went flat, and not long after I started doing this. Later that day I was walking down the street and had some guys wolf whistle at me. I had not had this happen since I was a teenager, and at the time I was in my mid thirty's. So the energy that I put out from feeling beautiful within, emanated out through my body and aura and was felt by those young men. They were reading my energy. Do this some time and see how the energetic principle works. 
      We can dye our hair, have plastic surgery, do body building, go on crash diets. This may change our body for a short time, but because we are coming from non acceptance of how it is, then none of these patch ups will last. The grey roots come back, or the fat, or the muscles that turn to flab. So we have to start working with the core issue which is fear of dying, fear of aging, fear of not being loved because we are too fat, old etc. If we work on Loving ourself no matter how fat, pimply, wrinkled we are, then we will start to relax into it, and it will no longer be an issue. 
      Many years ago when I was still a teenager I became aware of how hairy my face was. My face was covered in golden hairs and I noticed in certain lights you could see them really vividly. I was horrified and got some hair remover cream that I sneaked on every week, that washed off all my facial hair. I was so embarrassed my boyfriend didn't even know, it was such a big deal for me. One time he even felt my face and it felt like a mans stubble, I was so embarrassed. I used to cringe if he touched my face unless it was freshly hair removed. This went on into my early twenties until I started making Flower Essences. I wanted to make something natural to help this problem, I had and an unusual flower appear in my garden that I had never seen before. I made an essence out of it and it was for "Transcending Limitations", I thought I needed a physical cure, but after taking the essence a few times my fear and anxiety over my facial hair was no more. I stopped using the facial hair removal cream and left my face alone. I was now confident enough to accept myself with all the facial hair, and of course with the shift in energy my facial hair has not been a problem ever since, it is not even noticeable. My whole attitude to my self-image changed, and it has taught me to love myself exactly as I am. So whether my weight goes up a bit or down, or I get another few wrinkles or another tooth is extracted it doesn't matter, I love myself as I am. None of these are problems are noticed by others because I do not invest fear into them. 
     Stand in front of the mirror and start loving all that fat, those wrinkles or varicose veins or whatever it is. Telling yourself how you love them and are so beautiful. At first you may have to fake it, but fake it till you make it. The Love and Acceptance Mandala will also help as well as the 'Healing Within' Chapter Here are some other exercise you can do that are very simple to bring you into a state of Body Awareness: 


     This exercises helps to be fully aware in your body and does not need to be done in a formal Meditation, you can do it as you are going through your day. Put your awareness down into your Feet. Feel what it is like to be in your Feet. Thank and Bless them for allowing you to be here and experience spirit through matter. Then move up through your legs, feel being in your legs and thanking them for carrying you around. Putting your awareness in your hips and pelvis, and thanking them for supporting you as you continue up through your Whole Body a section at a time. Feel being in each area of the body and thanking it as you go. When you have completed at your head, then feel your awareness in your whole body, you are your whole body. Thank it and Bless it, Love it. You may wish to make up your own Affirmations for this. 
                                BEING IN THE BODY AND OUT OF THE MIND 
     When we think a lot, worry or allow ourselves to be in the head, we are not being present, and are out of the body. All these thoughts keep us from the Now, and are the fear of not trusting. If you feel you are thinking too much, worrying or find it hard to get out of your head, then the following simple visualisation-imagination-intention will help to shift the energy. Imaging earth, soil coming up from the earth and in through your feet.....Up your legs...pelvis...body...chest...fingers, hands, arms...shoulders.....neck and filling through your head.....Until you are filled with soil........Once you have done this, you will be back in your body and out of your mind. Deep breathing also gets or keeps you in your body. So if you are worried, or thinking a lot, then by taking some slow deep breaths, right down into your abdomen, you will also get back into your body and out of your mind.


      Physical exercise helps us have awareness that we are in our body, it is grounding and helps us connect. As well as all the other goodies, like improved health and fitness, lung capacity, toned muscles, more energy and better metabolism. If we don't move we die. Swimming and walking are the best types of exercise you can do. Yoga and Chi Kung are excellent for awareness of your body, concentration and focus, balance, relaxation, subtleness and general well being. Also triggering your awareness of the flow of your own energy, and that we are energy. They switch us into the universal flow, and we are able to free this energy if it is blocked in our bodyBEING IN LIFE 
     If you are aware that you resist 'life' or 'being in the body', get in touch with that feeling. Using Deep Breathing - Abdominal Breathing, In through the nose, slowly holding the breath, and Out through the nose or mouth slowly, in equal time, in your own natural rhythm. Or Connected Breathing, slowly breathing IN and OUT without a pause in between, through the mouth. This transmutes the fear right to a cellular level, as well as breathing in the words and thought "I am Loving, Accepting, Embracing and Surrendering to the resistance and fear of Life. Keep this up until it truly feels that it has been transformed into Acceptance, and a warm glowing feeling of Wholeness.

See the "Healing from Within" Chapter for full details. 
      We leave our body whenever we have an accident, or some sort of trauma, as this is our way of escaping it. Often in an accident we leave and will see it all happening in slow motion. We step out, our body goes through the drama and in we go again, into a state of shock. Which is also a safeguard by the body to slow the system down and relax the body, so that it does not tense up and cause more damage than is necessary. But once back in the body we feel the pain, this maybe physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual pain. Once we transform our fears of the body and listen to our inner guidance then situations like accidents do not occur. As we are already present and do not need a sudden heavy reminder to get us to go within. Which could mean lying in a hospital bed for weeks, or at home not being able to get around. 
     As well, by embracing our fears of being in the body we no longer get traumatised by deaths, sudden changes in our life, dramatic events or dis-ease. As we have moved through the fears for ourself as well as for others, and can hold the energy of love and acceptance and just allow. Not being caught up in duality any more, which allows peace to be with the situation and everyone involved. 

                                                             MY OWN EXPERIENCE 
     I was a great one for always leaving my body, sitting staring out into space, walking off the ground after doing healing, a regular space cadet. One day I realised how profound this was, in my avoidance of being able to do some physical activities. As a child I had always been too sacred to do gymnastics and dive off a diving board. So one day, years ago now, I found myself at an Olympic swimming pool with some very high diving boards. I was determined to break through this fear, so I climbed up to the ten meter high board, and walked to the edge. The fear was intense as I walked along the board, the pool a long way below. But I was determined to move through it, and so I imagined the fear to be like a wall, which I walked through. I then dived into the water, without a belly flop, but I realised I did not have a clue what my body was doing. I called a friend over to watch me while I dived again, just so that he could tell me what my body was doing. I realised I stepped out of my body straight away, and had no concept of how my arms or legs were positioned. I stepped out and went into automatic in my body, the body knowing knew what to do. 

     So I knew then I had some work to do on getting myself into my body. As I wanted to be fully present in my body. Transmuting my fears of being in a body, and being able to use my body to it's full potential. When we do this the energy flows freely, I am not a fitness freak and do a lot less exercise than when these experiences took place. But by moving through the fear we allow the Divine Light to radiate through us, we give it room. We anchor our Light Body in our physical body. I have experienced the freedom of this many times, for example climbing up the Himalayas easily, effortlessly through high altitude, snow, sleet, freezing water and feeling exhilarated. Others have felt physically exhausted, and traumatised, this is not so much through lack of physical fitness, but mental and emotional. If fear is present then the body cannot move well. When I realised how out of my body I actually was, apart from taking up swimming five mornings a week and doing Yoga, which I had done for years and found to be incredibly beneficial, I also learnt and practised Chi Kung. All this got the life force energy flowing freely. I was also going in my awareness through my body everyday, as described in "Have Awareness of your Body". Whenever I felt in my head I would bring soil up through me, and I kept breathing through my fears. All this got me very grounded and present in my body. It helped me in all aspects of my life, to be fully in the joy of life, and prepared me for being a clear channel to marry Spirit and Matter in a physical body, our divine Mission. 

                                        FEAR OF DEATH AND THE DEATH URGE 
    We all have or have had to some degree or another a death urge, as well as fear of death. Often from the memory of heavy deaths in parallel worlds, of course the death is only in the physical body, but its another block to us being fully in the body now. The death urge is often a desire to leave it all and escape, or punishment for guilt. So we become self destructive, play with fire or attract heavy situations into our life. It helps to clear any old memories of horrible deaths, as well as any heavy near death experiences in this life, or experiences from parallel worlds that we hold guilt from. Feeling unworthy and in a deep sub-conscious way may want to finish off the experience and die. To find out if any of these experience are blocking you see the "Tools of Inner Knowing" and "Clarity" Chapters to access the blocks and the "Healing Within" and "Integration of Self" Chapters to transform these. 
* With the focus on transmuting any fear still held in the cells and Etheric Blueprint of parallel world deaths that were traumatic. The Etheric Blueprint is what holds the memories of everything we have been, are and well be. When it is clear we experience good health and our lives flow. The blueprint is situated in the Etheric body, which is an energy field that permeates every cell and atom of our physical body, and extends out about twelve centimetres from the body, creating the health aura. It connects the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Chakras are also situated in the Etheric Body which receives, assimilates and transmits energy into the Chakras, which are distributing agencies, providing dynamic force and energy to us. 
* Near death or traumatic experiences in this life, that you are now reliving through relationships, situations and/or illness. Often when we have a horror experience we subconsciously want it to happen again, to the point of finishing it. So we die either physically, or we die anyway to that old part of ourself that is fear. No longer choosing destruction but creation. If we have an experience in our life like this then we are actually very blessed, for it is our furthest extreme of duality and destruction, and now we can connect back to source. Just ask in prayer or/and imagine a beautiful Golden Sun in your heart. 
* Guilt held from parallel experiences that create destruction, low self esteem and unworthiness. Fragments to be embraced in the heart in Love and Acceptance. 


     If you feel you have had some past traumas or experiences when you have been out of your body, birth could be included in this, you may need the assistance of a competent Healer or Rebirther for the Birth experience or see the "Healing Within" Chapter -'Preconception, in the Womb and Birth'. With any other experiences in your mind, this could be an accident, an operation, while under anaesthetic, a deep shock or out of body experience that was frightening. Deep breathe Golden Light into you as you are Now, and send it to yourself as you are in the parallel experience. Until you feel, see or know that you are totally back in your body, in that experience. As part of you was still out, but now you can bring all these fragments of yourself back into your centre with the breath, unifying the energies. You have healed and integrated the experience back then, and Now, as there is only the eternal Now. If you have more than one experience, do them one at a time. See the "Integration of Self" Chapter - Past Life/Parallel Worlds if you feel you need to regress more deeply or too access any out of body blocks using the pendulum or inner guidance. 


                                       MEDITATION TO BRING YOU INTO YOUR BODY. 
     The following meditation is to assist you to Love yourself in a Body, and to help transmute deep core fears about being in a body. This is true for everyone, but especially if you feel you have been sent to the wrong planet, or you feel that earth is not your real home. Of course there are no mistakes, but for some people especially if they can remember coming in from the Stars or other realms, it can take time to accept being in a physical body. 
     Read through the meditation a few times to know it, then take yourself through it. Otherwise get a friend to read it out, or make a tape and play it to yourself. Remembering to pause long enough in between to gain awareness, and do your healing. 
     Sit or Lie with your spine straight. Get comfortable, and deep Breath In love, hold the breath, then deep breath Out and relax. Do this until you feel relaxed, you may choose to relax your feet first then going up your body. Or feel the energy of a Golden Ball of Light at your feet and feel that moving up through your entire body, warm, relaxed and peaceful. Now picture a beautiful Angel above your head. The Angel is hovering around unable to get down to the Earth. Every time the Angel tries it is too painful for them. Send the Angel LOVE, though your intention or thoughts of Love, or use Gold or Pink Light.......Keep sending Love to them until they are able to come right down onto the earth. When they have made it, take them by the hand and become aware that you are both walking along a beautiful valley...the sun is out and it is a beautiful day....You follow a path beside a stream, and are aware of the glistening water flowing gently over the rocks, the trees, plants and flowers. As well as birds, butterflies, and the beautiful place you are in.....Both still holding hands you follow the path now up through the hills.....The path leads to a cave, and Golden Light radiates out of the cave..... You walk into the Golden Light, it feels so Loving and peaceful...and into the entrance of the cave.....You follow the Golden Light as it that radiates through the cave..... Going down through the cave and the Golden Light..... Deeper and Deeper, Deeper and Deeper into the Earth.........Until you get to the center of the Earth....which opens out into a beautiful world of mountains, valleys, plants, trees, birds, animals, and people with such a beautiful energy about everything and one.......Moving around this beautiful place, feeling the energy all around you.........You are both guided over to a sacred place in nature, right there in the centre of the Earth..... Standing still you both open up to the energy of this beautiful place - the centre of the Earth....You feel it right within your Heart, as does the Angel.....You become aware that what is all around you on the outside is also within you.....Through your Heart and through all of your body....You become transparent....what is within and without are exactly the are one..........The Angel is also merged within and without and you turn and look at the Angel....You ask if they are open to receiving the Love within and without?....Then you ask the Angel "Why was it they were in so much pain as they tried to come onto the Earth plane before?".....Trust what comes to you, and when you have received a reply ask if the Angel is happy to be in the Physical Earth now?......Then ask "Is there anything else they need to do that will assist them in accepting Life and Being in the Body?"............If there is something else trust what comes to you.......Then sending lots of Love to the Angel, looking them in the eyes, as they look you in the eyes and send you lots of Love.........until you both merge together and become One....... Then when you are ready slowly coming back into your own body awareness.... 
       The Angel is you and they help you to understand, integrate and accept being in a body. Also see the "Healing Within" Chapter -'Preconception, in the Womb and Birth' the guided meditation, Conception and Birth for another unifying exercise to acceptance of being in a body, in our I AM prescence.

      Being grounded is all about being in our body, about having our feet on the ground and being able to function here fully, rather than our head in the stars. When we are grounded we are already in the stars, and the earth, as both are one. Learning to be in form, but not limited by it through fear of being in it. If we are not grounded it does not matter how spiritual, physic, or tuned in we are, because we will only be functioning on part of us, and not all of us completely integrated. Often when we first get into spiritual things in a big way, we can get lost in our top chakras, becoming space cases. I remember when I first started going to a healing circle, which was a powerful opening for me, and accelerated my growth greatly. But I would be feeling so high and out of my body, that when I got home I would have to eat a lot of bread to get me in my body again. The person that was running the circle was an earth sign, and did not have so much awareness about what it was like for those not so earthed. If we had done some simple grounding techniques we would of been balanced, but as it was it took me a few more years to learn about those. 
     At that same time I was just starting my practice as a naturopath and healer. I used to experience some wonderful healing energy that channelled through me and assisted greatly the person whom it was for, but I would be so high afterwards I would feel like I was walking three foot off the floor. I would have to go and eat some bread to ground myself. My new partner at that time was a Capricorn and in a lot of ways very grounded, so he helped me to keep my feet on the ground. But as I became more aware I realised I would have to do this for myself, and so from my own experience I can share some good ways to ground. Do not think that just because you may be a very earthy or practical person that you don't need grounding. Another sure way to tell if you are not grounded is if you are all in your head. Often our mind is ticking over so much that we are not really present. All we need to do to get out of the head is to ground ourselves. 

1. FILL UP WITH SOIL One of the simplest, and fastest ways is to simply imagine earth- soil, coming up from the earth, in through your feet, and up your legs and body, so that your whole body is full of earth. This is handy to do when you notice you are really in your head, with lots of thoughts, anxieties, doubts, or when you feel spacey. 

2. TOUCH THE EARTH Just simply go outside and sit or lie on the earth, or go for a walk, especially if you are working on a computer or in an office.

3. ROOTED TO THE EARTH Imagine that you are a tree and you are rooted into the earth. 

4. EARTHSTAR As you are walking along outside become aware of the Earth Star chakra under your feet 15cms or 6 inches. Like a beautiful star in the earth, feel your connection to this star down beneath your feet as you walk along. For information on Earth Star please see the Chakra Chapter. You can also imagine that as you are walking upon the earth, that it is the universe, and that you are walking on the universe with all the stars.


     This practice is excellent to do daily, in the morning before you start your day, and also through your day when you feel you need too. It not only connects you to the Earth but also to your Higher Self and Spirit. We need to be connected to Spirit and Matter equally, unified energy. To do this put your arms up above your head and imagine that you are holding a radiant Golden Star, or Sphere above your head. As you slowly bring your arms down to your sides, the Golden Light is moving in through your crown... and down through your head, down through your neck and the down through the body....and legs...and out through the feet. All the Love and Peace of your Higher Self, I Am is now flowing through you and down through the Earth.....Through the soil, the rocks, the pockets of water, oil, gas, deeper and deeper....Down through the molten lava until it connects into the very center of the Earth where there is a Star. Become aware of the Star there, you may sense it as a bright Star, or a Golden Sun, or a radiant clear Crystal. Sending all your Love and Peace into it, feeling the connection.....Now become aware of all that beautiful earth energy as it is flowing up through the Earth, right up through the earth until it comes up through your feet, up your legs, up through your fingers, hands and arms....Up your body, chest, neck and head.....Out through the crown as all that beautiful energy settles all around you, and out through all your energy fields, your aura......Now see that energy going out all around the Earth and all the people and all beings are filled with Love and Joy and coming from their True Presence. Then put your hands at prayer position at your Heart Chakra, very slowly drawing them apart, keeping the arms at the level of the Heart Chakra, as you do this feel your Heart Open. When the arms are right out at the sides, have the hands facing the heavens palm up. Slowly bring your hands down to your sides as you Surrender to everything. You are now connected to your Higher Self, I Am prescence, and connected to the Earth. With an open heart and surrendered and embracing everything in oneness. You are ready for your day, firmly anchored in the beam of your Higher Self from Source and the Earth. 

6. BEING A TREE Another lovely alignment to connecting to the earth is being a TREE. Observe how a tree gives life; oxygen, water, food, shelter, heat...just by being connected to spirit and matter. Still and relax yourself, then imagine that you are a TREE. Your ROOTS go deep down into the Earth. Draw up from the Earth all the love and nurturing earth mother energy.....Up through the roots, the trunk, up into the branches and out through the leaves and into the Sky - Spirit - Father........Now feeling all the Light of the Spirit as it flows down upon the through them.... and down through the branches and into the trunk.....Down through the trunk and into the roots...then into the Earth. So the Energy is flowing both ways, matter into spirit and spirit into matter. Do this at least SIX TIMES each way, feeling it as it moves through you both ways. So you are connected to the Earth and connected to the Spirit. BEING, just like the TREE and giving LIFE.


*Going bare feet as much as possible outside. 
*Wear Red Clothes, especially underpants and socks. 
*Eat root vegetables. If you are a spacey or a very spiritual person, cooked food will keep you more grounded than raw. If you are doing a lot of high frequency light work or meditation then more cooked food will be grounding. Especially cooked vegetables, rice and lentils. Eat animal protein if you feel the need.

*Get into gardening, getting your hands into the earth. 
*Use or wear a Smoky Quartz, Magnetite, or Haematite. 

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