by Soluntra King from the book "Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity". 

       Each Crystal Deva has communicated in the section on each Crystal, a way to use them, depending on the particular Crystal you wish to use. This is not the only use for each Crystal, but is a gift the Crystal and Deva shares. That you can be open too for healing, clearing and full integration, and expanded awareness. You may also wish to communicate directly and be given another gift that is best suited for you. The Crystal can be used for a wide variety of things, always trust your intuition. If you do not physically have a Crystal, for example an Emerald, but you wish to do the meditation with it, or use its qualities in some other way, you can still imagine it is with you. You will draw it in at the Etheric level and so it is still with you, but just working at higher frequencies. Whatever your intention is energy follows it. So do not limit yourself by thinking you cannot use a particular Crystal because you don't have it physically. 

     After you have placed the Crystal, or Crystals where suggested, then take some slow deep breaths to relax and centre. Then align to your Higher Self by imagining a Golden Star or Orb above your head. The Golden Light starts to flow down through your crown, causal, frontal, third eye, throat, thymus, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras, then down through link chakra into the Earth. The Golden Light flows right into the centre of the Earth, as you connect there with the love and peace of your true presence. Then become aware of the Earth energy as it flows up through the Earth, in through your feet and up your body. Being aware of the earth's energy as it moves through you, and up and out the top of your crown. The energy pours out and circles all around you, your energy field is radiant. You are connected to your Higher Self and Earth, centred and aligned. Now put your awareness into the Crystal, with the intention of connecting to the Deva, Guardian or Spirit of the Crystal. You may want to do what they have guided in the text for each Guardian, or go deeper into connection with them and let them take you on a healing journey. You may also choose to hold the Crystal in your hands or place it somewhere else other than where was suggested, always trust how you feel guided. 


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