extract from
LIVING LIGHT booklet by Soluntra King.
    When we have a problem with a person and we know they will not listen to us on the normal human level.   

We can talk to their Higher Self and it will get the message to them. This works very well.
    If there is are people in your life that you have a lot of lessons with, or a difficult time then
you can ask them to show you who they really are and what you connection really is.

      An example of this is when my father was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and thought he would die. He came to me on the inner planes and asked me to go see who he really is. I saw him as a keeper of codes. I have worked with codes all my life and with all my travels anchor codes or transfer them or get download with light codes. The sigh of relief that he let out on the inner was huge when I realised who he really was. Not just this soul that has signed on to help me feel worthy and a few other lessons besides.
    Then not long after I went to see him and gave him a crystal pendant I knew would be good energetically for him. Instead of saying it was rubbish as before, he now instantly put it on and instead of helping him as I thought I was, I  there to be downloaded with codes.
    I could not tell him what happened on the inner but our whole relationship was healed and wonderful after that, and he lived for quiet a few more years as well.
      Connect and think of who you would like to ask about to complete whatever duality dance you have with them and get to see what your connection is.
    Get a sense of them, and then ask them if you have permission to see who they are. If they say no, then honour that and ask someone else.

With situations you are not sure about involving people.
    You can go in and see on the inner planes what’s really happening.
    When I say go in and see, you do not need to be visual, most of us are not visual. But it’s a matter of trusting with your inner knowing what you get. I am not visual so much as I know what it is and most of us are like this.
     You will see or sense what’s really happening and it will empower you in the situation.


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