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Discovered in March at lockdown time and it will be with us all year. Its travelling with us around the Sun.
Interesting that it was called Swan, I have put what the Swan Cygnus signifies below. It seems very significant.
Comet SWAN evening sky 2020  was May 27

There are so many connections to the Swan, Cygnus that resonate within us as part of the creation story and our return to wholeness.

Cygnus is in the rift in the Milky Way and was the star system that the pyramids in Giza Plateau were built to align with, the rift births the Cosmic Egg, the cosmic egg that aligns through the great pyramid. Star mapped at different locations worldwide: At the three pyramids of Giza, at Gobekli Tepe, and beginnings of humanity, the area of Siberia up from Mongolia and Ergaki as Mt Meru which is in the Sayan Mountain range and where Cygnus, which is in the rift of the Milky Way is sited in between two horns of the Ergaki mountain with milky lake on its plateau and these ancient giants the Denisovans as our first ancestors, according to Andrew Collins in his book ‘the Cygnus Key’.

Cygnus also as a Swan, a bird, the Bird Tribe and connected to where we leave as a soul and return in the north to Eden/ Shambala and home, to Source.
There are so many connections to Cygnus that resonate within us as part of the creation story and our return to wholeness. Just like we believed Orion was aligned to the three pyramids that was perfect for where we were at, at the time as we moved through duality and the 11:11 doorway. Now we are moving into the unified field and opposite Orion is Ophiuchus the serpent bearer where we activate our kundalini and Body of Light. Then as we become more present and open to the levels of our Light Body we start to remember ourselves as the creator, and create the New Earthfrom our love. Now in our 5D upwards in frequency light bodies. 
Just as we have many frequencies so does our Earth and the Cosmos as we now align back to the Cosmic Egg, the birthing of our true selves, we remember also the Bird Tribe, and that we span the universes and realms of creation. 

The Evenstar star essences; I made of Deneb; the brightest star in Cygnus gives “Strength of your inner light, the doorway through into the higher aspects of self that are not yet grounded into the physical vehicle until the soul has moved through the 22 initiations. Then the doorway is open and ready for the awakened soul whose body becomes light. Deneb gives the strength of the light within the cells and body, the essence to with-stand this higher light and opens the doorway. This is from the 3 stars in the summer triangle, the first is Wega ‘I am Light’, then Aquila ‘I am the still point if the spirit’, then third is Deneb ‘the strength of the light to be held in physical form’…I am the light’. This essence is also within the Stargate essence.

Guided meditations of THE GREAT CENTRAL STARMAP mp3 & pdf that includes Cygnus, see also about the Great Central Starmap

You have made full circle from the inception of creation to now completing the great experiment and experience of creation into matter. The Cygnus Stargate awakens within the remembrance of when you first came in to human form. The beauty of creation in its pure form of Love and balance with all creation. Now after you have gone through the denser gateways of duality and back to the pure Love of Source within, you have completed the duality dance. It opens the way within for the whole of creation to be birthed a new through you. You are the transformer of Heaven and Earth and within your body the Stargate doorway unifies Heaven and Earth.

You may wish to experience the Stargate Essence of Cygnus 

On these days injoy the wonderful frequencies of light coming through for your heart and heat of the Sun with Deneb awakening your remembrance. I will be posting more on this closer to the time.

Travelling to a beautiful lake with Swans gracefully gliding over the water…… 
A swan guides you on the path to Deneb…… 
Is there any muddy, murky energy? If not allow yourself to feel your inner radiance ….. If there is energy blocking you from getting through to the starlight, then deep breathe in love and acceptance into the block or fear until you can get through……. 
Once through….the light is almost blinding……in the light is a beautiful being…you…
You see what you are really like and merge into you as you are now…Into your eyes… light, skin… light, bones… light, organs.. light …all through your body….
You affirm “I am Light’…..
As you move from the murk into the beauty of your true self…….
You remember to always acknowledge the beauty that you are, no mirror can do justice to that which you are, but each time you look you see the light shining through….brighter and brighter… you glow and transmute….into the beautiful Light Being that has always been there…..
The ugly duckling grows into the radiance of the graceful one… who was always there and stayed hidden until the time was right to remember and be the light shining Being who dances in pure delight……..
The transformation comes from you seeing the reality that’s there right in front and behind your eyes… 
You are so bold in the light of your essence as the creator unfolds.

Guided meditations of THE GREAT CENTRAL STARMAP mp3 & pdf including Cygnus see also about the Great Central Starmap
 In my book ‘Light Code Activations’ is a lot of information on DNA activations with several levels of mandalas and sound codes to use to activate the DNA and awaken your remembrance.
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