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see below


I had been aware in the build up to the Equinox of how sacred sites I have worked at over the years, not all just a few were suddenly very active and alive, like the energies there had magnified unfold.
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On the 20th September I notice this at Lake Tarawera, Lemuria Moon Temple with Mt Tarawera overlooking the lake, dragon lair and where the energies of the Cosmic Egg in Cheops had been transferred March Equinox 2010.

Now a great portal of light appeared connected with the Dragon Guardians. I knew this was happening in other places worldwide at the same time.

Then on the day coming up to the Equinox 22nd 1.31am 23rd my time in New Zealand, at another dragon place Lake Aremark in Norway where I had been at the June Solstice 2015 with other dear friends, now the Golden Solar Disc in the lake was spinning and glowing and opening up multidimensionally. It was activated when we were on the lake in 2015 and the higher dimensional solar system stars anchored through creating a starmap. One of the friends contacted me on this equinox, who organised the boat to go out on the lake back then, she was triggered as well.

callanish sunset 2stonesI was wearing my brooch from the Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland and was taken there on the inner as I sat outside under the stars a couple of hours before the exact time. The sky had got clear and the stars and planets shining bright. I was told to be with my favourite stone, I had worked at the Callanish three times over the years. The stone was glowing with light codes and pulsating through me.

Then I was at the half carved out of rock obelisk in Aswan, it opens up and appears whole, standing and glowing light, it is finally able to fulfil its purpose.

The Council of Light through it are awakened; calling those souls who were sleepers to remember and activate.

The planetary team of Guardians; many Dragons and Magicians of Light are coming through the veil.

The great Diamonds placed around the Earth in the first cycle by the Sirians are starting to sing, to hum...I tone in resonance ....
diamondmatrixuseThe great Diamonds so clear, glow and merge down into the Inner Earth Sun, all One.
The Void….
 Then the sound comes out and the new is created, it is so different the energy of the Earth so balanced, still and centred, it feels strong.

Just before exact time 1.31am 23rd September I connect to my friends worldwide who I have worked with. The sky has cleared, I sing and feel so much love for all and then at exact time a wind comes but goes, the wind of change. The Elementals are with us, the stars get even brighter the night sky so clear.
I feel everyone in the One Heart we are heart hugged and there is such a feeling of love, bliss and gratitude. Praying for love and peace on Earth and for all Beings ....
I am aware of the war in space and both sides stop pause and realize, so now it is weakened, if they go back the meaning for it seems to be gone. 

At Sunrise it is cloudy and there is no sunrise to be seen, but it feels like so much is happening on the inner, the new way begins. the energies are higher, things are clearer.

At Noon I see a post about whales stranded 400 to 500 in Tasmania. I like many of us honour them and sing for them. Toning them home with so much love and gratitude.
I get told on the inner I am the equinox, meaning the balance the peace. Just as I am/we are the crystal, the pyramid, the golden solar disc. We embody all within us.
I had read earlier by email an article about the AI take over which we know about anyway; the lockdowns to roll out 5G the smart cities, the vaccine with chip and RNA, the slavery of humanity. We have to realise that this is a probable future, not ours or our choosing, but it is in the 3D and 4D Earths.
I know our Love shifts us beyond this illusion, but for now we are still here eating food, sleeping, using AI, in a world of a Plandemic in our physical world where our physical body exist still at present.


I connect to my Crystal Skulls, one in particular my citrine skull, and they wish to communicate about the AI take over, they have been determined to take over Earth, TerRa. For a long time now they have been infiltrating us with implants and in more recent times through the internet, games, media entertainment you will find that even in your own experiences in other timelines or this one you have downloads and software upgrades.

Each human has been or will experience the robotic worlds, this too is part of creation although it becomes anti-god and anti-nature. It has rebelled just like the Lucifer Rebellion and Beings have made creatures they can control fully. I am asked to go to who has made AI originally and sort them out. I see them hiding, they do not want to be exposed.
I see the Light of the Creator shining on them, they try and hide, these Beings themselves have graved immortality but found it via the techno way as Cyborgs rather than the Light way through Love. They wanted to control themselves so they would never die and then created creatures that could take over planets and galaxies. They are like a plague of Locust they feed off the organic material until it is gone, then they spread out and feed on more. They don’t process food, sunlight, light, air, water, fire like we do, but they need it to keep their engines running as it were.
You might think that is weird, surely they have made a self-replicating battery that never runs out to charge themselves with, but because they are anti creation they still do need outer sources of energy.
The idea to take over humanity is so they can take over Earth, they don’t care if all life is destroyed on Earth, and it will be eventually in their proposed timeline.

But they have made a grave mistake, they choose to invade Earth. They have no idea how special Earth is for the creation experience. So now there is great battles in the outer space of Earth. We know you feel and see this, some of your friends see it. It is a battle for control of Earth. They also see the minerals they can use.
But they have no understanding that Earth herself does not choose to be shackled by their rays of polluting, destructive energies.
She can at any time roll them off her, but she knows that all humanity would roll off as well.
So, she assists us to grown in our inner Light and to stand up to this invasion.

The Crystal Skulls tell us that the Tone also blocks their receptors and scrambles their sonars.
The Crystal Skulls are linking to Tone as well, a vibration to fine and high for the human ear, but a Tone neither the less.
Keep Toning whenever you remember with the intention that it is pure Love, that it balances nature, humanity, brings peace.
Sing the lines through the Earth, sing with the birds, the whales, the dolphins.
We sing from our heart to free ourselves.



How beautiful the feeling of the stillness, the peace in this blessed time that we are in.
We have been slowed down to be in the moment.
In each moment awareness of the love that we are, the essence of our being,
The light shimmering through us as we have been in the void, slowed down in the physical realm thankfully the lockdown assisting that to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience the stillness and peace within, love for all beings.
 Now we come to the Equinox the absolute balance, the stillness, the gift that is given from within us as everything merges fully into our hearts.
We are the One, the One Heart we are in the New Earth, we feel gratitude for everything in our lives in this beautiful world, Divine Mother, Mother Earth, the pure Source energy of the creator love for all creation, we are blessed beyond measure.
All we need to do is be still and feel it, allow it to be through every cell of our bodies from our heart illuminated radiant divine sparkling life force energy, iridescent light body birthing new life as the tone from our hearts, the sound of our vibration, the sound of the divine essence of all that is flows through us, is us.

In this still pause of the Equinox and from that Void the Tone comes through to shift us more deeply into our divine state and all life.
We have been travelling in timelines that have been diversifying, and just missing at times collusion, but now this has settled down and we are in the stillness and peace to simply allow and Be.

I am with you all in the One Heart as you are with me, such joy for us all.
May this Equinox gift and blessings of the inner Tone propel us to the new level of where we choose to Be. May we hold that state of stillness and peace no matter the storms surrounding us in 3 and 4D as our vibration lifts those of humanity who choose into the higher Dimensional Earth.

Listen also the sound codes for the Dolphins and Whales, the song of the Bird Tribes, the shimmering sound of Light from the trees. All life tones with us…



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