We met at the river mouth at Waiotahi at 9am 17th December. It had been crazy for me, as the day before I had moved out of my home and was still cleaning at 11pm that night. With a car full of the last bits of stuff and cleaning things to take to storage as I had nowhere to move into. With a quick sleep at a cabin at the holiday park in Whakatane and then picking up Anna who had just flown from Sweden. We went back to my just vacated home to do the final things in the house and garden and off to meet everyone for the beginning of the retreat.
   We had come from all over the planet, twenty of us, from Sweden, Dubai, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. We met, some of us for the first time in the physical, many of us from other missions, but we were all soul family. We walked down on to the sand by the sparkling azure blue sea and river mouth to sit in a circle.
     Connecting the Source, the Earth, each other and all beings and then to all the Light Beings from the Light City through the Opotiki East Cape area and the Guardians, Ancients Ones of the gateway. As we asked permission to enter through the doorway and for all to be in divine will and plan. I guided everyone to be in their Earthsun Body to be able to hold the higher light octaves and new paradigm energies. As we awakening the infinite doorway of ourselves and connected deeper into who we truly are. Then on the inner planes we travelled into the Light City that was from the second cycle. None of us had any karma to sort out there, the Light Beings there wished to give us all a gift. The energy was very intense and full on and each of us received what we needed for the mission and for ourselves personally as we were downloaded big time.

     Then we drove into Opotiki to get final food supplies and petrol and met up at Hukuwai Beach for lunch and then drove up the coast for a short while. Down a dirt road to a secret spot and most wonderful multi-d doorway at Awawakino Bay that is my favourite vortex in the area with multi-d doorway, pyramid out to sea and in the hills around and Golden Solar Disc.

   The view of the bays was stunning as we drove down the dirt track and then through the old gate to the grass to park, as we gathered our things and walked over to the cliffs edge to look down on the beach and doorway. With White Island active volcano puffing away out in the distance on the horizon and Whale Island code keeper closer to the shore, and the inner worlds shining through on the magic sunny day.
We walked down the steps dug into the bank and navigated around the little goat track by the stream and onto the beach with lots of drift wood. Onto the beautiful black sand with mica sparkling at us as we got onto the greyer sand, and over to a spot where we sat with no shade from the intense rays of the Sun. New Zealand may not have a hot sun compared to other countries further north, but the rays of the Sun are so strong the sunburn factor is always something to be aware of and avoid of possible.

     We sat on the sand and went deep within to clear imprints we had taken on that were no longer relevant to us that had been affecting ones health and body. Imprints from coming into the Earth to unify and experience being in matter, or taken on as part of a mission: To unify the collective, from the group soul and ET or multi-d imprinted star linages to help them understand life in density or to bring into density. These are important to clear as we often have these old programmes and energies still running us unnecessarily. As we then opened up to our multi-d light codes and Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow and multi-d light self, all aligned through the cells of our body. Integrated into the physical nuclei from the multi-d nuclei through the centre of the Galaxy in the centre of the cells, with all the Suns aligned as we healed the broken DNA strands.
   Then speaking in light language about our own connection to Shambala and what’s happening as we merge the polarities of the New Earth and old Earth, it just is and we exist in a state of grace always.


   Then we drove for another hour or more up the beautiful coast line and the Pohutukawa trees were all in flower, red flowers against the dark green leaves, and aqua blue sea and azure blue sky. We were blessed to be there at this time, the Pohutukawas are called Christmas trees as they flower every year at Christmas time. As we drove over the Motu River past Te Kaha and up to RuakokorePoint with the beautiful old wooden church and great Diamond just off the coast.
   I have done much work at this Diamond over the years from when it was so corroded and shut down to now so glowing and radiant. Like so many more of the great Diamonds around the Earth, placed in the first cycle by the Sirians for this time. As we opened up to our Diamond Light Body, the beings in the Diamond invited us to assist it to activate more fully with sound codes we made in harmony. Then we journeyed within the Diamond and were each given these small Cosmic Eggs for our mission. The eggs hold the promise of the inner Dragon love that was meant to be through the Earth, waylaid until now by the Reptilians who kidnapped the Earth and shut down the process, not anymore. The eggs are seeding the Earth to be back into wholeness of the Sun and one with laughter and joy.

   The energy was so beautiful and we had to pull ourselves away as we still had over an hour drive up to the Hicks Bay and the motel where I had organised a dinner for us. So we drove on up the coast and then through the hills and back to the coast at Hicks Bay and up the hill to the motels.
   After getting everyone settled myself, Anna and Tiffany went to the village below at Onepoto Bay which is part of the bigger Hicks Bay, to the holiday home I had booked as a venue and where we were staying. It was now almost dark and we were all tired and ready for a hot shower and early night. I read the instruction on where the key was hidden but it wasn’t there. This is only a small community of houses in a very isolated part of NZ and I was grateful to have been able to book the only space I could get as a venue. But not getting in was not an option as I rang the owner who was in Auckland, as he rang his sister who lived in the village 30 minutes’ drive away and they were up a valley hunting. An hour or so later they arrived with the keys and we could get sorted after a few more challenges and laughs.

     The next day it rained all day and into the evening and so I was so grateful to have a space that fitted us all. As we stayed inside in the morning opening up to our physically immortal self and activating our chakras and light bodies, with inner unification and DNA integration of the physical and energy bodies. Then looking at the contract we had with the Shambala anchoring and other contracts relevant to each.
sunrise27diamondmatrix   After lunch we walked down to the Eleventh Gate rock and gave into the Galactic Gate one of the Cosmic Eggs we had been given at the great Diamond through the umbilical cord of the New Earth and the stage was becoming more set.
Many of the group saw on the inner planes lots of beautiful things going on and on the physical it was also so beautiful. As we walked then along Onepoto beach to the end where I had first been downloaded after the Great Shift with the first stars from the new Solar System. It was too wet to do our inner work there so we just felt and connected to the energies and doorway and the beautiful great 13th Gate rock.

Then that evening back at the venue, I had wanted to be out under the stars but not possible. I facilitated everyone to clear the loop of old stuck energy and belief in birth and death and open up to the cosmic flow and Cosmic Time clock mandala super imposed through all our body and energy field. Aligning to divine will and plan, all bodies aligned with the physical body, all through the stillness and divine essence within. Opening up to the stars and planets through the chakras and then the download of the thirty eight stars from the higher dimensional Solar System and where they are anchored through the Earth now since the June Solstice and July full moon 2015.
     As we soul travelled into the Higher Dimensional Starmap and were shown the hologram of the New Earth anchored through the Galactic Gate and umbilical cord of the New Earth. The overseers of this process from the higher Councils of Light and Shambala, anchoring this even further into the light matrix and it looked like a great sphere dome anchoring like putting tent pegs into the ground to hold a tent down. This is not holding or blocking anything, it is a creation of a hologram of light from the higher dimensional stars and light that sustains and feeds the Earth and all on her, and in her as the final throes of the old control dramas for Earth completes. To make sure the stabilisation of light on and through us and the Earth is not disturbed in its infancy. We felt the new hologram of the Earth and how it affected us.

 pohutukawa  The next day 19th December we drove first to the Manuka honey shop and everyone spent well with all the honey goodies produced from the Manuka trees in the area, which were flowering everywhere across the landscape in this part of the country. Then it was a short drive to Te Araroa and to the ancient Pohutukawa tree that I had last visited on Wave X. Clearing all the old ancestral energies as we are now in the new paradigm and don’t need to hook into the often agenda laid ancestral realms that often controlled much on the human levels with some cultures more than others.

     We first spent time with the tree which is huge and who knows how year old, over the 100’s maybe even 2000 years old with great branches and trunks spread out over the Earth. I asked everyone to pick a flower or lepohutukawa shambala doorway maitreya download19dec inthetreeaf and we gathered by the great tree and received the essences of the flower or leaf that was assisting everyone for their own personal healing. On a physical and energy body level through their chakras giving positive thoughts and transmuting negative beliefs and emotions, as well as assisting in their spiritual journey and growth.
   I had been told Lord Maitreya was opening a light tunnel through the tree. The Shambala gateway was open for us as we each travelled through the light tunnel and into Shambala to be prepared for the anchoring of the template more fully. I had the red ruby placed in my third eye, just for the time of the mission to anchor the pure light through love into the doorway of the vortex which had been prepared aeons ago by myself and us all in Shambala. After so much
preparation for so long to be ready for this time in our body on Earth. Everyone was being prepared and each of us also exist in Shambala and so we had reconnected now at this time, beautiful Shambala family of our love. Each of us had our body prepared to be able to channel through the energies. And pure love it was as we all worked so well together and all pohutukawa shambala doorway maitreya download19decfelt so much love for each other. There was twenty two of us contracted to do this work and twenty of us had heard the call, and we had all put a lot of energy into coming. Some as I said had come from so far away, each knowing that this was so important for humanity and the Earth. To listen to ones heart, to be in the right place at the right time no matter what, to be the channel. We had all prepared for this over aeons of time in the earth plane, but in no time in the greater reality. Such joy to behold the group connection in pure love and the mission unfolding in such grace and beauty.

Then it was back into 3d for some lunch and grounding and then we drove up along the coast some more to the glacier land off the coast that was where there is a great Cosmic Egg from MU or Lemuria from the last golden cycle.
It was now after midday but the Sun was so intense and strong as we sat down in this beautiful long spongey grass as the tide was too high to go out on the rock platform.

We did connecting mudras and before we went into the Light City and Cosmic Egg I knew that there was for most still uncompleted lessons from when Lemuria went down. It had happened so fast and it was when we were more etheric and in some resistance to be fully physical. So we went through the great earth shift and became traumatised and locked in patterning such as feeling we had failed, or unworthy of our light. So I guided everyone into loving and accepting any last threads of that old energy first and where it had come into this life experience to be realised and loved.
Then I guided everyone into the core block to their sexual energy from when they first separated from Source and how that had played out in this life as well.

     Now we could go into the Cosmic Egg from the last Golden Cycle as it could now be anchored fully into this Golden Cycle through love. Coming into the higher frequency of love that can beam through the matrix and grids and hologram of the New Earth. Waiting for this time for the higher dimensional starmap to be anchored before it could merge through from the last Golden Cycle to this one and through the Light City. As the integration of the cycles and the raising if the light octaves could now be held as the higher dimensional stars are through the vortexes of the Earth. The Light City and Starmap glowed as the Cosmic Egg opened to the Hologram of the New Earth.

     MU cosmicegg19dec

   The tide was now out enough and we walked down to the platform of rock as we did our own mudras and opened to our higher dimensional selves through the Cosmic Egg and to any new names that came forth for us now. As our frequencies were shifting and our being clearing more fully to be the divine beings that we are through all time and space, the beam holders of pure love and oneness. Of course this was not a state we could hold all the time yet, but each time we connected more into our divine essence it illuminates through our cells and bodies and anchors more through us and the earth and all creation.

   Back for dinner and that night at the venue more inner healing becoming clearer, into the shame and guilt to love and accept whatever might have been left and the pain and fear. With the accelerated healing mandala and clearing the dross from our energy bodies as well and opening to our bodies of light shining bright.

     Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
On the way to Lottin Point we stopped on the side of the road to walk to the waterfall, but it soon became apparent it was going to take us ages to find it. We found the most beautiful fairy meadow and so sat there and connected to the Elementals, Fairies and everyone in the sacred space then opened up the thirteen rays of the rainbow and universal flow.
   Then assisting everyone on how to go into the inner planes to really see what their connection is to someone in their life. This makes a huge difference in our relationships to others when we understand what our connection is with a person of importance in our life. All the lower level more human stuff no longer holds a charge and is understood and accepted. As well as going on the inner planes to see a situation in one’s life to understand what is really going on.
   Then I guided everyone to look at their ancestral family line to see what negative patterning is still unconsciously running them and to heal it. Then to see what connection everyone had in their family line to the Light Ships, Shambala and other higher dimensional aspects. Then through the Stargate each came through with the energies and codes that they came in with. Aware of the location of choice to be birthed and through the vortex there merging all the divine aspects with the physical baby being birthed. As the union of the divine, fully present in their bodies from birth up to now, fully present and toning the mandala of the Imprint of Peace.

     After walking back to the cars we drove to the turn off to Lottin Point and down the beautiful narrow road past the cows on the road and to the stunning views of the bays. We wound down the steep road to the bay and walked onto the beach where we had lunch then did the figure 8 breathing of the Sun and Moon as they merged within us, through and around our central channel and then sounded the anatomical balancer all the energy flows as our body’s resonated in harmony. Connecting through the Galactic Centre within and the union of the Sun and Eltanin the Dragons Head through the Galactic Centre within and the Dragon landscape. Going within the central channel and the serpent there with a message of love, until the energy flowed freely and the dragon without wings flowed up through us and settled down through our Dragon Hearts. Through the centre of the Galaxy through the centre of the Earth and the eye of the Dragon with Eltanin there one with the Sun. As we remembered our own Dragon origins and the inception of the Earth….the Dragons in the landscape all one. I was very aware and so were others in the group of our body changing.
lottin point sun galactic centre starbase gsd

   Then it was opening to the Template of Liquid Light transmission and the Sirian Star Base that is here to ground the Shambala Template. As we journeyed in our bodies of Light into the Starbase and the crystal generator with the light being family as we were in the Light Ship Starbase grounding the Shambala Template through our bodies.
   As we then did our own mudras and connected to the Golden Solar Disc there in our Gold Light Body through the Suns. Making sounds to energise the Golden Solar Disc there from the first cycle that is linked to the Golden Solar Discs from the first cycle at Thisky Monastery Ladakh. As the codings from the Ladakh Golden Solar Disc were transferred to the one at Lottin Point for the Shambala Template, from Shambala in Tibet to Shambala here the template is set.
       What a day it was, so big energetically and bigger picture that we just stayed and resonated where we sat for some time before wandering around the coast enjoying the beautiful setting in the physical as well.

   The next day 21st December we drove down to the wharf at the opposite end of Hicks Bay to the 11th and 13th Gate rocks. The sea was turquoise and so vibrant and amazing. We walked onto the wharf even though the sign said not too, but Geoff went out to check it first and it was ok, just some of the wooden planks rotting a bit. Another glorious day and the vista from the wharf of the Galactic Gate and Umbilical Cord of the New Earth amazing.
starmaphicksbay wharf1

     We did our connecting mudra and then light into all our endocrine glands with awareness of how we really live on Light, and then into our Light Being self who comes in at each cycle to have awareness of our own role in the cyclic shift.
   I then read out all the stars in the Higher Dimensional Starmap as the beautiful energies from the higher dimensional stars illuminated us from within, each with special gifts of upliftment and joy. As we toned the mandala of the New Solar System Stars and DNA Awakening as the light codes within us glowed and awakened even more fully. As we then moved through the Galactic Gate vortex and through the doorway of the umbilical cord of the New Earth. Aware of the light beings there and the star light sending the new creation codes as it is anchored now right through the Earth. As we held the Starmap through the Galactic Gate and received the codings of the New Earth to take out into the world.

Then we went off to have lunch and met back at the venue house for the afternoon where we loved and accepted some of our inner saboteurs as archetypes. And the most relevant one to us now, our old paradigm self that has been sabotaging all of us until we love it within and open fully to our new paradigm self. As we were then ready to be in our Iridescent Light Body and open up to our Shambala linage and awareness of our self there, and to the divine beings who live in Shambala and work from there. Which is all part of us too, as Lord Maitreya brought through a download and we were ready to go back to the sacred rock at the 11th Gate doorway rock and give the second Cosmic Egg from the great diamond into the Galactic Gate and umbilical cord of the New Earth. The energy was intense as this happened and we didn’t want to move for some time, but just be in the zone injoying the blessings and grace.
shambalatemplate at11thgaterock umbillicalcord newearth hicksbay


 presunrise22declighthouse  Up at 3am and off at 4am to drive along the coast and onto the dirt road that leads to the path and steps up the light house and place of first light and dragon head. I had been here so many times over the years in all weathers, but we were blessed with a beautiful warm early morning and clear skies as the stars disappeared and the dawn started to break. There were quite a few other people, especially young back-packers there also the see the sunrise. As the Sun came up we breathed in the solar rays of the New Sun and drew it into the Shambala Template and Higher Dimensional Starmap. The solar rays are coded with Light to accelerate this process of awakening.
     As the new day was dawning we each brought in the solar rays to enliven our being with the higher dimensional essence of our eternal divine solar self. Dancing free in the unlimited facets of Light as we grounded the gift of our fifth dimensional self fully into our body, a gift of the Sun and the Shambala anchoring. With so much gratitude for the pure love of the Sun and the Shambala beings and Sirian Light Ships and Diamond Light that we all are.


sunsrise22decsolstice light house firstlightsunsrise22decsolstice light house sunsrise22decsolstice light house solarrays

     The Sun was so intense it was only early morning but by 6.30am it was blasting us like it was midday or more. The solar rays so intense with their higher octave solar light rays.
sunsrise22decsolstice light house leaving

 sunsrise22decsolstice light house ra blast group  Then it was time to go back and have breakfast and check out of our respective accommodation and meet down at Onepoto Beach at 11am. Thankfully we could sit under the shade of the Pohutukawa trees at the 13th Gate rock for a rest before noon. We connected to our own RA connection through time and space and brought all those aspects within the sun in our heart, as we became aware of our higher dimensional aspects though the Sun. Transmuting the DNA at dense structural levels as our higher dimensional self could integrate right trough the densest structures of our body, our bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, blood, tissues, cells, skin and hair.
Then we connected to the solar flares, the solar flares are here to bring us home to our self.
The Solar Flares reach out with love from the Sun and Ra, from the Source and heart of Creation.
As you feel the love in your own heart you accept the light codes from the Sun and Central and Greater Central Suns. If we see the Solar Flares as lovingly embracing the Earth and the Earth responds in loving embrace of the Sun.

The electromagnetic grid needs to be kept balanced by visualising it absorbing the Solar Flares as the grid sparkles as Liquid Light Plasma comes from the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through the chakras then out through your Gold Body of Light as the same thing happens to the Earth. As we connected through the Inner Earth Sun and opened to the New Sun light codes at the Solstice when we went out and formed a circle under the blazing rays. Anchoring the new codes from the sunrise and Sun through the Galactic Gate and Higher Dimensional Starmap and grids through all the Earth and all beings.

     Then we drove back down the coast with the sparkling ocean and Pohutakawa trees blessings us with their fine flowers that had already started to make a red carpet on the road. To the great Diamond once more as we went within to remember our origins and move through the void and out into the new creation. We did a mandala to focus on our new life and where we are heading. At the exact time of the Solstice we travelled in our Diamond Light Body into the great Diamond and the beautiful facets of Diamond light glowing the higher dimensional starmap and Shambala Template. With the Second Sun unified one with our Sun as we unified our polarities and as above as below, as the codes that we held went out through the great Diamond and the Diamond Light Matrix. Now the unified matrix no longer is shattered.

     When we had started the journey I asked everyone to draw with coloured pens their chakras and energy field, now we did it again to compare the difference of how we were when we started, and now after our amazing mission how we are now.
   Then it was back into the cars to get back to Ohiwa Harbour for the sunset, we just made it, but the sky had become cloudy and so it wasn’t that brilliant, but we had done our mission and we all felt great joy as we watched the Sun disappear. With just one last thing; to be still and go within as the Timelines merged at 9.06pm wow, what can one say, so beyond the beyond.
       I am so grateful to have journeyed with you on 3d up the East Cape and on the inner for our amazing successful mission and to you the reader who may not of been physically part of the group but were there too as we are all one heart.
Infinite love dearest ones, love Soluntra.


     I was guided to return to the Galactic Gate at Hicks Bay, early in the New Year, just after myself and the beautiful Shambala family had anchored the Template at the December Solstice 2015. I came up the East Cape from Gisborne this time, and stopped at Tologa Bay as the Whales wished to download me also with a new mandala and meditation. Then I drove up near Mt Hikurangi sacred mountain that greets the first light and is a multi-d doorway. Then on to Hicks Bay and the Galactic Gate and Starmap. I didn’t need to go back to the Light House or Lottin Point. Next is the overview of the mission and what it means for our continuing beautiful unfoldment into the love that we are, awakening humanity and New Earth.

   The Shambala Template is creating a distortion in the negative grid patterning of the Reptilians and other negative beings. This will force them to have to shift into a more harmonious way of operating or leave. The template is now anchored through the Higher Dimensional Starmap and so through all the Earth, this has been a process for many years. The anchoring at Mt Titiroa was important first as it’s the Crown Chakra of the New Earth. But the full anchoring needed to happen at the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth as this was where the New Stars had to come in also and the new codes for the new creation.
     This the foundation and now that the template has anchored through the vortex into in the Higher Dimensional Starmap it means that this is distributed evenly through the Earth and through the 5th dimensional Hologram of Earth. There is still some more anchoring before its fully 5D and then anchoring into the 4th and 3rd dimensions and this needs to occur at two main places; Iceland at the September Equinox (I will be organising a trip for this event) and also at the equator this location is not yet fixed but will be in 2017 but it will mean a group effort for both places.

   Lord Maitreya is well pleased at what was accomplished with the beautiful group of souls that participated and it will make a huge difference to our lives as well as humanity.

     In the Umbilical Cord itself lots of Light Ships are holding in formations in the vortex. They are bringing in golden light plasma into the vortex that they channel from the Greater, Greater Central Sun through Sirius. The ships have come though the Suns and come out of our Sun. The Sun is a doorway and the last stepping down of light to get into density. The Sun has changed its frequency since the end of the Universal Underworld in the Mayan Calendar October 28 2011, and so the ships can come in more easily and can access through now to the Inner Earth Sun as the liquid light plasma runs through the umbilical cord and through the realms of the Earth.

     The Earth has many realms with many civilisations, and some have been dormant awaiting this New Sun energy. The light ships are transferring this light to these realms and many beings are once again coming into form who had been in the higher dimensions existing in the Light Cities but now they are coming through. They are not born, they simply come into form as their Light Body can gain the light codes of the New Sun and it stabilises not only the Earth but them also. They are wise beings and love centred and had been operating in other universes until this time of the return, where the Earth has been liberated and they can create a sustainable beautiful realm for all to live in harmony. This is happening from the inside out. The inside of the Earth out, just as it does for us, once we get our inside loved and harmonious the outer takes care of itself.

   The Galactic Gate umbilical cord of the New Earth is now operating to a level where the creation of a new root race can take place as all the different realms are all coming in now. Many of us have or will meet our other ourselves that had always stayed on the non-form realms. The inner and outer are one, the union is within and the Stargate Openings of the unification of the un-manifest universe with the manifest is facilitating this to take place.

   The Umbilical Cord of the New Earth with all the Light Cities and levels of civilisations are all so happy to be able to be free to integrate now with the Earth. In this time as we move into no time, zero magnetics and merge the Time Lines they are all other ourselves who have served in the light at different cycles to be welcomed and integrated back into our hearts.


      The Cosmic Eggs from the great Diamond at Raukokore Point were put in there for the return of the harmonic template from the Diamond and are now activated fully and connect the Diamond Light Matrix Grid with the Higher Dimensional Starmap making the light matrix too strong to break now. This gives confidence to all life.
     The Starmap looks so divine, creating a sacred geometry flower of life grid around and through the Earth with the thirty eight points resonating in joy with the star above and star below.
     The Diamond is humming and so radiant, the Cosmic Eggs from it are still through it and through the Galactic Gate and Starmap assisting the template to anchor through the dimensions of Earth from the first cycle. That is why the Golden Solar Disc at Lottin Point had to be activated from the one at Thisky. The diamond is clearer now and feels beautiful, the hologram of the New Earth is starting to glow through the Diamond Light Matrix.

     The Light Beings in the Diamond who gave us the Cosmic Eggs are glowing Thirteen Rays, coloured lights dancing and showing how the eggs have become huge but transparent. Each egg has a quality to it that defines how the New Earth Hologram and Shambala Template is laid out now in this new paradigm.
     Even Shambala has changed for its purpose is now is not only over seeing humanity and assisting with the raising of consciousness on the lower planes of creation but is immersing itself into the lower planes. This could never be done before but it is because enough of humanity are vibrating in Love and not fear, and the Earth herself is now a SunStar.
     I asked Lord Maitreya for anything else we may need to know about the Shambala Template or the eggs and he told me that we gifted each egg with love, that in the group the love was so pronounced and beautiful that we could succeed in our mission. That this has not only assisted humanity but has assisted each of us to move to the next level of inner realisations and Light Body Be-ing.

     The Cosmic Eggs that are anchored through the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth and Shambala Template now establishes the divine aspects more fully through the earth plane. The Higher Dimensional Starmap needed to be anchored first around the Earth with the New Stars seeded. To be able to hold the divine light codes of the Cosmic Eggs from the great Diamond from the inception of Earth. Harmony has been restored fully on 6D Earth and 5D once a few more missions with the Starmap and Shambala Template are completed.

   The Cosmic Eggs had come from the great Diamond as they hold Divine Love and Divine Light since before the takeover of Earth and had stayed in the higher dimensions until this time of liberation. Rejoice for the liberation is here for all who choose.
     Of course on 3D there will still be many desperate plays to assert themselves by the Duality/Dark Ones and they have their programmes implemented and their control of money, trade, weather sometimes. As well and the systems in place in the corrupt government of all countries, education, health, drugs, water, food, power all the necessities of human life they feel they control. But this is shifting now as not only the young ones have come in not accepting the abuse of the Earth for us to live, but also there are so many awakened and have loved their inner demons. Loving your inner demons not only sets humanity free but our self, to remember and awaken from within our divine essence shines in diamond light through all our being. As we explore density without control and fear, as it sparkles and glows with the acknowledgement that all life is divine and radiant, precious and beloved of the Creator of all that is.

Just before I left to drive back to Opotiki I visited the great 13th Gate rock doorway. It was windy and pouring with rain, and there was rubbish around it and even dirty toilet paper blowing in a branch of a Pohutukawa tree next to it, and a toilet roll at its base. The Dragon was in there wishing to come out and I found myself coming from my heart and loving the rubbish as its all one from the Source. The love and moving beyond the third dimensional illusion assisted the Dragon to come out.
     The Dragon and its egg are so beautiful and glowing and will stay and create an energy so no more abuse at the rock. I felt so much love in my own dragon heart and was aware of Jasiraah who had seen it also when we were all there in the group. The Dragon is there for all of us and for everyone else. The Dragon and its egg still not ready for the next step yet, wished me to convey that once we are in our heart it matters not what appears to be happening in the third dimension. It is an illusion and that we stay strong and always live in peace, joy, abundance and flow. As the Dragons are us as we open our hearts to show the love that we are, as we dance in the diamond light through the higher dimensional Stars and the Earth; the Earth Star walkers we are.
     Blessing for all our new life’s and new bodies as we are now in the Shambala realm anchoring it fully. To live in harmony with all beings, and peace and love guides our life and our world. As you know deep inside who you are and that you are the bridge to all worlds. As the union takes place from within to without, Creator Goddess Gods that we are. Such joy to behold the New Earth, our home.

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