WITH GROUP MARCH 17 – 21 2016


I had been asked on the inner by the Old Fellas to come to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers for the Equinox union of the male and female serpent Dreamtime within and through the landscape with a group. A journey of releasing the imprinted traumas of living in limitation and density to once again be the Earth Star Walker we are.
The Dreamtime Serpents were cut off and male and female energies not balanced from aeons ago and the template that distorted the vortex and wormhole there when the meteorite struck and froze the doorway.
       The pound was a major grid point, but to me grid point 44 that is in Wilpena Pound was part of the old grid network and I always worked with anchoring the new grids and transference of energy from the old places to the new like the Cheops cosmic egg and Mt Kailash.
         A few days before I was to fly over to Adelaide and go up to the Pound with a good friend, a day before the group arrived I had an email from a lawyer in Adelaide to say basically how dare I go, show respect and don’t come. Not sure what happened to all land belonging to everyone, and also it was national park but had recently been handed back to the
local people.
   Then I heard from someone who knew all about the new owners stopping anyone doing anything spiritual on the land, with the tribe camping out to try and stop them from doing their meditations and inner work. He said they would get the government onto me. I was pretty blown away by this as I travel all over the earth and in other countries the indigenous people are very welcoming and recognise that it’s about what’s in the heart. Not the old paradigm exclusive ‘it’s ours and no one else’s’ mentality, that the white man is so good at.
     He gave me the link to their Facebook page and it was ugly. With comments to the effect of ‘spearing me, shoving my mandalas up my ass and getting a mob together to stop us’. They said ‘I was evil’ and on the other levels they were full on attacking as well. Not that it bothered myself or my friend who is a shaman and works in the inner planes also. And it was dealt with easily with love, compassion, understanding and divine energies to them all.
   Then I got an email from a representative of the elders saying ‘how dare I, and have respect’. I realised I couldn’t take the group into that energy of potential violence. They said no one can do ceremonies but what they don’t understand is that there are no ceremonies that is old paradigm as well. I assist the group to heal and unify and open to their light bodies, higher light octaves and new paradigm and multi-d selves. Then what is meant to be in divine will and plan unfolds and we witness it. It could only happen by our being clear vessels.
     The changes are happening regardless and I knew they couldn’t stop the mission. I rang up the sheep station where we were to stay in the shearer’s quarters and the beautiful lady there was ok to refund all the money we had paid to stay. She was in fact horrified by the behaviour and words of those on Facebook as she knew them all and grown up with them. One had even rang her to say how dare she rent out her shearers quarters to us and she had to see what people were doing before renting it out. She was not amused. Things had gone downhill since the changeover and it was of concern for those who relied on tourism to survive, the bad vibes were affecting a lot of people.
       It was fine by me, I have had to change plans at the last minute a few times over the years with groups and got the place we were really meant to be and so found accommodation with the help of my friend. I emailed to let everyone in the group know and they were all on board, no problems for the change. It all flowed really easily finding other accommodation and I knew where we had to go for our work, and with the names Mt Remarkable National Park and the Beautiful Valley how could you go wrong.
     It was all beautiful and planned that way so that we would be at the new energy places after the old energies tried to stop the work and showed their pain to be healed. It was all connected to the serpent myth and the preparation that has taken place aeons ago now playing out for the unification to take place.
The union of the old and new energies is not easy for everyone.

     On the plane flying over from New Zealand I wrote down in my diary as my inner self dictated. ‘The reason the energy was withdrawn from Wilpena Pound was that the locals are not ready for the shift and it would of caused too much of an imbalance within them’. I was told things would get sorted.
     ‘The Remarkables now has a great Light Ship over it and there is a time capsule there. It is to be opened, it holds the codes from the first cycle and also from the Pleiades, Lyra and Orion. These are codes that were placed there for this time.
   Each person that comes and passed the test of going with the flow and changing will open up in the first evening so by the time the Equinox happens all the light codes will be activated. The Light Template through the Crystals and Stars are also from the new Solar System Stars and is being handed over to those that are worthy of holding the beam. At Telwoie Gorge are ancient tablets from the first cycle, each person in the group has a key to once again walk with the Ancients and the tablets will bring in a lighter energy right through the Flinders, Wilpena Pound, Arkaroola and beyond.
       The grid point at the Pound has been corrupted as its energy was withdrawn in 1982 as the new energies were starting to come in and most weren’t able to access the new grids, so the energy has got darker now to the point you experienced.
   The New Grid Point in Telwoie Gorge, once it is activated will harmonise the grid and clear the old grid point bringing more joy of life and higher light to the area and people there.
     On the first night soul travel to the New Grid and Crystal Tablets at Telwoie ready for the work on Saturday morning at Telwoie Gorge. On Saturday evening if possible be outside at the camp and do the inner male and female union, Goddess God that will move through the grids as the karmic overlays of that area and the Pound have been warped since the Dreamtime of the serpents were trapped. The serpents are not trapped now but the male and female is still out of balance. This will help not just the indigenous imbalance and other cultures in Australia but worldwide’.

     When I arrived in Adelaide I then received an email from the Flinders Park itself saying the park was closed down for ‘feral control’, it happened to be closed the exact times we would have been there. I hadn’t responded to any of these emails it was so crazy and my friend assured me I would have wanted posters out about me as they had my photo off Facebook. Pretty crazy stuff but all part of the play. Fortunately the craziness was not as far south as we were, so we weren’t discovered and didn’t have to deal with any aggression.
saltlake bumbunga lake
The day before the group were to arrive at the new location myself and my friend drove up to Beautiful Valley via these amazing salt lakes, Bumbunga Lake and to Telwoie Gorge where we had to go for our work, it was a great Spaceport for Light Ships. It had started to rain that day and the earth had that beautiful smell about it, so fresh and all the plants glowed in the last of the sunlight. With the raindrops still on the leaves and the kangaroos out everywhere on the road and sides of the road, as we drove the last bit of the winding road after checking out Telwoie Gorge.

        At Beautiful Valley we were greeted by Jack who had been expecting us earlier and we chatted and checked in, then enjoyed the stars in the clear crisp night.

     Friday 18 March, the next day we went off the checkout Cathedral rock in the conservation park up from Melrose as I had planned for us to go there that evening. But we just kept walking up this steep track and I thought we won’t be able to get there in the dark. So stopped and tuned in and got to do the Star connections at Port Germaine, on the far side of the Remarkables Park an amazing place with Light Ships coming in and out in the higher dimensions. We walked back to the car parked at the Monument where we would do the sunrise on the Equinox, it had been cleared ready for the wave of Love link up worldwide.               

 We drove down off the hills to the coast and to the small town of Port Germaine and I kept thinking Saint Germaine. We drove to the southern end first and were so aware of the Spaceport and clear energy. Then up near the wharf as some negative energies that had been connected to some of the people there was cleared and then to the northern end and through the tracks in the sand dunes until we found the part of the beach where we would return in the early evening.
     Memorising the track back, we drove back to the Beautiful Valley holiday park and met the group. Most had arrived, with two running late and just in time as we drove off in convey to the Port Germaine once again, it took just over an hour and by the time we got there it was getting cold and windy.

       After connecting to the Star Beings and all the Beings connected there, instead of using the five mandalas of the DNA Integration of the Physical and all Energy Bodies personally, they had to go face down onto the earth. With all healing through the grids and through us on the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As we are the earth and the DNA integrates through the physical grids and etheric all through us, in diamond light, multi-dimensional, multi-prismed. As we connected on the Light Ships and to our star linage gifts, in preparation for the Light Template to be anchored at sunset on the Equinox. With the Star Beings who were all around us as we spoke in light language about our connection to them and why we had come on this journey.
     The earth and grids were being transmuted of the DNA karmic over load and the Spaceport was busy with Star Beings from so many star systems and galaxies.
   It was dark and cold when we finished and the wind was up, driving all the way back to Beautiful Valley for our night Soul Travel to Telwoie Gorge to the Crystal Tablets there. Each of us was connected to our own Crystal Tablet in preparation for the New Grid Point to be anchored.


Saturday 19th March, the next morning we drove to Telwoie Gorge and walked in, I was grateful we didn’t have to walk too far into the gorge as we also needed to go to the Remarkables in the afternoon. As we walked along the gorge pathway there was evidence of flash floods and lots of plants all caught up around the tree trunks of the big trees. The rocks were so beautiful and the cliff faces, as we passed small waterholes and came to the place where the energy was and the anchor point of the New Grid.
          Once everyone had found their spot we connected to all the Light Beings and Old Fellas, Devas etc. and into our self and our kundalini flow through the central channel. The journey we had taken into density with awareness of what was still blocking the life force energy that we cleared. Then deep into the stillness to connect to who we truly are, to illuminate the lower and higher aspects of our being, all integrated as we opened up to the levels of our Light Bodies.
     Travelling in our Light Body through the landscape of Telwoie Gorge to see the Crystal Tablets glowing and shining. Placed in the last cycle for this time now as each of us was connected to one of them personally. We had placed them there from Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus as overseers in the Intergalactic Council of Light. As the energy of Deneb gives strength of one’s inner light, as our bodies can hold the light fully through all the cells of the body. As this New Grid Point could open, accessible to those who hold the higher light octaves in the new paradigm Earth.
     As we moved into the tablet that resonated with each of us and that we had each placed there, we recognised the energy of the tablet of the most amazing crystalline radiance. Not of this earth, placed from the stars for this time when we are shifting fully into our bodies of Light as we each became one with our crystalline tablet.
     Aware of the star energies glowing through the tablet, as the Star Beings we are, and the beautiful ones who move through the grid point there, and the Spaceport that extends to where we were the night before were all activated. The Crystal Star Template was getting ready to anchor fully at the Equinox, the Star Beings that were there to witness this great event. As we linked from our hearts and our crystalline tablets glowed and linked up. They clicked into place and started to resonate through us, the stars and the earth grids. The earth grids had become a lot clearer after the evening at Port Germaine as we cleared ourselves and the light codes from the mandalas that went into the grids. The vortex started to open at the New Grid Point. The Rainbow Serpent dancing for joy that the time of darkness is over and humanity is able to connect into the realms of spirit and the joy and love from the lightness of each soul, to create from love as sacred space for all to injoy.
     The radiance of the Crystal Tablets and the Star Beings amazing to feel, as the energies glowed right through us and through our physical bodies as well. The tablets that had been placed from Deneb; ‘I am the Light’, with Wega in Lyra; ‘I am Light’ and Aquila in Altair; ‘I am the still point of the spirit’, all making a trine Stargate in the heavens and earth. The Star Beings were so joyous and can come through this New Grid Point now as the crystalline tablets had been activated.
     This was why we had been stopped going to the old grid point, it was not relevant anymore (those still working in the old grids would argue this of course, the anchoring of the new grids also takes time to filter through the denser realms). We had to experience the energies of the old grid point and the resistance to the new and to change. It was not our story but the ones who hold on so strongly and with such closed hearts to the old will experience even more limitations and difficulties until they too embrace the new light codes with their open hearts.
     I knew why I had to organise this event at Wilpena Pound as if I was going ahead with it, as we needed to include the old energies and souls still trapped in that realm of duality. So that all could merge through our hearts as we loved those of the old world and did not hold anything against their anger, bitterness and aggression. It was and is part of the transition and so beautiful to behold as the New Grid Point illuminates out through all the old corrupted energy at the Pound and beyond as the divine star crystalline energies are anchored through the Earth and Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth and the heart of us. From the one heart the Starlight Tablets melt into the New Grid Matrix as we create a New Earth that we can all live in with peace and joy.
telewoie new gridpointtelewoie gorge new grid group
   As the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow flowed in spiralling vortexes through the Diamond Light Matrix. As we connected even deeper within and to the beautiful Star Beings around us, aware of the grand cycles and the Dreamtime created from the tenth universe in a time when the Light Portals were all open through the Earth. Now this is happening again. As we moved through the New Grid Point and into the Dreamtime with the Rainbow Serpent dancing through the new grid and higher dimensional Earth. As a doorway also opened for the Star Beings that had not been here before. But can now come in due the grid points now aligning into the Diamond Light Matrix and higher dimensional light, as the Rainbow Serpent is also being freed from the old paradigm energies and story. These Star Beings do not come to take us over or mean any harm to earth, humanity or any beings here. They exist in higher dimensions that we are opening up to now. As the new
Stars from the higher dimensional Solar System have anchored through the earth and the grids points are all synchronising into the higher dimensional flow. There has been a transference of energy and this is another part of that process. Whether we like it or not it’s happening and for those who go with the flow, joy and love light their way.

     After experiencing the beautiful energies for some time we walked back down the gorge and then drove to Mambray Creek picnic area at the Remarkables National Park.

   After our picnic lunch at Mambray Creek we started to climb up a very rocky and washed out track up the Black Range to connect to the Time Capsule there from the first cycle. Everyone was having a hard time getting up the track and hill. I was ahead tuning into where we needed to stop, just as well it wasn’t too far up the hill as every one was hot and exhausted after their climb.

     We sat in the shade of the thorn trees and amongst the ants and small rocks, connecting to all the beings and earth and through the Liquid Light Plasma through our central channel. As the smaller chakra points all ignited in light and we moved through the inner planes of the more unified ourselves. Opening to the new life that we created from our love and the radiance of our true essence.
     The Time Capsule holds the codes from the first cycle and also from the Pleiades, Lyra and Orion. These are codes that were placed there for this time. But first we needed to move out of the illusion and lower level astral plans. As I guided the group into any dramas they may still be caught up in and any fears of life or death, caught in the loop of the lower astral duality game, with the opportunities to move out of the illusion. From our dark lord, reptilian self and all the layers as they have expressed in our lives to now, where we can fully love and embrace in oneness the old story.
     We would all love it for everyone to be in that space, but just like in humanity generally there are those not ready. We had a verbal attack by one of the group on another who had been helping this person for some time. So with more compassion and love and acceptance we still need to be aware that not all are ready to make the great leap into unity consciousness and life in the New Earth.

     For those who were able to open to the Time Capsule with their love that they truly are, we entered into the Time Capsule and just allowed ourselves to be in its energy streams of rejuvenation. Assisting us with our inner strength and what we need at this time as we complete the grand cycle and move into the new creation. For those who were there and the reader who feels a connection, you can go into the Time Capsule whenever; to receive the beautiful rejuvenating energies.
     The Nature Spirits and Devas were waiting for the codes as the beautiful energies illuminated out into the natural world assisting the Light Template right through to the first cycle, as now all worlds and dimensions are merging. As we saw the cycles and the changes of the Earth, especially there at the most ancient of places, where there have been great volcanoes and mountains and then under the ocean so many times and up again, as now we are merging it all into the new creation.

     That night after dinner we sat outside under the stars as we needed to work with the Serpent energy that was out of balance at Wilpena Pound, it didn’t matter that we weren’t physically there. A Myth of the serpent eating the people there and then being bound and the male and female heads creating two peaks.
Now that energy needed to be unified, the male and female has been so out of balance for so long causing all sorts of problems on Earth with humanity. So I guided everyone to first of all clear the dross in their energy fields and then look at their archetypal aspects of Adam and Eve, the old illusionary program that has been so disempowering for both sexes. Once the inner Adam and Eves were loved and accepted exactly as they are so that they could transcend the old illusionary patterns. Then into the patterns of one’s mother and father, the old paradigm self, and the aspects of Goddess and God that have been out of balance. Not all Goddesses and Gods come from full unity consciousness, we have mucked around with genetics and co-creation before and it might be the reason we are here in bodies now. To repair our creation with the two strand limitations by incarnating into our creations to heal it from within as the only way to move into a healthy future.
     As the Goddess and God aspects were healed with love and acceptance the spiralling vortexes moved into the grids clockwise and anti-clockwise, open to the Goddess healed and unified, one with the Earth and creative energies. Spirals of light moving through each of us humans and into the earth grids. The God self, the stillness, one with the Source, one point. Goddess and God self, dancing free through the grids. Through the Flinders Rangers and Wilpena Pound as the old paradigm story was cleared by our love and honouring our self. Through the Dreamtime and the Rainbow Serpent at peace and all one. As we went through the grids the serpents merged into oneness as the high frequency Old Fellas stood behind each of us in the group sending energy into the grid. Mission successful, and on 3d it was getting cold so we all went off to bed.

   Sunday 20th March,we left early to drive to Melrose then up to the Monument to watch the sunrise. We were there for some time before the Sun actually came up as the sky always looks so amazing as it changes from dark with the stars, we saw Venus. As the colours on the horizon then became very vivid in blues and purples to the magenta’s and oranges as the Sun then peeked up from the horizon.

     We linked in with the Wave of Love around the planet as so many have connected since the early 90’s on the sunrise at the Equinox all around the Earth. Linking in with all those beautiful souls as the Sun rose one with the Sun in our hearts and sent that Solar Rays down into the Inner Earth Sun and out to all beings. We opened to our Earthsun Body and one with the heart of the Galaxy, through the heart of the Sun within and without, all aligned through the heart of the Earth through the centre of our cells all one.

   One of the group had an amazing flag flying, it was so symbolic of the transformation of the old paradigm energy that the Monument symbolised.

alligator gorge noon eqinox 20.3.16 13 rays

     Then for Noon we needed to be at Alligator Gorge, what a sensational gorge. We walked up one end just to look at its grandeur and the beauty of it. Then down through the narrow sides with rock ledges and beautiful patterns in the red rock until we found the energy spot we needed to be at for noon.alligator narrow2
  As we connected to the RA and our own story of the RA and if there were any imbalances we needed to heal. As the light flowed into our body and endocrine glands awakening our receptors to the New Sun codes and the Diamond Light Matrix as we became our Diamond Body of Light, through the Suns and Ra light.
     Then we completed our walk through the gorge and back up the hill and along a bush track to a lookout over the whole gorge for the exact time of the Equinox.

     We made it to the lookout about fifteen minutes before the exact time of the Equinox at 2.59pm and connected through the infinite doorway of our heart and linked with all the pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, crystalline grid, light grid, solar grid, and the diamond light matrix. Moving through the doorway of our hearts to our higher dimensional selves that we could connect with at that time and integrating it through diamond heart, multi-prismed, multi-dimensional beings that we are. As we opened to our Diamond Light Body more fully and the Iridescent Body shimmering. At the exact time of the Equinox, the time of balance of light and dark, male and female the Template of Light was anchored. Through the grids and Ra Light, through the Suns, through the great diamonds with the merged Crystal Tablets at Telwoie Gorge New Grid Point and the great crystal generator in the gorge down in the earth.
     The Template could be felt through all of us and the gorge and Earth, the great generator resonated through the grids and Telwoie Tablets and they held the beam through the New Grid Point. The template was fully anchored through the crystalline matrix and the Star Beings full anchored later at the sunset.
   The whole gorge was like an explosion of light and seams of crystalline light with dancing starlight glowed out from the gorge and New Grid Point. Around the Earth in very subtle waves as the time was not right for the whole thing to go off without the New Grid Points being anchored in more places.

     The Template of Light had anchored and so what it means for us is that we and the grids of Crystalline, Diamond Star Light are resonating in even more balance and flow through the Earth and Stars we go. As Earth Star Walkers we move between the two as the dimensions integrate within us and the worlds support our movement though the Earth and Stars as one. As the Rainbow Serpent and the celestial songs in the Dreamtime integrates through us and the portals of light once again hold strong. The Star Crystals of the Earth and Heavens now imprinted by the template into the densest cellular memory. The light codes aglow as we dance to remember.
     The whole experience was beyond words but so divine to just be in amongst it and transparent through it all. As we are the Earth Star walkers.

alligator template of light group
       Then in 3d back to our Beautiful Valley cabins to get ready for the sunset down at Point Germaine. We arrived in plenty of time before the sunset and had a picnic dinner.

    As we sat on the beach just before the Sun went down with all the Star Beings around and the Light Ships and spoke in light language, we connected to our Goddess God selves through the stars and the planets in us. As the Sun set and the sky turned magenta then dark purple as the stars came out at the time of the Timelines Merging which was 7.40pm with the Star Beings the Template completed its anchoring through the Stars and through the Earth, the Crystals and Grids. It was so beautiful to behold and so big that our conscious selves could just simply be in awe…

     Then as it got colder it was time to drive all the way back to our Beautiful Valley for the last night.

    magnetic hill group In the morning of 21st March I had suggested we all go to Magnetic Hill before we headed off. And so we all meet up at Magnetic Hill not that far away where you can turn off your car motor and your car runs uphill with the magnetic energy under the road and in the land nearby.
     It was great to lie on the earth and take it all in, integrating all that had gone on.

   I was also blessed with a gorgeous pink felt hat that Jane had knitted and felted in her spare moments along our journey. With all the blessings and love from her and all the beings, I felt so blessed to receive such a gift.

     As we said our last goodbyes and all went off in the four directions, for myself and my friend it was now off to Arkaroola for more of what we were not sure. But having been there twice before and knowing how high frequency it is we knew we would be in for a continuation of the amazing blessings still to unfold.

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