On Monday 21st March we leave the Beautiful Valley camping ground in the South Flinders Ranges after our amazing time with the group for the Template of Light anchoring through the Stars and Crystals and the new grid point. We drove to Magnetic Hill where vehicles are pulled up hill with the magnetism of the earth with the motor off. After experiencing the magnetism of the earth through our bodies my friend Tula and I said goodbye to the group and we drove for the rest of the day to Arkaroola, turning off at Colby and onto the dirt road. We constantly stopped to take photos and enjoy the awesome energies of the area, the rocks and hills, the beautiful trees and the river beds and the sunlight as it started to set through the trees and made the hills purple.
road toleigh

   We did the last stretch of the road now almost in the dark as we kept our eyes peeled for kangaroos. It was the worst time for them just before sunset as they came out to feed.
Then we finally got to the resort and into our house. Later that evening looking at the almost full moon in the heavens and the stars in the clear night feeling like we were home. The energy at Arkaroola is so high frequency and so beautiful it’s so easy to slip between the dimensions and simply Be there in the zone, home.

   The next day 22nd March at Arkaroola village we walked the track that leads to the Pinnacles and we experienced the most amazing rocks along the way.
healing and ra rock
   One, the wisdom rock of Ra, a doorway of our open heart and the oneness of being of this sacred landscape, so ancient.
     Another rock so healing as we faced it and received amazing healing energy through from the kundalini and energy field. We
returned to the healing rock on the way back to our house with more healing between head and heart.
     Then at the Ra rock channelling the Sun into the earth through the rock. We were getting our bodies and energy bodies prepared for the lunar eclipse the following night and Easter full moon a very powerful and sacred time.

     We headed off to go to Paralana Springs midmorning, but as was the case in 2012 we missed the road. We thought it was another road on the mud map from the resort and ended up on the main desert road to Moola Watana and onwards to the Strzelecki track and Innamincka. We kept driving and knew we were on the wrong road, but like last time we knew we were actually on the right road.
     The road just keep going and going and I looked on the map and saw where we needed to go, the Terrapinna waterhole that was off the road on the track to Lyndhurst near Moola Watana station. The track was bumpy, pot holed and rutted after big rains that had happened recently.
     We kept driving over the track until I could see where the waterhole was in the distance. We got as close as we could, parking in the dry river bed.

     Then we walked up the river bed until we could see the water and amazing rocks in the gorge. We were walking in the stars. We had just come into the most incredible cosmic vortex, and both of us experienced walking in the stars and cosmos as we made our way over the stony river bed, hardly noticed as our feet and bodies danced in the stars.
terrapinna gorge2
     The Terrapinna waterhole had the most incredible energy and we were in a wow space, as we climbed up a sand hill near one side of the waterhole and rocks. We had to lie down to absorb it all, and allow ourselves to be in the high frequency doorway.
     Aware of a Diamond in the gorge and waterhole that was ancient and not activated, seeming somewhat fragmented and corroded. A transformation was occurring and so amazingly bigger picture with the light grid. The diamond cleared and activated, sparkling so brightly, so much more multi-prismed than the old diamonds of before. A new calibration.
   As the Diamond sparkled out through the new grid point to Telwoie Gorge and Serpent Woman in Inner Earth, the doorway was open now for the Eclipse rays to go through the new Grid, through the Inner Earth Sun.          

     The Old Fellas and Ancient Ones were singing in the new grid through them and the Earth, this is a completely new Grid. A 6D Grid that we can hold energetically, and with the Light Template anchored through the crystals and stars we are the Earth Star Walkers and the New Grid sings the songlines again.

   We then went over to the other side of the waterhole and to its shore, we knew we were not allowed to touch the water physically. But did our attunements and sounds on the shore connecting through the Inner Earth and the Rainbow Serpent rose in the pool, dancing in the Stars and Earth, the Diamond sparkling.
   Aware that myself and Tula were weaving a beautiful Diamond Light Matrix as it shone and radiated through the star point of the waterhole and out through the whole of the Earth. The New Grid fully birthed as our Diamond Light Body was getting rearranged and rewired.
     We felt so blessed to be in the New Grid in the Diamond Light as our Diamond Light Bodies had been recalibrated as was the whole Diamond Light Matrix. We were dancing in the woven light and yet still on the earth plane physicality as well. As we walked back through the woven Diamond Light star field on the sand and rock river bed to our vehicle.

     As we drove back over the track, before we got to the dirt road, Tula asked me to stop as there was a Stargate there in the landscape. Another wow moment as we walked though it and it re-activated. I realised that it was so multi-dimensional, the Stargate unification realm of earth and stars, the way is manifest to dance in the stars and earth and that our journey would be even more magical.

     With the Diamond Light Matrix, New Grid glowing and the Stargate pumping codes into Earth with the pull of the Eclipse and the Christ Full Moon. Creating a sacred doorway of divine light to anchor the high frequency grid into the earth plane, while the support of such divine energies allowed this to take place.

     The Stargate was necessary, being in the unified matrix of the manifest and un-manifest, to keep the balance as the New Light Matrix illuminated through the landscape and grids of the Earth. Like a pumping station for fuel, the Light Grid required its pumping fuel catalyst, and so the landscape of the Serpent Wisdom and Earth Wisdom from the densest physical to the Dreamtime Star realms and beyond the beyond. Held in union through the Stargate, like a beam holding the balance in place while we still sort ourselves out on the lower realms, that are still hooked it the lower astral and duality dance. That is dissolving faster and faster in ‘No Timethere is ‘No Space’ for disruptive out of balance energies. All is transmuted in love and the New Light Grid glows through everything, uplifting the collective consciousness.

     How can there be ‘No Time’ when so many are still invested in it? Time means duality and all the out of balance plays and dramas that continue unending. Until the players wake up and realise it’s not even real and not even there. It doesn’t exist, not even a memory, like it is gone and never existed.
     The realms merge and dance in Starlight and spiralling life force of existence. New worlds to play and experience now out of the Maya and gravity of fear and separation.
     We are the Earth Star Walkers.

backtoarkaorrola rom stargate
       Driving back across the plains and dirt road and then up the road to Arkaroola still stunned at the magic and amazing experience of Terrapinna waterhole and the Stargate. We literally got back had some dinner and then off to the Pinnacles to be there for the time of the Lunar Eclipse exact at 10.17pm and the Libra Full Moon 10.31pm. Even though the eclipse would not be sighted in the sky, we were too far west of the Earth blocking Sun between the Moon, the energy was happening regardless and often felt even more strongly.

fullmooneclipse pinnacles   We reached the Pinnacle’s carpark in plenty of time and the moon was up so bright, lighting the whole valley and rock hills and pinnacles in a soft glow. We walked along the track and found our place to sit under the full rays of the moon and remembered when we had bene there for the Lunar Eclipse November 14th 2012 when we could see the eclipse. The energy was so vast there in the great vortex and the doorway was open though the landscape. The eclipse energies at the Christ Full Moon when the Councils of Light are always inundating Earth with so much divine light, and the hearts of so many open up to resurrect and love themselves created the vibrations needed for the New Light Grid to be anchored fully.
     The 6D Light Grid creates a new matrix of light that the Template anchoring is assisting through the New Grid. It is going to change many things including the air, food and water people consume and will shift and transmute lots of toxic energy.

   After sitting under the full moon for hours we finally decided to go back to our house. It was hard to leave as the beauty and energy of the vortex was so divine to bask in. But we had it within us and through our cells and I learnt many years ago ‘the power is in the moment’. Just that some moments are more memorable than others, and we can transport ourselves there at any time as there is no time or space. The Timelines are easy to travel when the energies are so in balance and high frequency, everything is in the stillness and peace within.

 bollabollana waterhole  March 24, the day before Good Friday, in the morning out the back of our house is another gorge and one we often took for granted as we went off exploring each day. So as we sat finishing our breakfast at the table outside we decided to go travel through the doorway in the rock wall of the gorge. Into a liquid light pool of crystalline water that was so wow.
     Then we got in Tula’s trusty 4wd steed and drove on the dirt track past the Pinnacles to the Bollabollana Spring waterhole. We didn’t need to stay long so walked up to it and connected, it reminded me about the water in our cells and how we are water and can influence our cells so easily, just like water can be programmed so easily.

     As I stood right at the waterhole the Rainbow Serpent appeared it was getting healing as it was not sure of the new energies, but was tired of carrying everyone in the old paradigm. I stroked it with love on the inner and it curled up purring. We often don’t realise that these sacred beings and energies need help also, they have been wounded by all the abuse and neglect, the ignorance and aggression just like we all get traumatised. As well as the connection getting weaker as most of humanity have lost their connection.

     Then we continued on the track to the Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole and more with the Rainbow Serpent. As we sat at the water’s edge there were dragon flies everywhere and at the doorway there I get taken to the New Solar System and it comes back through the vortex there as the Rainbow Serpent now dances in the new higher dimensional Solar System and is so happy.
   I walked over the rocks and down to the opposite side of the waterhole where there is a serpent rejuvenation chamber that anyone can travel into whenever, aware that the Rainbow Serpent has moved into the higher realms also, just as we are all getting a graduation.

Nooldoonooldoona waterhole

   The new paradigm kundalini is flowing through the cosmos and you all one. In the old paradigm your chakras are so important to you; to clear and rejuvenate, to heal and awaken. Once you start to resonate in the sixth dimension more easily then the chakras merge to One Chakra, One Body of Light and the kundalini flow has its outlet through your body. So you are pure kundalini like the serpent and so can integrate the Dreamtime from the lower realms to the higher and into the new paradigm.
     The Old Fellas are moving on, and the Dreamtime; into the unified matrix and operating easily for all who have fifth dimensional bodies and can access the sixth dimension. The more our hearts open the more the union occurs.

     As we go into the Galactic Centre, (see also to connect) and out into the new paradigm where the kundalini flow of the stars and the planets is you and you are the Earth Star Walker. Many of us do this but now it’s being fully integrated into a whole new paradigm, one of love and peace and being multi-dimensional. We were there to anchor the new paradigm Light Matrix and Starmap into the Dreamtime, now we are in a new way of operating.
   The beautiful energies of the Rainbow Serpent and the Dreamtime multi-prismed realms interfaced in and out through the doorway at the waterhole. The serpent place, dimensional doorway, vortex through dimensional worlds. We needed to be at the waterhole, with the water to facilitate the transference of the light codes into us all. As the codes of the water sing through our cells and everything in nature. I was aware of the Starmap of the higher dimensional stars that had been anchored in 2015 through 38 new stars and vortex points on the Earth, now they merged though the vortex and dimensions at the Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole .

      Tula and I witnessed this amazing occurrence and being in the physical we were vessels for it integrate into matter. We both interpreted it energetically in our own unique ways, but in total synchronicity with what was occurring consciously.

     Personally I have been aware of not having chakras since 2014, I used to think I or anyone couldn’t exist without chakras as they are so important. Linking our physical body with our energy bodies, receiving the cosmic energy and utilising it through our body and being. There are initiations to do with each chakra, but once we have worked through them, then for some the chakras are not necessary anymore. This is all part of the Shambala field anchoring and us becoming the Creator Goddess Gods we are, Heaven and Earth one.
   It does not mean to ignore your chakras, if you still have issues that are blocking you, then work with your chakras, as it’s very important that they are clear and spinning beautifully. To work with them I have a lot in my ‘Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing’ book, and in the ‘Light Code Activations book plus working with the Soulight chakra and higher dimensional ones. Into One Chakra, One Body of Light that has the activation with light and sound with mandalas and sound codes in the book and also the DVD ‘Light Codes that has the full activation animated with the sounds to follow.

   After this latest wow experience we drove back home to have dinner and do our washing, that’s 3d LOL Mind you we ended up having dinner most nights at the restaurant as we had mistakenly left behind the beautiful meals Tula’s mum had prepared for us.
     The moon was still amazing at night and we spent hours under the stars in the most amazing place, it just felt like home, the energies and physical landscape, stars and moon so divine.

     We didn’t leave until 11.30am as we had a weird experience of the car keys falling down in between the outer wall of the house and the kitchen wall as there was a hole in the window ledge we never saw. But Roger the mechanic at the resort got them out for us thank fully. So we didn’t stop at the ochre wall or Stubbs waterhole which is another serpent place. We wanted to get to Paralana Springs first and then stop on the way back if we had time. We drove along the really bad 4wd road, constantly changing into first gear to navigate the unbelievably rocky road. At times Tula had to get out to check if I could drive over parts of the road. It was only 31kms from the resort to the springs but the road was so bad and near the springs it went up over so many rocks that I had a hard time driving and stalled at the worst possible place. But we got there at 1.10pm highly relieved that we and the car had made it safely.

 parlanasprings  I saw the sign saying 300 meters to springs and was about to head off when Tula said there was a leak under the car. So I crawled under and tried to patch it up with masking tape, it seemed to slow it down but we both got it would be ok but to not stay long. So we went down by the springs and they were all slimy, I had been here in 1991 to make the Sirius star essence at the Christ Full Moon. I remembered going further up the valley to where there were deep pools, but we didn’t feel we had time to get up there and it wasn’t necessary. In 1991 I had slept in the old panel van there for a couple of nights and had actually got into the radon hot pools, the doorway opened. When we first arrived the water was cold, then it went so hot it was impossible to get in, then my partner at the time got in and then so did I. The doorway opened and the rocks all literally moved and aligned. They say it’s too dangerous to go into the pools but I knew I had to and could feel myself zapping in the energies, this time none of that was happening. It was a place that gave you what you needed, the doorway opened then it closed again.

     All I needed to do was stand by these rocks. I was getting downloaded with the tripe stars of Sirius essence and that was it, I was told to come back that night on a soul travel. Tula also got to come back in the night and we knew this is the last of the New Light Grid to weave for all of the Earth.

parlanasprings star essence
     Then we got straight back to the leaking 4wd and drove back over the really bad road, not even stopping to have our picnic lunch. We just knew we had to get back as fast as we could, and had some beautiful beings with us helping us get the car back without any breakdowns. We got back to the resort at 3.30pm and went straight to the mechanics shed, Roger was there to help us again but nothing was wrong with the car!!!.

     Then we walked down to the dry river bed and waterhole near where we were staying, that we had travelled into that morning. I had to sit by the waterhole and felt all the Liquid Light Plasma that was there in the higher dimensions. Tula went to the walls of rock Star constellations, not of this Solar System but from our Universe.
     The doorway there is a transducer for all the other portals and vortexes in the area, and is at the centre of the Light Grid. It pulls and harmonisers the rest and aligns them to the stars in the New Solar System, and also the Solar System of the old paradigm as the two needed to be balanced. This continued through the night while the New Stars were anchored through the grid point there in the master computer Starmap doorway. Our trip seemed to be all about the union of the old and the new paradigms.

     The Stargate that re opened on the Tuesday when we drove 130kms to Terrapinna waterhole up by Woltana homestead was now singing through the grids. Creating a new Dreamtime that has the unified Matrix Grid and the New Stars, as the union of matter and spirit, form and non-form, the manifest and un-manifest was balanced and unified through the Stargate and New Light Grid. The Terrapinna waterhole which was the most amazing energy with the New Light Grid, the Diamond was sparkling so brightly, so much more multi-prismed than the old Diamonds, a new calibration.
     The Template of Light anchoring through the Stars and Crystals that we had worked with the group in the Southern Flinders just prior to us being at Arkaroola had opened the way for all the Stargates through the Earth to start signing and resonating. As the 6D Light Matrix can flow through into the lower dimensions now the Template through the Crystalline Grid is anchored. It brings in the Liquid Light Plasma Grid into the Crystalline Grid through the new Light Matrix and new Starmap.
     The day before at the Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole the higher dimensional Starmap was anchored through the Dreamtime as the Rainbow Serpent dances through the higher dimensional Solar System.

   At Paralana Springs in the night in our soul travel we moved through the vortex and rock doorways there into the Inner Earth and stars. Flying through the air, the weaving of the Light Grid was brought into harmony from the centre of the Stargate and the mothership control centre of the Light Grid at the gorge near our house and the doorway through into the star system rock.
       The whole Starmap was recalibrated with the New Light Matrix that was woven through the Diamond web that was activated at the Earth Star walker doorway at Terrapinna waterhole and our Diamond Light Bodies were activated more fully.

     The Earth Star essences came through for me to send as transmissions to those ready.
     The Sirius Triple Star essence from Paralana Springs, 25 years after the first Sirius essence was made on Easter full moon 1991, now just after Easter full moon on 26 March 2016 after the download at the springs and rock in our short time at Paralana.
     To be the Earth Star Walker and know it at a cellular level and into the nothingness of our bodies of all that is. To move though the Earth and Stars all one, and to travel the new Light Grid. Like the old song lines but now easier to access for those of the open heart, one heart and resonating through the trine aspects of self as the Light the Source and the love. The Triple Sirian Star is the union of the starlight of the higher and lower dimensional stars, and the union through the Stargate of the manifest and un-manifest.
   I could also now make the Shimmering Iridescent Light Body essence and the Diamond Light Body essences. You can receive these yourself please see under
Earth Star Essences for full details.

     Paralana Springs held the keys and why I had to come 25 years before to make the Sirius star essence of ‘Magic Awakening of our Origins. Clarity of Understanding, and to release the resistance’. Now the light triple hit and the 6D Light weave is a joy for the world, the unified the essence of love in our hearts to be in the New Earth and be free.
     The New Light Matrix Grid is for the ascension of so many and the most wonderful space to be in.

     The next morning we noticed one of the 4wd’s tyres was completely flat. We didn’t have the special tool to get the tyre off, so now we knew why we had to get back so fast yesterday. We would have been stranded for hours if not overnight. Our dear knight in shining armour Roger fixed our tyre and also the sewage that has been leaking outside at the house. Wow the energy had shifted totally after all our so called ‘boo boos’. We laughed as we had one ‘boo boo’ after another that kept us highly amused. But each was meant to be and took us on the journey and timing that was destined to be for our mission.

     Meanwhile in our Solar System in the Sun there was a huge solar wind, a gaseous canyon opened up in the Sun's atmosphere, and it was spewing solar wind toward Earth. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory was monitoring a canyon-shaped example of a coronal hole, a place in the Sun's atmosphere where the magnetic field spreads apart and allows solar wind to escape. Every time there is a big shift the Sun sends us her love.

       Once we had the tyre fixed it was our last day and we went back out on the Paralana Springs road but just to Stubbs waterhole. In 2012 when we were there, we loved the serpent energy and so had to return. We walked past the cave and the waterhole that this time was dry, then slowly up the gorge. There was a mothership above us and a light ships in a Sirian Star Base below as the energy connected and the universal serpent, kundalini energies glowed as the Rainbow Serpent and New Light Grid were anchored again on even deeper levels. This was a turning point and the Reptilians and other dark ones can't exist in the unified light matrix.
     A new universe unfolds, the universal flow of divine star light, as we are now ready to open up to the new universal starmap.
   We stop at the amazing serpent portals along the gorge and at a serpent doorway rock. I open up to my Rainbow Serpent Light Body merging through me and grounding fully. As I stand receiving all the amazing energies I look across the gorge at the doorway opposite and merge one with the male and female serpent within, one with the great Rainbow Serpent. The rocks all resonating the 6D Light Matrix Grid, the waterhole sparkling cosmic kundalini, opening more fully to the 6D Light Body.

     The serpent kundalini, Cosmic Rainbow Serpent is within us all. Thank you dearest Cosmic Serpents and Ancient Earth Wisdom Serpents and physical snakes, I saw a little snake in the waterhole as it swam and then slithered across the sand to anchor the energies in 3D.

     We are in the new paradigm, so much is integrating within us, as we remember who we are and our multi-dimensional selves. Every being is experiencing an upgrade, including our Earth and Sun, Stars and Galaxy. The Goddesses and Gods, the ancient guardians we are. The ones who hold the beam of love and oneness, out of the world of illusion into the Suns. The serpent energy, the life force expresses our transfiguration into the Light Beings we are, fully present in our physical body, our Body of Diamond Light.

   Thank you my beautiful friend Tula who was with me on this mission and with whom it would not have been possible without. Radiant goddess from the higher realms thank you dearest for all your love and co-creating. And so much gratitude to you the reader and the group from the Flinders Ranges Light Template Anchoring and all the groups, on all the missions over so many years. Without you none of this is possible either, thank you for your love, support and radiance shining so bright, the star that you are.

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