by Soluntra King

    There is no beginning or end to this story, as it is all in NO TIME and all is ONE. On the material plane that may not appear to be so, as the great illusion of duality has played itself out for aeons. But now is the time to being all into ONENESS. To anchor the golden discs, bringing in the higher octaves and Light to generate incredible energy fields here. Opening up to the Light portals for the Light ships to land. Destruction of the old and opening up to the New energies, ready for the transmutation of matter into Light.

THIS PARTICULAR mission began when I was in Kashmir last year. I realised that Kashmir, (being such an important place on the grids, the crown chakra of Earth and Shangrila, as well as Gateway to other worlds and planes, and being the top of the Himalayas) was in need of some assistance. The Goddess energy was sealed off there, and the patriarchal energy had gone to excess, the country wascaught in the middle of two Imperialist countries wanting to own it and militants were creating destruction and havoc where they could.

    On my return to Australia I organised a Planetary Healing Day for Kashmir. Not realising at the time that the event was on a larger scale than firstguided. Not just for peace, but to open up the Goddess energy and allow for merging of God and Goddess, anchoring oneness at the crown chakra of planet Earth and clearing the sub planes, creating portals for the Ashtar Command and LightShips as well.   

     It was necessary to do this work with a core group of people, and so all was organised and we met in Dehli in early May. My first port of call in India was to Bangalore to visit Krishnanada, the first Indian Lightworker / Networker I had come across. What an amazing visit that was: he holds the beam and has created a Light Centre on the outskirts of Bangalore. The place chosen by AMARA, with a golden disc underneath, emanating an abundance of Love and Light. I was reunited with my true family. Through Krishnanada I connected more deeply than ever with the Goddess and was given a symbol by her in my heart. This symbol changed to the colours required at the time for whatever I chose to ask her help with.

You may ask to connect to her yourself and go within to receive her symbol to use for transmuting all obstacles. And for all manifestations and requirements.

      I also connected strongly to Lord Maitreya, who is here at this time to oversee and assist in the destruction of the old, ready for the birthing of the new energies and cycle. He told me there would be destruction all around us on our Journey and that we would not be aware of it, as it served no purpose. I

Also met Mahavatara who has come in with the new cycle and is responsible for the creation of the new - the Golden Age. In the first 20,000 years of this new cycle he presents as a twelve year old boy, and can be contacted by all, then as the energies become grosser again in the next 15,000 years he appears as a man, and isnot so easy to contact. Then as the cycle gets darker again in the next 10,000 years he is an old man and can only be contacted by those who need to find him. Then the age of Kali returns and he leaves the body.

     It was then on to Delhi to meet the group of ten females, counting myself, and one male. The Goddess energy was very prevalent, we all came from Australia and New Zealand, places of the new energies, so we could bring all that with us into our mission of anchoring the new. In a place of such old energy. Our first Job was to do an activation and healing In Delhi itself opening up the crystalline grids.

     We then travelled by bus to Rajasthan to Pushka. Holy Lake and Brahma Mountain and a small city of ancient white-washed buildings and bathing ghats around the lake. The lake had some sealed off dark energy within it from everyone releasing their burdens 'sins' into the lake, which we transmuted. Then from a Mothership above the lake in a beam of emerald green Light, a luminous lemon egg came down and was anchored into the lake as a beacon of Divine energy and radiant Light At sunset we walked up Braham Mountain and in a circle, prepared for the activation of a huge green tourmaline within the mountain, that had waited aeons for the opening of itsfull potential. We used Gammon Ranges ochre, sacred ash and all the elements and crystals. As it activated and its Deva came out we were engulfed in white flame, the resonance was so vibrant. Gateways were opened through the Central Sun from the higher planes, and tunnels of Light connecting us from there to Aru {Kashmir), Cusco (Peru), Badrinanth, Kedranath and many other power points. At the time of the activation the power went off in the town and a luminous Light was emanated from it, and the Earth felt so Joyful and beautiful as we climbed back down the mountain.

      The next place we were destined to go was the Ancient City of Rama, city of Light and of the ascended Masters, Just outside of Jaipur. The golden Beings spoke of how the city had gone subterranean after the last cycle to keep its clarity and Light. Now was the time of its return and raising. On the anointed day we walked to the other side of the lake, the 3D site of the city, with rice and vegetable crop fields all around.

  After connecting and attuning we went down into the city, seeing its grandeur and golden radiance, then the city was raised up into the ethereal waiting the appropriate time to materialise into matter. We then all went into the lake for a celebration swim, or rather sloshed around in the mud, which still refuses to come out of our clothes - we must need the energy of the mud.

  Then it was back to Delhi before travelling up the mountains. Months before the Journey, myself and beautiful Beings of Light did much work to make sure the energies were clear for our Journey so  that we would not experience interference. We were so blessed with all the Divine Beings. Ascended Masters, Angels, Ashtar Command. Christ, Mary, Maitreya, but the tests came from within the group itself. Except for myself and the Kashmir organisers, everyone was sick. Some from the minute of arrival until departure. India can be agreat full-on personal development course on its own...without doing the work we were doing. But because such clarity was needed everyone went through a huge cleanse, the energy being so intense at times that some collapsed in the activations. The dark forces chose one member In particular to use, and come through, who was continually trying to disrupt the group, so it was a great test in anchoring oneness, Love and acceptance, and for myself a test to constantly hold the beam no matter what was going on with the group and situations.

       We then headed for Rishkesh, the Holy City by the Ganges, full of ashrams and Holy men, temples and Sadhus. We enjoyed our meditations and attunments on the white sands of the Ganges, and the night of the Wesak Full Moon we stood to the river watching the sunset, feeling the atmosphere and Love of this place and all Beings. We tuned into the river and she spoke of the pain of all the people for aeons of time who have poured their pain and burdens into her. We did a healing for her and she became a flowing Golden Light river and she spoke to me of a blessing she would give me the next day. A few of us went rafting the next day, and what a gift the Mother River gave as we floated on our backs in life Jackets down her, what bliss and total surrender.

      For the full Moon meditation we stood within the diamond of the unseen marked with offerings of flowers, honey, candles, incense, crystals and linked with the Ascended Masters at Wesak and through the Central Sun, the New Jerusalem Cross was anchored and there were tunnels of Light to the places we had been or were going and other power points on the grids.

     We next travelled up through the beautiful foothills the mountains of the Himalayas to Kedranath. As we drove up the winding, steep road I remembered this place as it was 60,000 years ago when we had built Golden Temples there and how magnificently beautiful it was then. Everything and one in perfect harmony with each other. All of us in the bus had built the temples here when we had come down in the Light Ships, and now we were back to complete the building as the energies and consciousness had changed back then, some of us beamed back up, some left and caught to the grosser energies. In our preparation we opened up to the codings that had been asleep within us until now, and new codings were being transmitted and received to use as well as connecting to the resonance of the crystals and minerals, the foundations of the Temple. The main activation took place at 12 noon on the upper valley above the small town and Hindu Temple, between two rivers coming down from the melting snow. A giant generator came up from the Earth with such intense energy, and then everyone took a crystal and went around the valley to the place they were guided to, to anchor the Temple. Myself and another co-workers stayed at the centre as the Temple came down in a radiant beam, it sounded like it clinked into place.      

     From a small town 15 kilometres down the mountain, we had climbed up the path on ponies with hundreds of pilgrims. Some being carted in baskets on coolies backs, some on wooden chairs with four bearers, many on ponies or walking, and many old people. Kedranath is only accessible for five months of the year, being snow bound the rest, of the year. We walked back down to a hot spring to the temple that awaited us, to soak our weary muscles.

      The next morning the entire group except myself were sick, and we had to drove down one mountain and up another to Badrinanth, the place of Vishnu and such clear energy. Some of the group only saw four walls of the hotel room at their stay here, but they really cleared themselves. For those of us who were fit Badrinath has so much to offer. Neekanath Peak rises above the town, majestic and radiant with a powerful river coming from it, hot spring temple baths, and another powerful river going through the town, the energy so pristine that words cannot describe It. Up by the peak beside its river we connected to our Merkabah vehicles, and as a Light Body we activated twelve mountains in the area. Each with its own individual energy and purpose. In the centre of the mountains, a golden disc from the Higher planes was put in to place tocontinually generate the higher frequencies. The Gods of the mountains so happy and dancing, we were one with them, we were them. We then headed back to Delhi for the final and most important part of the Journey - Kashmir.

    In Srinagar, the capital town of Kashmir, we stayed on houseboats on the tranquil Nagin Lake, with views of the snow-capped mountains. The presence of Mary and the Christ who were always with us was so strong here. Venus in the night sky, the whole time we were in Kashmir was soradiant and large. She has always been connected there, but she was giving us a true sign of her presence and Love.

     A golden Eagle is guardian of the place, and the golden chalice within the lake we slept on. At twelve noon the following day we did an activation of the chalice which is a Stargate and stepped through it. We were ascending and literally felt ourselves lighting up. The Goddess was truly awakened, and the golden Eagle joined by a female golden Eagle.

     The next day we went in a bus to Phalagam and then pony trekked up into the mountains to Aru, our destination for the main day. We were not able to get up to Amranath as it was still snowed in. On arrival in Aru I attuned to the place of our major focus, on a plateau above us with mountains surrounding. With a magical stream flowing to one side, she gave gladly of her Love and stones for our work. Pan, the Devas, Fairies and Nature Spirits were full of delight at our presence and service with them.

     For a few days we stayed up the Lidder Valley, a day's pony trek further up the mountains. It was here we further anchored oneness on the New Moon within ourselves and Journeyed to Amranath on the higher planes. This is the place where an ice Shiva Lingam is in a cave and Shiva and Pravati become one on the Earth plane. The male and female golden Eagle joined in sacred union above them and a golden egg was created.

      We trekked through the most beautiful valleys, with radiant flowers of all colours and descriptions coming up in the late spring abundance. Crossing over great glaciers and feeling the power of the ice-water not daring to put a step wrong as the drop down the steep glaciers to the raging river below was not in our reality.  The stone people so magnificent they is told me they had been waiting aeons for what was about to take place - ascension for; all stones, crystals, minerals.

      On our return I met a mountain man who was carrying an Eagle's feather, I told him what good medicine it was and he gave it to me, which had special a significance for me as the golden Eagle was one of my animal totems. 

      The feather was used to cleanse our auras before entering the circle each time, at the main focus in our days of preparation and on the day. The radiant Lights that it sparked in our auras were so beautiful to behold.

     We camped in the valley and spent our days preparing, activating and clearing ourselves and the site for June 4th. The day before we built, with stones gifted to us by the stream nearby, the New Aquarian Cross over a large area of the plateau. Each portion requiring a certain number of stones.

     At day break I climbed the hills to our plateau and attuned and acknowledged and left offerings in the four directions and elements. I connected to all the beautiful Beings on this plane and all planes and greeted the Sun. The others arrived and we connected to all Beings and the Central Sun, opening the portals and Light tunnels and then connected to the four directions, and coming back into the centre. Our circle was within the doorway of oneness, we connected to the centre of the Earth and asked her what she wanted, acting as channels of Love we gave to her.

                          The stones laid out.


          30                                        30

                          9x 10 = 90   9x l0 = 90

                                                         11xl0 = 110



We then anchored the temple and moved through the doorway.                                 

To anchor this energy we then divided in to two groups: one in one circle, and one in the other. Walking nine times clockwise and nine times anticlockwise around each circle doing Mudras and chanting or speaking in starry language, anchoring oneness. By this time the light around us and through us was so vibrant to feel. The stars are beneath us in the Earth as well, all in ONE. We are the DOORWAY.

       We then sang songs of Love and oneness activated again our Beings, Chakras, DNA, atomic structures and went up to the Lightship. We were all sitting around a golden disc receiving codes and symbols. Then the disc was brought down and anchored and fully activated. The radiance from it, was incredible and it sent its energy out through the grids.

    During the entire day we felt, and were aware of, the Love and blessings from all the Lightworkers worldwide who were with us to their Loving service. To thank goes without saying. The connection we have in the ONE HEART is such a blessing and brings so much Joy and Light that the abundance and Love with us is unlimited, within us always a gift beyond compare. And the beloved ones in the higher realms, in all their radiance so necessary for our success and for what was about to unfold. The help that is there for us, so omniscient and Divine, so powerful in Love and oneness.

   The greatest test was about to come. At twelve noon our time, we aligned for main activation. The one member who was constantly trying to sabotage, was the weak link that the dark forces could get in through and they did. It took the group's total focus and connectiveness in the ONE HEART to not allow this to interfere. During and after the OM's a huge battle took place in the higher realms as these Beings were transmuted through the Central Sun. The beam was held and oneness anchored. After the OM's we touched ourown personal stone in the inner circle. and they spoke to us and said all the stones had ascended.

     We continued our connecting and holding the beam in the afternoon, sharing with Pan (Kashmir is one of his favourite places). We attuned to the new world, the creation of it, and our part, working with the Light Ships and Devas and Nature Spirits - co-creating.

      We then walked to each of the four e!ements again and connected, bringing that energy into the centre, praying that all Beings on this plane, humans, animals. birds. trees etc. be anchored in oneness. To anchor this we walked around the rectangle that framed the two entwined circles (the doorway) (insert drawing) four times in each direction.

Then as the Sun was setting, OM chanting, we connected to the egg in the centre. This egg made of calcite was given to me by Korton at Rainbow Springs, Maleny, Queensland after it had been in the circle and represented the tribe and focus at Mt Kailash, in the Uluru activation. I had used it since then in all activations and power places in Australia, Malaysia and all our activations in India. It had totally changed its frequencies becoming luminous like a living, glowing egg. The Goddess had been birthed out of it, and it had played its central part in all anchoring of the higher octaves of Light. We now touched it and blessed it for its final resting place and total activation. It was now ready to be buried. The many crystals that were given to each of us had been buried just beneath the surface of the inner circle, the day before, and some on the main day in a Mandala. We now buried the egg and experienced such Joy at its completion.

    The entire time we had been doing our work on the anchoring site we had a small audience of shepherds when they came through with their flock, and at one stage in the afternoon we were surrounded by sheep and goats.

    After we had finished our work as a group, everyone was so elated and Joyful, hardly believing that we had completed. They felt to go back down to the valley to the camp while I stayed on, as I had not yet finished all of my part. Working through Orion, where oneness has been anchored. I walked the two entwined circles once more, both of them nine times clockwise and nine times anticlockwise, anchoring oneness with Mudras, starry language, and clear intent as a vessel anchored in the ONE HEART.

   The portal of Light that was opened from the combined Loving service of us all so immense and unlimited. The ships can come through very easily, and radiant Beings can access the lower planes through this portal which is such a high frequency on the Earth plane - Earth having ascended herself.

     For the group, they had completed their mission and spent more time on the house boats at Srinagar, then were homeward bound. For myself, I next had totravel by bus, a two days' Journey across the mountains at Ladakh. The road had only just been opened and the bus passed through high wallsof snow and ice on both sides at times, through high mountain passes, green valleys and villages to Kargil, the night stop and place of such beauty. The next day I travelling through more majestic mountains, valleys and passes to Leh, capital of Ladakh, a mostly Tibetan place, with monasteries, stupas and prayer wheels everywhere.

     I had been here last year and at Stok (a small town with monasteries across the Indus River up by more mountains) to clear radiation from the environment. I know I had to do an activation each day for three days at different places in the valleys, and was very connected in this work, apart from all the radiant beings who were always connected in this service, with the last Inca King and Cusco in Peru.

      The first place was up by some stupas behind Leh, and apart from being one anchor points for the golden disc to come in, it was also for a huge portal of Light for the ships to come in. Last year when I was there last I had opened the point on the opposite side of the valley at Shanti Stupa.

       The second place was in the Indus River itself and the third at Stok, at the same place as the activation last year using the same Peacock ore stones as well as others to be left at each point. The golden disc anchored, the Light tunnels opened clearly to Cusco and other points. It was necessary to also walk, some days for 20 kilometres, past the military out posts (the Indian Army guarding the border with China) and across the disc itself in Love and oneness.

       The Journey still goes on as I write in Delhi in between. Now back to Krishananda the next destination in Bangalore to connect and bring codings and energy from the points activated. To link with the disc there and perform more work on the higher planes. Then back up to the mountains in Himacal Pradesh, Kulu Valley before coming home.

         Blessings of Love in the ONE HEART


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