The dimensional integration of our multi-d selves is happening and we need to allow for that. This Equinox I got to my beautiful beach looking up to the East Cape to the sunrise and then spent the rest of the day at home, tuning in at the times but lying in the sun. The actual time download was very intense and being grounded is good. So make sure you are really grounded for the next wave.
     I have just got a five Light Body Activation meditations with two mandalas and sounds done if you feel like being more present in your Body of Light as well as inner healing, awakening, inner self connection in the meditations and sound codes with mandalas.

For free Connecting and Earthsun Body to assist your physical and energy bodies be open and able to receive and integrate the higher octave light codes and codings coming in through the wave and the new paradigm energies.

     If you wish to read about what happened for the Solar Eclipse Virgo New Moon on Sunday 13th September with the 6D Earth anchoring more fully through the great Diamonds:




sunrise2equinox23sept15   I watched the sunrise down at the beach. Looking east up to the East Cape, as the sun rises over Mt Hikirangi. So beautiful, receiving the solar codes and giving them out to all beings and the Inner Earth Sun. Walking the beach I felt such a subtle energy stuck in me in a flash, at its recognition it swirls up my central channel and clears. As I became aware of whats happening at this equinox, I was guided to travel to Lyra, the prism we journeyed out from in part of our soul story.

There are thousands of little seed pods and ships, all there waiting to go off and seed the Earth as well as other planets. They tell me that it is time to seed the new worlds, as the old worlds are over at this Equinox. It is the closure of the end times. The end of the old paradigm patterns and that this new energy has seeded with this Equinox and will continue until February 2017 when things will really start to seed a new.

The seeding from Lyra is the third wave of seeding, the first was as we came out of the prism, the second when we could not directly seed Earth, so seeded the Pleiades and then came to Earth after it was habitable. Then the third wave now as we seed the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth.      The Earth is prepared enough now to bring in the new seeds, we are anchoring the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth through our love. We are in the New Earth with an open heart.
     Part of this anchoring is at the Shambala retreat for the December Solstice.
Once Shambala is anchored at Hicks Bay, NZ at the solstice it will exhilarate the process everywhere else on Earth, Hicks Bay is the umbilical cord and core of the New Earth and Galactic Gate.

     Shambala is linked to Lyra and that many of the beings there come direct through Lyra without incarnating on Earth. Holding a higher vibration of love and divine light so are here as guardians of Earth, and oversee the ones who incarnate in. This often happens that one will come through into the physical and the other will stay in the higher realms working to assist from there. Now many of the divine beings who have always lived in Shambala have incarnated to Earth. To assist in the anchoring of Shambala through the denser realms of the earth plane and exist in the New Earth and old Earth to show the way, that it is possible to be in the New Earth right now.


     The Equinox energies were and still are very intense and it is good to spend time just with nature, doing nothing and in the build-up for Wave X.
   The Equinox is a turning point in the time of balance, so many codes were able to come through in preparation for the eclipse and Wave X as well as for the New Earth anchoring more fully. The codes that did come through are not meant to be clear to you at this time, they are in your field to activate as things progress, it was just necessary to be still to receive them.
     They are not just related to the New Earth but are seeding the light codes through the light matrix and Goddesses God Grid and the New Earth portals for the new civilisations that are rising.
     The first new civilisations to rise are not about a landmass, or country, or culture it is through all humanity, regardless where they live, or what religion, or cultural, limitations are there. They are assisting the crystal, rainbow, indigo as well as the first, second and third wavers, starseeds, walk-ins to have even more inner light and strength to stand true to ourselves to create the shift on the ground level.

     The old system is not able to sustain itself much longer, we all see what a joke politicians and politics is, and the system that is worked on fear and control. They might argue society needs to be controlled with all the violence, abuse etc. but have not accepted that it’s about levels of consciousness and love.
       That a system of love will permeate through society to allow those who have such lack of love, and so lash out in whatever way, to start to feel included, worthy, acknowledged and respected. This is the way to bring in the new society, not more prisons, the ‘mark of the beast’ chip, the control of money and the rape of the Earth. They too will realise, but it will take longer, meanwhile this new civilisation that sprouts up all over the Earth is a wave of love and peace.

     The Equinox always brings not only a wave of peace, but a Wave of Love, and this equinox really brought our hearts home to us in a cellular level.

So start in small ways in your own life.
By one; being true to yourself.
Two; making sure you feel worthy of life and deserve to live in a place of beauty, abundance, harmony and peace.
If not go within and love and accept the part of you that is unworthy.
Three; look after the earth and animals, creatures and people as best you can with love and compassion.
You don’t have to be a Mother Theresa, but show kindness and love when needed instead of fear, judgement, anger, repulsion or denial...
Four; see the world as it truly is divine, beautiful at peace, abundant as it truly is.
In the higher dimensions it is already there, and by seeing it from your physical level you anchor it into the physical.

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