by Soluntra King


I was triggered by a man in Romania who emailed me in August 2008 about the Sphinx in Egypt being connected to a form he feels is a Sphinx in a mountain in Romania. I had my Sphinx also, a rock shaped like one at Awaawakino my favorite vortex and inter-dimensional doorway just along the coast from where I live in East Cape, New Zealand. I have done a lot of work there with it over the years and on the New Moon in Virgo 31st August 2008 I was there again. I was told on the inner. “Beloved the Sphinx is connected to your friend’s one in Romania and at Giza, Istanbul and Cairo. In South America there is one in the Amazon Jungle and one in Australia at Watarrka, Kings Canyon”.
I have since become aware the one at Castle Hill, Sun Temple, Southern Alps, New Zealand and there will be others as well that if and when we are meant to be aware of them then we will.
“The Sphinxes were all built at the same time as the one at Giza, and part of the star map that aligns the energies as the Celestial Sun made a new turn of the Solar Clock and things changed in their frequency and energy. This is happening now as you know and so the Sphinxes are all connecting and hold keys for the transition period we are now entering. On this New Moon in Virgo the Sphinxes are being connected through an ancient grid network that the Cat people left on Earth. This is not the Solar or Light Grids but a sacred geometric matrix of Light that sustains life and allows the abundance of the Light to illuminate all life, in abundance of life giving energy.
The Sphinxes are holding the Light and Solar RA Light codes that are sustaining life and the transition to the higher frequency octaves of Light within our human physical bodies”.

At Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, Central Australia in September 2008 in the valley of the Cat People, where I had made the star essences of Regulus (brightest star of Leo) in March 2000 and in 20th October 2005 Elantin the dragons head and brightest star in Draco was aligned and anchored more fully in 2008. Draco being the new doorway once we have unified through Orion, the opposite side of the heaven is Ophiuchus the serpent bearer and Draco the dragon, where we will be once we have moved through the Galactic Center.
I was told “in the valley you will be connecting to Regulus and the Cat People and the Sphinx energy. This is important as you come into polar opposite Aquarius and Leo, you will open a doorway”.
shekmetThen on 27th September with the Cat People who come from Sirius and the RA Central Suns and Bast, Shekmet and all the ancestors and guardians I was told what the Sphinxes are about.
“We put them there so we could return order and unity to the lower worlds. Energy for the Earth that was grounded through the Sphinx at the time of Leo is coming back out of the Earth now through the Sphinxes worldwide and the Cat People are wearing the light codes”.
On the inner planes there is a great Golden Solar Disc within the Sphinx. The Earth opens and sands of time fall away and the physical Sphinx falls into the gap in the Earth as the sands and Sphinx fall into the Earth. The third dimensional has gone and the Golden Solar Disc stays in the etheric. Then a great mothership comes over the Golden Solar Disc and they merge and then open up to the higher dimensional world that’s always been there, the heart is the doorway and the power of love.
This is an ongoing process and just before and at the Solstice the energies are anchoring more fully with the Golden Solar Disc and also the Inner Earth doorway and the Sphinx connection which is reawakening now as we come to the opposite side of the cycle. At the age of Leo with the Sphinx and the energy of our ancestors the Cat Tribe from Sirius is remembered and completed as we now move into the Aquarian energies opposite.



Extract from book by Soluntra King “Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source”.


The Sphinx was positioned for the Summer Solstice at the alignment to Regulus in Leo when we went into the Age of Leo, which is the opposite to the Age of Aquarius and the last time we went into the Photon Belt. It has experienced the flood at the last shift in cycle and still stands as a monument to that time and as a marker of the processional of the heavens and cycles. The Sphinx also holds many secrets in the temples within it and underneath, it has become part of the circus, as those who rule by power and control try and get what they feel are the power tools of Atlantis. They have not yet learnt the lesson, that the power is within and if they were to go within, into their hearts, come from love rather than fear then they would access all, but because they cannot they search on the outside.
This meditation is with the Soul Star Chakra, the link between the impersonal and personal divine essence, where the light body is woven from and where one goes as they pass over to view their life. The Stellar Gateway is the impersonal I Am, the divine essence, monadic of creation, as we perceive it from our consciousness. These charkas are not just up above each other but in all our Being, as we unify we become the energy that they bring in through the gateway they create from the Cosmos to us and back again, at Stellar Gateway we become the our divine essence.

Connect first: Know with your thought, intention, prayer or inner knowing that you are connected to the Source of all that is in divine love and oneness. Through the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun as Golden Light illuminates through the top of your head, neck, chest and into your heart, to the Sun in your heart, your total connection to Source, your Divine Self, Solar Self, the Sun in you, it is warm, glowing and golden. You do not need to be visual just know, through your intention energy follows, as the golden light from the Sun in your heart illuminates out through your body, through every cell of your body…down through your pelvis and out your feet and into the earth …Down into the very core of the Earth and the Sun in the Inner Earth….Be aware of connecting to it then aware as the Earth energy flows back up from the Earth in through your feet…..Up your body and into the Sun in your heart, as you connect through the Source within you to the core of the Earth….. Then the Earth energy flows up through your chest, neck, head and back to Source…You are the channel, the doorway that Source essence flows through to the Earth and back again as the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth merging through you.

Imagine you are standing in front of the Sphinx….as you stand there you are aware that you are in another time zone….. It is a new Sphinx just built and there is jungle in the distance and smaller temples surround the place, all is shining golden…… There is much activity, as the high priests and priestess are getting ready for the honouring of the Summer Solstice the next day and the grand alignment of the Sun with the Central Sun in the heavens and the new era that is dawning…..You observe the preparations then walk up the steps to enter into the temple that is right within the Sphinx itself……
You move in as if invisible….. it is quiet inside with the gentle aroma of flowers and incense that flows through the air…..There is no one here now as it is in readiness for the celebrations that start at midnight and go through to dawn, noon and sunset the following day. ……
You go into the inner sanctum and stand there in amongst the clear walls… the temple it is empty of all artifice and is holding the vast energy of concordance with the geometrical alignments and the positioning of the walls and the shapes of the stone within the temple that hum at the frequencies of the Greater Central Sun…. connected to the I Am, divine essence of those who enter…..The more connected, the more access is given into the inner planes and awareness of the cyclic shift and the universal codes of light that travel through this temple and Sphinx and harmonise at the level of the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun……..
You sit and connect deeper and deeper… align to the source within you……deeper and deeper you go, deep within….into the silence, the stillness……………
You are brought back into your awareness at Midnight with the sound of the great gong outside the temple…… the walls vibrate and the doorway opens to the heavens……. you are in the cosmos and aware of Regulus and the other stars…… are aware of the energy as it illuminates through you…through the Sphinx…. the Earth there and out through the grid…..around the Earth then through the Earth to the Sun in the Inner Earth….the doorway is fully open……….
The Sun rises and is greeted…….. You bring it into your heart and feel it there………….you send the Suns rays into the earth to the Sun in the Inner Earth….then out to all humankind and sentinel beings….. then back into the time you will reconnect with this energy in the next shift in cycle….
You see yourself as you are now back at the Sphinx as it has lain ruined for so long neglected and forgotten until now… has a message for you to remember………….
You are aware you are still in the new temple of the Sphinx and now it is Noon….. the gong sounds again and the Sun is high in the sky…….the pathway through the Sun has opened you move into the Sun……what do you see, feel and know?…………
You are deep within the Sun, the Sun is within you… and the Sun are one…………..
The Sun sets and the molten red ball goes down on the horizon only to greet those on the other side of the world…… Sun set, Sun rise the continual flow of life giving essence that gives life…….You are aware of the life flow through you, you surrender to the eternal flow… are one with it, you are the essence of the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun………………
Midnight and the gong sounds again the cycle is complete…. you are through the doorway…. you have birthed the new, through your heart you are now complete….you are ready for the new day, the dawn and the New Earth awakens, you are co-creator of the New Earth, the cycle is complete, the Golden Age is here….what does this mean for you?………
When you are ready allow yourself to be aware of your body as it is alive, radiant and on the Earth…..of the earth…. and of the sky…. one…..You are your body of light fully present….you feel the earth, the earth is so centred, connecting you… feel the sky, it is so light and it is connecting you……the two flow within in you and merge……..
You feel your body and you are aware of being present in it…it is alive and radiant…unified and light…you are aware of being in your feet...toes…toe nails….ankles…lower legs….knees…..thighs…hips….up your spine…. body…. .chest…shoulders…. arms…wrists…hands…fingers....finger nails……up your neck, jaw….mouth….nose, eyes, ears, forehead… brain …skull….hair…You are fully in your body….fully present in your body, your Body of Light…..In your own time when you are ready slowly open your eyes being aware of yourself fully present in your body.


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