by Soluntra King

    At each Solstice, Equinox and Eclipse be aware and open to the Golden Rays as they penetrate through the Maya and are grounded in the third density arena. They permeate through the dense level of fear and anxiety that has been in the lower planes. This creates a transformation of humanity that is on greater divine levels of Love and Peace than has been previously experienced on third density transiting fifth. Each cycle is radiating at higher octaves of Light as we return to the Sun, our Solar Self, back into wholeness. The Councils of Light and Golden Beings of the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun use these doorways to anchor the higher octaves of Solar Light and Creator Codings for the shift in cycle and raising of consciousness.  

     The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is on either the 21st, 22nd or 23rd of December when the Sun goes into Capricorn, in the Northern Hemisphere the Summer Solstice is in June as the Sun goes into Cancer. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun. 
     The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Northward in the Southern Hemisphere, and Southward in Northern Hemisphere after having reached its furthermost southern declination in the Southern Hemisphere, northern declination in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun goes into Cancer, on either the 21st, 22nd or 23rd of June, in the Southern Hemisphere, in the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is when the Sun goes into Capricorn. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle, the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given too us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. 
    The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we ourselves step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self. 

     At the Winter Solstice on 20th, 21st June '98 a great shift happened with the Council's of Light were all in the centre of the Earth, as they illuminated us from within the Earth and within us, the Earth is ascending to become a Sun. The Sun, Moon and Earth aligned and we shifted frequency, some of you may remember it became freezing cold after that. Then following through July, issues of death in the family, with friends, or acquaintances, and the death of old ways of being have been paramount. We have shifted into a new paradigm and each Winter Solstice is an experience of such Grace from Source that illuminates Love in our world if we choose to be open to receive. In 1999's Winter Solstice on 22nd June our South Pole was directed towards the Galactic Centre. To align with the Galactic plane of the Sun, initiating our planet into a state of Cosmic Consciousness, see COSMIC EVENTS  for info on the Dimensional Shift at the June Solstice 2001 and what was created with it. The great Star Sirius, the blue-white diamond sheds its rays on the Earth every Solstice. 

This is when the Light and Dark are equal in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, and equal Light and Dark in the day. The energies are unified, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter merge. This is when the Sun goes into Aries 21st March or a day or so after, depending on the year. Then again 21st, 22nd or 23rd September when the Sun goes into Libra. This energy is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity, and the opening of the Solar Self. Remembering the Sun is not masculine or feminine but unified energy from Source, the Moon reflects the Solar Rays and illuminates us at night, notice how Golden the Moon is now days, and bright. 
     In the Mayan and many Sun cultures the Sun is greeted at sunrise as we open our hearts to our Solar Self, the Sun within us, as we honour the Divine Creator, Infinite Spirit and the interconnectedness of all. Where our peace within is merged through the earth in harmony for all Beings, as the heavens are in balance with us at this time. 
     The Equinoxes since 1996 have been very powerful, in September '96 was the planetary Love meditation that created a great shift. The Autumn Equinoxes have heralded great cosmic events. In '96 a great comet messenger, the '97 was Equinox was with Hale Bopp with the Blue Star or mass of Divine Light Beings coming with it for the final integration and re-unification. Then in 1998 at the March Equinox the Kundalini awakening for humanity. The Serpent in the heavens was aligned at the tail, or base chakra to the Moon, at the sacral, Venus, at the Solar Plexus, Jupiter, at the Heart the Sun, at the throat was Mars, and at the third eye was Mercury and Saturn. The head of the Serpent or the crown was moving into the Central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiadian System. This powerful alignment aligns the Sun in our hearts with the Central Sun. The great Star Alcyone, our Central Sun every Equinox sheds its Golden rays on the Earth. See COSMIC EVENTS  for Equinoxes of 2001 that were very dynamic for the shift into the new paradigm. 


     Eclipses are deeply connected to the evolution of consciousness. As astronomical events their appearance has always been an essential time for initiates and for awakened humanities work with the Councils of Light, Celestial Beings and God Creator. Eclipses herald and initiate transformation into the Higher Light Octaves and reunite light and dark, while creating a shadow - a cone of power- that can heal as well as destroy. 

     An Solar Eclipse of the Sun only occurs when the Moon is New, and when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. This occurs because of the variations in the Moons orbit and its shadow is sometimes longer and its distance from the Earth shorter, this is when we have an eclipse. There are on average two total eclipses of the Sun every three years. These are important openings or doorways as the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned. The Golden Solar Beings use these times to infuse heightened Solar vibrations to the Earth. 
    In the October 24th 1995 Solar Eclipse the Golden Solar Discs became activated and infused with heighten energies. The choice was made by the Councils of Light that this would continue, knowing that some may not be able to cope with the darkness illuminated from within, as the Solar Rays lighten all to be seen. But the alternative would of been the destruction by conflict, and separation would have still dragged on, long after it was appropriate for the Earth and those who choose to evolve with her. 
    In August 1999 the Solar Eclipse, which was the first full Solar Eclipse in many years and the last for this millennium on 11th August 1999 was also right at the time of a Great Solar Cross in the Heavens. This created the most incredible doorway to open for humanity to surrender to their divine presence and shift from duality and illusion into the love and peace and the higher dimensions of Earth and themself. The catalyst was created by the Sun and Moon in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius, in one line of the cross. The other is Mars in Scorpio, opposite Saturn in Taurus. This was predicted in the Bible as the "Four Beast of the Apocalypse"; the Lion, the Man, the Eagle and the Bull/Ox, each point of the Cross is one of the elements. This was prophesied as the crucifixion of Earth, between the Four Elements and Four Beasts, an ancient mystic rite nearing fulfilment. The Eclipse with the Cross represented a mass spiritual awakening, the Cross represents the return of the Christed mind - Cosmic Consciousness, "the Point of the Avatar". A major cataclysmic event that transforms values as sources of stability are able to fall and break apart, overthrow of old political structures with a rebirth after the nine months gestation at the May 5th 2000 Grand Alignment in Taurus. An opportunity to Be from our peace within to assist the shift in an easy, gentle, loving way, transcending out of the old destruction and into the new creation. The Sun and the Moon in Leo represented God/Goddess and inner and outer shifts in God Consciousness. We were given the opportunity to move fully out of the old paradigm of duality and fear and into the real paradigm of Love, as a collective consciousness on a planetary, galactic and universal union. 
     The two Solar Eclipses in July 2000 opened the way for the unification process with the Lunar Eclipse in between as the underworld merged and was liberated, the codings held in the Inner Earth were able to be awakened for the shift in consciousness of all beings that had been held in sacred honour and hidden for so long.

     On the Full Moon we have a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are opposite with the Earth in between. Lunar Eclipses are working more on the emotions, inner and hidden aspects, whereas a Solar Eclipses affects the inner transformation as well as outer manifestation, channelled either for destruction or creation, the choice is ours. There was a Lunar Eclipse on the 28th July '99 prior to the Solar Eclipse 11th August '99 that also was with a Cross. The Sun in Leo opposite the Moon in Aquarius, then the other opposite points being Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Again these are the Four Beast's, The Sun in Leo - Lion, the Moon in Aquarius - Man, Mars in Scorpio - the Eagle, and Jupiter in Taurus - the Bull or Ox. These four joined to create a heavenly Sphinx and the Earth's shadow that day concealed the Moon within a Celestial Pyramid. This was preparing the kundalini and light body for the Solar Eclipse to illuminate humanity on a soul level as it filters through the planes to completely integrate on Earth.    


Either physically go outside and greet the Sun and bring it into your Heart, or anytime just with your imagination and intent, visually see or inwardly know that the Sun is within your Heart Chakra. A beautiful Golden Ball of Light, warm and glowing, its rays move out into every cell of your physical body. Every cell is alive and radiant, it radiates Golden Light out through your etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as you become One Body of Light.....You move through the Central Sun.....becoming your Solar Self, unified and whole. You will have already been preparing for this time, consciously or unconsciously. On the Lunar and Solar Eclipse honour the energies in meditation, attunement, toning, music, dance etc with friends and in groups. Linking with the Earth, Moon and Sun, the Second Sun through your Heart, and the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun to Source. Be at Peace with yourself, the Earth and others, see and Know the Divine in all that is.



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