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 chakrachart    The Chakras are gateways that link us from the densest aspects of our body, to the most subtle, and to the Source and all creation. When they are functioning to their potential, spinning balls of light/life force, then our physical body and all our bodies are clear radiant and light. As we unify; the chakras open up the pathways of Light of our true presence, while they are blocked we experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony.     

      The Chakras are energy centres within our Etheric Body, that link all our bodies and it is crucial that they are operating clearly and freely if we are to experience full well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There are the seven major chakras that we have been aware of and worked with, but now as we open up to our multi-dimensional self and connect to our divine essence within, moving into the fifth dimension we are now opening up to the higher light octaves of ourself through all our chakras and our light body. There are higher frequency chakras in our subtle bodies that are multi-dimensional and we are now awakening to them as we become our body of Light.

     The word ‘Chakra’ is Sanskrit for spinning wheel and they are energy centres that spiral clockwise and anti-clockwise, being closed or open, depending on our experiences or state of being. They resonate at different vibrations and have colours and sounds that correspond to them. The chakras are situated in the Etheric Body and the etheric receives, assimilates and transmits energy into the chakras, which are distributing agencies, providing dynamic force and energy to us. The etheric is an energy field that permeates every cell and atom of our physical body and extends out about twelve centimetres from the body, creating the health aura. It connects the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

      The incoming primary energy or cosmic energy enters the chakra, the distributing agency and becomes outgoing secondary energy as it goes to the Nadis, which are the etheric nervous system and carry the life force energy. Then from the Nadis the cosmic energy flows through into the Nervous System and then the energy starts to circulate and flow into the Endocrine System. The cosmic energy then concentrates as it flows into the Blood and completes its assimilation of cosmic energy into physical energy. The charkas also move the physical energy out into the cosmos through the reverse of this process, so they connect spirit with matter and matter with spirit, the final integration as a spiritual being in a physical body, where we can be in the world but not of it and complete our mission of the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth.


     The seven main chakras in the body and are connected to the seven cerebrospinal centres, these are the brain centre called in the Vedas the ‘thousand petalled lotus of light’ and the six spinal centres. They correspond in the brain to the medulla oblongata which is the connector to the brain and the six main nerve centres, or plexuses, along the spinal cord which feeds nerves to the various parts of the body: These are the Cavernous Plexus at the Third Eye, at the Throat is the Laryngeal Plexus, at the Heart is the Cardiac Plexus and then the Solar Plexus, beneath the diaphragm. The Sacral Chakra is at the Prostatic Plexus and at the Base Chakra is the Coccygeal Plexus.

      These plexus also correspond to the endocrine glands; at the Crown is the Pituitary Gland and with the Hypothalamus is the master gland. The Third Eye is the Pineal, which receives light, the Throat the Thyroid and Para-thyroids, the Heart and Thymus Chakras have the Thymus Gland. The Solar Plexus is the Pancreas, the Sacral is the Ovaries or Testes, and the Base Chakra is the Adrenals.

      The Endocrine and Central Nervous Systems are the two systems that are constantly creating a balance within the body. An example of the Endocrine System is; if we eat some food that has sugar in it, the Pancreas puts out Insulin to take out that sugar from the blood, and distributes it to where it can be used in the body. An example of the Central Nervous System is; you may accidentally put your fingers on a hot element, the nerves pick up a message of pain that is then sent to the brain that tells you to lift your fingers off the element.

     The charkas that correspond and relate to the endocrine glands and nervous system are very important as they integrate the energies of not only the physical body, but all the bodies. That is the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual, as all are totally inter-connected. The chakras need to be kept balanced and the energy flowing so that you may function to your full potential on all levels of your being. The chakras that are not in the physical body link you to the subtler energies, your higher light octaves. Your inter-connectiveness with the Earth and Star, your higher vibrational frequencies as you expand to encompass all of your true self and become your Light Body.

       The Chakras relate what is happening to you on all levels, for example if you are eating a lot of food that is in disharmony with your body's needs, this affects the Solar Plexus Chakra, which relates to the digestive system. You could become emotionally depressed or angry, have difficulty thinking clearly and so be blocking your spiritual or higher self from operating, as this chakra also relates to you being in your personal power, therefore the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked. Or you may have an emotional problem that creates the physical imbalance and the need to eat the wrong food, so blocking this chakra on all levels. By balancing your chakras you assist in the healing and balancing of all your bodies. If you also empower yourself to be aware of diet, thoughts, words spoken and maintain emotional balance, coming from acceptance and an open heart, then you will create your vehicle to be clear and radiant on all levels of your Being.

      The Chakra centres help you to go within, to your divinity and the Source of Light/Life that flows eternal, as you connect to the Soul, your I Am presence. They help you to balance the energy with the outer world so that you can be in it, but not attached to it. “Being” a spiritual being in a physical body, you balance the flow of energy out into the world, and around the temple of the Divine within, your Body of Light. The energy is able to flow in and out, in a balanced way and you can be in the world of form and the world of non-form, no separation, you become unified and one consciousness. In practice this involves balancing the flow of perception at these main nerve centres, the chakras are the gateways through which you move out into identification with the world, or withdraw into the stillness within and can integrate both, as the energy in the chakra spirals clockwise into matter and anti-clockwise into spirit, creating the marriage of Heaven and Earth. In your own life you do this by loving and accepting all, seeing the Divine in everyone and everything.

       The Chakras are the gateways to Source within and without, and to your Body of Light formed around these glowing Light centres, your body is your Body of Light. Your chakras spin and dance to the sounds and light of the Cosmos and activate and awaken your Light Body as they are interlinked. With the octaves of Light able to be you, as you clear the chakras you are rewarded with the integration of your own Body of Light.

       There are the seven main chakras, those that relate to the cerebrospinal centres, central nervous system and endocrine glands in the physical body as already described. You also have other chakras within your body for example the Hands and Feet, in actual fact you have a lot of chakras; some say 199, I personally have not read anywhere how many but when I asked on the inner I got 235! The word ‘Chakra’ means spinning ball, which is a vortex of spiralling energy, moving clockwise and anti-clockwise as a distributing agency of energy from spirit to matter, and matter to spirit. All the acupressure and acupuncture points are chakras, as they are vortexes or energy distribution points, so you actually have a great number of chakra points in your physical body and your energy bodies that connect you to higher octaves of light. The Earth also has chakra points that we call portals, vortexes, Dragon Liars or Serpent tunnels that are inter-dimensional doorways all serving the same purpose as our own personal ones, connected, the inner and outer, macro and microcosms, one.

     Your chakras without the body are in the Etheric body as well as your other bodies that make up your full energy field in more subtle vibrations. As you expand your consciousness you open up to the higher vibrational chakras that are in your Spiritual Bodies and Earth, opening up to your multi-dimensional self and connecting to your Divine essence within. Moving into the fifth dimension you are now opening up to the higher octaves of yourself through all your chakras and your Light Body. The higher octave chakras are situated in the subtle bodies of your expanded multi-dimensional self, this part of yourself is now becoming conscious and integrated with the physical body. As you merge all your fragments and embrace in love all your fears, you become a clear vessel and resonate at higher octaves of Light.
       As we accelerate the awakening of our true essence and activate it within our cellular memory and bodies we have required new chakras, or higher frequency ones to assist us. In the 1980’s the Earth Star, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras were made conscious and necessary for our growth, and awakening our connection with the Earth and our Inner Self/Higher Self/I am more fully, and that we have a Light Body and its activating within us. In the early 1990’s the Thymus Chakra was gifted to us, to assist with all the higher light octaves that were/are opening up within us due to the alignment with the Photon Belt, Galactic Centre and Central Sun. It assisted/s us to integrate the higher energies and not be overwhelmed by the shifts and changes in our body, life and world.
      In 1995 I was shown the Link and Frontal Chakras, Universal Gateway and Cosmic Gateway, all relevant for where we were/are at, opening the gateways for us to integrate our multi-dimensional self, galactic mind and our oneness with the Universe and Cosmos, worlds within worlds and the Void. In 2006 I was made aware of another new chakra; the Soulight Chakra that connects us to the Inner Earth Sun as we unify, the Inner Earth and outer become one as we embrace the higher dimensions of the Earth, ourself and all creation. This chakra when flowing with the Heart Chakra creates the Earthsun Body that unifies all our energy bodies with the Earth, opening us up more fully, and through the Present Light Body, to be fully present.

     Next are listed the main chakras in the central channel, previously you may have worked with the traditional seven, the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. But now we are opening up to the higher octaves of Light that we are, and the chakras are the gateways to these higher vibrational aspects of self. The Sound that is associated with each can be toned to assist to clear that particular chakra and open it to its full potential. Clear chakras hold the Divine Light that streams through your body and the Cosmos.


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