by Soluntra King
We are all becoming aware of our multi-dimensional selves as we journey from Source into creation, and back again through multiple prisms of light, the holograms of our love. Please see Handbook of Ra for full details. We become aware that as above as below and that we are a STAR, not the Hollywood variety but far more radiant, we do not need face lifts or strenuous workouts or diets. We we are the Star we truly and we glow from our beauty within, all our energy field is glowing, clear and radiant, we become our Body of Light, fully present in our body, and there by all the universe is us, within and without are ONE.





There are two types of Stargates; the ones in the Heavens, and the ones in the Earth as well as Galactic Gates.


You came through a particular stargate when you came down into the physical plane and birthed into a human body. The stargate you chose to come through holds the codings that resonate with you and your gifts that you have to share on Earth. The Stargate you came through is an expression of the gift you are, and the loving service you share.

You can go on a meditation into your heart and take yourself into the Stargate you came from and get a sense of how it felt. Then come back through it aware of the light codes you brought with you and your gifts.

When you were physically birthed there would have been a vortex nearby the physical location on Earth that you were actually birthed at. As you were physically birthed out into the world the vortex would have brought into the physical the energies you came with in; your higher energy bodies and light body, through the Stargate and Earth vortex, merged with you as you were birthed out into the world.  
You can be open to this in meditation and then aware of your higher aspects merging with you the little baby birthed, aware of your first breath in being a full breathe. (If not love and accept taking in only a small breathe until it changes and you take in a full breath of life as your first breath.)
Then aware of your physical body and higher self bodies merged with you as you start to open your eyes, move, talk, walk and grow until you are where you are right now. All merged one with your higher self and light body right here right now.

The openings that happen in the heavens when humanities consciousness is able to be open to receive the light codes from either one star, a constellation, or an even bigger doorway between different Star Systems and even planets. The starlight is anchored into the physical through those who are aware and it’s part of their mission. If so one gets placed at appropriate vortexes, sacred sites, grid points or dimensional doorways around the Earth to anchor this energy. The star light then goes into the grids and radiates out for those who are ready to open to those higher frequencies vibrations of love and awaken their consciousness more fully.
This type of Stargate is a doorway that opens in the Solar System, Galaxy or beyond that brings in a higher frequency to the earth plane at a specific time to assist in the raising of consciousness for humanity. The timing is when humanity is ready to move through the doorway into a higher frequency of their divinity. Stargates are opened when their particular energies are relevant for another shift in consciousness.
For those who are conscious of the Stargate and work with it, it is been anchored and grounded for all humanity and into the earth plane by your intent and connection to its opening. This allows the energy to be here literally for all humanity in the collective consciousness as well as in the body and earth. By being conscious the energies are opened up for all who choose to receive the gifts of the particular stargate doorway and its frequencies, but it also holds the doorway open for all beings and means that a shift in consciousness has actually occurred for all beings regardless of how long it takes to completely anchor in each individual. It means as a collective we are ready to receive this energy that the Councils of Light and Stellar, Golden, Light Beings of your divine aspects of self have now assisted you to access into the denser aspect of you. It means you are moving beyond the illusion of density and into the stellar realms of your true self, the holograms of your love are can fully illuminate on the earth plane, heaven and earth are One.

Please see COSMIC EVENTS previous years for Stargate openings since November 2001 that have assisted us to be the STAR THAT WE ARE as we awaken and remember our divine essence through all worlds and dimensions.

An example of a recent stargate opening is:
I had a group at Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville Queensland Australia for this great event. We physically needed to be at a certain vortex on the island and as the energies anchored in it were assisted by many beings on other dimensions and out in the ocean as well. The energies were beautiful as they came in and we all felt them very powerfully.
Castor and Pollux are the twin stars and brightest stars in Gemini. In Greek Mythology their mother was Leda, but Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta, and Pollux the divine son of Zeus. They are sometimes said to have been born from an egg, along with their twin sisters Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra. When Castor was killed, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini.
So the stargate of Physical Immortality, humanity in a collective is now able to be open to the fact that they are Light. Physical Immortality is simply being who we truly are and what we truly are - Light. We are now ready to integrate the higher light octaves and open our cells to our divinity. It is possible now for everyone if they choose to be the light that they are, and all the joys that unfold as we have shifted out of the old duality dramas and negative beliefs of death and decay. We can get off the loop and into completion; the reason we came into a body in the first place. As we have experienced all forms of density and with love, acceptance and surrender we illuminate ourselves and ascend, creating heaven on earth as we do.

At any time since August 5th 2013 you can put yourself in your sacred space and connect to Gemini and the twins and allow the light rays to illuminate you. If you are serious about being Physically Immortal then there is a lot of inner work in my book Light Code Activations.

You can still experience this energy now just as we did on Magnetic Island on the 5th August.
Connect first.
The twin stars are dancing down and around you in spirals of joy and delight, their energy makes you feel joyful and uplifted………….
They show you that you are transparent, ageless and that your body is transparent and one with the rocks, trees, earth, universe, stars and the nothingness and everything….that you are the doorway, the stargate, an eternal Being right through your physical Being…and into the earth……
The Earth lets out a sigh as she can breathe fully again.
The Stargate opening and anchoring through you and into the earth and grids has created a great release from you and the Earth herself, shifting the collective consciousness more fully out of destruction, violence, death and decay…..The Earth sings as Castor and Pollux dance through her as well…….
She speaks of her joy at being a Star again….as you allow the twins Castor and Pollux to now dance up from the earth…. and through your central channel…. and back out your higher chakras and to the heavens as they return…..Having opened the doorway they twinkle and shine in joy…..
You then become aware of the Diamond in you and the diamond light matrix through all of the earth, ethers, heavens and universe….all one in the shining Diamond Light Matrix of unlimited prisms of light…..We are open more fully to the shining joy the flows form our heart in facets of diamond light, unlimited prisms of light……..


Then there are the Earth Stargates. The ones that had been functioning in other cycles where we were, still are operating at a more unified matrix of light and higher consciousness and so more inter galactic travel and time shifts occurred.
You might have seen these in science fiction movies and there is usually a fight over them by light and dark and heroes that go through them on adventures.
Will they are not quiet like that, but there has been fighting over the ones from the old paradigm and still is, for example the biggest is centred through Palestine and the take over of it and battling that never seems to end. This is as it should be it, diverts attention from the ones that have been waiting until now for at least some of humanity to be mature about them and not be gun ho, power tripping or disrespect the energies.

It’s not about racing through it to an adventure either. We can all travel multi-dimensionally anyway, most in our Light Body on soul journeys and some physically when required in divine will. The Stargates of the battles are still playing out the old power tripper games locked in for cycles, they are offered release from that old paradigm game and frozen looped lower astral energies often by the Light Beings in the Councils of Light and Light Ships, just depends when they want to let go.
Meanwhile the Earth Stargates that are being activated now are coming back into use are from love and allowing and in the universal flow. There is not a taking or giving of anything, all is in the eternal now, stillness and peace that flows from within our hearts when we have connected fully into the source within, the wisdom and acceptance, surrender and allowing of the divine to flow through. Then what is meant to occur will in divine will and plan, without ego control games and power trips, that energy will burn up in such high frequencies of love and divine light that these Stargates hold.
So if you are ever called to one, and it will be a calling then you will allow what ever is to take place without ego, expectations and controlling. They cannot operate in these lower astral energies. The lower astral plane is now dissolving and the vibration of love permeating all beings on Earth more fully than ever before.


A Galactic Gate is vaster than a stargate and encompasses new seedings of not only the New Earth , New Suns, New Solar System but since the shift stars not from this Milky Way have interchanged with the Milky Way, our galaxy. When the great shift happened December 21st 2012 everything could be likened to ‘moving inside out’, and now there are new galaxies interfacing with ours.
This is a positive thing as it brings in new energies that are vibrating in higher octaves of light that we are able to hold since we are more in the unified field and unity consciousness, oneness with all life.
So as above as below we are merging with the vastness of all that is and the stars are telling us as well.

Please see



A star alignment is when the star or star constellation in question is aligned back into the earth plane in harmony with us. The Ancients knew the importance of the Star Alignments; as above, so below,
and star-mapped the Earth by building conduits to anchor the energy with pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples and obliques that held and aligned the particular stellar energies with the Central Sun in the core of the Earth, the Earth, and Heavens as harmony and abundance reigned. When we choose to go deeper into density and with the end of the last Golden Age and the Earth shifted then the star alignments also went out of synch. The stars have also moved since that time and so now with the return of the Golden Age, the star alignments are now happening again, anchoring that energy onto the earth plane and core of the Earth.
The earth’s axis is shifting all the time and the stars are now aligning into new grid points and vortexes that will support the new Earth. So when one happens you maybe guided to a place that is not know as a vortex point, or it maybe a small one now becoming more active and taking on a new role as the earth awakens into her star self as we do.

An example of a recent Star Alignment.
KAUS BOREALIS (Lambda Sagittarii) occupies a key position within the constellation Sagittarius and makes the northern tip of the Archer's bow and is near the Galactic Centre. According to Arab astronomers' from ancient times it was said to have been associated with the great Goddess Ishtar.
The Star Alignment of Kaus Borealis is bringing in the Goddess essence with focus and intent to assist in the shift in consciousness and out of the old paradigm male patriarchal dominant focus on war to make the Earth rulers rich and control humanity through fear and enslavement. As the Goddess awakens within us all, and the loving, peaceful, nurturing energy comes into balance, the old war mongering aggression and need for control, greed and destruction of the natural world diminishes. We return to abundance for all, peace and the replenishment of the Earth to sustain us all in a loving way. The Goddess speaks through this Star Alignment of the end of the dark times and the renewal of the life force energy within humanity and all creatures and our Earth.
The Star Alignment of Kaus Borealis anchors into the earth plane and heralds a time of changes in the old ways and the return of the Age of Light.
If you feel in tune with this Star Alignment then take yourself to a place in nature that uplifts you and be open to the beam coming through on this day. Allowing the essence of the star to illuminate and heal you. You might wish to be aware of any aspects in you that are still holding on to the old paradigm and any holograms you created to experience the war mongering control dramas that have ruled this planet for so long. To love and accept those aspects within you and to open to the love that you are and the Goddess energy that creates abundance and joy in your life.
This takes us into the One Heart and New Earth.

In the last Golden Cycle we were in harmony with the Earth and all Beings, the Solar System and from our God I am in Divine Will. At the Portals where the grids meet, that is the Crystalline Grid/Leylines/Dragon Lines with the Dragon Liar and the Serpent Life force energy spirals from Heaven and Earth, inter-dimensional doorways, connecting to the Light Grids and Solar Grids. These portals held the beam and were in alignment with different Stars and Star Systems and the Milky Way, the Solar Kundalini was united with the Earth Kundalini the life-force flow and all was in balance. The Golden Solar Discs were also placed at certain portals to align directly with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. The portals and star alignments were also assisted with the creation by sacred geometric positioning of stone circles, pyramids, standing stones, crystals and discs to maintain the balance and unity with our Solar System and beyond. 

When Lemuria or MU went down the last time in the Pacific we felt we had failed as it happened literally without warning. We were tuned in and in harmony and could not understand how this could happen. But this was part of the cycle and experience of merging Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. We had been Etheric and now we were moving into matter through our fear and judgement, as we needed to become separate.
To unify energy you have to know it, you can only do that through experience, so we started our experience. As the cycle went on we separated further and further and became denser and full of fear. As this was happening the Stars came out of alignment also, we had fallen into slumber and chaos replaced harmony. 

Now we are returning to harmony as we awaken our own Star within, we align back with the Earth and Stars, as we are the Sun and one with all Suns. Opening up to the next Golden Cycle the Star Systems and Stars are now being brought back into balance with the portals, Earth and humanity. This is why some Walk-ins and Starseeds are working with this and why you are drawn to this as well, as it is part of your journey and awakening. Of course we do not do anything, but Be and Allow, we are the anchor and the merger of the energies through our vehicle, in matter and light. 
This happens as we align in Divine Will and surrender and allow our Solar rays to illuminate ourself from within and to hold the energy for the unification of duality as we are guided from within our Heart. There are portals where major alignments have happened or are happening: At the Nasca Lines in Peru all the figures on the Earth were aligned back with their Stars as the doorway opened for many Light Beings to ascend from within the Earth and unite with their Star homes once more. The Spider is Orion, the Condor - Antares, the Astronaut - Arcturus, the Monkey - Sirius, the Humming Bird the Southern Cross. At different sites from ancient Mu many of these Stars and Central Suns have been aligned once more. Some of the major stars are Alderban, which is a Central Sun, as is Arcturus and Antares, Pegasus, and the Andromedan Galaxy is merging with ours. It is the doorway of Divine Will and is now uniting to assist us to unify, as we were once unified before. The Ancients return from all cycles, civilizations and worlds as we all merge to move through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun.


In the Cosmic Events you will see many Star Alignments that have opened over the years.
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We all come from the Source, the One, the White Hole, Prime Creator, God/Goddess and have a Soul Journey unique to our story and learning, as we are part of the beautiful mandala and each have our part to play. We all have certain lineages that are strong for us in this body on Earth, as they are part of the bigger picture and our mission. Some of these connections maybe very strong like with the dolphins from Sirius, Andromdea or Europa. Or the wisdom and cosmic awareness of your Andromedan connection, the scared geometry or deep spiritual awareness from Sirius, the healing aspects and angelic channellings from Arcturus, so many gifts and awareness’s we hold in our DNA, literally from our cosmic connections as well as in our multi-dimensional selves. There maybe gifts or abilities and talents you can access now to assist you and your service on Earth. Or there maybe things to heal and unify or give back or sort out.          
     Below is a simple guide line to a meditation you can do to access some of these missing codes within you to become more conscoius and aligned. You can also add other star systems that seem connected to you.

First do the connecting with the Suns and Earthsun body and through the Galactic Center. 

As you take yourself deeper into the stillness with each breathe in…..and gain awareness from the following questions.

     Why am I here now at the end of the cycle?…..What are my gifts?…..What is my true form?…..What is my mission here?….

What stargate did I come through?…You may want to have a pen and paper handy to write down your  realisations and gifts. 

       As you go deeper into your heart and through the doorway…out into the universe…and to the Stargate you came through….What does its energy feel like? It holds codes of light that resonate with your being, and you have come through this Stargate and taken on specific codes and energies for your mission. Be open to a name and sense the energy of the Stargate. Why did I come through this Stargate?.....
   Then take your awareness to the physical location of your birth. Do a scan of the area and go to the vortex your higher self came through. Why did I choose to come through this vortex and location out of all the Earth’s?

    Then you travel on to LYRA where it all began, our creation story….Allow yourself to go through the prisms of Light into the Source…What is my form here?….What are my gifts?….Why did I come to Earth and what am I unifying, what am I here to understand and complete?…Draw the fragments into your heart….as these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light.…..The light in your heart gets brighter and brighter….

    Now ORION, you travel through the gate aware of the gatekeeper…and move into the vastness of Orion, as you are be taken to where you need to go there…Trust what you sense…What form are you, what is your purpose there?…Why have I come to Earth?…..What am I anchoring or completing?….. Draw the fragments into your heart….As these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light. …..The light in your heart gets brighter and brighter….the radiant sun of your true self.

     Now the PLEIADES, travelling to a Mayan pyramid…You climb up the steps aware of the energies in the pyramid as it’s aligned through the Central Sun and Earth vortex and grid. As you reach the top and into the heightened octaves of Light and no time and space, cosmic consciousness you move into the temple and align with the Central Sun Alycone, brightest star in the Pleiades….You open up and remember your Pleiadian origins….Travelling to the Pleiades….You see yourself as you are there. What is my form?….Why have I come to Earth?   What gifts do I have? …What am I utilising now from there…What am I completing and unifying….. Draw the fragments into your heart….As these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light.…..The light from your heart illuminates your body brighter and brighter….

    SIRIAN connection…..Aware you are standing by the sea…Then swimming with the dolphins…..Out to a Star Base deeper under the ocean…Then travelling inside the Star Base and into a Light Ship from the Star Base to Sirius……… What is my form here?….What are my gifts?….Why did I come to Earth and what am I unifying?.....What am I here to understand and complete?… Draw the fragments into your heart….as these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light.

     ARCTURUS….You are aware of Angelic beings with you and yourself as an Angel, aware of the beautiful healing energies. As you connect to that part of yourself and travel to Arcturus where you see yourself as you truly are… Why did I come to Earth, what gifts do I have? …What am I utilising now from my Arcturian self?…What am I completing and unifying?….. Draw the fragments into your heart….As these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light.....The light in your heart and body gets brighter and brighter….

   ANDROMEDA…..You travel in to a golden pyramid….Entering into soft, glowing golden light…Aware of the golden beings there who take you to Andromeda….What is my true form there?…Why am I on Earth now, is it to do with divine will and the Andromedan Galaxy merging with Earths?….What are my gifts?…What do I anchor on Earth?….What do I need to complete and unify?…. Draw the fragments into your heart….As these aspects of you are brought into wholeness and all dimensions merged into you right now, all one body of light.
  Your heart is now radiant and glowing as your multi-dimensional aspects unify and embody within you right now.…One body of Light, fully present in your physical body.

When you have finished be awre that you are fully present in yoru body, in yoru feet, leh=gs, pelvis, body, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, head.....fully present in your body your Body of Light.

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