by Soluntra King
extract from Handbook of RA


       The new Solar System is not so much new but at a higher dimension than the Solar System we inhabit at present. Our Sun was birthed out of this with its binary Twin Sun and eventually after much interference in the Universe by exploding worlds, wars, comets and deluge of meteorites our Solar System was created through the density and chaos of these occurrences at a lower frequency than it had once held. Duality became the norm, rather than something that was experienced elsewhere as outsiders had entered into the zone with their wars, conquering and general power and control dramas. This meant that all higher frequency beings now only inhabited within the Sun and Central Suns illuminating life, but at a lower frequency, so life became more tenuous and difficult, life spans shorter and darkness now inhabited the hearts of life in our Solar System. This was not a bad thing, or a good thing, but an experience/experiment that was now taking place, for everything comes from the one Source and to it, it returns. The dance of illusion and duality had now gone concrete and into density and the concept of death and decay now a belief and experience. The Sun had lost its Twin whose orbit was way out in a cycle of millions of years and separation was the theme. Now as these cycles are completing and the Twin returns, union takes place and the doorway is open through humanities hearts, all this Solar System and through the Central Suns, the Galaxies and Universes, as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, unified with its Twin and opens the doorway for the shift in frequency back into the Solar System it once came from. The loop has come full, the flow of the ‘8’ as we now cross the centre and jump into the higher frequency Solar System, the music of the spheres are dancing and illuminating the rays of harmonic vibrations to draw us home. As we move into the new Solar System we come home unto ourselves.

    The Second Sun heralds the return of our higher dimensional home, the Twins unite as the Sun and Second Sun are One with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as all worlds and universes merge we now vibrate at higher dimensions of ourself, our Earth and our Solar System. The Second Sun carries with it the codings for this shift and radiates them out in such a way that the shift into a New Solar System for Earth and our Solar System will happen gently and has been prepared for some time. The codes of the Second Sun – RA Light have been filtering in with each Eclipse, Equinox, and Solstice and via the Solar Flares.
      There are many consciously receiving these codes and practically all humanity unconsciously. The other kingdoms are filtering and transmitting them in gentle waves out again to the stars, because of their gentleness and lack of ego. But humanity have been crystallising them within their blood, bones, nerves and cellular structure and DNA, this is where the new template comes in.
The mandala of the ‘new template’ aligns humanity and is important to fully anchor the energies, information on the Template of Liquid Light Transmission of DNA


is in detail 
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     The Second Sun is also working with the water as the scientist have discovered it affects the tides but far greater than that, it affects all fluid in the oceans, rivers, under the Earth and in all living creatures. This influence is assisting to bring in more Light and accelerate the DNA and RNA restructuring. The codes are also brought in fully with sound; this sound is beyond human level of hearing but can be down loaded:  

   On the Equinox 20th March 2001 the Second Sun got anchored and the Christ Energy rose from the Earth, please see the Chapter on the Second Sun Journeys. It is interesting to note that as we merge with the Christ energy that was birthed out of Andromeda, the Galaxy always in Divine Will and unity and this galaxy is now merging with our Milky Way as the bride of the Christ as the family of the Christ is awakened through the unification process in the Heart.
     This is aligning us back to the New Solar System, this is the Solar System of the Greater Central Sun, which is Sirius B, a great star that has a Solar System so vast that the Solar System of the Central Sun Alycone is on an outer orbit of it, and our Solar System is on an outer orbit of Alycone’s Solar System.

    There is a loop that we jump in order to move into the New Solar System and in order to do that we have to shift our conscoiusness. For as we align with the Sun, the Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun we awaken the Sun within us and the Earth herself becomes a Sun. This is the dimensional shift, the Golden Age we are moving into. This is happening whether we like it or not, it is the completion of three grand Cycles, and is like trying to stop night and day from happening, so we open to the flow and move with it, or resist in fear and stay stuck in the third dimension for aeons more time. The time of sitting on the fence has finished, the Twin Towers helped shatter that energy, the secret government and media attempting to create more fear of terrorism, war, financial decline into people to keep them trapped and a victim. Or choose to move beyond the duality game into love, being our multi-dimensional self and creating Heaven on Earth.

     When I was at Tikal, Mayan city and sacred site with pyramids and temples, a major portal on the Crystalline Grid, in northern Guatemala on the Full Moon 10th March 2001, I was sitting at the back of a pyramid, when next thing I was travelling on a Soul level inside the pyramid. Through golden corridors, into the central chamber, where I sat on a Leopard seat and was in the Council of Light, being told a decision had to be made. This was because humanity was lagging behind and in order to make the jump in the loop, into the New Solar System and aligned with the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun and dimensional shift there was no longer much of a gap. The choice was to create a greater opportunity to make the shift, and more room in the loop to do it. For this to happen more Light was needed to flow into this major grid point and then out through the Crystalline Grid to raise the conscoiusness, the down side being that it would create Earth Changes, even though we are the Earth and as we shift our conscoiusness so to does the Earth shift without having to do it violently, but we have still not moved enough. This is evident when you see most of humanity wanting to kill each other in the name of their own versions of God, obviously some Astral Lords still hooking everyone in. Even in the New Age many are not shifting but staying in ego of what they know, do or getting their titles of Master, Avatar, Reverent, Swami and so on, instead of being humble and walking their talk.

     So the decision was made as the higher energies came into the Grid to create more room for the shift for humanity, and everyone’s choice what world they live in. With all the Stargates, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, Planetary Alignments bringing in Divine Light to awaken all beings the shift can be made in love, that is the lesson. So if you fear Earth Changes is it from a past memory of the last shift?
If so Love it and move beyond, or is it fear for survival?
If so breathe into it with love and acceptance, it is only a Hologram of your Love, what you perceive as real is only illusion. Fear holds the illusion and keeps you trapped in density and the third dimension, as you Love your fears you become multi-dimensional and shift into the New Solar System.

Holding the higher octaves of Light within your being the shift is effortless, and has already happened, it just has not completely anchored onto the Earth Plane yet but is happening as we unify within. The RA Light illuminating from the Second Sun is assisting this to happen.

    The New Solar System is our Celestial home in the Heavens, the return to the home we moved out of aeons ago as the worlds parted and experienced creation on myriad forms and dimensional worlds. It is now unifying as we complete this part of the great journey and return to our home the Greater Central Sun as we become the Central Sun within ourself, at the level of radiance where we illuminate life, holding the Living Library of Light within us. We are the Star/Sun that gives light and life, many years ago I went into a future life and I was a Star (not the Hollywood variety) but a real Star, this is our destiny as we return to that which we already are, the radiant Divine Creator, one with Source, as we merge with the Sun, the Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, we open up to the higher dimensional Solar System as we jump the loop.

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