The story of making Star Essences

                                             by Soluntra King


As we awaken to our origins in the Stars and become more aware of our Galactic Family, to flow again with the Universal Sound, it is now possible to transmute the Star Energies into water to be taken as vibrational healing in the same way as Flower and Gem Essences are taken.
I have been making Star Essences since 1990 when I was still a practising Naturopath and guide to Inner Healing. I had been making Flower Essences with the Flowers, Nature Spirits, Devas and Fairy Realm since 1984 and I found that they opened me and others up to the higher vibrations and alignment of with our inner being. The very first Flower Essence I made being Petunia for 'freedom of emotional expression' for the Heart Chakra. I made them and have used them successfully ever since for clients and friends, but in 1993 after making 126 Flower Essences, some under the Full Moon as well as the Sun, I felt I had made enough.
Using Crystals as powerful tools for healing and spiritual growth, that reflect back to us the Light Beings we truly are from 1985 I decided to make Essences from the Crystals also. At that time there was no information on making them so having done it before in parallel worlds I meditated on how to make them. In 1986 I started to make them using a nine foot high pyramid, making three at a time they were placed individually in Amber bottles with pure pranaized water and left on the floor of the pyramid, in the middle arranged to point in the required directions and left for three to seven days. These were only made when it was the right time Cosmically to make them, and I found that certain crystals or gems materialized for me if they were important to make. In one instance three little stones appeared in my crystal tray one morning that I was required to make essences for, they being for the Radiation, Heavy Metal and Petrochemical Miasms, which are in great need of being transmuted on the planet at this time.
When the process had been completed in the pyramid I would meditate on the Essence to determine its qualities. Later I found I no longer needed to use a physical pyramid but was able to create a metaphysical pyramid/octahedron for making the Gem and Star Essences and all transformational and healing work. The pyramid being 62 degrees, not the old 51 degrees so creating a higher, more pointed apex and then creating the same shape underneath the earth so in actual fact it becomes an octahedron. This being done so that the energies do not disperse, the centre being the heart chakra and earth level, with the Divine Light flowing in both ways. A pyramid being a Gateway of Divine Light and bringing spirit into matter and matter into spirit with no limitations of time and space. I have made 115 Gem Essences from 1986 to 1992 including Gold, Silver and Copper, but no longer make any more as that was all that was required.

For a list of all the Flower Essences, Gem Essences and Star Essences please see menu Bar Unity;  Essences and to make Flower Essences and Gem Essences see my booklet EVENSTAR ESSENCES CATALOGUE. 

While living in England in 1988 I was reacquainted with the idea of making Star Essences and knowing that this was possible meditated on how to make them. I saw myself with a silver, inscribed bowl with a Quartz cluster and water inside it, with Rose Quartz in a circle around my feet and a crystal at my third eye. This was actually from Lemurian times and I was simply starting to remember, but knowing I was not clear enough to make them I felt that when I was ready I would be given the bowl. This of course did not happen but I needed to keep unifying myself and heightening my frequencies ready for when I was able to hold the energies of the stars within my being.
After moving to Adelaide in South Australia in November 1988 and going through an intense time of inner transformation and clearing I also realized that what I had seen before was when I had attempted to make them in another parallel world and the energies had proved too powerful for me. So through a continued self healing process, I created a more dynamic and centred energy in my being and work. On Earth Link Day November 13th 1989 after doing a lot of group planetary work and making a Flower Essence that said 'I am here to make you the heart of the Earth', it was now time to make not a Star Essence but a Full Moon Essence. The Moon was in Taurus and the closest to the Earth since 1982. I had also been tuning into the moon for sometime in a healing process and the Essence was made with a glass bowl of pure, pranazied water held up with a clear quartz sphere as a tool to transmute the energies into the water.

The FULL MOON Essence being for 'Rejuvenating every cell, flowing with the cycles of Life. Clear and cleansed, Physical Immortality, moonshine into the body, Light into the water of the cells, releases all darkness from the cells, toxins and negative energies'.
The Star Essences didn't start getting made until early 1990,18 months after knowing that I would make them. Twenty-Six only have now been made since that time up to now as I write in July 2002. They are not like making Flower or Gem Essences and I only make one if guided from within and at the particular time. With Flower and Gem Essences I can teach others how to make them with Star Essences there is no way I can teach that as it is a state of Being. The Star Essences work at the level of the Soul, the Flower on the Emotional and Mental Bodies and into the Physical. The Gem Essences on the Higher Mental and Causal Bodies into the lower mind, emotions and physical body.
I had friends in America who made them with a telescope and thought they had to see the star to make the essence, which of course is 3D. Stars are multi-dimensional and can only be accessed from that level and transmuted, to make a Star Essence one has to Be it, how else can it be channelled to this plane.

Below I have listed the story of the Star Essences that have been made, as I write this article I am adding the degrees and zodiac sign when they are sighted on the horizon conjunct with the Sun.

The first Star Essence was transmuted into the physical plane on the 6th January at 1990 Royal Park in Adelaide and was WEGA in the constellation of LYRA - The Lyre; eagle or vulture, or the stringed instrument invented by Hermes and given by his half brother Apollo to Orpheus. Wega is the fifth brightest star in the sky, which forms one corner of the famous summer triangle with Deneb and Altair. Wega is 14.43 degrees Capricorn latitude of the Celestial Equator, conjunct the Sun on 6th January (I have only realised this now as writing this article, I made it right on the day it was one with the Sun!!!). Our Sun's motion around the Galaxy is carrying it and our Solar System in the direction of Wega at a velocity of 20kms per second relative to nearby Stars. Because of the Precession Wega will become the Pole Star in about 14,000 AD.

I was guided to this particular star through a set of circumstances and trusted my intuition as to which was the one to make. When the time felt right I used a glass bowl with pranaized clear water and placing it between my feet in the metaphysical pyramid, I then attuned to the Star and the energy went right through me and into the water saying 'I AM LIGHT'. This essence has never needed any preservative to keep the water from stagnating.
Of course on hindsight now I see how relevant that was as we came out of the Prism of Lyra to experience creation as we know it, so appropriate that it was the first one made and when it was one with the Sun.

The next star to be made was ALTAIR which came through a healing process I was going through to do with the Labours of Hercules in Sagittarius being; silence, no gossiping and not casting pearls before swine.

ALTAIR being in the constellation of AQUILA the Eagle; companion of Jupiter who often carried his thunderbolts 'I am spirit flying straight for my home'. Altair is at 1 09 Aquarius, conjunct the Sun on 22nd January and was made on the 4th March, 1990, through the same process as before. But also using an Azurite in the left hand and Smokey Quartz in the right, using them over the water and on the chakras, then going to the Star and experiencing total silence, and the colours red and purple as the star transmuted through into the water it spoke;

"I AM THE STILL POINT OF THE SPIRIT' Matter into spirit, spirit into matter the seventh point of the six pointed star, perfection, completion, the Heart of the Cosmos".

The third star BETELGEUSE being made on the 31st March 1990 at Royal Park in Adelaide, South Australia came in a dream with Star People as I received healing from them they told me about the Star Betelgeuse in the Constellation of ORION, the Hunter. It is the brightest and grandest constellation in the sky, and Betelgeuse being a red super giant star.

Through transmuting its energies through me and into the water it said "I AM THE CREATOR - expressing the manifestation of life".
Which for me had great relevance as I was opening to my powers of manifestation at the time, and eventually through the unification process back to Source I/we realise and Be the Creator Goddess/God we truly are. Betelgeuse is conjunct the Sun on 20th June at 28 45 Gemini.

Not until July 1990 did another star want to be made as an essense, which came in the form of a friend wanting Carina made as he came from that Star System. I attuned that it was needed to be made on the 2nd September but forgot about it until on that day I was lead to do some powerful energy work with a group making the sounds of the chakras, and the new sounds of the Earth Star, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras as well for attunement to the Earth and Heavens. Then after some more transformational work with a friend I had to go to another powerful energy spot and do some unity work and some extraterrestrials landed, not realizing at the time that they were from Carina. Then the next day, 3rd September meditating on the Star and knowing it is about Fear of Life, directly my friend rang up. They had to go through a process of healing to create a bridge for those beings as they asked for help. They needed the sun energy and were then cleansed in a waterfall, as streams of them came through and their energy then entered me and a lot of blackness was released through my mouth, this being done for a group consciousness. This allowed them to be able to manifest in bodies now and freed the energies for the Star Essence to be made. Being made in mid afternoon as opposed to night time before, the star being CANOPUS; in the constellation of CARINA and the second brightest star in the sky and used for navigation of spacecraft. Conjunct the Sun at 14 21 Cancer latitude at the Celestial equator, sighted with the Sun 13th July.

Through the process of attunement to it, the star's essence hit the water sparkling and effervescent and said "I AM LIFE - the embodiment of spirit into matter".

The next day after going through a lot more transformation I knew I had to make another essence the following day being the Full Moon in Pisces, 5th September. This was revealed as being ACHENAR in the constellation of ERIDANUS - the river, Archenar being the end of the river at 14 41 Pisces latitude of the Celestial equator, and the Moon at the time of making the essence being at 18 02 degrees of Pisces, so the star and the moon were conjunct. Achenar is sighted with the Sun on 10th March each year.

This time the Star just fell through the heavens and into the water after attunement and sounds and said
"I AM ATTUNEMENT TO YOUR GOD-SELF, I am the music of your soul that flows eternal".

Then not expecting another one to be made for some time, I awoke on the 10th September 1990 with the words 'CORONA - power to be', it being CORONA BOREALIS - The Northern Crown. An ancient constellation representing the Jewelled Crown given as a wedding present by Bacchus to Ariadne and cast by him into the sky when she died. In another legend it is the golden crown given to Ariadne by Theseus after their adventure into the labyrinth to kill the Minataur. It has been seen as a laurel wreath and consists of an arc of seven stars being 1,000 million light years away. It is at 2 03 degrees Gemini latitude of celestial equator and I knew I had to make it the next morning and sure enough the moon at that time being at 9 06 Gemini, so the moon and the star were conjunct. Corona Borealis is conjunct and sighted with the Sun 24th May. Then through attunement and sounds the energy came through into the water saying "I AM THE EXPRESSION OF YOUR ETERNAL LOVE - the power to be".

The PLEIADES star essence at 29 23 degrees of Taurus, sighted with the Sun 22nd May was made on the 14th November 1990 at Royal Park in Adelaide. It was made outside in the metaphysical pyramid at 1.20pm, and said it was for "ACCEPTANCE OF THE DARK SIDE".

Being made after an experience with a being that operated from the dark side. I found out that the beings from the Pleiades have to learn to acknowledge that they have a dark side, which they were unaware of for aeons. This is now being resolved and brought into balance, completing a great cosmic drama.

ALNITAK the Star in the Belt of Orion that is aligned to the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the other two stars aligning to the other two pyramids, built 13,650 years ago as it was on its ecliptic the furthest from Earth, now it is the closest to Earth, at the point when we will be fully in the Photon Belt.

This Star is at 24 04 degrees of Gemini, sighted with the Sun 17th June, opposite the Galactic Centre at 25 of Sagittarius.
When making Alnitak in the evening of the 20th and early morning of the 21st April 1991 an alignment with Wilpena Pound had just occurred. Wilpena Pound being in the Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia and an incredible inter-dimensional gateway, called Gridpoint 44.
`Connection to your long lost Tribe, in balance as your original essence.'

RIGEL at 16 13 Gemini, sighted with the Sun 8th June is also in the constellation of Orion and was made on the Full Moon in Pisces on the 27th August 1991 at Royal Park in Adelaide.

`Making way for the Higher Self to come into the Lower Self'.
As this one was made the energy of the Star manifest and came down as a ball of fire into the bowl of water at my feet.

ANTARES, the brightest star in Scorpio. This star is a major Stargate for those entering the third dimensional plane to anchor in the higher octaves and create the shift in cycle/consciousness. Made on the evening of 17th September 1991 at Royal Park in Adelaide.

At the ecliptic of 9 09 Sagittarius and conjunct the Sun on 2nd December.

SIRIUS was made on Easter Sunday, Full Moon 1992 at Paralana Hot Springs in the South Australian outback near Arkaroola, a very powerful sacred site. The energy was so high in vibration that upon arrival ourselves and a few other people could not find the hot springs, the pools of water there felt cold. I knew what was going on as the doorway was closed, the other visitors left and my partner and myself camped for the night having otherworld visitors come to say hello. The next day the pool/portal was opened to us where we had already been looking, the water was now boiling hot and too hot to even put my fingers in. A sign on the gate said 'warning do not go in the water as it is from Radon not volcanic', but I knew I had to go into it. Suddenly my partner was right in the water and I thought if he can get in I can, and suddenly the doorway opened and I was able to immerse myself in the water. I felt like my whole body was luminous right through to my bones and as we sat in this amazing portal of water the rocks around opened up also, they were guardians and beacons that held the dimensional doorway open to the Inner Earth and Stellar Realms and were aligned with Sirius. We were only given the blessing of bathing once in the water, at all other times the water was too hot to attempt bathing in, and the doorway did not open again.

It is at 13 29 Cancer which means it is sighted before the Sun on the horizon 7th July but back in ancient Egypt it was 23rd July each year, this was when the Nile flooded bringing fertility for the Nile and being Sirius day the Sirian Dolphins return home on this day.
Sirius is at the top of the Dog's right leg in Canis Major, one of Orion's hunting dogs.

MENKALINAN was made on 18 7 92 and is in the constellation of Auriga the Charioteer, it is the shoulder of the Charioteer.

As it was made it spoke "I AM THE WAY".
Menkalinan is at 29 18 Gemini, sighted with the Sun on 21st June the Solstice.

WEZEN was made at Royal Park, Adelaide on 25 9 92, it is in the constellation of Canis Major near the top of the dogs back right leg, Siruis at the top of the right front leg. As it was transmuted into water it spoke

Wezen is at 22 47 Cancer, sighted with the Sun on 17th July.

PROCYON was made on the 16th March 1993 at the Starborne Reunion at Falls Creek. Which was an unforgettable experience where the Council of the An ar ta Ra sat in session for the first time in this dimension, as every one was anchored and in their True Presence. A week of being with our family and awakening still deeper memories and encoded missions of our service here on Earth, we danced in the Stars by being totally grounded and connected. Transmuting and becoming invisible as we moved in the spaces in between. The Star Essence was made at a sacred place away from the accommodation and with beautiful, clear mountain water. As always the energies were prepared and aligned before hand at this place. After the attunement of the star much cosmic sound was heard and dancing energy.

`Blessed are you, oh one of the Light for you are free to Dance in Eternal Delight.'
The following day a member of the starry family told me they had actually observed the essence being made from a distance and had seen the Star come down and be milked and then go back again.
Procyon is at 25 15 Cancer, conjunct the Sun on 19th July. In Greek Procyon means 'before the dog' as Canis Major and Minor are the two dogs of Orion the hunter and Procyon is sighted before Sirius, the big dog constellation, Procyon being the small dog.

CURSA is at 14.O4 Gemini which is very appropriate, the twins in Esoteric Astrology is a where the two come together as one. I have just looked up when Cursa is sighted conjunct the Sun and it was the day it was made on the 6th June 1993, 11am on the morning after the Second Gate (not knowing until 9 years later that it was the day Cursa and the Sun are one).

The Second Gate was the day the Template of Love was anchored more fully upon the Earth. The Doorway opened on the 11th January 1992 with the 11 : 11. The doorway was physically seen as the star, Alnitak in the belt of Orion raised up. Orion was where the extremes of dark and light played out duality, they are now healed in oneness, this created the awakening of our precoded cellular memory of our true origins and presence. The doorway is open until 2012, with the energies increasing in vibration until we can all truly be ONE. The first gate being open at the end of 1992 where we surrendered and died to the old ways and energies. The Second Gate is where the Lovers from across the stars come together as One. Two into One. As of July 2002 five gates have opened and so it goes until 2011 when the 11 come together as one with the opening of the Eleventh Gate, bringing completion in 2012 as we are fully in the Photon Belt. CURSA was made at Lovers Point at Yamba on the New South Wales Coast. This was where I was guided on a journey to go to make it, on the crown or a landmass that extended out to a point where Dolphins were swimming and playing.
Other messages that came with it were;
`Divinity expressing itself in the physical.'
`I am the expression of Truth.'
`I am your True Being.'
`Balance and Wholeness anchored in Love. We are all there is, as you express in the One.'
`I am One, Love, Dancing Star Light, Joy, Life and Death, Cycled Flow, all is one, to the one.'
As the bright Starry beams came down into the water.
Cursa is in the constellation of Eridanus, the river and is at the foot of Orion, the opposite end of the river is Achernar, made in 1990, 'I am attunement to your God-self, I am the music of your soul that flows eternal'.
Cursa is conjunct the Sun at 14.04 Gemini 6th June.

ALMACH, in the Galaxy of ANDROMEDA was made 12 noon, 11th April 1999 at Coondoo, Southeast Queensland, in a Rose Quartz Circle.

Andromeda represents the daughter of Queen Cassiopeia, who was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus, until saved by Perseus whom she married.
Andromeda is the Doorway of Divine Will Intent
"You are a Child birthed of the Star."
You will rejuvenate now.
All that is not in Divine Will falls away gently and easily. Joy illuminates my Heart and all Worlds.
The Doorway is opened'.
Almach is conjunct the Sun at 13 37 Taurus, on 5th May.

SULAPHAT (in the Collins Star book it is called SULAFAF), in the constellation of LYRA was made at 5.30pm 22nd April 1999 at Lerderberg George State Park, near Bacchus Marsh, Victoria in the centre of the Southern Cross Star Temple.

Made at the end of the day after a powerful workshop to anchor the Golden Solar Discs on Earth Healing Day with everyone around the planet. The shattered energy from Lemuria was unified there with the help of the Old Fellows. We then anchored a Golden Solar Disc, through the Council of Twelve in the Central Sun, becoming one with the Disc, which was activated there through our whole being. When we finished I made the essence by putting pranazied water in a jar on the earth in the centre of the circle, as the light blasted in from Lyra.
Sulaphat is sighted just before the Sun rises on 12th January at 21 19 Capricorn, Wega also in Lyra was made 6 1 90.

MATAR in the constellation of PEGASUS first made 7.2.00 at Coondoo, in a Rose Quartz Circle and was recalibrated on 14.11.2000 at 11pm.

Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, born from the blood of Medusa after she was slain by Perseus, who lies nearby in the sky. Matar is near the top of Pegasus's right leg.
The Essence is saying: "I am sovereign unto God Creator. I create a clear passage of Divine Light to the Earth plane for the release of darkness. I am the cleanser of all old aspects of dark, magicians world, astral worlds, worlds where only fear, power and control rule. I leave those worlds alone, but cleanse all connections of those worlds to this, through thought forms, energy bodies, codings at a cellular and molecular level, all imprints still remaining are transcended, transmuted and loved. Those energies not wanting or ready to embrace God Creator in the fullness of their being are returned to their source and world. I am the cleanser of interference from other worlds and aspects hooked into self.
Clarity is now the game, in readiness for Prime Creators new world, like a radiant crystal you and your world now shine".
Conjunct the Sun at 26.06 Pisces on 17th March.
When I have spoke to PEGASUS in 1996 it told me "I am the vehicle of your Light Body as it merges with the Heavens in synchronicity and harmony in blending of your Soul Self with all your Self. I am the messenger of Love of Self, the bringer of the New Dawn. I travel in Flight in Free Flow through the Heavens awakening all who choose to merge Source and Self".

CASTOR in the constellation of GEMINI made on the first Blue Full Moon 19 2 2000 8am-8-10am in Rose Quartz Circle, then in the centre of the magic carpet until 2.35pm, the Full Moon in Virgo was at 2.27pm, then taken to one of the power places/portals on the land at Coondoo until 3pm 20 2 2000.
The second Full Moon in Virgo was on 20 3 2000, and exactly two years later the Stargate of Castor opened for humanity and was anchored in Singapore. The essence and the Stargate are:
"I am JOY.
The spontaneity and life of Joy, in ever increasing waves.
Alive and fully in Life.// Youthful and Radiant each moment, each molecule, each world you exist with, are, is joy, alive, radiant, transformed and accepted in its Divine expression, everlasting life, wonderment and freedom, dancing with life - enjoy".
CASTOR one of the twins of Gemini was mortal, Pollux immortal. Castor was killed and Pollux asked to be killed with him, Zeus put them in the heavens. Castor is now the doorway to immortality.
Sighted before the Sun 13th July at 19.38 Cancer.

DELPHINUS - THE DOLPHIN ---JOB'S COFFIN THE FOUR STARS IN A DIAMOND GATEWAY was made on 23 2 00 8pm to 8am 24 2 00 in the Rose Quartz Circle at Coondoo the second essence was made 11:11 2000 at 11 to 11am to 11 past 11am, the same as below but with the addition

"what is yours will come to you".
This essence is all four stars that form the doorway. I had to do the four points in the centre of the circle that marked the four stars in the diamond.
"Beloved of God I am the Doorway, all is merged and transmuted through me, it swills and sings in unity to move through the doorway and into the new world. I AM THE DOORWAY; THE DIAMOND OF THE UNSEEN SPEAKS THROUGH ME.
I am the vehicle that is of service in Joy and Love, to dance through humanity, swirl and twirl in the vortex of the Diamond that I am. Clearing, re-patterning in Divine order of symmetry of Light, the next world is here.
You are the anchor for it, the four pillars, the four stars - the foundation of the new world, the Doorway is opened through the four in alignment with the Grand design.
Rejoice in this for it is a wonderful thing that has happened. In the radiance of your Light you shine bright the new world. Through your vehicle you transit the old, all is caught in the vortex of Light and merged into the new light of the diamond facets of Source".
Shortened version;
"I AM THE DIAMOND DOORWAY OF THE NEW WORLD, re-patterned in Divine order of symmetry of Light, the foundations are anchored. All is merged and transmuted in the vortex of the diamond facets of Source".
In Greek legend dolphins were the messenger of the Sea God Poseidon and were said to save the life of Poseidon's son Aroin when he was attacked on a ship. There are four stars in the shape of a diamond called Job's Coffin. Alpha Delpini called Sualocin, beta Delpini called Rotanev (double star), gamma and delta Delphini. There is also one other star out from the diamond, not in the essence.
Sighted before the Sun at 16 46 Aquarius, 7th February.

THE SOUTHERN CROSS made on 20.3.00 the Equinox and Blue Full Moon in Virgo, made at Uluru, Ayers Rock, Central Australia. I am woken up at 4.30am by my inner self to get up and go out to the rock - Uluru, I want to climb up it to see sunrise, but it is still dark and the gate is shut, so I cannot start climbing. I have asked permission of the Guardians and Old Fellows and they are happy for me to physically go on the rock as I am working in a sacred way and in alignment with Divine Will. I go around to where everyone is waiting to watch the sunrise, but there are so many tourists and I go back to the gate. Then the Ranger comes as it gets light and he unlocks the gate, I start to climb up with lots of other people, it is a step climb up and many find it tough going. I look out to the west and see the full moon setting over Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), which is a profound and magnificent sight. It takes me ages to get to the top of the climb, but not the summit that is still a ways off over more difficult terrain. Instead of following the crowds that way I go off to the right and I am guided to a quiet spot out of sight of the tourists and where the energies are waiting for me. I lie down and rest for some time taking in the energy and just being there, connecting to the Guardians and portal energy. I am then asked to take a piece of the red rock to put in the water I have carried up with me in a jar that will hold the Star Essence. I then tune into the Southern Cross (I have waited years for this moment, as it has taken much inner work to be ready to receive and transmute these energies).

I'm blown away and feel so blessed finally to access the Southern Cross and I have just seen it before the Sun came up! I tune in and connect the energy illuminates through into the water with the rock, especially between 8.35am to 9.35am, it speaks to me;
"I am your salvation and doorway through into the New Paradigm. I assist those who have chosen to be here to help bring in the new paradigm and I am the catalyst to awaken your full potential as a grounded abundant, loving, wise, clear Being in service to the Infinite Creator and all Creation in Love for the shift in cycles.
I am the Doorway of the New Paradigm."
I then go and walk to the highest point on the rock, its now getting on for 10.30am and no one is there except me! I wonder where they all are, I find out later that the Ranger closed the climb at 8.30am due to the heat. At the top point I tune in and say prayers for all beings on all levels. I talk to the Guardians and ask for their help to get back and to do what I am to do there. On the way back it is really hot by this time and climbing up and down the sheer smooth rocks is tricky, in one little valley I find two plants with beautiful violet flowers. It has been raining a lot this summer and autumn out here and instead of the red centre it is the green centre and there are flowers growing on the rock and all around it, which is incredible. I ask and I am allowed to use three of them for the essence, I am guided to the three that wanted to be picked for this purpose.
The first one I pick says, "I am at onement with the Soul".
The second one I pick says, "I am at onement with all others".
The third one I pick says, "I am at onement with all creation".
I feel so blessed by it all, thank you. Then on the way back before going on the descent there is a pool of water, highly unusual for the centre of the outback desert and on Uluru!! I am allowed to go in it! The female Guardians are calling me over and want me to bathe in it. So I strip off and soak in the pool, I feel so blessed, I am on Uluru on the Blue Full Moon and Equinox, all on my own, naked, bathing in a sacred pool of water. I have been given such a gift and blessing I feel overwhelmed and so grateful. I then climb down asking for a safe journey by the Guardians and get to my hire car. I was supposed to walk around the rock but now its almost noon and very hot and I am tired and have no film left, that does it I go back to my hotel to rest and integrate.
Acrux the brightest star in the Southern Cross is sighted before the Sun at 11.51 degrees Scorpio, 5th November.

REGULUS the LION in LEO made at Kings Canyon, Central Australia on 22.3.00. I arrive in the late afternoon after driving all day from Uluru and I am guided to make the essence up the valley from the main entrance to the National Park, it is also a time when most of the tourists have gone. I see a sign about the Catman Dreaming and laugh to myself, as this is the place I am to make Regulus. I walk up through the dry river bed, magnificent trees, rocks and the energy is very strong, I ask permission to enter and make the essence here, I almost cry with joy I feel so happy and blessed. I keep walking up the valley to the look out platform and wait until the last people have left and I am on my own. Giving thanks for this place I connect to the Cat energy, the Guardians, Old fellows, Star people and the star itself, I am told "For the Glory of God Creator, Regulus is realigned here. The bounty and abundance is centred - all can be free to open to Gods Glory and gifts, full love is here for all, open your heart and be ones love and joy. The Loin has returned and the regal place, born of the wind, rain, earth and fire it has made full circle and is here as the anchor of the Golden Age. The Lion opens you to your Glory, your strength and the return of your Golden Self - Golden Age, Golden Lights be blessed in the sustenance of its Light for it is directly from Source. Be blessed in the Starlight of Regulus the regal Glory of ages past returned. Be blessed for you are Light."

I set up crystals on the platform and connect to the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun, Guardians, Cat and Dreaming, Old Fellows, singing in starry language the Star opens and I see a great Lion. It opens its mouth and I go inside and travel to Regulus golden place where I see lion beings travel through to here, the dreaming is anchored. The star map of Regulus is within here, I go into the dreaming through the landscape here and all is blossoming and bountiful for all, the essence of the star flows in the bowl of water at 6.09pm and goes for some time while we are all one in the energy.
The essence is for the Bounty of all for the complete abundance of self with all. Open to the abundance of love; open your heart like never before. You are the star seed from Source, Regulus has returned the pyramids are resonating with it - this place with the Sphinx - come alive; all is alive and light all in alignment. Now the Dark ones are really trapped - their choosing not ours...the Doorway is open step through.
The essence is for; "I am the bounty and abundance of God's glory and gifts, a heart full of Divine Love and Joy, the eternal flow from Source. The return of your strength through love, your Golden Self and the Golden Age, the light of Source illuminates and aligns you".
The Sun is conjunct Regulus at 29 49 Leo on the 23rd August.
Exactly one year later I am at Montezuma Well near Sedona, Arizona where I went to the rim of the well, which is a big ceynote, or lake inside a hole worn through erosion and earth changes in the ground. The Indian people built in caverns around the walls of the well and on the plains nearby. The water is warm and it goes through an outlet under the rock and comes out down by a river in a channel that was built for irrigation for the crops. As I sat by the water at the base of the well on a rock I became aware that the star Regulus in Leo is aligned here. The Guardian of the well comes out, 'King of the Desert' - Source of Life, giver of sustenance in the desert - Regulus - King, Royalty, giver of life, nurturing energy, the Lion is the symbol of the Sun, the Solar rays illuminate through the water and give the waters of life, water and sun are One, activating the codings of DNA the life giving stream of eternal youth, radiant well being illuminated substance of all creation'.
Then exactly a year later again I was finally able to go to Egypt to be in the pyramids and Sphinx, much transmutation, transmissions and initiation happened in Cheops but it is still not quiet the right time for the Sphinx, the way was made for me, I was allowed to stay in the Kings Chamber for as long as I liked the Guards recognised me and one worked with me for three days, also showing me into the Queens Chamber closed off to the public and I was invited into the secret chamber in the Sphinx also but declined as I knew it was not yet time.

THE SUN from the Solar Eclipse, New Moon 9.47am 15th December 2001. Unified essence of the Sun, Moon and Earth transmuted at Lake Wiakaeomoana, sacred lake, portal in the Ureweras, New Zealand.

I have waited since childhood to come to this place and finally I am allowed, I sit outside on the morning of the Eclipse looking at the lake and a Maori man comes by and says he has lived in a farm over the hills and it is the first time he has been here in 40 years!!! He must be me, I tune into a Light City here and a Golden Solar Disc, I feel I am not here to do anything, just Be, the Guardian of the Sun and Moon Temple of the Lemurian Light City Ratuna Amra speaks "Beloved welcome home you are here at last we called you even as a child and like the male you just saw could not get here for 40 years. Now you are here to carry this energy of unified essence of the Sun and Moon with the Earth, the Eclipse. After your stay here you would of shifted again belonging now to the unified world you will experience great fulfilment in your life, things will be easier for you, you learnt to take your time, be still, BE, go within always. You are the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun, you are able to now hold the energy of the Sun permanently to illuminate this to others".
THE SUN ESSENCE IS THE ONE ESSENCE OF YOUR TRUE SELF THAT ILLUMINATES YOU ETERNALLY THROUGH THE SUN; you are eternally renewed and reborn in your true form. This essence is to open the doorway within you as you awaken and open your heart. It works through the heart and will assist to open it as well as bring joy, abundance and radiant well being.

SIRRAH in the ANDROMEDAN GALAXY was made on 24 1 2002 at the Birthing Pools, sacred woman's site out from Gympie, Southeast Queensland.

I was guided to go with two friends to this sacred place on this day not realising that I was to make a Star Essence. While they venture further down the pools I stayed at the main portal and birthing pool and suddenly I get Sirrah wants to be integrated with the physical planes as an essence and speaks
Sirrah is the head of the chained Goddess Andromeda, Almach is the foot. cannot find when it is conjunct the Sun.
You may note that Almach is also to do with Physical Immortality and I am also making a range of Star Essences from a Central Sun in the Andromedan Galaxy, but do not know when they will be completed which are for Physical Immortality.

SCULPTOR The Sculptor
Fiant constellation contains the South Galactic Pole. It lies at right angles to the Milky Way and we can look out deep into space, unobscured by stars and gas and see many faint galaxies. Brightest star Sculptouris mag 4.3 blue white star 420 l.y away

Sculptor you way into your holograms of balance beyond density and into the light rays of your essence. This essence allows you when ready to actively participate in the experience of melding your vehicle for full ascension and light into the beautiful prisms of light and the codes of the universal rays of essence that is your true being. With this essence you have now moved beyond the part of your process where you have been rejuvenating enough and awakening enough strands of DNA to illuminate the cells. Now with Sculptor you are shinning so bright that you are charged with enough liquid light plasma to heal your bodies as well as your physical. It is the start of the full anchoring of your light body in matter, physical immortality is now anchored in you.

Eltanin -the Dragon's head in Drago
made 14th April 2005 in preparation for the star alignment of eltanin 20TH OCTOBER 2005 AT KINGS CANYON CENTRAL AUSTRALIA
Eltanin assist in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field,
opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breath only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breath. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."

Strength of your inner light, the doorway through into the higher aspects of self that are not yet grounded into the physical vehicle until the soul has moved through the 22 initiations. Then the doorway is open and ready for the awakened soul whose body becomes light. Deneb gives the strength of the light within the cells and body, the essence to with-stand this higher light and opens the doorway. This is from the 3 stars in the summer triangle, the first is Wega ‘I am Light’, then Aquila ‘I am the still point if the spirit’, then third is Deneb ‘the strength of the light to be held in physical form’…I am the light’.

This star essence was made over a period of 3 days 23rd to 25th September 2009 in the south shore of Kauai and north shore of Ohau Hawaii and we are only ready to receive its high light waves now. It was anchored at the Sirian footstep first, at the time of the great central Starmap activation and September Equinox 2009. See the Great Central Starmap under StarUnion on menu bar.

Unwinding the mutant genes that have stifled the life force energy and created death,  decay and fear in the physical realm. Not just for humans, but animals, plants and the Earth itself. Mira shines light onto the old programmes, beliefs and manipulated genes. Mira shines light through the genes, DNA and cells of all beings and sub-life on Earth. To be fully in life/light and shine once more, not just the Light Body or Physical Immortality but reunites with the Light of source that is where all came from. The light of life shines bright now on all levels and dimensions, there is no hiding from it. It will burn those not ready so be careful who has it.  

 ALDEBARAN, the Bulls Eye in TAURUS
Aldebaran star essence doorway is for those that are ready to fully make the shift into the the New Earth and higher dimensional self, as the wormhole links you through the worlds and dimensions and your body on Earth all one light. The centre of you is the centre of the universe,  the centre of the doorway that you create through your light octaves at frequencies to move beyond all third density limitations as the worlds within you awaken. The bulls eye and diamond eye of illumination glows through you as you open to receive the essences of the diamond eye, diamond matrix of light illuminates through you merging all dimensionsal selves. The doorway is open and you hold the key. Aldebaran lights the way.
Made on the Solstice and Lunar Eclipse 22nd December 2011 at the Light House, East Cape place of first light New Zealand.





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