Monte Alban is a sacred site in the mountains in Mexico, south of Mexico City at the city of Oaxaca.

            View from the Rejuvenation Chamber of Monte Alban and The Rejuvenation Chamber

Next is a meditation activation to assist in rejuvenation; for re-awakening and remembrance of your aliveness and vitality, cellular renewal and refreshement.

    The Serpent Chamber is at the South end of the site, in a great pyramid there is a doorway that leads into the inner chamber of the pyramid and the serpent energy. This pyramid is aligned to Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer and the new initiation doorway we move through after we have completed the doorway of Orion and the duality experience. As we unify; the serpent kundalini within us is illuminated, this energy is the life force energy and the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs honoured this energy, and Quetzalcoatl the Christ Being was symbolised as the winged serpent, those who are omniscient, Body of Light.

It is important we experience the Rejuvenation Chamber from a physical location where the Serpent Wisdom, Crystalline and Diamond Grids cross and merge with the Stars of Ophiuchus. As you do this you also bring in the New Earth Grid.

     Before you start always make sure you are connected to Source and the Earth through your Heart and divine presence. Ask in prayer and with intention to be connected to your Inner/Higher Self and the Source of all that is in Divine Love and Oneness. After you have stated this then connect the Golden Light from Source, through your Crown then down into your Heart Chakra and down through your body and into the Earth. Then the energy from the Earth back up through your feet...body…Heart…neck… head…Crown and out to Source.

    Imagine you have arrived at Monte Alban, the great pyramid site on the hill overlooking many valleys. Aware of the crystalline and diamond grids glowing, the stars of Ophiuchus shining through the Light Matrix that holds the Star Light.

    As you start to walk up the pathway that leads to the entrance of the site you realise that you still have an energy around you that makes you old since birth. The Death Crone aspect of yourself is not to be feared, it is part of the cycle in density, and as we cannot get rid of anything as we are one with all creation, then it is best to love and accept this aspect of self (regardless of what gender or age you are in your body)………

    So as you walk up the path you deep breathe into the Death Crone in you and tell her you love and accept her exactly as she is…….As she is embraced in love and acceptance you reach the steps to the main plaza with pyramids and temples lining it and at both ends. …

    You honour the Guardians and Gods and Goddesses, Serpent and Star Beings, Inner Earth Beings and Light Beings who hold the energies here…..As you walk into the plaza the old skins and energy of death, despair and decay fall off you and are transmuted……you become aware of your body and energy as lighter……

    You make sound codes, soul language as you walk into the portal….along the Plaza to the pyramid at the southern end…..Aware of the grids resonating and glowing the star light all one, like walking in the stars….. That now the New Earth Grid has anchored, you hold it through you, the creation matrix of the higher dimensional Earth and you…
     You stop at the bottom and honour the Serpent Woman from the Inner Earth, the Winged Serpents of the Christed Ones and ask permission to enter……You proceed up the steps… light you feel you are flying up them, your body is light…..

       At the top of the pyramid is a temple and you move in a flow of energy that is light and spiralling the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow, loving, soft energy….It takes you into the temple and then through into the inner sanctum and doorway into the inner planes of the Serpents of Wisdom…..You start to feel your vastness and that you are transparent….
You are bathed in soft golden light and feel tingling in your cells…..all your skins, the layers of disguise fall away and are transformed into the soft glowing light that starts to illuminate from your being…. radiant and rejuvenated …..

    Allow yourself to be refreshed, revitalised…….every cell is alive, tingling, radiant with life force energy……..
     Aware that as the old illusion falls away that you are in the clear, radiant, Light, limitless.
Flowing through you a higher frequency of light than you have been aware of, a current of Cosmic Kundalini flows through your central channel…You surrender to it and allow it to flow…It takes you to where you need to be……
     Aware of your vastness, your merged Multi-D Selves…
    If any are important to know and be open to right now you will be shown inwardly…..
    The Cosmic Kundalini moves you through the illusions you had brought into, not just in this life on Earth but all experiences, in all worlds and dimensions, and in all physical and energy bodies where you fell into the illusionary state of entrapment……
You see/sense/or know it and release, let go, hand over to Source, love, accept, embrace surrender to all of it……
Your Cosmic Kundalini glows so bright it dissolves the illusions, you thank them all for the gifts to assist you to be in density, separation and duality…..
   Your Unified Self, One with Source and pure Love, Divine Light glows…..
   Allow yourself to flow with the Cosmic Kundalini now as all that old energy is transmuted and you are in the Cosmic Universal Flow….
     Your DNA activate, the RNA receptors bringing in the Cosmic life force Kundalini energy through your energy bodies and into your cells of your physical body, as your physical body is Light!!!!!!!

   Stay with this as long as you feel too, being aware of yourself in your body fully present; in your physical body, your Body of Light.

    Information on Soul Travel but just your intention that you are going to the chamber is enough for you to be there.

      Each time you go you will have a different experience; you may experience such things as being immersed into beautiful replenishing water, or going into a flame and transmuting old duality based energies. Sometimes you may not notice anything due to the subtle energies, but it’s all assisting in awakening your remembrance at a cellular level in the vortex of the serpent life force energy within you.


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