by Soluntra King
from the book "Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing "


The Astral realm being connected with our emotion body, and desire body can easily run energy from it into our lives, as we operate on old negative fear based patterns and beliefs. These energies stem from issues in this life as well as from parallel lives, in not only this world but other worlds and dimensions. There are many worlds operating at once, so a part of us that we are usually unconscious of here can be running havoc in another world or dimension, but it still affects us here. This could be very subtle to the very gross and obvious.
For example we may have been a warrior either in a past life or/and in another world, dimension or star system and been into killing. We may not be conscious of this here, but it may affect us in relationships and our attitude to life. It does not mean we want to, or will kill anyone in this life, in fact we could be the opposite, and not want to kill anything. But it could affect us with an inner killer inside us, being destructive to ourself, and hating the self. If we get into a relationship with anyone that we have been in this experience with. Or that triggers the memory in some way then each person, although unconscious could be argumentative, or be in power struggle with each other. They could also still be trying to kill each other psychically, which is really themself. They could feel like they have psychic knives in their body from the other person. Until one of the players stops the game they are both feeding on this energy and so are the Astral Lords.


We may have been a Magician, Warlock or Witch with manipulating energies in another experience. This experience if not resolved still influences us, no matter how subtle, it doesn't mean that we will be into Black Magic in this life. What happens is that subtle shades of this energy which is destructive and fear based can sabotage us now. Because we still have cords connected to our abuse of energy in the experience that was past or in a parallel world.
This is also true of Negative ET experiences and abductions, they were drawn by the fear, if we start to take responsibility we cannot just act like the victim. By going deeper we become aware that we are all one, and in another experience we have been the Magician or ET.
By Loving and accepting the fear in us and the Magician, ET or whatever expression of destructive energy we expressed we move beyond it. We cannot be so naive to believe we have only ever been a Light Being or the victim. In our dance of Life, the experience of creation is negative and positive to create life. So if we love the Dark and the Light within us, and every one and thing in creation, then we are not separate, and so no longer coming from fear. We move beyond the victim/victimiser and unite within ourselves and all of life.

So all these hooks are our Ego consciousness that has been deceived by the Astral Lords who control the third and forth dimensions. They fell from Grace as they choose to turn from God and Light consciousness, and so became trapped themselves in the lower dimensions. Because they were no longer connected to Source, and their own inner Light they had to feed on others Light. So they set up the belief in death and rebirth to keep their prey going for them. They also set up the belief that we could not integrate with our Light Body here on Earth, but had to leave our Body. This is not full ascension, full ascension is when we are our Light Body right here on Earth in our physical body.

We do this by moving beyond the Ego conscious hooks to the Astral Lords and the Astral Plane. As we only ascend into the fifth and beyond dimensions by integrating our Light Body. We can only do that when we have loved all those parts of our self trapped by the Ego consciousness, and running the old victim/victimiser game of fear, duality and control. As we ascend through our love of self, and unify our energy we again become our God consciousness and Light Body. This is now available for all humanity if they so choose as the Earth herself is evolving into the fifth Dimension, and the energies and coding anchored by the Astral Lords are broken and transmuted. As the Light workers have been active on this planet for many years now. Through peace meditations linked all around the planet, reactivating the Light Grid, and through into the Crystalline Grid, and the with the Sun also and the Solar Grid.

Next is listed different Astral Hooks to beware of, and to love in yourself and unify.
As you open up to the greater reality of love, away from the illusion of fear held by Ego and the Astral Lords.

Dis-incarnate beings trapped in fear who feed on a living persons light. These could be Ancestral, or ones from our own karma, through time and space, or ones picked up in a building, house or place of battle or murder, suicide. Dealing with these is in a section following.

Parts of our Ego consciousness from parallel lives, or even other worlds that have been running havoc with magical powers. Manipulating the energies for their own ends, rather than in alignment with Divine Will, and allowing God consciousness to flow through in Divine Light, Love and allowing. Aspects of self from this world or others that were a Magician, or Black Witch, negative Shaman or Witch Doctor. Or a High Priests or Priestesses, obviously not the benevolent, loving compassionate variety, but a power and control tripper, for example at the end times of Atlantis or other civilisations or worlds.

In your life if this is the case, you will attract people into your life who are still running this energy, they may try to have power and control dramas with you. Or they may be powerful in the occult sense, but be trying to manipulate you in some way or suck your energy.
You may also be running this energy unconsciously by trying to manifest by manipulating energies.
Or get caught in the glamour of magical powers that you can use or others have. There is a whole revival of spells and incarnations now days, which is old witches back doing their thing. This is not in alignment with Divine Will and is coming from fear, insecurities and the desire body. When we surrender to Love and Divine Will we trust, and what is ours will come to us. Not by trying to make it happen but by trusting and allowing all to be in divine time and plan. Our Higher Self, Over Soul always knows what we need, and we will be given it when we can use it in service, or for our own nurturing and healing. If we trust in God, the Universe, we are always provided with our needs. What we desire from our fears, greed, lust and insecurities keeps us on the wheel.

Who have broken from their awareness of oneness with all Creation and Creator God, and have gone creating whole worlds in their way, this also includes different Creator Gods that we are, from other star systems. Some of these may not intentionally have tried to control life, but through their own naivety and lack of awareness have created to control, instead of giving their creation full God Consciousness. But there maybe unresolved parts of us from these experiences.

Or us as a Dark Lord from another time and space as part of our own journey into separation. When we have chosen to not own our connection to source, and instead have chosen to operate with fear and destruction, often in a big way. This may not necessarily be us as our own soul self, but part of our group soul experience, but it still affects us, as everything is us. As we come from source we experience Light and Dark and every shade in between until we are ready to unify again.
For example I had to go to Adelaide for my brothers wedding in 1987. I had no money as I was travelling in Europe at the time. I did not like Adelaide but ended up staying four years. In the first two years I could not even get out of the state of South Australia. I also had to live in a poor part of town that needed a lot of healing. So apart from seeing thousands of clients over the four years, I also had to do major Earth grid work there.
Where I lived I had to cleanse heavy metals from the ground, as well as many other negative energies. I was not even allowed to move to a house near the sea, or up in the hills. I was doing time, and at was not until two years after I had left and returned briefly to run a workshop, and through a set of circumstances. That I realised that I had been a dark lord back in the third world there. We are at the end of the forth world, going into the fifth now. So all the time I was there I was busy doing a repair job, which I was not quiet conscious of at the time. But I experienced major shifts and healing while I was there, so it was very healing for me, as well as being of service to so many others to help them to shift their consciousness also.

Those parts of us that are Greys or other so called negative ET's, in other words ones that run on fear depending on their story and experience. But they are now stuck also from their own connection to Ego consciousness and destruction. These beings are responsible for abductions, which create a lot of fear in people. What the abductee do not realise is that they have agreed to help the ET, and are actually the being they fear in part of their multi-dimensional self. The main groups of ET's abducting, the Zeta Reticuli in a positive way and the humans agreeing on another level to help, or even them reincarnated as humans to help. The Greys abducting with fear and doing mutations. As well as the Lizards, military and secret government working with the ET's for genetic engineering purposes. The Greys and Zetas destroyed their planet by war and both went underground, the Greys kept their negative ways, the Zetas got rid of their emotions, and both had to clone, they are now cloning out of existence.

They got weaker and weaker, and in order to survive needed to use human genes to make their race stronger before they completely died out. By so called abducting people they took them up to their ships and did experiments with them to help this. Either using human male sperm in their females, or their own genes into earth females, to give birth to babies that were half human half ET to make a stronger race. What the abductee may not realise is that they agreed to this, and have actually incarnated into human form to assist. There are other ET races that are also involved in these experiments. The human is programmed to forget, but sometimes they start to remember, and this can cause trauma.
The confederation is allowing the Greys and others to play their part as the Earth's enemy too unite the people of Earth. Once the Earth and its' people are unified they will lose completely and the game will be over. They try and undermine as much as they can, using fear, fear based scenarios and conspiracies.

These have been put into us by negative ET's as ways of controlling our thoughts and actions. Also as disseminators of codings they wish to anchor on the earth plane to keep the Earth in bondage to them for their exploitation and abuse. But some are from our own ET self and are placed in us as humans. Not necessarily by negative ET's, but by other ET's to be able to see and relay information from Earth back to them. We have been seeded by many different ET and Star races over the history of Earth, and not only are we ET in a metaphysical sense, but also physically. As they used their genes with the original inhabitants on Earth.

As we become clearer and more aware we can remove these ourself. There maybe many levels of these implants, from the grosser and negative controlling ones, to the more subtle, and also ones that are working in a non harmful manner. Usually you will become aware of these as you gain awareness, or through someone assisting your healing who may pick them up, or you can dowse or muscle test. Often the awareness of these comes with our more awakened self and Light Body. As we become our Light Body more and more then the implants are rejected and can no longer be held there.
To clear implants first we need to have awareness of them. Then align through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun to Source, God Creator, through your Heart Chakra and the Sun in there, and into the Core of the Earth. Ask your Over Soul to assist you, and you may wish to put yourself in a Healing Temple, or Light Ship that is with your Family of Light, or in a place that feels home to you. This could be within your Heart, or in some dimension that is closer to source and familiar to you. Trust what you feel guided to do, you will know. Then through your alignment to you God I Am, see yourself or your family remove it, and loving it until it transmutes into Golden Light. Also be aware of Golden Light and healing energy going into where it was held within you. The head is the most usual place, but they can be located anywhere.
Never be disappointed if you discover more later on, as this is just another level of awareness within you.
For more detials see the "Living Light" book also.

These are parts of ourself trapped in the underworld through fear, that sabotage and control us from within. Once you have awareness of one or more of them just simply face them with Love. Love and accept them in you, and they will transmute and be of no further bother, as they are now out of the illusion and in Love.

They may present themselves in dreams or nightmares, if they do try and deal with them in the dream as it is happening, by simply facing them and loving them.
Knowing that you are connected to your God I Am and Source. Do this until the demon has changed into a loving being. Or go back into the dream later in a meditation, and face them with love and your connection to Source and God I Am prescence. If you find this difficult to do then make sure you are connected, and ask Christ or any other divine beings to help you also. Then deep breath into your fear with Golden Light and the energy of Love, sending it to the Demon in the dream until it is transmuted into a loving being.

Another way your inner demons may present themselves is in life experiences that are nightmares in real life. They are reflecting the inner demons and inner war. So sit quietly, pray and connect to Source, God Creator and your God I Am, Higher Self, and the Earth.
Then breath into the feelings or beings that may come into your awareness.
Breath slow deep breathes, and use Golden Light and the words 'Love and Accept' until you feel at peace. If you can sense or see any of the inner demons as a form then breath in the Golden Light and Love and acceptance until they become a loving form. These inner demons can even drive us to the point where we may want to suicide. So it is important to get a handle on them and love them, as they can make our lives a mess otherwise.
Also ask the inner Demons what they are feeding off you. Trust whatever fear, emotions or thought patterns that come into your awerness, then deep breath love and acceptance into those fears until gone. The Demon will have nothing to feed on now and will cease to exist.
Please see Healing from Withing from Within for more on the breath and loving and accepting and also clearing anger.

Dealing with Demons that possess people that are external beings is dealt with in the Entity section next.


This maybe on other planes but will eventually really show itself here. These are the parts of us that are damaged and hurt, running on fear, anger, rage, hatred, revenge, betrayal, jealousy, insanity and the killer. You can align to your Higher Self, God I Am and ask to be shown those parts of you to heal. This may come in dreams, meditation and awareness, or dowsing, or muscle testing. If you are not aware of these parts of yourself they present themselves in relationships in your life. By the type of people we attract into our life, and the type of experiences we have with them. In this way we can also see the inner male and female as relates in the outside world. So in finding those destructive characters and loving them we will attract healthy relationships into our life.
To give you an example of this, Jane kept attracting mad woman into her life, she was in a relationship with Bob, who lived with and looked after an older mad woman.
This caused problems in her relationship. When after years she finished the relationship with Bob, she meet Adam and they moved together to a new place. They had not found a place of their own to live in, and moved in with Violet who had a big house and property, and wanted people to come and live there like a community. But Violet was into control in a big way, not owning her own darkness, and became quiet insane as she tried to control more and more. This made it unpleasant for Jane, as she had still not been aware that it was a reflection of part of her.
Adam was not attached as he did not have this issue, but Jane was really getting her buttons pressed. Finally she started to realise that part of her, her inner female was mad, it did not manifest as her being mad herself, as it was only subtle. But she attracted these woman into her life that always created havoc, until she finally got it. When she did and healed it she was free to leave Violets place.
It was not that she was a prisoner, but her and Adam were always looking for houses to rent and never found one. Not until she resolved the issue inside of her, then she was free. Jane had to finally manifest it on the outside so bad, that she finally did some thing about it.

Another example is Ruth, she had a couple of uncles who had been in mental institutions, and a father that had tried to kill her as a baby. At first her relationships were not so bad with men, they were drug addicts or dependent on her. She was hoping she would not attract that type any more, but still had not got in touch with her inner males. Next she attracted a man from another culture who was caught up in it and was alcoholic. That did not last too long, and the next one, Royce was not a drug addict and did not drink. But still depended on her for money and was a womaniser, he betrayed her several times. Then Royce started to get violent, Ruth was beside herself and traumatised, she literally had to manifest someone so dysfunctional into her life before she would realise. It was not until she finally got rid of Royce, and only because he had another woman to run off too, that she started to realise. Her inner male was mad, a womaniser, killer and full of fear.
So she had to do a major project on herself, and wanted too, because there was no way she was going to attract another man in with all these dysfunctions. She started having dreams each night of a different aspect of her dysfunctional inner male. So some time during the day she would go into the dream and love her male, until he changed and was healed and integrated. This changed her life, she became whole and stopped her own addictive patterns caused by her inner destructive male, and she meet a new man who was integrated and whole. 

These inner aspects of ourself can also be from our past life/parallel world self that are unresolved and strongly affecting us now, or we need to access their expertise to help us now.

Or they could be parts of us from other worlds, to give some examples, parts of us in our multi-dimensional aspects that have been doing a job for along time, and maybe ready to finish and let go: The Orion gate keeper, and old wizard who is tired and exhausted, or the Insect Being who is like a Queen Bee giving birth all the time and had enough. Or part of our multi-dimensional self that is trapped in another world from our abuse issues. Once you have the awareness of these fragments of self you can send love to them until they are free, whole and healed.

This is the desires we have had for sexual gratification, or in relationships to others in some way wanting to possess another, also being possessed. As well as our desire for power, fame, wealth, possessions or other things or situations. These could be unfulfilled and now may no longer be relevant. But we have still put that energy out so it will come back somewhere along the line, and usually when we do not want it. We may also have to reincarnate just to fulfil that desire, which is what feeds the Astral Lords and keeps them going. As well as keeping us trapped in the desire body and astral world, and not being able to ascend in our Light Body.

To heal any negative desires you have put out for in the past that are unfulfilled and you no longer want to happen.
For example to be with a person in a relationship that you lusted after, or to own and live in a palace. Great if you still want these desires, because you will get them, it may not be in this life, or when you want them. But what ever you put out for will come back to you.
So if you have moved on, and no longer want to possess that person, object or position in life, or job.
Then get yourself in a meditative state, aligned to Source, your God I am and the Earth.
Then take yourself back into that time and deep breath in, Love and Acceptance. Love yourself as you were filled with that desire or need to control, love yourself like it until it changes and you become a free being, trusting and loving, feeling safe and contented within.
Also just state from your I Am prescence that you now cancel that desire.

If you have used witchcraft or spells, then go back and do the same thing. Also go before God and the Councils of Light and ask that all cords to that energy be cut and transmuted in love. You now choose to allow yourself, and that other person, or people to be free and in their own power. Described more fully next (You need to get the book in pdf or hard copy).

These beings are sometimes stuck in us, but they belong in their world.
This can happen if we have abused them, or the land that they are the Guardians of, at some stage, this life or in a parallel life. If you are not sure whether there are any trapped in you, then use the pendulum or muscle test, to see if there are any trapped in your body or energy field.

Then free them and yourself by going before God and the Councils of Light as described fully next. Ask for help to Love and accept yourself for what you may have done, even if unconscious. Send in the Love, Golden Light and acceptance, into the experience, your body and energy field until they are free and you are free. Make any sounds to help shift the energies back to their source. You will be well and happy and so will they.

To clear yourself of these cords of energy, and this applies to anyone who feels they have been victimised by the Dark Forces, Magicians, Negative ET,s, Black Magic, as well as abuse issues, victim/victimiser, or power and control dramas. Then face that within yourself also with Love, accept others and yourself as GOD would, with unconditional acceptance. When we Love all that is us and others then we are one with all that is, we move beyond duality and separation and unify. So nothing on the outside can harm or affect us as we are one with it.

Lie down or sit, and get yourself into a meditative state, connect to Source, your Divine Self and the Earth.
Ask in Prayer for your Higher Self and God, Christ, or whom ever you resonate with that are Divine Beings anchored in Oneness, to be with you. State that you now choose to Love and Accept ......that part of yourself that has been out of alignment with Divine Will....if you have more than one only do one at a time.

Ask your Higher Self to show you that aspect and how it plays itself out, also how it has affected you in this life. Trust whatever you get, or you will know deep inside. If nothing comes, but you still know you have an aspect of this, then just that knowing is enough to embrace in Love and Acceptance.
Or you can use the pendulum or muscle testing if you find you are not able to connect clearly to your inner voice and knowing. If nothing comes then just leave it, as it may not be the time to accept this part of yourself. Or you may have already unified them.
When you are completely unified you will have no illness, loss of energy or issues with survival, being in your body, or in all relationships with others. You will be in Divine consciousness, trusting, aware, clear and physically immortal, which means being your Light Body.
Then when you feel you can truly Love and Accept that part of yourself, with prayer and intent go before the COUNCIL OF LIGHT and what ever your word for the CREATOR/SOURCE/GOD/GREAT SPIRIT/ YOUR HIGHER SELF. Ask that you now choose to love yourself and accept yourself in these duality fear states. Ask that all the cords be cut and transmuted to the energy you were carrying. The ones you may not be conscious of as well, as you no longer choose to buy into this energy..........

Surrender into Divine Will and Love. ........
If they feel deep set bring in the Golden Flame and see them burning......ask for the help of your I Am, your eternal presence to BE in that energy........

An example of this in my own life was that since I had started to open up consciously, and attune myself to my unlimited self. I stared to meditate, do yoga and was learning healing and Naturopathy, working with energy, past lives and making flower essences. When I started to activate my unlimited abilities from parallel lives and dimensions I also attracted the odd Black Magician into my life. They would always try and kill me, and I have a few wild stories about those experiences. I always survived these experiences because I Loved unconditionally, and actually felt great compassion. For I knew the pain that must of made them so hateful, of course at the time I wasn't ready to admit it was in me also, I was Miss Love and Light.
But it got to the point as the years went by, and I also became more aware, and took greater responsibility. Where I got feed up with this scenario and started too really question why this was happening. It was then that I realised that I too had been a Magician, and that energy was still running on the astral plane. I had not only unresolved karma with those individuals, but the karma of still working in duality and fear from this parallel experience. Once I realised and loved the Black Magician in me and transmuted all the anger and rage at the ones outside me, who were triggering me. Went before the Council of Light and Prime Creator and surrendered, and asked all cords be cut, I experienced no more run ins with Black Magicians trying to get me. I had finally unified it in me, so the love and acceptance of my  I Am could not attract it any more, like attracts like.


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