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Dear friends it’s taken me awhile to write since the ‘huge blast and opening within’ at the Solstice and Solar Eclipse as so much is unfolding.

In the last few of days since the event on 20/21 June, this is written 25th June, I have really seen and experiencing a whole new level of Being which I am sure you are too.
Whatever the ‘step up’ is for each of us it will be different experiences and awareness, but the same as far as it’s a catalyst for us to truly be ‘in the world but not of it’.

It’s not about being in 5D it is being ‘Multi-D’ merging everything and simply Being in all worlds and bodies at once. As this happens you are no longer attached to the dramas of the third dimension and the dark matrix control dramas and duality.
You are still in a physical body and where you live physically, but the chaos of the outer world does not touch you when you are at peace. You do not buy into the dramas and are a beautiful radiant Being, shining your light, feeling and being the love. Full of joy for life, existing in the greater reality of Love while still being of service in the duality worlds but it doesn’t touch you as you move more fully into being simply a BeAm.
Every thought now is registered consciously, and if not loving, is embraced in love and no longer exists.

All is well in the world; the Divine Mother has come through fully; we have opened to her in our hearts. Venus seen in the sky each morning before sunrise, a sign in the heavens.
The Goddess is here, and she wants to come through each of us and needs our hearts open.
Once enough of us allow this to happen then the affairs of lost souled mortals and demons who think they rule us is over!

The Sun has changed too, for we are the Sun, the solar loving light codes glowing through us as we are each the RA.
The Earth embracing us in love as each of us is the Earth. She’s not happy in some places and needs to shake rattle and roll a bit, a few things to still sort out in our physical bodies as this beautiful loving energy filters through into the physical plane.


23rd June I to go to town for supplies, when I leave my home seeing as I am rural and no neighbours nearby, I always see my place as invisible and the highest energies so those in a low frequency can't see it. A few years back down my drive this powerful Being came forth spontaneously to stand guard with these mastiffs, reason being that those who would house invade or steal in my area are mostly affiliated with that energy and it means on the inner they know to keep away. This Being an aspect of myself just appeared, I never asked him, but realised he was an aspect of myself helping as there had been several break ins down the road due to big floods and certain undesirables driving along our road.

But now that has all changed and I was aware of not having to put out my invisibility and the Being with the mastiffs was not needed anymore. I saw everything as light and geometric shapes like a light city, through my place and as I drove down my drive. So that aspect of duality I was still hooked up to has shifted.

From 4D to 5D, so those operating in 3D couldn’t see even once we are 4D, but in 5D we really are ‘in the world but not of it’.


I noticed my body and it was like a little rocket of my energy moving through the dimensions and in 3D world it felt very ‘in the world but not of it’. Not invisible but like all the lower vibrational dramas were not anywhere in my field.

I note though that our physical bodies need rest and nurturing. Transmuting and transfiguring take a lot of energy. So too does all the work and experiences on the inner planes. When you do not feel like doing much physically it means a lot is happening at other levels of our Being. We will not be conscious or on a need to know basis but once the integration process is done there will be renewed energy to walk the new path and way of being and all that entails.
Missions are from our soul and so you have a soul contract to do certain work. It is not something you can make up or try and invent. If you are meant to do it the energies will support you, to the point I have often not had money to travel or live but it all unfolds beautifully. But never try and do anything. Your BEing is all that matters.
Do not think you are being unspiritual if you are blobbed on the lounge watching some crap on TV. It is keeping your head out of it, nicely entertained so the allowing and integration can take place.

Also note that when we do bigger picture work it can fry our physical body. Doing lots of missions is not as glamourous and amazing as it sounds for the vehicle, we live in. It can take a lot out of our body. So always listen to your body and give it what it tells you it needs.

You might find your wings are growing, really its showing you that you can fly above all the illusion. We had this in the early 90’s, but it seems to be part of our changing form, our angelic self can come through or reptilian self, whatever forms of genetic material we have in us often needs to come up to be released.

So, all sorts of weird stuff might be happening to your body. It could also be very stiff, you do not even want to do much exercise, yoga etc. But when you do it is very noticeable in a positive way. Is about being gentle and not forceful. The Goddess in us shows us how we can attain more by being gentle than by go hard and fast.


How many of us have dimmed our Light and not felt safe to shine it, and also I know for myself I can just press buttons of some people without even opening my mouth, yet alone saying anything cosmic.
Now that has all shifted this is the time for us to really shine our Light now, it is so needed.

I noticed everyone I have had interactions with complimented me on how bright I was or wanted to have a conversation and help me. We were all sparking. The sparks just keep coming with everyone I encounter and the lightness felt.
My energy field has totally shifted, so no doubt has yours too.

I know this is not everyone’s experience as we are all in different parts of our journey so below I have links to help.

It’s so much easier now to shift ones frequency as some of us have opened up the track through the jungle to now it’s a super freeway and easy to speed through, rather than in my day a slow process hacking through the vines.

Many times the Goddess has come through me and spoken and neutralised very violent situations and saved myself and lots of people. I have lots of my missions in  Multi-D Journeys and in this scribing of what occurred in the Solstice Eclipse are links to some relevant ones.

In my experience when the Goddess comes through me/us she can never be disobeyed as no matter how dark or negative the situation or people.

In 1996 in Kashmir whilst on a mission to anchor the Pleiadean Living Library of light into glacier lakes at the top of the Himalayas on the border between Kashmir and Pakistan the army tried to stop myself and group of woman with me. They took our houses and beat up the horsemen taking most of them as well. We could not get up to where we needed to be without the horses carrying tents, bedding, food. It took days to reach our destination.
I fronted the commanding officer and his officers’ long story short. And ‘demanded our horses and horsemen back and how dare they attack innocent people and I will report them to Delhi’.
I said this as they were pointing M16s at me and two friends, and could of easily killed me/us blamed the militants and no one would of ever known, it happened the year before when I was on a mission in another part of Kashmir. 
But they knew the Goddess had spoken and did not dare refuse her. We got the horses and men back did the mission and when we got back nine days later they grabbed the horses and men and went up where we had just been as the snow was melting and the militants were coming across the border. But the Goddesses work far more important than men’s war games.

The night before the Solstice June 20 after I saw on the news the situation in India with all those suffering and not able to get to hospitals re Covid. The next thing I knew I was moving through India as the Goddess this time I was half in the earth half out. The mothers love moved through then I was in Ladakh where I have been many times and over the Nubra Valley, then up to the valley where the Chinese had invaded recently. The Goddess was having none of this nonsense and as she/I move through the land right were the two sides were fighting. The Goddess rose from the Earth came up as all the tanks, men, arms fly away, and the Chinese were pushed back to their territory.

I just heard from a friend in India June 26, they just had an agreement and the Chinese are physically retreating back to their territory. Good.

My true desire is to see everyone on Earth free of suffering and open hearts, at peace, abundant and in joy. But I know as the Goddess one cannot just go and interfere in the affairs of men unless it is called upon from one’s inner sun, otherwise it can create karma and more entanglements for myself and everyone else. We can’t just wave the magic wand as much as we would like to.

But what each of you can do is breath into your fears, so your heart is open and the Divine Mother shines fully from your hearts. Then the world of war, control dramas, lack, starvation, pollution and terror is gone.
Because you loved it in you.
Being the Goddess has nothing to do with the gender of your body, it is the Loving, nurturing compassionate part of us. The power of Love is so much more powerful than any army or weapons. Be the Love and our world completely shifts overnight, it is up to each of us.

This Solstice Eclipse especially I knew not even to think of going anywhere (we can here in NZ everything is open and no social distancing and masks). It was all internal so best to be at home and comfortable as the energies so powerful and lots of rest required, water, food nourishing the self.

For many the need to still physically move around is required, but for some all this has changed.
I was a person who was always zapping off to sacred sites, vortexes and beautiful divine places worldwide and I would still like to go back and see all my friends in so many countries.
But I know the time of doing that is over for me. No more missions, no more carrying and transferring codes. No more anything except to Be and Injoy. 
While we are still in a physical body that doesn’t quiet equate, as we still need to do things to thrive in the physical world, but we learn that we are the world.

We embodied ourselves at the Solstice Eclipse more fully than ever before. No wonder you were/are so tired, it takes a lot of energy to rearrange one’s molecules. Congratulations!

Next is what was experienced and what it’s showing us through the Solstice Solar Eclipse lens of RA light.

See Links to help below.

June 20 Saturday
Travel to the Greater, Greater Central Sun beyond this universe.
There is a space within that you can’t ever get rid of that stays there no matter what. 
This space appears empty, but it’s the void and womb of all life that we know. 
This space creates the worlds of light that illuminate through matter. 

We are now in this void, this pregnant pause.
 It’s not what we do or say that matters…matter, that is just a façade a dance we played.
It is where we acknowledge our soul for the love and the unlimitedness of its presence.
Like a black hole we sucked everything in.
Now in this stillness it’s up to us what we put out once we move out of the stillness.
This is not done by thinking anything, this is simply BEing what we truly are.
Saturday evening while the news on about India and hospitals on overwhelm I feel so much love as the Goddess and I move through the Earth with the top part of my body out into the air, I am enormous, all-encompassing and then travel up to where Chinese invaded recently in Ladakh and acknowledging Lord Maitreya and others divine ones. I am the earth there, I know it I feel, it I am it, I see the vehicles of the Chinese army and Indian flip over and be pushed away from each other and Chinese back to where they belong, the goddess has no room for nonsense.

From my friend Ganga in Bangalore 25 June. ‘Congrats my love, I heard news today India and China military officials came to an agreement. China will get back to its position. Your work got success’.

I think of the Goddess I am when stopping t
he Indian army in 96, that was a Goddess mission, as was being at the source of the Ganges June Solstice 1996. It is so powerful my feeling of being there, being the earth and energies there, the river remembering the solstice ceremonies at each time of the June solstice there in the Nubra Valley Ladakh 2007 then in 2014 June Solstice for the Stargate Opening. 

It is so yummy being the earth. Remembering the hot springs, the rivers, the mountains, the trees and plants, the stones, the villages and people, the sunrises and sunsets, the full moons and star filled skies. Embodying the earth is such a beautiful experience.
 Even if you can’t relate to the Earth as being her, try lying on her and imagine taking yourself down into the soil. Smell it, feel it, imagine moving through it and let the earth take you where she wants you to most feel her to awaken the love in your heart more fully.
The word ‘Earth’ also spells ‘Heart’ and for good reason. Go into the earth heart the Inner Earth Sun.

Then the owl comes in at the west window in my lounge and tries to get inside, it is dark outside but light inside.
I go over and we connect and look at each other for ages then she flies off!!!

I feel so blessed she has flown into my home before at night, lights all on, she brings a message. The owl magic sees in the dark and is such a wise being. She does not call by often but when she does, she is letting me know something big is going to happen.

There is no sunrise or sun all day, which felt fine seeing it was the Winter Solstice when the Sun connects through to the Inner Earth Sun and it’s all inner for us at the Winter Solstice.

I connect and send love of Suns, to inner earth and out to all Beings and humanity love and peace.

Then go back to bed, I am still in Ladakh remembering the June Solstice there in 2007 at the Nubra Valley and  2014 Lake Tsmororiri  and at Gomukh Source of Ganges for June Solstice 1996. My inner self had said go to place felt most powerful and it was there, the energy so powerful it was hard to stand up literally. Then get taken to Antarctica see it at different stages and then pre ice age.
Then feel I am floating and in the Sirian ship and get to let everything go, so I do.

I  get up for the exact time and set out crystal spheres in four directions and two bigger picture crystal skulls and look at the mandalanewsunsmall of the New Sun and make the sounds and get a sense of the Inner Earth exploding!

My inner self talks to me and says ‘ the Sun in your heart is the most powerful aspect of yourself in this life and body and in fact in many until you fully awaken to yourself as a Sun.
The Earth is exploding from inside out, what you see with the inner sun is symbolic of what is taking place. The explosion is of density and matter it is exploding and all those attached will not fare well’.
I didn’t like the sound of that but realise how important it is to let go all our attachments to money and the physical world, to conditional love and to literally everything that we hold on to that is not even real. (This is emotionally and mentally).

I asked what is Sabian Symbol that best expresses the energies for today and get Libra 12 which is actually for Oct 3, as each symbol is for each degrees of the zodiac signs, but I very occassinally just ask on the inner which one as it explains what is happening energetically.

"Miners emerging from a mine" 12 Libra

Theme: Pied

Inspiration: Ah! To be freed from the mine, to breathe so fresh, to see the Sun shine.

Today: The Earth, it is said, is alive and active. Its secrets, in time, do emerge like jewels and diamonds spit up from the ground.

In human experience, the body has its ways of knowing as well. At times, things emerge into the light of conscious awareness.

In human affairs, one may feel suppressed, held in the dark and dazzled by shadows within Plato's cave. Emerging into the light, the full light of the Sun, can be so overwhelming that one fears and doubts and runs back into the mine.

Watch for bright shining things today… like jewels and trinkets, insights, and revelations. It may seem too good to be true, but consider patience and full comprehension. What appeared to be a dark and heavy situation may in fact emerge with a liberating sense of shining truth. It can be all pied… almost a matter of black and white.

 In Hamlen town the folk were trapped

Inside a mine of dust and black

When a piper passed unseen

Save his shadow across the screen

He played his pipe a sound so clear

Only children, the song, could hear

They rose and followed the pipers purse

The adults cowered, their covet's curse.

Out from the mine the children followed

from the mine so dark, the air so hollowed

And danced behind the Piper's line

One crippled boy trailed behind

Up to a bridge of rainbow light

The children followed in delight

The Piper paused, the children too

While the crippled boy struggled through

And as he stepped into the light

His body healed, his vision bright

The Piper played until at last

All the children kindly past

From dark to light the Piper's stride

was last, and so we call him Pied

The moral emerges from ages past

And here from our ragged verse:

That the last shall be first

And the first shall be last.

From Astrology, Blain Bovee,, Degree interpretations, Sabian Symbols

I sing and connect in, aware of RA so powerful and I feel myself as RA, I am aware of myself as this powerful warrior who is dark then told to look into his heart and see the Sun in a sacred geometry way.

If you can give life you can take life…As I was aware of the owl and to look into the dark.

The giver of life is also the taker of life, like Thoth with his scales he balances up the worth of the soul for its journey either back into mortality on into immortality. Such is the power of this Solstice and Solar Eclipse.

I am RA I hold the life and death of the world in my hands at present it is dying.

The Earth stands still and in the moment all is dead and reborn, destruction and creation.
I know RA is like Shiva and the powerful warrior I saw is myself and it is time to utilise that aspect.

I connect it is very powerful and I feel I am the earth, everything felt beautiful.

This Solstice Eclipse when things turn inside out, the inner soul is exposed to the outer world.

June 22
Waking up to see Venus so bright an hour before sunrise, it had been too cloudy previous days, what an amazing sign.
The Goddess of Love is embodied within us.


June 23

As I have written in the changes that have occurred our energy has shifted so much it affects how we do things and are received in the outer world.

As I watched the sunset at the beach last night (5pm now) the sun appeared different as well and the codes coming out of her were so beautiful, I feel so blessed and to see Venus in the morning an hour before sunrise it's so huge. Nature shows us everything.
Thank you  the Source of all that is, Divine Mother, Mother Earth, the Goddess and each of you, for we are One Heart and our heart is opening so beautifully.

I know its crazy in the material world with Covid, all the corruption, the control, the inequality, the starvation and suffering. It’s not being in denial of any of the experiences that so many are in.
We are here to heighten our vibration so we can come from unconditional love, so our body and energy field is so Light and Loving. That we illuminate it out for all who choose to utilize the BeAm we are, to awaken themselves and also become a BeAm.
It is good to know what’s happening in the dark matrix and lower realms but do not attach to it. If you do it is something in your you need to love. Your inner grief, guilt, fear of death or suffering.
Once you have become aware of these fears within then it is easy to deep breath and love and accept, embrace and surrender to that unloved parts of you.
As you love yourself whole, you also love the world whole and healed.
We hold the secret to all our dilemmas. LOVE.




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