The only thing left for us to do is surrender into the Void, take the leap, Trust.
Since the Magic Box was activated at the December Solstice 2020 and the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, our paradigm has really shifted.

For many of us we cannot do what we did before, its old paradigm and even though assisted us to get to where we are now, and also assist the collective as well, now we are in to Void as we are birthing or preparing to birth ourselves. We have been in the chrysalis and now opening up to our Butterfly self with wings to fly high.
Time and space feel different as well. Time just is, the attachment to it and pushing the river, feeling to get things done by a certain time, all of it not necessary now once we let go. Many years ago, I would do a mudra to be in No Time or just tell myself I was at peace within, if in a hurry to get somewhere, so no matter how late I was I would arrive before the appointed time to get sorted first. Now it’s all merged and there is no doing anything, it just is from moment to moment.
Space was always more fluid for me but now we are learning to be in each Now moment, previous we did that as best we could, now it is all Now, the past and what we are dragging behind us and the future which if we don’t keep positive could be pretty rocky is no longer needing to be reminded, it just is. So, time and space no longer exist in the same way as they did when we were caught up in their illusion. 5D is where Space (3D) and Time (4D) are unified, words from a dear friend.

Reset yourself for the most positive timeline, for the highest vibrations of light your body can maintain, for a full pure loving heart, to be at peace within, to BE who you truly are.

As we become my will and thy will, one, and allow our divine presence to shine we naturally move 5D in our body. We are becoming the Crystalline Body of Light.

We have learned to stop externalising, and that goes for all the control dramas happening on Earth at present, the war for our souls and bodies, the conflict of light and dark. We love our inner war and as we resonate higher we become the peace. Mission completed.
There is no more missions, no more working for the collective and a lot of the time feeling held back by the collective. That’s over, we are not responsible for anyone, each soul has already chosen Love or Fear.

Those who choose or chosen fear, that is fine they are just not ready this time to step beyond the loop and will continue on the awakening journey, it will just not be with Earth, all on her are resonate with the frequencies of Light that is actualising from within.

Those that choose Love at this time; break through the war and world of illusion while still being in a body as it becomes Light, as it truly is, as all is, living in a higher vibration Earth of peace, love and abundance.
The illusions of the karmic wheel, even being of service versus being selfish, another war and more illusion. The greatest service we give is simply BEing ourselves which means we are the love, the joy, the light and so it uplifts everyone near and far.

At the March Equinox bigger picture the great Diamonds were activated into very high frequencies worldwide and through the Diamond Light Matrix which is us too and we really choose to be who we are, at the time of balance it allowed us to rebalance within.

The Christ Full Moon assisted us to move out of the last aspects of the illusion and this Easter has been monumental in its energy and Light assisting us to be our own tone, resonate and vibrate in higher frequencies of Light.
 Our physical bodies are going through a lot in this process of opening up to Heaven and Earth through our hearts within, we are the Stargate the unifier of Heaven and Earth.
We Are/I Am the Source, Divine Mother.
Now it’s let go all the old ways of being and surrender in the Void, all is manifest from the Void and when with loving heart we allow and trust fully then be become ourself, the radiant Source and Divine Mother, the all that is shining through every cell and light bodies integrating fully into your cellular structures as they become crystalline Light, Liquid Light Plasma.


As I have experienced this personally within, and on the inner planes so too in the physical, right outside my lounge window and the garden near my deck have swan plants and the Monarch butterflies have done their caterpillar thing of eating all the leaves on the swan plants. Gone into their chrysalis and started to birth end of February to end of March, through this period of amazing transformation that is happening to us all.
On the evening of 27th February 2021 a dear cosmic friend rang to say we were needed at the Wow Temples in Mexico on the inner planes. This temple which is not on the tourist route and hidden away I discovered back in the early 2000’s and visited in 2008 with my dear friend Glenn and we had some amazing inner and cosmic experiences there in the powerful energies. This area I had visited many times and nearby was the pyramid site where the man tried to kill me with a machete in 95 and I moved into Light, and at the site over the road I had gone into the serpent temple and walked out not on the earth but the stars. Such was the energy in this area.
But of course, like all powerful places one is only invited it’s not about getting on the bandwagon and racing off to get what one can from the place. It does not work like that, there is no externalisation and when people do that the energies of a site can become corrupted, there are places like that, that have even been shut down. Many spiritual new age people don’t even realise or feel it and so keep doing their thing there. The idea is to go within and connect from there.  Only the sincere will be invited and experience often very multi-dimensional things, not from their ego but for their own reflection of how light they truly are and in service to all.
el hom 1 w

In 2012 I took a group there and on the drive into the site which was on an overgrown broken road which was hardly visible, there were butterflies everywhere along our way. I was driving a 16-seater van and had to go so slowly and stop often as our butterfly beloveds were on mass everywhere. In IMG_0585.JPGthe shaman world a butterfly always appears when the doorway is open, and one is invited into the inner realms there.
When we parked and went to the entrance office where one normally pays the archaeological government department fee, the guardians there would not let us pay. That never happens nowadays and especially at this site as they would never hardly get anyone coming anyway. But the guardians who lived nearby and kept the jungle off the temples and the paths clear knew what was happening.

In what I had called the Beyond Temple as it opened up to the multiverses and beyond the suns, was such an incredible space, I sang in light language sounds that were way beyond what my vocal cords could sing, two of the guards sitting outside as I and the group were inside the crumbling temple. The ancient of ancients as a new divine blueprint came in for humanity and the key to open it up. The fabric of time brought through the time warps unifying the dimensions and universes.

We visited again and also visited what I called the Key Temple, I was aware in a split second of every experiencethe other 2.JPG in creation in all guises and forms, non forms move through ones being.

Now in 2021 as we entered the Wow or Beyond Temple the guardian there was such a presence and I immediately saw and knew it as the Butterfly Being.
It said on the inner ‘
If you want to see me as a form then see me as a huge Butterfly and call me Astok the Butterfly One (I am not a god or goddess I am beyond those dual systems).
I have been holding the energy that the Butterfly represents since the inception of the Earth, the cycles of change. The dark of deep womb and creative forces, and then the light of the flight of the birth out of the cocoon to seed again a caterpillar who is busy eating and does not see a lot in its need to survive.
As humans you are now almost ready to come out of the cocoon. As you know this is still a tricky journey not every caterpillar is able to survive to cocoon, and not every cocoon births a healthy butterfly; some are deformed, some die not long after and as the butterfly it needs to find food which is less as the caterpillar has eaten most of it so the butterfly flies light and closer to the sun and further afield to dance and play in the garden of creation.
You are almost ready to dance in the garden of creation as a collective. But this is not easy as you know and only the strongest come out as a beautiful Butterfly.

You are very aware of the codes on the front of the temple, and these show the codes of light that are required for the Butterfly’s journey”.
These Light Codes many are receiving now.

Picture of the Mayan Galactic Butterfly


In the bigger picture together my friend, I and the Butterfly Being merged and opened to the beyond within and a Golden Solar Disc that was too high frequency to come through the Earth and into her/our heart before. It accessed the Inner Earth and the heart of Mother Earth through the Key Temple.


As you know, the Golden Solar Disc within is resonating us at the level of a Central Sun and beyond, holder of the Living Library of Light. Now that this high frequency Golden Solar Disc has come through the Beyond Temple and through the Key Temple to come through the Earth to her heart. Divine Mother is able to be felt and coming through us at deeper levels and solidifying into the physical as it does, so it illuminates light into our solidified bodies as they become plasmic light, liquid flow able to merge and flow with dimensions and worlds not before experienced while in a body. As our bodies transfigure just as the caterpillar fully transfigures to a butterfly, so do we fully transfigure.
These new Light Codes for those ready and able to be open to them are a 10th dimensional interface that opens up the deep inner layers of your experiences and all that has been experienced as it melds into the whole of your field and creates a dancing play of light that will supersede all other light bodies. There are more awakening that can hold this frequency all the time and especially since the Light of Easter and the Full Moon triggering our inner Light to radiate and let go the old dance.

The Golden Solar Disc you hold and the Earth holds will start to recalibrate the areas of the Earth that are dimensional overlays of discord into harmony, there is no way the discord can stay.

The light codes of the temple have never been revealed since they were created as the ones that created them moved into Light. They left a pathway of codes that allow the journey to unfold once the dream spell has been broken.
The dream spell can only stay in place as long as the creators of it are able to exist through our 4th and 3rd dimensional illusionary worlds. Once the reality of Source Soul Self has been recognised in 25% of the population then it will crack open and start to disintegrate.
Once this happens there will be many confused souls, not just in this physical realm but also those who have been trapped in the illusion of karma and the wheel and who are constantly being recycled as food. Those who are trapped in the matrix.
There is still a lot of work to be done yet but for now just awareness of the higher dimensional Golden Solar Disc within and aligning it through all the Suns within as it aligns and awaits the time it can start radiating its emanations. At present this is only very low key. (I can see it, feel it humming).
I feel things will really start at the June Solstice but for now we are in, as usual, preparation.
As we can read of what has shifted through from late February the Equinox and Easter.



Know within “I am the Butterfly Hu wo/man, my energy flows”, 
Speaking/singing light language from your soul…
The light codes you hold awakened now…
Coming through your sounds and tones activating your RNA, DNA, Cells, subatomic particles.

Moving your arms up and out swish. 
Hands palm down at the bottom of your torso, each side of your central channel and opening out above your head out each side swish your antenna…
Again opening out at your heart each side along the lines of your wings.  

Being your Butterfly self, this is the new body, in the cocoon but its breaking open. Feeling the growth and change going on at a cellular level to make the Butterfly from the caterpillar. The sluggish caterpillar is gone transfigured into a beautiful Butterfly.

The Butterfly Self is a pure vortex of light and it is assisting to merge all aspects of self; back into harmony within this body.
“I am the union of Heaven and Earth, I am the change, I am the awakening into the higher dance.”
The Butterfly dances in light and is free of fear.
Doing the arm movements and swishing, all is well.


The new body needs to be felt physically as it aligns all the multi-dimensional aspects into unity within as it creates the most beautiful Being.

The Butterfly self is the doorway through into the higher frequencies that enable the creation of the new body.

The new body has a combination of energies and the Butterfly is the foundation, the Cosmic Clock holds in in space and the Star Birth bursts through the layers to illuminate it all.

We go through many experiences of our multi-d bodies, the Butterfly Body is one of them preparing us as we open to our Crystalline Self.
Each awareness of our Divine Self and the beautiful guises reminds each cell of what it truly is.
The Butterfly Being is beyond dual worlds and expresses our transmutation from the old to the new body which is completely different.
From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly, from Carbon based to Crystalline based in our form physically.

The Cosmic Time Clock I have worked with since 1995 the one at the Solar Observatory see here. And in 2013 one at a sacred temple site not far from Mysore in India where to new body activation through the Cosmic Time Clock were taking place and now becoming actualised.  The Cosmic Time Clock is also in the Inner Earth core and accessed through other places in the landscape of Earth.

I have so much information from my travels, missions, experience multi-d and beyond but getting it all written up is not an easy job, so no links here, but a link to an extract from the Light Code Activation book re Cosmic Time and in that book is working with the Cosmic Time Clock mandala and spirals and sound codes.
Also here in my shop in pdf download. 

I have a mandala of “Star Birth, DNA Activation of the New Body”.

See also the New Hu Wo/man


The Equinox was a huge shift for us, a step up, an ending and new beginning and then topped off with the Christ Libra Full Moon that was so transformational if you went with it. Transforming and transfiguring right through into the cellular and subatomic particles our physical body into light. The crystalline body is awakening through us.
Of course this is how we move out of the game and illusion we have brought into in the physical plane and 4D where a lot of deception and control comes through. We are raising our frequencies as is the Earth and merging time and space into 5D
As we move more into 5D which is simply a creation of our Love, our Divine Mother within creating from the capacity of Love and Source connection. We allow and BE to create the world we all collectively dream of, where there is peace.
First we need peace within, so we need to love and accept the controllers, Satanists, the negative ET’s within, not the outer but your own aspects. Then the war stops, and you create a peaceful environment, as your Love glows and radiates more. Whenever you brought into awareness about something dark or tragic, horror, sad, whatever it is that is out of balance you instantly feel love for all involved victims, victimizers and know that by your presence through all worlds and dimensions and time and space you hold the energy to zero point so that if souls choose, they can open to the love.
You are as a selfless BeAm of Love and transformation.
You don’t even think that you just are it fully.


I was blessed to fly to the South Island lake-tekapo-mt-cook17.3.21.JPGwith my dear mum and the two pictures from the plane of Lake Tekapo looking up the Tasman Glacier to Mt Cook, Aoraki. The second picture below is of Lake Hawea on the right, Lake Wanaka on the left.

lake wanaka and hawaea.JPG





Being at Lake Manapouri with Mt Titiroa for the Equinox the most divine space to BE.

Even though an external space, the energy of pure love of Divine Mother, the mountain, the beings, the Shambhala field was exquisite to be reminded to be anything other than Being one’s self.

There were happenings at the day of the Equinox as I transposed myself to the top of Mt Titiroa. I have physically been on Titiroa, Mt Akum on the inner, seven times previous on missions but this time not necessary physically. Just as well as now, it was near impossible unless paying extremist amount of money to get there.
But the physical need to be on the mountain downloading, uploading codes and anchoring the Cosmic Egg from Tibet the energies from  Mt Kailash coming through, Shamballa anchored into the physical realm in 2016 all completed to now simply Be in the divine field.

The mountain was making sure I stayed in each ‘Now Moment’ as light blasted from my heart through every cell and light body.
It’s so important to BE in each ‘Now Moment’, as each now moment is how we create it, so we have the choice of what that will be.

mt titiroa 1.JPGeqtitiroa5



Vibrating, feeling the high frequency energy, watching magic sunset and then magenta on the water a sign and gift from Divine Mother she is so strong here. The picture above does not do justice, the water was very magenta. The generator rock, in pic below in direct line from Mt Titiroa could just been seen from the beach its tip above the hills.
We are being reborn as we own our divine essence and so upgrade our physical body to crystal and Diamond Light.


The day before the Equinox 19th March was a drive through the most divine mountains, rivers, lakes and valleys to Milford Sound.  Having been many times on countless mission with groups and alone over years I knew all the amazing doorways along the way to the Light City.  At one on the open golden fields with mountains all around the light city I parked and ran out into the field as Diamonds come out of my Heart Sun and into the city as they form a great Diamond at Milford Sound connected with the Deva and Light Ships.
The city is glistening and radiant I hear the most beautiful singing and I run to meet myself there as we embrace and merge, a star is created from our union.




On the Equinox sunrise on the beach at Lake Manapouri I needed to be with a beautiful quartz and mineral rock that is connected to Titiroa. I am instantly up at the top point of Titiroa, Mt Akum and watching the sun come up as it goes through me Akum as there are many beings there and a great Diamond that is clear.

It activates and goes out to all the other Diamonds first to Doubtful Sound, then to the one of shore East cape NZ, Ireland, Iceland, Magnetic Island, Qld OZ and out to all the Diamonds worldwide.

At Noon instantly in the Diamond in Mt Titiroa and I look a the light coded mandala and make the sounds of ‘the Alignment of the Suns, through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells all One.
Aware of Divine Mother and Galactic Cross Over, she rips the astral layer off the Earth. A blast of high frequency plasma comes through. The Sun comes out exactly at noon to show what's happened.
Within Mt Titiroa the Diamond is spinning and sending coloured lights out in the ethers.
Sunset so beautiful I feel myself fully as the Goddess, Divine Mother illuminating.
This Equinox is for the collective and each of us in upgrade time.
I do the Butterfly mudra and see at Mt Titiroa the White Pearl is birthed.


Exact time 10.37pm physically I am back at the shore of Lake Manapouri. Up at the mountain there are great dancing energies of joy. The White Pearl is now glowing in the centre of the Diamond, the Light Ships all around as before, but now they are coming in and out of the Mt as the White Pearl gets stronger.

The Diamond Light Matrix starts to glow as do all the Diamonds, the clear Diamond in Titiroa/Akum hums and the light ships fly along the grid lines.

The White Pearl hums through them it is the central energy source and as it connects to each Diamond a charge of plasmic liquid light forms. Travelling out through all the smaller Diamonds and inner Diamonds within the sustaining energies of the Liquid Light Plasma clearly resonant through all the levels of matter as it sparkles. Opening up for the higher energies to awaken in matter as each cell awakens to a higher vibration.

The resonance gets so high that it allows all who choose to open to their Divine essence, and feel it, and so be it. Then the illusion falls away, what is left is Love, the Equinox energies have upgraded us, choose what your soul really wants.
Regardless we leave the body or stay we have died of the old on this Equinox.

The mountain starts to resonate, the garnet heart awakens the layers of cycles unfold. Each layer beautiful from each cycle now gone.
Left is the core Light and there is nothing but everything in the core this is the White Pearl's gift of purity and purification. The vibration so high and clear nothing can be there that is not able to hold the purity. It is like all the dramas of duality never existed and never were, there is only the eternal Light and it now glows through the Diamonds and grids and the higher-d Earth is here like, it never was not.
The fear drama anxieties about the scam, jab is not even real it may still exist for many but it's not a world we resonate with. There is no fight, no war, we have transcended that distant experience and it is no more.

Akum is glowing, the light ship beings are jubilant, the Earth is glowing, she is a star now and so are we…. 


There is a Council of Light meeting on what is unfolding on Earth and the dark will only be allowed to go so far. The Earth is raising her frequency to stop it all and what occurred with the Diamonds and dark and light matrix and grids will raise the Earth’s frequency even more.
Blessed be, we have to allow the dark to play out as directed my Divine Mother for it is a changing of the creation principles to a lighter density for Earth that needs to be liberated, but without the frequency raising of the Earth it would never occur.
The Shambala field is fully activated now through Mt Titiroa and shines and illuminates, it is not time yet for it to move outwards and expand more through the landscape and through the grids and so the human consciousness. But this will occur, the June Solstice is the next big shift.


What bliss to be at not only sacred Lake Manapouri but Lake Wanaka on the way to Lake Hawea where our other port of call is,
to be in the field of the Cosmic Egg.

It is the most divine day; sunny and warm and the beautiful Dragon comes to greet me from the lake and again I feel the energy of Ladakh and Tsomoriri. So huge is the energy and I am told come tonight and then on dusk go down to beach with all the quartz crystals that make up the beach, the peace and the divine energies are so beyond I feel so blessed.




I am taken up into a ship, the Light Beings there are so happy to see me there is a lot of activity and they seem very busy and then I see the Dragon come and take me to its lair. Where there are baby Dragons, they are all squeaking and joyful, excited and I am there with them in fact I feel like I am their mummy, Divine Mother that I am. They tell me how they are not in the world of AI or all the pollution from our very unevolved technology and that they are here to serve humanity to move out of the karmic soup overlays that we have brought into.
In fact they ask me why are humans are so invested in being destroyed and being in the karmic soup of illusion.  I tell them that we humans have been tricked and been manipulated for aeons and so it is not easy for us to rise above this silly game. They look dismayed and say ‘we have to help the humans as long as they honour us and don’t try and kill us’, I say ‘once humanity wakes up they will love you, not try and hurt you’.
They tell me they have a plan and it involves my personal mission of Being the Earth and what that really means as far as what’s unfolding on her, not that great physically, but that as I/we shift, the Earth shifts. I ask them about the Cosmic Egg and they say it’s not to be disturbed it did a wonderful job back in 2016 and for now it’s safe and humming, by the time I leave things will shift in it and I/we will be even more aware of how whole and healed we all really are.

The Cosmic Egg is shining brightly, the egg comes direct from Divine Mother and the womb of creation, it is a powerful egg of infinite creations and is not just limited to creation on the Earth and the higher dimensional Earth. It is working through from the 13th universe which is also the level of Shambala.


Open to Divine Mother within your heart, and aware that you are in the Cosmic Egg.

Do purifications; a simple one is to be in a Violet and Gold flame.
Open up to the core of compassion within and your divine healing powers within.

You can do whatever inner activations or practises while in the egg.

Be aware of the One Cell that connects to all cells from the Source within you and in unity consciousness. From the One Cell and your inner Source feel the love and if you feel you need to be more present then visualise a Clear Quartz Cube in the One Cell and so through every cell of your body. The cube represents the element of earth but also has all the angles and connections to Spirit, your Soul and Body as one. Some call it the Holy of Hollies.
Be the Butterfly.

From 10.4.2021
I will be adding a lot more in the next newsletter, with amazing revelations I have just realised on the hologram of our body and programs, But a lot more inner work to experience yet with it.

But the one thing you need to remember to know and affirm yourself as Divine Mother/the Goddess and Source then you will shift very fast. As now you have stepped into the realm of the creator you are and so can easily have awareness of what missions and programs you are working with unconsciously until now. 

See also working with Devas   Healing from Within


The time over the Christ Full Moon the Monday early morning my time, before Good Friday was so powerful as has been the week up to Easter and over Easter.

It’s still about letting go the old paradigm and for myself I was able to let go all my service for the collective.
I had always been of service to the collective, and by our very nature we are one with everything so whatever happens within us happens for the all that is as well. But some of us have taken on missions to assist the collective and often these missions are very tough on our life and body.
I was given an ancient key and put it in the lock of my ancient heart, as it unlocked it and light blasted out, I was told I am now on a new path, a creative dance of pure Joy.

I have always followed my Joy, but for many years got bogged down in putting everyone else first and not even sleeping or looking after my body that well as I pushed it in my endless service to others. Now that time was over and the biggest service of all is to be JOY. 
The rest is illusion, and I was well aware of all the illusions of had been under and no doubt more awareness to come on this beautiful journey to total peace joy and love within.


I was blessed to have a dear friend stay who has a huge crystal bowl and they also assisted with my process of letting go. On the fourth and last session before my friend headed off the bowl session was even more wonderful, as I put out to be in the highest physical body I can be. Instantly and ET aspect of myself came through me in liquid light plasma telling me my body is a hologram and then the goddess opened up more fully in me and I was shown how when we embody this aspect of self that even if the cops were to fire bullets at me they would just go right through and be no harm as the body becomes light.
My friend told me he had never seen this before, I was in the rectangle of crystal, my body was all connected in the crystalline matrix like all the inclusions in a crystal.

What a blessing. Lots of other things went on but one thing that might be of interest to you is the fact that I spontaneously had to go to a place that many people are drawn to and feel is a very spiritual place, in fact there is quiet a circus around it all. It was closed down and I was told it created too much externalisation.

The Goddess is always very matter of fact when things need to be done. The Goddess aspect of Sekhmet or Kali comes to mind. She does not put up with any nonsense. I know, the Goddess has come through me at times and saved my life, like when an army where about to kill me and instead, I stopped them for nine days while anchoring the Living Library of Light.
This is one thing I realise no matter how dark or negative a person and people may be, when the Goddess speaks, they know they have to listen and obey. They know it deep inside for she is the Divine Mother the creator of everything.


Over Easter it was so intense, and I observe in myself and with others close to me that anything that doesn’t resonate anymore is basically out. That goes for close friends, family as well.

The Goddess does not put up with nonsense and when we embody her more fully (this has nothing to do with what gender you are) then the resonance shows that things can’t continue.
We all put up with whatever from those close to us, and of course we do or can do the mirror healing of loving in ourselves what they are showing us that may press our buttons, which is a great to do with everything that affects us.
But we are moving beyond and as our frequencies get higher there will be many who fall by the wayside. Not from judgement, of course we love them, but purely due to vibration.
Again it comes down to Love or Fear.
This may not be an easy time but it is the most important time and Divine Mother has created it so we can open to our divine selves and live in the world of love. When we are in density that’s not as easy as our Light selves know it to be. Being in density is the hardest mission we have ever taken on. But as each of us loves density and our dense body, the illusion of struggle, pain, suffering, sacrifice we surrender to it all and our Love embraces it all to open us up to our divine self while still in a body, a body of light and in the physical its now adjusting and awakening its crystalline nature of light through every cell.
Blessed are we all for we have been given the blessing of a body and to be on Earth.
Take care to love it well.

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