Light Cities are civilisations that have been on the Earth in other cycles and have moved into the higher dimensions when the cycle finished, usually through earth changes or some big cosmic event. We are now coming into the Sixth Cycle and the First Cycle was when the Earth became habitable to live on. This was aeons ago and I never get caught up in how long ago time wise in the greater reality it’s all happening right now. This is why many people are overwhelmed with what’s happening as all our other selves are coming back to meet us. In the unification process the worlds and dimensions are merging, even our Galaxy is merging with the Andromedan Galaxy, as above as below.

   As this cycle completes the worlds and dimensions are merging and the Light Cities are becoming more visible asthe veils disappear. The Light Cities will also have a Council of Light connected to them as they operate in higher dimensions and these beings have much wisdom, love and empathy, such as Shambala in the Gobi Desert.

     I have worked with Light Cities for years all around the Earth and they exist in other dimensions, having been operating fully in other cycles and times.
   Some examples are the Light City from the ancient civilisation of Rama in India, there is a huge one in Antarctica which was once in the equator. Recent ones;
in England was Avalon that moved beyond the mists as the cycle got denser. Lemuria and Atlantis are still there in the higher dimensions, often I have seen Light Cities interfacing in and out of the landscape where they are.

     I lived at a Light City in
South East Queensland when I lived in the bush at some very sacred and multi-dimensional doorways, it was from the Second Cycle and a place of the furies. Where nuclear war had destroyed the civilisation and there was a lot of repair work that took place. Where I live now in the eastern Bay of Plenty New Zealand there is a light city that is part of Lemuria and I have seen that it will be coming back up out of the sea at some stage.
     I could go on listing all the ones I have worked with over the years and also taken groups to work with but there are so many. Even in one country for example Peru
at Lake Titicaca, a classic is Macchu Picchu, and at Sillistani as well as outside Lima at another ancient site.
   You will find that if you are drawn to an area there is a good possibility there will be a light city there in another dimension, from another time and space that is part of your soul story.

   Often with groups I have guided inner planes union and healing as there are things people need to heal, and resolve, or gifts to remember or things to put back or take now.
Here is a link to one I was working with in Shropshire in 2013 

We often have unresolved issues, or knowledge, gifts, wisdom to complete from these places and spaces, or sometimes something to return to complete the cycle.


   If your inner self has guided you to be aware of a Light City then I would say that you have a connection with it.
Next is a guide to helping you connect to it, you will most probably be sitting or standing physically at the location, you can also travel there on the inner or Soul Travel to it.

Connect first and then;

Allow yourself to travel into the Light City, trust whatever you get about it.

Your Higher Self will take you to a place that is familiar to you in the Light City.

Get a sense of yourself as you were in that parallel time and what your role was.

What happened as it thrived and what happened for it to go into another dimension?

What you need to remember now,?

Anything that needs healing? deep breathing in love and acceptance and golden light and sending it to yourself there until it changes and feel great.
Is there anything you need to put back or bring with you now?

Is there anything else you need to remember from your experience there to here; with gifts and awareness you have from that time to this time, as you bring it through in the Now, as there is no separation.


I have not had time to write up about all the Light Cities I have worked with over the years but the most recent one see here Copenhagen 2015. See others that are important for the shift in the drop down off New Earth then down off Light Cities.

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