18 to 21 JUNE 2016

     The next level of Light Template anchoring through the hyper dimensional doorway at Mead Wall and spinner wheel Mt Pihanga, Lake Rotopomanu and great vortex and Stargate Lake Taupo.
The light anchoring through the water in our body, the Earth one with the Cosmic Ocean for the Solstice.

Friday 17th June
mt tarawera
     Before meeting the small group of goddesses at the southern end of Lake Taupo for the Light Template anchoring I had to stop at Lake Tarawera, the Lemurian Moon Temple. Driving first past the Blue Lake a wormhole and gateway it was necessary to move through before I could get to Tarawera.
Dragonguardians are moving on also we go deeper into our awareness of creation, our cells are transparent and the light shines bright and clear. So clear that it is nothing and everything, substance and grace, matter and spirit merged. One in the divine state to find its Illusion and matter is spirit and always has been.
     As I drove along the windy road along the side of Lake Tarawera I glimpsed the mountain and saw to my surprise and delight that the Cosmic Egg was activated and awaiting me. Having anchored it from Cheops at the March Equinox 2010.
   I received the codes from the cosmic egg at Mt Tarawera, it was glowing, the codes were flowing beautifully and I got it is also part of the light code anchoring to complete at Mt Titiroa/Akum also in December.

   The Dragonguardians were excited as the Solstice Blue Full Moon was the tipping point for the doorway to be open fully and for the new light codes of creation to come through. The Cosmic Egg is important and I was told on the inner to take everyone into the cosmic egg that resonates with them, regardless if they had consciously worked with one before or not. Taking them into the centre of the Earth to be there with it and the dragons of their origin before Mead Wall where we were to go through and bring back a key with whole universes and worlds.
     With much gratitude I then drove to Taupo and down the lake to Tokaanu where we were staying, to meet the beautiful small team of goddesses for this bigger picture work.

Saturday 18th June
   I was staying in room 13, and each unit could sleep five or more with upstairs beds as well and my living space was big enough for the five of us. The four others stayed in rooms 6 and 7 so were 13 as well. We meet and connected and with intentions, gratitude and mudras, we started clearing old
paradigm contracts and then the contract for this mission.
     Aware of the serpent tunnels we travelled into the Inner Earth aware of how ambient and beautiful it is, then into the Ancient Serpent Woman’s realm. Feeling her love and aware of being in a Cosmic Egg right in the heart of our mother and the Inner Earth Sun. Resonating and glowing as we remembered our ancient Dragon self from the inception of the Earth and our Dragon origins.
     Aware of the Cosmic Egg codes from the Cheops Pyramid that had been created as Orion/Osiris and Isis/Sirius merged at the Kings Chamber and Pharaohs phallus and then into the Queens Chamber creating the light codes of life at the great vortex site now transferred to a place of the New Earth. To be merged with the new energies and through to the Inner Earth Sun and Cosmic Egg transference to the New Earth light codes and Living Library of Light aligned through the Suns all one. As the old 11:11 doorway has closed and the union of duality completed, as now we open to the opp
osite side of the heavens to Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer our Light Bodyand the star system of Draco beyond. As our ancestors and creators of the Earth now coming through in us once again for the next level of creation to unfold.

   The Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow illuminating as the Cosmic Egg showed anything left in the illusion to be loved and accepted into the oneness and no longer in duality. Healing the broken
DNA from the first point of separation as the fragments unified in peace and clarity of our Dragon Serpent origins. The Cosmic Egg resonated and glowed as the love and acceptance created the egg to crack open as we birthed out into our true selves in the new creation. Having come in at the inception of the Earth, the Ancient Ones, Serpent tunnels and Dragon lines spirally vortexes radiating from the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth.
   Completing with the sound and light codes of the DNA integration mandala. Then the old duality programmes of the Adam Eve game, and old paradigm self, as well and dross left from our Goddess and God selves that had created from agendas and ego rather than simply allowing in divine will and plan. Embraced in love and acceptance as each unification activated the light spirals through the Grids of the Earth and DNA in the Earth. Creator Goddess God self, holder of Living Library of Light now in Divine Will.            
    Expressing our joy and open to the creative energies within each of us in preparation to receive the key codes through the hyper-dimensional doorway later that day. As we became more aware of our embodiment of our
as the fairy, nature spirt, elemental, deva realms, angelic, master of self, Shambala self, light being light ships, Council of Light, Goddess God.


     After lunch we drove to Mead Wall up the top of Bruce Road on Mt Ruapehu. Stopping to take photos of the mountains, then we stopped at the river, waterfallightbodyplacels and chasm that goes under road. We found a beautiful moss area and do our Light Body integration through blue, violet, white, gold and present Light Bodies and shimmering Iridescent Light Body the bridge between 5d and 6d.

     In a state of grace with our light bodies glowing we drove up past the Chateau and had expected to see snow but it had been and gone with just a little left. To the Mead Wall, no snow except a tiny bit, we walked up a new track via Happy Valley and went first to view Mt Ngauruhoe then down to the doorway.




meadwall2Ngauruhoe from.mead wall

 mt taranki inoceanofcloud  The clouds were below us and Mt Taranaki so clear floating on the ocean of cloud it was so magical.
Then when it was the right time we cleared the karmic DNA from the grids and the overlays doing the breath 2-2-2 then sounds to clear as I saw the crystals sparkling so clear.
     Then in our dragon selves we five Dragons flew through the hyper-dimensional doorway to Draco to receive the Dragon Egg, the Cosmic Egg for the New Earth. This Dragon Egg is so important to the Earth, to the Dragons and to humanity who have dragon linages every one of you. To get to Earth one needs to be part of the linage to be able to adjust to the Earths frequencies to get in.

     I was told on the inner the codes we received are bringing in a new root race for the higher dimensional Earth and awakening the Shambala codes. The codes are for a whole new creation and transference of energies for the new to the old, the old to the new, all the same just the next step in the process. A new matrix for the etheric body and energy bodies and through to the physical body to bring in our 6D Light Body.
   The Cosmic Egg is a part of the Template of Light anchoring as it anchors into the water of our cells and so the Cosmic Dragon Eggs in our cells are awakening not just through the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow but from the Earth’s heart that is now energised and balanced further through the doorway of Mead Wall with Eltanin.
     Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco.
   As the old initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The Cosmic Egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves we are the holders of the serpent energy, the kundalini and our Body of Light.

The star essence I made from Eltanin:
ELTANIN -the Dragon's head in Draco
   Eltanin assist in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field,
opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."

twosuns set     When we opened our eyes after being through the hyper-dimensional doorway (please see essences from the doorway). Mt Taranaki which is at the western side of the North Island and hardly ever seen was so close and floating on an ocean of cloud. We had seen it before we went through but now it was larger in our field of vision.

The sunset with above the clouds that covered the landscape below the mountain. Like being in an aeroplane we were up above the clouds, it was clear and magical and on subtle levels everything had changed.

As we left the full moon was up over the wall, we could feel it through the wall as it came up. Then we drove back down the mountain to soak in the hot pools integrating the codes through the water of the cells.



Sunday 19th June

 laketaupo20june    We drove along the bottom of Lake Taupo to connect to the lake at a place I had worked at many times over the years with the Golden Solar Disc and Stargate as well as many other cosmic events and light anchoring’s and water code work. The Ancient Ones, guardians and Light Beings so beautiful as we connected with them.

   Then onto the 13th Gate and Stargate doorway. We connected to the source within and all the divine beings guardians ancients ones in the lake and became our Earthsun Body. To be able to receive, integrate and give out the higher light octave new paradigm light codes. We moved through the Galactic Centre cross over point within our hearts into the stillness then aware of the doorway in the lake into the higher dimensional Earth to obverse all the cycles of the Earth. Aware of the higher dimensional Earth here right now as our lives are full of joy, love, peace and harmony and we create it from our hearts. From the state of stillness where all is manifest One Earth, One Heart.
     Moving through the flow of kundalini in our central channel and loving and accepting any old paradigm hooks still embedded in the desire body and underworld. To feeling the love for being in our physical bodies, knowing deep within who we are and open to physical immortality as we opened to our light being Creator Goddess God self. Into the Cosmic Egg from Mead Wall and the new codes that had come through for new life, a new matrix for our physical and energy bodies. The Cosmic Egg part of the Light Template anchoring through the water of our cells and the water in the lake, streams, ponds, raindrops, dew drops
clouds and oceans, Cosmic Ocean through the Earths heart.
 laketaupo mtruapehu19june16    The creation energies that came through Mead Wall forming the 6D Light Body infusing the ethers with the new light codes and higher dimensions. Our bodies glowed, the flow of kundalini was grounded into the Inner Earth Sun. Grounding and connecting humanity even more One with the Earth.

     As we are the Ancient of Ancients now is the time for this to happen. It’s all in the Now and always been, it’s just that we are able to see and be it now physically, full integration. Clarity through the world of fog and games, the illusion and veils gone. As we bring in the Cosmic Eggs codes and ground them into the densest structures of our physical body and density. The new matrix of light glows and radiates more than ever before in the physical realms and our bodies. As the Cosmic Egg light codes glow through our cells and endocrine glands, organs and bones, teeth, muscles, blood, nerves tissues skin and hair. As we opened up to the Stars and Planets through our chakras, the cosmic egg glows through the cells and stars and planets and our Solar System. The Higher Dimensional Stars came through the Cosmic Egg and through our bodies and Earth through the Stargate in the lake. As the union of the manifest and un-manifest worlds opens us to the Cosmic Ocean with the codes from the Dolphins and Whales who are giving their codes and are moving on too, to will be completed fully at the last Light Template anchoring.

     The joy of being the dolphin that we are, as the solar rays glowing through the Cosmic Ocean. As we immersed in the Cosmic Ocean through our body, transparent. The light codes and solar rays glowed through our bodies, the stars and planets and higher dimensional stars. The water in our cells immersed through the Cosmic Ocean and the cycle of water from the clouds and rain, to the lakes, oceans and waterways, plants, trees and us is returned once again. As we go into the cells of our body then out through the Cosmic Ocean all one radiating and glowing. The water is recoded with new life from the Cosmic Egg through the hyper- dimensional doorway and merged with the Cosmic Egg energies transferred from Cheops to birth the new creation.
     It got really cold as we finished our connection as is always the case when there is a big shift in energy.

       Then we went to the hot water stream that flows in to the Waikato River, with little rock pools and waterfalls of hot steaming water straight out of the Earth. Sitting on the sand, lying on the rocks as the hot water from within the earth integrates the Cosmic Egg energies through the nonphysical to form. Once toasted to lie closer to the river with colder water underneath and hot above and perfect blend to sit and just be in the most divine place of water, earth, fire and air.

Monday June 20
   This full moon and solstice occurred close to the Galactic Centre at 27º Sagittarius. For one of the Goddesses on this mission it was also her 50th Birthday.

     The Light Templates are all anchored through the Elementals and now we need to connect more fully to them, who of course support us so much, it was supposed to rain but of course they held it off until after the full moon late in the evening. We drove back up around Lake Taupo connecting again to the ancient ones and all the light ships, divine beings, Golden Solar Disc, Stargate vortex, one of the biggest vortexes on Earth ancient caldera that is huge. Driving to just north of Taupo to the geo thermal area called the Moon Craters.

     We walked into a magical world with vegetation everywhere and stream rising up from the earth. Amazed at how the ferns and plants could live in the craters with hot mud plopping and steam rising up with the most gorgeous ferns and plants growing right next to the vents. It was like the avatar world and New Earth paradise.
   We went to our first place where we needed to connect to the Elementals and first I guided everyone to go to where they lived to see how the elementals were there, you can read about this and how to work with them here. Assisting them to be free to move to a place of great joy and new life for them. Then Elementals in our body that might be blocking and causing health issues. Then the Elementals with us who are assisting us.

     The Elementals in this sacred landscape are from the Inner Earth Sun as well as many others, but the Inner Earth Elementals were to be acknowledged and part for the template anchoring. The Light Template anchors through the elementals realms with the first template focused on anchoring through them. The Inner Earth Elementals are the holders of the Cosmic Egg from the Inner Earth Sun that we needed to bring the codes from Cheops and the new egg activated from Mt Tarawera into union what the Inner Earth Cosmic Egg that we worked with at the start of our journey and received the codes. With the water element in the higher dimensional stars and Cosmic Ocean as we connected to the dragon linage of our self and ancient of ancient ones with the Dragons through the hyper dimensional wall to Draco and new Cosmic Egg to be anchored through the Light Template. Water that holds the Living Library of Light that was first anchored through the waterways of the Himalayas in 1996. We hold the doorway open for the Light Template to be anchored, we are the foundation for the Earth and Inner Earth Sun to the cosmos, we create the doorway for the integration to take place.

       As we then proceeded to walk around the craters and enjoyed the amazing devic and elemental realms. At the biggest crater we needed to connect to the Suns. The next day was the Solstice time exact but the Solstice is over a three day period energetically. Because we would be so busy with the Light Template the solstice day we needed to connect to the solar rays now.
     First by connecting to the RA and any old duality holograms loved and accepted then into our full Ra connection and the RA Light as we merged our RA linage and awakened to our Ra wisdom and how it plays out in this life.
     This Solstice is the accumulation of RA Light from the cycles of the Sun from the other cycles and why we could anchor the Cosmic Egg. Through the Cosmic Ocean and water of the cells, the primordial ocean to the cosmic ocean through the solar rays and divine RA Light. Bringing the new life Cosmic Egg light codes into the cosmic ocean and water.
     As we connected through the Inner Earth Sun and the cycles of the Earth and opened to the New Sun higher dimensional Sun. Out of the loop of the old beliefs in death and birth, suffering, pain, struggle and limitations. Surrendered in the universal flow and spiralling vortexes and life force energy. The Solstice solar rays and the New Sun illuminating the Inner Earth Sun at this winter Solstice into the Inner Earth Sun and Cosmic Egg. New life. The winter Solstice is a time of new birth.

     We stayed in the energies for some time sitting on the warm geothermal earth with the Sun’s rays glowing through in the soft winter sky.

     Then we drove to the outlet of Lake Taupo on the shore of the very start of the Waikato River as it flows out to the ocean, from the mountains. The water comes into the lake at its source where we stayed at Tokaanu to the opposite end of the great lake volcanic cauldron, more like an ocean.
     As we connected to the Thirteen Rays through the octahedron cosmic flow and out of illusion mandala aligned to the celestial north pole we connected and linked to all the grids, crystalline, light, solar, Diamond Light Matrix, all the pyramids, standing stones and with the solar rays of the Solstice Suns and the cosmic egg. The Living Library of Light, the codes from the lake went out through the river and to the ocean and cosmic ocean on this Full Moon of Goodwill to all beings through the waterways. The Living Library of Light now connected with the codes from the old paradigm transference to Mt Tarawera to the Inner Earth and the new cosmic egg codes through the hyper-dimensional doorway. With the Earth wisdom love as the codes came through from the Dragon realms with new life, all merged into the water of the cells and waterways of the Earth and through the Cosmic Ocean. With goodwill to all beings as we see everyone as whole and healed.
     I saw the codes flowing down the river it was so beautiful to view, as we then went up to these amazing hot pools, with big dragon slide that we speed done in the water tunnels and soaked and experienced all the massaging from the bubbling hot water. Then off to celebrate a birth-day at Indian restaurant in the town. Then back down the lake to its source.

     As we drove down to the old Tokaanu wharf, the sky was light but the with clouds all about, with rain supposed to have started already. We went out onto the old wooden wharf into the lake, the swans busy talking as they feed in the silver light. In the distance over at the western hills the waterfall was raging and so loud, the lakes water levels were low for this time of year. We were aware of the mothership there and ourselves on it, we could even see it physically in a pink light with lots of small lights sparkling and light ships coming in and out.
     A big formation of Sirian light ships at the top end of the lake the energy was so on. As we opened to our Earthsun body and through the centre of the galaxy, the centre of our hearts aligned with the galactic centre conjunct the full moon. In our hearts we felt the pulse and then through the void into the new creation, aware of the moon the second in Sagittarius, the planets aligned, the stars and higher dimensional stars aligned at this Solstice. As the Sun’s rays illuminated the moon and through the Inner Earth Sun as the solstice energies glow to the Inner Earth Sun.
     There was a crack in the worlds and this was such a powerful time to see first of all those we love as whole and healed. Then all the trouble spots on Earth with people at peace and whole and healed with open hearts. This moon and energies made it a million times more powerful than normal, then seeing and knowing everyone on Earth in their divine present.
   The moon shone out of the clouds just at the exact time 11.02pm, the light coming through so strong we all noticed how we could hardly stand and were swaying. We received the codes as the dark energies come out of the Earth from all the cycles, it oozed out and it was so intense as we made light sounds. The grids glowed and the old templates and negative energies were transmuted. It was huge what had occurred and so beautiful.
     I was told that the level of cleansing was bigger than anything before on Earth. It is facilitating so much change in the systems of duality on Earth and people will awaken to remember their divinity now in droves. They will awaken fast, not slowly like us way showers but fast and instant.
        It felt monumental what had just come through as before we were a bit tired, but now fully awake and with a pulsating energy in our hearts as the Earth and its cycles received a cleanse and illumination of the Solstice Solar Rays through the Sun and the Moon all merged in harmony.
     Once the transmission was complete the clouds covered the Full Moon over again and we drove back to our accommodation feeling in such awe and the powerful energies still pulsating through us.

   The Solstice was the doorway to the alignment of the soul and star, the Inner Earth Sun and the Sun, the union of the opposites and the Sun being the furthest or closet to Earth brings the solar rays and Ra Light into the densest structure to be recalibrated in divine light. The cosmic egg codes were ready to be birthed through the water and cosmic ocean/oceans within us as we are one with the Cosmic Ocean.

Tuesday June 21
 sunrisesosltice21june2 sunrisesosltice21june3sunrisesosltice21june4

   We went to bed just a few hours then up again and back to the wharf for the sunrise. Before we got out on to the wharf I gave everyone a slip of paper with an aspect to choose ,not knowing what was written on the folded paper. The Gate Keeper, the Solar Being, the Time Keeper, the Crystal Guardian and the Beam Holder. We all had our role to play. As we started to walk out onto the wharf we got half way and I felt the shift into another dimension and in fact we had walked into the mothership.

     In our Earthsun body we received the codes of the Sun, it was magenta pink in the sky, we never got to see the physical Sun but its’ divine loving glow shone through in the colour of divine love. The Sun was rising right at Mt TahaRA with so many dimensional doorways through it and light ships from the Inner Earth Sun. The codes were huge energetically and I had to run up wharf with them.
     The sunrise of the Solstice brought in the light codes from Lyra and Draco (see the star essences for codes from these stars; Lyra and
Sulaphat in Lyra andEltanin in Draco, all relevant
) and from the higher dimensional solar system the stars; Thum Lithla in Ana Lise, Corus in Numonee, Mal Li in Tunnas and Kun Ab in Memsat that is star mapped through Lake Taupo into the earth plane. Being in the mothership we were able to hold the energy easily and with grace into the Diamond Light Matrix in our Diamond Light Body through the diamond matrix sharing the codes as each aspect we chose was important, the solar rays glowing to the Greater Central Sun.

rotopoumanu solstice   Then it was back to our rooms for breakfast and get our picnic lunch then up to Lake Rotopoumanu and Mt Pihanga the spinner wheel. Buy now it was a light drizzle and we walked up the track with the most amazing trees and ancient forest to then descend down to the lake as we stood by the shore. We stayed
standing as the light rain was persistent and needed to be of course as we were anchoring the Light Template through the water in our cells, waterways and Cosmic Ocean. But as usual the Elementals were so kind and loving and gave us the water required but the heavy rain held off until we had finished after sunset at Mead Wall.
     We went into our energy bodies to clear the dross left through all our other selves to see the beauty of our self and all life more fully as the Solstice Solar Rays illuminated through us. As we accessed the highest dimensional self that integrated through our hearts and into our body, honoured the Suns of all creation at the exact time, through the scared lake and Mt Pihanga.

     As we waited in the light rain until close to the noon time as we stood on the inner planes up on Mt Pihanga the spinner wheel for Earth. Clearing the imprints of all the information we came to transmute and be of service, as well as what we have experienced for our family of light and group soul in our physical and energy bodies. Then imprinted with peace and the overlays of fear from the collective in our energy fields loved and embraced so we could be in our
Divine Blueprint and aligned to all the Suns through the centre of the Galaxy through the centre of our cells all one. Then opening to our Diamond Light Body and the Diamond Matrix of Light and the Light Template through the water in our cells and water and Cosmic Ocean was anchored with the accumulation of the Cosmic Egg codes and all the work we had done. We danced in the rain feeling so much joy.

     We walked in the rain around the beautiful sacred lake enjoying the ambience and the energies of nature so abundant and alive.

     Then we drove up to the ski lift on the mountain and walked over to Mead Wall, this time with the rain and fog you could hardly see it. We walked over the rocks and up to the doorway and connected and moved through the hyper-dimensional doorway once more. This time to give the codes from the Solstice Sun, Ra Light and Blue Full Moon and the Cosmic Egg. Now it had received all the codes from the old and new paradigms, the Inner Earth Sun and the new life through the Galactic Centre.
       As we went through our codes were received by beautiful Dragons who were building a whole new crystalline Light City. Full circle at the sunset of the Solstice birthing new life not just for us but for the Dragon Ancient ones too. As they had created life here on Earth at its inception to link the crystals and create the electromagnetic energy field that brings water and then life, now to new life in the higher dimensions of the New Earth.
   At the sunset time we completed, but no Sun to be seen in the rain and fog. But we didn’t want to leave it
was so divine being there.
     The perfect timing with the Galactic Centre conjunct the Blue Moon and opposite the Sun on this winter Solstice that brings the solar rays right to the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of our Mother Earth. So that she could birth a new through the hyper dimensional realms as the new crystalline light grids and Light Cites hum and radiate new life

hyper d doorwaysunsetsolstice     The hyper dimensional doorway is not a doorway anymore it’s a tunnel of light and more accessible to all. The Dragons many who have already moved in the higher realms, as we learn to be the guardians of the Earth and open our Dragon hearts. The Cosmic Egg light codes integrating through the water of our cells and waterways.

The fact only five of us where there physically does not matter, we all physically share the water of earth and are one in the Cosmic Ocean.




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