By Soluntra King

The Stargates are now starting to energise as we have shifted into higher dimensions and frequencies of light with the great shift we are experiencing. As your body becomes lighter and you love yourself and others unconditionally and feel peace within, the earth and stars respond and the doorways open to allow us to reconnect with the very familiar abilities of teleporting, bi-locating, being invisible. Living on light and where we live beyond the lower frequencies of the duality dramas that might still be paying out for many on Earth. But not everyone is hooked into the illusion anymore, as this happens and the fabric of the Light Matrix gets stronger and the Stargates are opening.
As described in my article there are Stargates in the Heavens and the ones in the Earth. The ones in the Heavens open for us as we descend into matter to bring in our light codings and true essence and gifts to utilise as we unify. There are also the Stargates in the Heavens that open to expand our consciousness at the level of the collective when we are ready.  Now the Earth Stargates are activating and coming back into use as we are holding higher frequencies of light and our hearts are opening more fully.

The major Stargates on Earth like at Egypt for example are transferring their codes to places of the New Earth and there are Stargates opening up now at portals that are in the New Earth. So as we come more into the New Earth and our hearts and the love we are expands and amplifies through us and thereby through the cosmos, the Stargates are opening on the physical to assist us to be who we truly are once more.
In the last golden age we teleported, travelled through star systems, aligned star energies and the Sun with Earth to keep balance, and we were galactic citizens. But we forgot as we descended out of our etheric physical bodies into physical bodies. We used magic at different ages and in Atlantis to the point where we manipulated so much with our magic that we destroyed the surface of the Earth and lost all our powers, and so now as we awaken the power is love. The doorway is our heart and the wisdom to handle such abilities comes for the source within.

Now as the Stargates start to resonate and connect with those that are vibrating to their frequencies, they are often found in obscure places, not the usual vortexes or sacred sites. Those ones have had their day. You may know where a Stargate is located and go there, but feel nothing and see nothing and wonder that it even exists, but it does exist if your purity of heart is clear enough. This does not mean to say it’s a gage of how evolved you are, but if you are called to one then you will be ready to utilise it in one of the dimensions it is held through.

There are nine dimensions that the Stargate exists through and we need to be vibrating some of the time at the fifth dimensional level of our being. Then we can start accessing the doorway. The Stargate is multi-functioning depending on where one is at. And it’s not that you have to be at one to teleport, we are the Stargate and the doorway, when we have raised our frequencies enough through love and acceptance of ourself and all others.

But now that we have shifted so much and are the Sun that we are, it is possible to teleport, bi-locate, be invisible  in alignment with divine will . We are so much more in pure hearts and aligned and the ego duality games are no longer the world we operate in. That world still exists, but it’s up to us what game we choose to play, and in which world we chose to live. I know which world I choose and have been living in it for a long time now.
As we become ‘in the world, but not of it’ we naturally become invisible, because our vibration is so much higher due to our unification process of our life, emotions, thoughts and so we do not get involved in the wars, and other heavy games playing out in the denser worlds. There is no judgement of these denser, fear based worlds it just that we cease to exist in them and so we become invisible to the lower frequencies.
Once our light frequencies are higher then being invisible, teleporting, bi-locating is natural, not something we need to try and do. We are multi-dimensional beings and are already everywhere else, so when we know who we are and that we teleport anyway, (you do already sometimes in your sleep). Then we will travel this way as a natural thing that is in balance with all of creation and nature, as now we are in unity consciousness. The Stargates are another symbol of where we are at. The fact that they are opening now.

Many years ago in the early 1980’s when I first teleported I wanted to go to Greece, to Meteroa where all the great rocks are and I felt that place was a doorway for teleporting. So I decided I would arrive in the ladies toilets at Athens airport as I was not used to just materialising and dematerialising in this body and thought I better not just pop in anywhere, but arrive somewhere where there were no people or not many. Next thing I was there and as I materialised a lady was washing her hands in the hand basin and turned to me and said to me “where did you come from?” and I said “I have always been here”” because of course I have and I am, as I am one with everything.

So if I need to be somewhere in this body, then I am already there and then just need to be aware that I am there.
Another time I teleported it was while doing a crystal layout on a lady, one minute I was at her feet then next thing I am at her head, but I did not walk beside the massage table I was just there where I needed to be. Another time I was in my home in the bush in Queensland, where I used to live in the 1990’s, when suddenly I was in a hall in Peru, I was told the name of it and was standing doing mudras to all these people when a shaman came and put his hand down my central channel and I was back home again.
I never tried to teleport I know I can do it and already have; it’s in divine will when it occurs. I used to ask my inner self why I could not just teleport to places as all the plane travel is a hassle. But got told it’s about the journey and that I needed to be in the airports, on the planes, or travelling in the car across the landscape. I also used to see the rips in the fabric of the matrix it would cause if I decided with my ego to teleport.

In all my years of being of service to the shift in consciousness and awakening of humanity; at first I worked on the crystalline grids to assist them to harmonise more fully to assist in raising the consciousness, then that lead to the new light matrix that activated in 2006. Meanwhile from 1981 when I was first activated in a Golden Solar Disc in the Himalayas part of the mission was activating the Golden Solar Discs around the planet. Then merging them with the silver discs and in 1997 the Solar Grid that connects all the discs was grounded and started to function, bringing in even more light and heart opening energies to support our growth.
In more recent years it has been the transference of the Cosmic Egg from Cheops to New Earth places, as well as Cosmic Eggs coming back through the veils to be activated now with light codes of the creation story. The unification of Light Cities from other cycles and the Diamond Light Matrix and activating the great Diamonds placed on the Earth in other cycles that are now activating as we open to our multi-dimensional self.  Meanwhile since the 1980’s the stars have been realigned also with vortexes on Earth, as they became out of alignment after the end of the last golden cycle.
Also over the years many Stargates in the Heavens have opened, in my past Cosmic Events pages you will see that there have been a few over the years.  There has also been a lot of work go on at Great Central Starmap, the being centred in Hawaii and others at ancient sites like Tikal in Guatemala and Coba in the Yucatan in Mexico.

Now the Earth Stargates are opening but only to those who have love in their hearts and do not have agendas or power tripping. There are Stargates that the power trippers have been fighting over on Earth for along time; the ones in Israel and Iraq as classic examples. And they are still battling over them, without realising that when one has hatred and fear in ones heart then it’s not possible to access them. The days of doing it with pure will and control of the energies is over.

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