by Soluntra King


This was the third Stargate opening and so far the most challenging due to weather conditions and the difficulty of getting to the physical location at Mt Ellery which is a serpent tunnel, inter-dimensional doorway to the Inner Earth and through the invisible. The journey ended up being an initiation for some, and test for others, but it was all perfect to get us to this bridge, so that each of us could be the Stargate, from the stillness and peace within.

Before leaving Melbourne on the Friday morning 11th April the weather forecast had gone from just Saturday being rain to the whole time we would be away. I knew everything is always perfect but did ask the Elementals if they could please make it gentle for us, as being in human bodies and holding the energy with pouring rain, wind and cold for more than a short while often gets a bit too testing for some and so as a group collective it’s so much better to have good weather.
It reminded me of the Lunar Eclipse last October 2013 when I was at the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the eclipse was just after 1am in the morning and it was howling winds, rain that stung the face as it was driving in horizontal with gale force wind and very cold. I noted I was the only one at the Brodgar stones at this time of the eclipse and can’t expect others to be as crazy as me, or as full on with the mission as it’s not everyone’s journey. So after driving up in the pouring rain to Marlo where the venue house was, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Sun up and shinning the next morning.

We spent the day and evening in workshop mode in preparation for the next two days where we would be out at the vortex places I had been guided to take us. Connecting to our Star and Earth lineages and unifying levels of our heart. Awakening our Light Body more fully and aware of the different levels and how they relate to our everyday life, as we moved into the Diamond Light Matrix and gained awareness more fully of our self in the eternal flow, and how to operate from the inner planes to assist the outer world. With a Soul Travel to do in the night together to Mallacoota Inlet where I had seen twelve great pyramids from other cycles, still there in the higher dimensions.

The next day being Sunday 13th April we were out all day at important locations in the landscape of the Stargate. I had originally been guided by the Old Fellas to go to Little River at the Snowy River National Park but after studying the map I saw that we would spend about six hours driving backwards and forwards to the two locations. So asked them if there was another Diamond Matrix spot to visit as we needed to connect into the Diamond Light Matrix grid first. I then got to go to Tamboon Inlet, which was off the highway that lead to Mallacoota Inlet where we needed to be later in the day.
At the turn off at Cann River township the Tamboon Inlet was well signposted, but when we came to the road that lead down to it, it was not sign posted and I felt that it was the road but got a big no, not to go down to the inlet. So we kept driving along the dirt road that seemed like the never ending story. I was aware I had eight other cars in convey behind me and some must have been wondering where we were going. I could feel the great Diamond out in front of me off in the ocean so kept going, thinking that around the next corner we must be there. Eventually we did get to the end of the road that lead to the Thurra River camping ground and the rivers outlet to the ocean in theCroajingolong National Park.


With much relief that we had arrived the energies were very powerful and one of our group who had aboriginal blood shared with us the signs that we were indeed welcome. I just knew this is where the Old Fellas wanted us to be and there was much joy, acknowledgement and honour of them and our arrival to be the ground crew for what was to unfold as the great Diamond was re activated.
We connected to the Ancient Ones and Old Fellas singing us in as the songlines were connecting through the Diamond and the Diamond Light Matrix of earth and the dimensional realms as we moved into the Diamond through the diamond within our hearts and through the Diamond Light Matrix of earth, ethers and stars. The diamond resonated out through our hearts and the great Diamond sang as the shattered songlines flowed again and the whales and dolphins danced in the ocean. The whole area opened through Diamond Matrix as we got in touch with the land and the sea from other cycles and the stage was becoming set.

After a picnic lunch and walk to the beach where the Diamond was located out in the ocean we returned along the dirt road that as usual seemed shorter on the way back. We then travelled along the highway and turned off to Mallcoote and then on another dirt road to Sandy Point. Again the road was a challenge to some with low set cars, but once we got there it was so beautiful on the physical and other realms. Back in New Zealand I had sensed twelve pyramids through the inlet and was told there was a Sirian Star Base there.

 After getting settled we sat lapping up the late afternoon sun and magic of the energy and still water of the inlet that mirrored the trees and clouds. I handed around the map of the pyramids and a silver envelope with many choices of aspects of self to either embrace or let go, for example Wizard, Light Being, Star Fleet Commander…
Aligning through the centre of the galaxy through the centre within, and the centre of each cell, just as we have moved through the Galactic plane as a Solar System, so too has that happened within as all the Suns align one through the all the Suns within each of us. We are now open to the higher octave light codes and thirteen rays of the rainbow as the third dimensional nuclei in our cells merges with the multi-dimensional nuclei through the stillness within.
We awakened the star and planet chakras through us, aware of being in the light ship that took us into the Sirian Star Base in the sacred space we were in. The pyramids are twinkling and there was much activity going on by the Beings there awaiting our arrival and preparations for the stargate opening. The Star Base has existed since the third cycle and was under the ocean and the Light Beings there told me ‘that the Stargate openings are facilitating the shift in consciousness and union back into wholeness and peace. Not just for humanity but many beings, those in the Inner Earth, this Solar System and Galaxy to return to the time before the fall and the Luciferian Rebellion’.
They said ‘that each of us holds the codes to open the Stargate and that we have come into the Star Base now to get our energy fields recalibrated in readiness for tomorrow’.
We were each invited to go into a capsule big enough to lie down in and the lid closed…….as we became aware of the resonance of sound, light and energy as our molecules received the light codings. Apart from needing this for the Stargate opening, on a personal level it strengthened our energy fields and assisted in Light Body integration more fully to whatever degree each could cope with at that time.
We saw the Stargate as we lay in the capsules, the fine transparent energies, the un-manifest universes, those of us in form and the earth with all the diamonds resonating, were becoming ready for the union… the Suns went down and we existed in all the worlds at once…

After we had finished it was back to the human realm of organising vehicles for the drive up to Mt Ellery for the stargate the next day. We needed high base vehicles as it had been raining and the ranger I had spoken with earlier said we would need 4wd for the last leg of the road to Mt Ellery if it had been raining.
That night after getting back and going to bed, the house was awakened by three of the group having some problems that needed sorting out. It seemed this journey was bringing up a lot of fear and old unresolved issues and the next day this happened even more intensely.

We meet at the Rainforest Centre car park at Orbost and got everyone into five cars, two being lower to the ground, but that did not matter as the road was graded and really good. As we drove along the dirt road we passed a ranger and a grader, we kept going and I was excited to see how good the road actually was when there in the distance a big old tree had fallen right across the road.


We got hold of the ranger by phone and he drove up to where we were parked and chain sawed the tree to make the road passable. But then informed us that his boss had said we were not allowed to go to Mt Ellery. He told me he would of let us through except that there was another employee down the road and he would get into trouble, but that the top road was more direct and better access anyway. So we turned around and drove back along the dirt until we got to the tar seal road and drove around all the windy forest bends with trees that had been in a recent fire, with new growth springing out of them.
We eventually got to the turn off to the top end of Sardine Creek Rd and drove over a bridge and up through the forest until we came to one more tree across the road, this time a smaller one. We built up the sides of the trunk to make the wheels pass over it. The first car drove not quiet over it, just the front wheels over and it slid and stopped near the side of the road and a step hill. Meanwhile I am still on cruise mode but come to realise that there are many not in that space and in fact many wish to turn around and go back. So those in the first two or three cars helped with getting shrubbery under the wheels and then driving the stuck car to safety, thanks to Geoff. The back end of the group were doing mudras the help free the stuck car and we knew we couldn’t take the cars any further. Those in the back cars wanted to go so it seemed the bridge on the way in was the best place to be energetically, symbolically and conveniently on the physical, as it was right by the tar seal road back to Orbost. Everyone seemed happy with this comprise and so we drove back along the very scenic forest, with Mt Ellery not possible to visit in the physical anyway. We had a late picnic lunch near the cars before coming onto the bridge.
The symbology not lost on any of us, as we had bridged the fear and love, the negative and positive and here we were with the river flowing beneath us assisting us to be in the universal flow.
The journey had been a catalyst to test, challenge and initiate and even though on the physical realm some found driving on dirt roads brought up a lot of fear, for others there were issues that there were people that had such fears, and for others it was cruise mode and a bit of an adventure. The challenge of course to maintain stillness no matter what’s going on around. In order to move through and be a stargate one has to be in that stillness no matter the storm that blows around one. The situation was perfect and we were symbolising where humanity is at, but instead of staying in separation we came together and bridged with love the polarities, and the un-manifest and manifest.


On the bridge we breathed in the Sun and Moon and activated the DNA at deep structural levels to open to our divine self, right through into our densest aspects; our bones, muscles, tissues all alive and light. Aware of our radiant self and going deeper beyond Light and Creation, into the stillness, the nothing and un-manifest. As the sound starts to come from our own centre that creates the new creation…..the manifestation of all life flows from the Void.
As we connected to the serpent within and our kundalini blocks cleared, breathing in the sky and earth all one, we travelled the landscape in our light body to Mt Ellery and to the serpent tunnel that took us into the Inner Earth. Aware of the beautiful environment in the Inner Earth, as we became transparent aware of the universe through us, the Inner Earth and Earth all one, as we merged spirit and matter. We opened up more fully to our body of light and to the RA and the New Sun and Stars. Receiving the new stars into our body and energy field we connected all the pyramids, standing stones, circles and Crystalline Grid into the Sixth Cycle. As well as the Light Grid of our higher selves, the Golden Solar Discs and Solar Grid and the Diamond Light Matrix. Remembering the Diamond we have within and activated out in the ocean nearby and the Sirian Star Base and pyramids, as we received the light codes to
hold the energy for the Stargate opening.
Our chakras and kundalini glowing as we opened through our body of Light and connected to the infinite one that we each are, holding the beam through the earth and all worlds, the Stargate opens through you, through this doorway here, inner and outer are one. You have merged Heaven on Earth. The stargate opens as the un-manifest and manifest realms unite…………
I could not move for ages, aware of the sounds and rustles as others were ready to physically leave. I was in the vastness of being that the Stargate opening creates, which was ongoing that night and into the next day. As I soul travelled that evening to Mt Ellery and was downloaded with new stars from the galactic centre of the Andromedan Galaxy that is merging with ours.

Back at the bridge it was getting dark and cold and we had completed there, so after a few photos we drove back down the windy road to Orbost for dinner at the hotel and good byes to some of the group.


 As I lay in bed that night I was interfacing in and out and still enjoying the amazing expansive beam of energy that the Stargate opens within and through one’s body and energy field.

The next day was Tuesday 15th April and the Full Lunar Eclipse happening that evening right on sunset at this place on Earth. It was raining and cold and by 11.11am I had decided to pull the plug on a gathering I had organised at Geno Peak due to the weather and lack of visibility of seeing anything. It was about two hours drive away and I felt relief that we no longer had to race off again and could chill out. For the others who had planned to go to Geno Peak it worked out well and those heading back to Melbourne in the afternoon actually saw the eclipse, and those over at Geno Peak saw it as well.
For myself and my friend whose car I was in, we had time out to do our own thing and I tuned into my soul travel to Mt Ellery and the New Stars. Inner self told me ‘the eclipse is about formulating a new matrix within yourself, a matrix that is beyond the realms of the duality dance you will move into a new space’.
Before sunset we drove down to the Cape Conran and found a beach that looked east. The sky was completely cloudy and we could tell we were not going to see the full moon or eclipse because of the cloud, which was a blessing as it made us internalise the eclipse.
At the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse I was told on the inner ‘the doorway opened and you are through. The matrix is configured in through your higher dimensional heart, and is made of ether and can be calibrated by toning the sounds of the new Inner Earth Sun, New Sun and Greater Central Sun codes, the Moon as the final Initiation is here at the doorway.’

The Stargate and then eclipses have been huge, the Lunar Eclipse is a doorway that has no going back, I can see the energy filtering through the Earth itself and all the cracks and fragments, like it is bringing wholeness to the fragments if we choose. Some would say it’s a time of choosing the red or blue pill. But really there is no decision between the red and blue pills when we are connected and whole within, all those worlds exist and we can be in either or many others, its almost like the time of decision does not even exist anymore, its into Being so the contrast between aggession and peace no longer exists, I feel this higher frequency energy coming from Spica, (that was aligned at the eclipse) almost like it can transport people into a higher realm beyound duality.
This happened on the eclipse and stargate, of course the intensity of the energy keeps going, we just had the Cardinal Cross Solar Eclipse, so much is happening so fast now. At the solar eclipse Shamballa was anchored even more fully and in preparation for the Wesak Full Moon.
Our molecules are changing fast and don’t be perturbed if you need lots of sleep at present, or do not feel attached anymore to situations or people, or friends are dropping away. Your body will want to drink lots of water and eat lighter food and try and be outside as much as possible to ground the energies. This is a time of great blessings and joy as we can see, sense and feel the changes in the physical plane now so clearly. Still in transition it’s up to us to keep in the stillness from within, have an open heart and surrender into the flow.

There are two more Stargates that are yet to open, in the Himalayas in Ladakh at the June Solstice and in November at the Bunya Mountains in Queensland, Australia.

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