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Before the Equinox for a week or more feeling the intense energies and not really feeling like doing much as it was important to just Be and Allow, as our molecular structures are rearranging within us very fast now.
A few days before the Equinox I got ‘the Wave of Light is already working on us and will come to a point at the Equinox where things will be revealed that have not been able to be revealed until now. 

At the time of balance at the Equinox Timelines will merge, new ones shown, choices to be made. Other dimensional selves to be revealed’.

The Wave of Light has been predicted by many over many years, more recently the Aboriginals in Australia, some of them believing on the physical it to be a huge tsunami, but to most it’s a Wave of Light. Others saying it is a Solar Flash. Most predicting it to be all at once, in one hit. But I believe it is already working through us and allowing us the grace to more gently assimilate it and shift within, in preparation for our full shift into the higher dimensions while in our physical body.
We have of course had big shifts in recent times before and with the December Solstice 2012. Since then it’s been accelerating, so the Wave of Light has always been here, in fact it is us. But now we are allowing it to really shift within us.

SUNRISE 6.01am

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 sunrisesept19equinox4  sunrisesept19equinox2 sunrisesept19equinox6 


The Wave of Light is you, it is from the Sun within you, so you open to it as much as you can and be the Light.
The Dragons are all activating now as this Sun rises at the Equinox, they are ready to journey deeper into the hearts of all who honour and acknowledge them. The Ancient Ones, the Guardians of Earth who have had to stay hidden or shut down in the dark time when Earth was taken over by the Negative Draco’s (there are positive ones and neutral ones) and Reptilians; their brothers and sisters but who had agendas.
They were saddened and shocked at what occurred and were decimated and savagely attacked and had to go deep within the Earth to hide. Into the volcanoes and caves, down into the Inner Earth, along the mountain ranges and crystal lairs they stayed and kept vigil until the time was right.

As you know many, including maybe yourself the reader have worked with the Dragons in recent years. I too have worked with them often in many locations worldwide, with some leaving Earth and handing over guardianship, some angry and needing love, some just awakening, many Dragons Eggs birthing, some returning to their divine and rightful place or flying to different locations on Earth of the Stars.

Now they are all able to come forth into the Light, the Light that they hold in their hearts, as well as us. For they are the Dragon Heart, the One Heart and have held the love deep in the Earth while dramas and battles were fought on the surface. While many Star Beings came and left, or died here bringing love. But the Dragon Heart was never lost just hidden under all the muck, the distortions of time, and the distortions of love.


Now the Timelines merge into a harmonious flow, the Dragon time and the ancient flow that was and is still here. Smothered over by all the agendas of the dark matrix, the god matrix of those gods who played and conquered and destroyed, for they were so bitter and lost from their own inner Light.

Now the light is too strong, the Wave of Light that is to come, the Solar Flash, the New Earth, the Golden Age is here, it is within us and it unfolds as we unfold.
Each soul here has many Timelines and stories of pain and suffering, of learning and of joy and love, of our star and light self, multi-d selves abound and our star brothers and sisters not in form, hold the beam in through the Earth at certain points.


There is a place, a vortex deep within you that resonates with a vortex in the Earth, you know this place, it is not that you need to travel there unless called and able to, but to be there within and to resonate at your highest aspect of pure love.

Go within now and connect to your Dragon Self, for your Dragon Self will take you to that crystalline place that resonates within you, from deep within the Earth. The mother shines her Inner Sun through the realms and dimensions of the Earth, through to you here to feel the grace, the peace within that is your true state.

The Light that shines through all your Crystal Grids within, and through your Diamond Grids and Star Grids, your Solar Grids that are one through you and all creation. The Dragons and Mother Earth have held the space so that now is the time for all who choose to come full circle back in to our true space of peace and love, and the Unified Field of multi-d joy and ascended descended completion. As there is in fact none, it is part of the illusion for you do not ascend you come back to your grace within your body.
Why do you think you have a body, it’s not something to trash, or not accept, to feel limited by and reject. But something so sacred that you have created by the grace of the creation energy of the Goddess as she weaves the Light from the pure one point of the Source/God Creator of All. You the goddess god of yourself now go within and journey to that sacred space within.
Go deeper and deeper into yourself to your inner temple and sacred space where the Holy Grail is and the Arc of the Covenant are. Stop looking without, it is all within. To your sacred space you resonate.


The Arc of the Covenant holds the highest Light and power of that Light to kill or create. It was hidden before as it was used for hate. Now that you have returned to your loving state, having experienced all that separation has given you. You no longer hate, but love yourself in all your forms and non-form, the Stargate you are, the doorway through the star fields of yourself. As the Infinite Being that you are that spans all creation so loving as you hold all creation in your pure state.

As you go deeper and deeper into your inner temple and sacred space you meet your Dragon Self that has been within as you first came to Earth, your Elemental state. Listen to the wisdom that your Dragon self shares, as this is your true self in all spheres.

Listen to the sound of your inner voice that sings your soul back to its joy. The joy of life is infinite, the joy of light; to dance your molecules back into balance and harmony, the joy of love to keep you centred and safe, from all the dark you had to hate, and play the game of dual worlds as you separated so far from home. But never too late to come back home, and now the Gate that is the Star that you are is open and this has always been your fate.

To discover within that you are the Stargate, the doorway that unifies all that has been and will be, there is no too late. There is only the eternal now and so you see the beauty that is always there.
Your Dragon Heart sings out your joy, your cells electrify in that joy and shine so bright in their Light.


You finish what you started, but can’t remember what and when that was, you felt that your slumber was by devises beyond your control, that you forgot because you came into the denser planes. But you really forgot as there is nothing to remember or forget, it too is illusion and there to keep you looking endlessly for what?

 Now you know you can Surrender to forgetting, to remembering, to the whole experience of density and duality. You simply open up to your True Self and that’s all there is.
No working it out, no judging yourself and having to fix you or others up. There is no fix up as there is no right or wrong.

Let go of all of it and simply surrender.
You don’t have to know all about creation stories, about the dark forces agendas, about your own slip ups and agreements and so called mistakes. There is no mistakes, no agendas, no dark or light, no right or wrong.
It simply is and you Surrender to it

Whatever gross things might be happening in your body, in your relationships, with money, with your life and work your daily grind it was simply something you choose to experience.
Let it go and allow it to Be, until it has no power over thee.

Your Timelines are merging, your true self unfolds, deep within your sacred space opens with joy, your Dragon Heart that is the Heart of the Earth, that Heart of the Sun and through all Suns and Stars.
Don’t think what is this, or how can it be, just allow whatever, just Be like the Tree.
And as you know the tree gives life by simply Being.


This equinox really is about letting go the old, I was just outside in my crystal egg circle and clearing all the old timelines of all my imbalances and as I did it, it then connected and came through my central channel spontaneously.

The timelines you have experienced, the one for this life for example can be very disconnected from your central channel and timeline of your divine self hence once you clear the imbalances it comes back into your centre, aligned all your bodies with divine will and plan.
I did the cosmic timeclock and spirals, aligned through Divine Will and Plan.

There are timelines of your probable futures, some can be of death, or major struggle, or one of love and joy which one do you choose? We do have choices when we have loved enough of our imbalances and old programs and patterns then we can clearly see the timelines. The negative ones will go nowhere whereas the positive one will be there because you have remained positive in your current journey of challenges, initiations and tests.

Also we are now on a new timeline collectively as well, as the majority of humanity choose peace and a loving world and abundance for all, nature restored, harmony with all beings.


You might find you are changing fast now what you did before is no longer relevant. Even sacred sites are changing, some becoming corrupted, some more positive, others the energies transferred to more so called insignificant places.

But what its showing us is that everything is within and when we connect within we stay still, or we are called to places that may not appear to be so significant but are. The changes are taking place regardless of if we want it or not, but do we stay in the old program, and if we do we and don’t notice the changes so much we are still resonating in the lower astral planes.

We are all changing at a rapid rate now and the only solution is to love, accept, surrender and embrace them. Not fear how you will survive or live, or that your missions, lifestyle, ego, fame, drive, sense of identity is not as it once was, because it’s not. That was the old paradigm you.
So now we are here to create from the love that we are as creators fully empowered from the pure love of Source within, the Sun and Star that we are.
If we can truly surrender then the new will come in.

Have you also noticed how loving you feel no matter where you are? However dense, or who you maybe with, you care and love unconditionally. How your family and friends are shifting as well, how much more loving and close you can be, how what you used to do you no longer do together.
I especially notice this with inner planes work as well, when still in density and duality we were aware of the dark forces and doing what we could to shift the consciousness to open their hearts and move out of that world. Now it’s like what dark forces, what dilemma? It’s not that we are in denial but as we love all that is dark, light and every grey shade in between it’s not our world anymore, it all ceases to exist as we no longer put any energy into it, before it was a never-ending story and on the treadmill.

We have come so far especially in recent years and we are forced if we don’t hear the call to slow down, be still.


As the sun goes down there is a completion not of the energies, more to come with the exact time but a completion of Timelines as all is set for the new Timelines we set with our love. Instead of old karmic dances and haphazard dramas from all our old programs and patterns. Once we have loved these we reset the Timelines into a higher dimension.


Exact time 7.49pm for me in New Zealand

I feel so still and go deeper into the peace and my inner self, my divine self blasts out to me. I remember when that happened back in 1984 when I meditated on ‘who am I?’ and my heart shouted God, God and it changed everything. I became confident, knew I could do anything, felt so relaxed and cruisey, people got healed by being near me, and nothing else was required.
Now back to this simple state of being. That’s all there is and needs to be.
I surrender to that and of not being in that state….
The stillness in the transition time of the Equinox brings about a deep inner awareness of the pure essence of Source within each of us if we will let it.

The energies are so powerful, almost spiny, almost feeling sick, wow it’s only like that when really high frequency as the body finds it hard to handle, I surrender to that too.
This Wave of Light has started to have a major effect on us.


As I said at the beginning merging Timelines, new ones shown, choices to be made. Other dimensional selves to be revealed.

My future self popped in, and although most might think or feel that their multi-d selves are all radiant Gods or Goddess, extra-terrestrials, Star Beings, Ra Beings or formless Light beams etc, we also have a great ally in our Future Self in this body.

My Future Self has popped in spontaneously a few times over the years to warn me or let me know things. Like back in 2017 she came in and let me know the next two years would be very challenging, by telling me those 2 years were rough. Which they have been, especially for my body, but I know that I had got through it from my Future Self.

At the Equinox she came through the tell me about a cosmic virus I needed to clear and showed me a Timeline as a Knights Templar where he/I had escaped being beheaded by jumping into another dimension but in that one he was trapped in this cosmic virus trying to always fight it. So I helped him get back to his original Timeline and he had to get his head chopped off, but made sure he was at peace. As by jumping into that dimension with the cosmic virus it has seeped into me here as well when I had meet with a dark shaman at Tikal back in 2005, unbeknown to me at the time he had picked up on that and I was affected by the cosmic virus. But thanks to my Future Self I saw it and cleared it, shut the door on that dimension and my Inner Sun and Divine Flame purified up through me and it was all sorted and I felt good.

So with Timelines your Future Self can often help you.
You can also put your awareness into probable Timelines.
For example if you are not well, see if there is a Timeline of you dying from the illness, or being very sick by it, or transcending it with love and joy. If it doesn’t show a Timeline that feels good to you then you can go in and love whatever it is. Not trying to control it but if it is meant to be you will have reset the Timeline into a positive future.

What an Equinox, so much gratitude to you all and all creation for this most wonderful time of transition, transformation and transfiguring.
In the One Heart, Love Soluntra

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