Transfiguring is what we are doing through our Being, allowing, and surrendering into the love, into the stillness and peace. As well as consciously activating our light codes that are awakening within
our physical and energy bodies.

Personally I have physically experienced being my Light Body from an initiation in a Mayan pyramid, as well as being in no breathe then cosmic organism for days right through me. Stopping a whole army getting to the Himalayan border areas as the mission was more important anchoring the Living Library of Light, as well as being invisible, teleporting, all these things are natural and part of how we really operate. We just stepped into the illusion for a while, but now we are transfiguring, and all those unlimited ways of operating are here for us now, if we choose to be the unlimited divine being we are.
   We are now transfiguring into our higher dimensional codings of light, we are becoming invisible to the lower dimensional worlds, they are still there but don’t exist in our world. We live already in the New Earth which is simply the higher dimensional Earth.

     We are transfiguring our cellular memory by embracing with love and acceptance all the old memories of pain in duality. Our cells transfigure into light, a transmutation and transformation of our denser vibrations as they become lighter though our love.

   As you transfigure many things change in your life and you cannot live in the old paradigm anymore. It takes courage and trust in the unlimited abundance and love of the source within. It not protesting the old fear and control based world, but instead loving and accepting it, there by transcending it and being in the world but not of it. This brings great joy, love and peace into our being and life. It doesn’t mean you get into your head about how things will change, change comes from within, from the love you are, not trying to figure it out with your head.

We transfigure into the Goddess God we truly are here creating Heaven on Earth.
   Our bodies at present are in transition and we are learning more about energy, and that we are simply energy and that everything else is too. We move beyond judgements and fears about others, what we do, how we do it and how we relate.

To transfigure we are already on the path and with every transformation and transmutation of energy that you are experiencing means you transfigure your physical body and energy bodies into light, into joy and love, into your multi-dimensional self.

     In the workshops I facilitate we will be awakening our Light Body and illuminating the cells, DNA, RNA to be clear and able to hold the higher dimensional frequencies. Maintaining full presence of our self as we are in our beautiful physical bodies as they transfigure into Light. Utilising the light and sound codes of specific mandalas, and deep inner connection to the source,
stillness and love within for healing and awakening.


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